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Chapter 286        Dance

"Are you interested in something called the beheading tactic?"

"I'm guessing the Cubans lack heavy weapons. They'll be interested in something like some M270 multiple launch rocket systems."

"The Polarlys Legion will be the representatives. We'll talk to the Cubans in Florida. Once they accept, we're going to throw some laser-guided missiles with the aircraft. It's not going to cost much but the benefits are great."

With just a few simple sentences from Zhou Qingfeng, Clooney started to really think this through. After long thought, he asked, "How confident are you with this?"

"Two or three, out of ten."

"It's too risky."

"It's good enough already. It's just a few multiple launch rocket systems. You could do something with them as well, like give them a little damage to prevent the Strategy Committee from using them to fight back."

Clooney remained silent for a few moments and replied, "I need to report this to the headquarters."

"Then you'd better be quick. In the meantime, I'll talk to the people from the Strategy Committee." Zhou Qingfeng went to speak to Jose, the mediator, in secret.

This middle-aged man was as proud as usual. He was lying on a lounge chair and pointed at a stool, "Young man, I thought that you'll be here only after two days. I didn't know that you're this impatient."

"I suppose the Strategy Committee is trying to combine the three largest forces in Cuba and you're trying to get rid of the Polarlys Legion."

Zhou Qingfeng did not sit; he stood and stared at Jose. "That's a pretty good idea, but if you want us to quit, you have to think about our benefits."

Jose's face immediately changed, "Young man, your force isn't even worth mentioning. Who do you think you are?

"Do you want some U.S heavy weapons? Like the M270 multiple launch rocket system? I have tons of them on my ships and a lot of ammunition," Zhou Qingfeng threw a bait.

Jose frowned; he was indeed interested. He asked, suspicious, "Are you willing to sell them?"

"Of course, there are conditions. First, we're looking for all sorts of large pa.s.senger aircraft, pilots, ground staff, and accessories. We want them as soon as possible. Before this, we were paying with fuel, but this time, we'll use the heavy weapons."

"Second, we're looking for all the researchers from the School of Computer Sciences in Florida University and the supercomputer named 'The Volcano' at the bas.e.m.e.nt of the university."

"Finally, I want it to all be done in five days."

What Zhou Qingfeng asked for was weird and strict, especially the last request. Five days would definitely not be enough for all that to be done. Jose found it difficult, "Everything you're asking for is all so weird."

"I have my own reasons. If you're happy with it, the Polarlys Legion will send the heavy weapons by express delivery. But, only if you accept my conditions in these two days. Otherwise, there's nothing for you." Zhou Qingfeng did not explain much, he left immediately after stating all his conditions.

The reason Zhou Qingfeng wanted to take a risk when it was so close to the nuclear war was because of the supercomputer, 'The Volcano', in Florida University. According to the information stored in his armband computer, The Volcano was the central processing unit of network communication in the entire South America. The supercomputer itself was already worthy. Information and data stored in it would be priceless.

Zhou Qingfeng was planning to restart civilization after the nuclear hit the world. The precious information and data would definitely be useful for him. The best things in the supercomputer were the confidential doc.u.ments of the defence industry of the U.S and its advanced technology. They would be a great benefit to Zhou Qingfeng.

After giving his ideas and requests, Zhou Qingfeng could only wait for the replies from Enclave and the Cubans. He had told them everything and in the meantime, he has to be patient.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Military Alliance was also under huge pressure. As the leader of the Alliance, Federo announced and organized a party to ease the tension between the organizations.

Zhou Qingfeng was not interested in that part at all. However, all the Cubans in Guantanamo were so excited. For the Latins, days without party, dancing, and alcohol were the end of the world. When they heard the word 'party', they could not wait to shake their bodies.

The party will be held at the open-air cinema of the Guantanamo military base. The open-air cinema was huge and could fit thousands of people. Even though it was not the best place to hold a party, the Cubans were trying their best to make the party a good one.

As one of the most important guests, Zhou Qingfeng was invited by Ms. Mirta in person. When Zhou Qingfeng heard that there was a party, he thought that it would just be drinking and eating. However, the s.e.xy Mirta asked him, "Do you have a dance partner?"

"A dance partner?" Zhou Qingfeng looked at DogMeat which followed him everywhere and said, "Well, I have a dog partner."

Mirta felt awkward and she was aware that she said the wrong thing. This young man in front of him did not bring any woman with him to Guantanamo, "You can bring a dance partner to the party."

"Uhh…, but I don't know how to dance," Zhou Qingfeng shrugged his shoulders.

Mirta was really surprised. For the Latins, people who could not dance were no different from the disabled.

"Not even a little?"

"I don't know anything about dancing."

"Tonight, there are gonna be tons of women who will invite you to dance with them. If that's what you're going to tell them, you're going to be the most hated man in Guantanamo by tomorrow."

"But….." Zhou Qingfeng was going to say, "I really don't know how to dance! I was born in a poor family and it's expensive to learn dancing. You have to know that the Chinese are bad at dancing. There are artists in China but rarely dancers."

Before Zhou Qingfeng could explain, Mirta had already left. As soon as Mirta left, a few Cuban women came to Zhou Qingfeng and asked him to be their dance partner. Looking at those pretty Cuban women, Zhou Qingfeng could not tell them the truth that he did not know how to dance.

"What should I do? Am I going to stay in my room while people are out there partying?" Zhou Qingfeng thought it was a bad idea. If that's the case, he was really going to be the man whom people hated most. The worst thing was, the female guards who he used to fool around with would dislike him.

"Well, I don't really have to dance. I'll be there to look at how people dance and release their emotions. I'll be a pillar, standing there and not doing anything."

It sounded ridiculous but Zhou Qingfeng thought it would work. As a hero who was meant to be the king of the world, Zhou Qingfeng needed to be sociable. He could not run away from this.

If it was in China, people would solve the problem by having a dinner. However, Zhou Qingfeng was in Western society at the moment. They liked gatherings and parties.

Zhou Qingfeng could not think of any other good ideas. He sighed and thought, c.r.a.p, I only know how to fight and kill. I don't know how to dance!

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