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Chapter 287        Dance!

In Guantanamo, Leeward Airport.

Clooney was sitting in front of a radio system. There was a confidential correspondent sitting in front of him and they were staring at each other silently.

"Let me know about any updates."

Clooney reported Zhou Qingfeng's beheading tactic to the headquarters of Enclave. He has been staying in front of the radio system for several hours. Zhou Qingfeng's idea was taking a huge risk and Clooney could not wait for the reply from the headquarters.

Clooney walked out of the room and felt the fresh air. He adjusted his tie and made himself more comfortable. All of a sudden, a series of gunshots came from the military base. It sounded like heavy machine guns.

"What's going on? Is there a rebellion?" Clooney was shocked and immediately contacted the people who were out there. The answer he received was that there was a party going on and people were celebrating by firing machine guns. Looking at the blast and fire in the air, he sighed and exclaimed, "These people are ridiculous!"

At that instant, the confidential correspondent walked out and handed a note to Clooney. Clooney tore the note and said in a low voice after he read the note, "They accepted what Victor Hugo said. He probably knew that the people from the headquarters were going to accept his conditions. Let's go. Find out who's the lucky guy in the party."

From the other side, the representative of the strongest force in Cuba, Mr. Jose was also invited to the party. He asked the soldiers who sent the invitations, who was invited to the party. When he realized that Zhou Qingfeng was invited, he burst into laughter.

"I've been to China and I know the Chinese very well. The people there were demure. Many of them don't even know how to dance. Why would Mrs. Mirta invite a Chinese? I bet he'd just be standing there with a gla.s.s of wine."

In fact, Zhou Qingfeng was astonished at the moment. It was not just because of the dancing in a party, it was because of the scene in front of him. The open-air cinema was the movie theater for the soldiers. Usually, it could fit around two to three thousand people. However, there were more than ten thousand people at the moment. The cinema was packed with people.

There were more than hundreds of campfires. In order to make it an enjoyable night, the entire military base contributed to the preparations. Everything was done in just one afternoon. The cinema was playing an old movie called, 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights'. Every time the main actor and actress started to dance, the Cubans instantly went crazy.

"Ahh…, it seems like no one would notice me." Zhou Qingfeng was relieved when he saw the crowd of people. No one would notice him in a crowd of more than ten thousand people!

However, as soon as he felt relief, the Cubans around him snapped, "Look, Mr. Hugo is here! He joined our party!"

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