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Chapter 263        Air Fighter

Lieutenant Raul could not even believe his eyes when he saw Kennedy hidden in the fjord. The reinforcements he led no more than searched for the Americans, but when they tracked the traces left by these people, they came across the previously inaccessible fjord.

In the fjord, there was a huge ship that towered like a moon. Its 100,000 tons of steel casted the weight that was more than enough to dominate the world. One will definitely be stunned by its majestic size if he was to stand in front of it. The feeling was just truly indescribable!

Lieutenant Lawrence's men were all stunned as well as none of them would have expected that they would actually encounter such a gigantic ship in a fjord. People in the world who have seen the ship with their own eyes will definitely be shocked by the spectacular auto it had distributed.

"Look, it's the Americans. They're just hiding over there… There must be some conspiracy." One of the soldiers saw the trapped Americans scattered around the aircraft carrier. The Americans, too, were surprised to see the sudden emergence of the Cubans.

After staring at each other for a minute or two, the Americans quickly turned around and ran, but the Cubans then followed by chasing them with guns in their hands. No one actually knew the reason behind these things… Perhaps the United States and Cubans were destined to be life enemies. Even though they had been battling each other for over dozens of years, the Cubans still could not resist from rubbing salt into their wounds when they saw the wounded Americans.

The Americans then began to flee one after another. The fifty Cubans responded by chasing the thousands of Americans all over the mountains and plains. When the Cubans noticed that the Americans did not resist, they shot bullets into the air as if they were driving a herd of sheep back into their pen.

Fortunately, the young Raúl who led the team was able to calm himself down. After chasing the Americans a few hundred meters, he stopped and called the informant, "Intercom! Hand me the intercom now. I must report our findings to the superior. We will soon have our reward accordingly."

However, just as the call was finally connected, a small plane suddenly appeared on top of the fjord, roaring. The aircraft circled the aircraft carrier and quickly lowered its alt.i.tude before drawing in from the gap between the fjord's cliff and the aircraft carrier and launching a dive at the end.

"The one that's driving this aircraft must be crazy!" Lieutenant Raul was about to pick up the intercom, but he was interrupted by the strong gust caused by wings of the low-alt.i.tude-aircraft. The plane kept at a height of five or six meters above ground and almost flitted over Raul's scalp when it flew past him.

"a.s.sh*le!" Lieutenant Raul spat out a mouthful of sand. After realizing that his opponents were ill-intentioned, he gave up reporting to his superiors. He then immediately ordered the army of soldiers in front of him. "Gather up and shoot into the air. We must take down the small aircraft. The s.p.a.ce in the fjord was limited. He won't be able to maneuver inside it comfortably. "

More than 50 soldiers who were originally chasing Americans had no choice but to follow their superior's order. They quickly gathered to prepare for a ma.s.s shooting as this was the only way for light-armed infantry to deal with slow, small planes.

However, the Cubans suddenly stopped gathering and cheered when they saw that it was only a small, inconspicuous aircraft. They were not afraid even when the small plane flew past their heads.

Meanwhile, when the small aircraft hovered out of the fjord, lieutenant Raul ordered his men to carry on with his order. Hence, his men a.s.sembled, formed a team, and aimed their muzzles at the sky.

The sound of the aircraft engine was loud and clear. After flying out of the fjord, it tried to hide behind the aircraft carrier. However, Raul could hear it clearly. He knew that the aircraft was circling around the aircraft carrier and it was ready to draw in from the gap between the fjord's cliff and the aircraft carrier once again.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the same trick won't work on me twice." The young Raúl then took out his own pistol and ordered the soldiers, "Stay steady and wait until the small plane appears, aim at it at once, but do not shoot without my orders."

The Kennedy aircraft carrier was more than 460 meters long and 40 meters wide, hence, it only took less than a minute to fly around it. As expected, Zhou Qingfeng lowered the alt.i.tude of his Cessna 172 and drew into the gap between the aircraft carrier and the fjord once again.

"I must admit that they're quite brave." Zhou Qingfeng opened a switch on his aircraft and aimed at the phalanx of more than 50 people.

East, who was sitting in the co-pilot position at that instant kept making the sign of the cross in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. He even felt like having an urgency and had the thought to just jump off the aircraft when he saw the 50 muzzles pointing at him. "Mr. Hugo, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course." Zhou Qingfeng stared in front before pressing a b.u.t.ton.

Lieutenant Raul thought that he was well-prepared as he waiting for the enemy to appear. However, when the small aircraft finally re-appeared, he lifted his own pistol and shouted, "Steady…... Steady…... F*ck!"

Every single one of the fifty soldiers was shocked by the strange command of their superior. However, when they finally turned their heads around and looked at their own superior, they discovered that Raúl had already run away. The lieutenant shouted while running, "Run for your life! The aircraft is mounted with a machine gun."

Upon hearing what their superior said, the team morale of the soldiers instantly collapsed.

What the f*ck… Lieutenant, are you kidding with us? Can't you warn us before you run away? You might be able to get away with this, but we're now doomed!

Meanwhile, the gun barrels of the six-barrel Gatling machine gun, which was located under the head of the aircraft, had already been accelerated. Countless of sudden bullets were spewed out of the barrel, forming a line of flying dust on the ground. The line of dust then quickly spread through and landed on the phalanx.

In order to shoot down the small aircraft, Lieutenant Raul deliberately ordered his men to form a particularly dense phalanx. As a consequence, a blood alley had been formed and the middle two rows of the phalanx had instantly turned into stumps and fleas after the fifty soldiers got hit by the storm of bullets.

Cessna 172 once again, flew past the soldiers' head, but this time around, it took away the lives of more than a dozen soldiers. When the other soldiers watched themselves sputter with blood on their heads, they knew that neither the phalanx nor their leader was useful anymore. They immediately cried, shouted, and collapsed.

This time around, Lieutenant Raul, too, knew that he had encountered a strong enemy. He climbed up from the ground where he hid and quickly fled away from the scene. In order to survive, he even abandoned his remaining men and let them serve as his decoy to attract the attention of the small aircraft.

However, Zhou Qingfeng was no longer interested in the now-scattered phalanx. He turned his steering wheel in the direction of the Kennedy aircraft carrier and landed on top of it steadily.

After jumping out of the cabin, Zhou Qingfeng looked at the soldiers who were running around like headless flies at that instant. He observed the ground in a condescending position and used his electromagnetic rifle to accurately kill several of the soldiers who were trying to escape. He then shouted: "Eileen, kill that guy that's moving farther away from us."

Eileen and Ellie, the twin sisters had been following Zhou Qingfeng's side closely all the time. As a spotter, Ellie stood still, took out her binoculars, and looked for the target. She soon put on a pair of noise-canceling headset and shouted, "At three o'clock, near the fjord exit, 580 meters away from us, no wind drift, and the target is in a green uniform."

Eileen realized that she had no time to take a p.r.o.ne position. She then put her M40A5 directly on her sister's shoulder and turned on the scope. As expected, she was able to quickly find out what Ellie was talking about. After aiming at the target steadily, she bit her lip and said coldly: "I've found him."

At that moment, Lieutenant Raul had already run more than several hundred meters away from the fjord. However, when he decided to turn his head around and take a final glimpse at the fjord, he saw that several people were staring at him from several hundred meters away. It seemed that those people who stared at him were standing on top of the aircraft carrier.

In just the blink of an eye, a bullet was fired and penetrated through his skull, sending his brain splashing all over the ground.

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