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Chapter 261        Reminder

To get an aircraft carrier was a huge project. After a rough plan was set, Zhou Qingfeng then continued to discuss the details with his companions for another several hours. He will be driving a four-seater Cessna 182 Skyhawks to the Guantanamo area in Cuba, which was more than 500 kilometers away.

Zhou Qingfeng had ordered the unmanned aerial vehicle to take off ahead of time in order to determine the authenticity of the matter and route. Night had fallen while they were waiting for a reply from the UAV. Since they did not have any night vision devices that were capable of flying at midnight, their formal operations had to be postponed to the morning of the following day. At that time, in addition to East who will serve as a guide, Zhou Qingfeng will also bring along Eileen and Ellie, the twin sisters, as his sniper and spotter.

The news that Zhou Qingfeng was going to get an aircraft carrier had spread to the middle and senior levels of the organization. About twenty or thirty people knew about the operation and were exceptionally excited about it.

For Americans, the aircraft carrier was the symbol of a strong nation! The United States had the largest and most powerful aircraft carrier in the world. Hence, if Zhou Qingfeng could get a Ford-cla.s.s aircraft carrier, it will indicate a leap in the power of the whole organization.

After his dinner, Zhou Qingfeng hummed and returned to his room. He lived in the same room as Jenny and Nancy. Three of them shared the same blanket and were living a life without shame. Usually, the two women would be happily waiting for him, but when he opened the door this time around, he could feel that the atmosphere of the room was somewhat depressed.

Jenny prepared several sets of combat suits for Zhou Qingfeng as she knew that his combat suit will always be torn apart whenever he went out to wreak havoc. As Jenny carefully folded the two sets of spare combat suits into the backpack, Zhou Qingfeng gently embraced her in his arms and whispered, "What's wrong? You seem unhappy.”

“Do you know what? We will soon have our own aircraft carrier. Although I still can’t think of a way to use it yet, it’s still extremely cool, isn’t it? I will then become the captain of an aircraft carrier and both of you will be the captain's wives.”

Jenny grinned but her wet eyes indicated that she had just cried. Nancy, on the other hand, leaned over and silently squeezed Zhou Qingfeng's arms.

“Why do you always have to be the only one who goes to take risks. Do you even know that you mean a lot to Jenny and me? I’ll definitely find other men if you’re dead. Don't ever expect me to be loyal to you." With a little disdain, Nancy then said: "You’ve forced me to become your woman so you must be responsible for me. Do you understand?"

“I... I’m not going alone, though. I actually have a whole team behind me.” Zhou Qingfeng wanted to make a few jokes to ease the tension in the air. However, he instantly stuttered when the two women began to burst into tears.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door.

When Zhou Qingfeng opened the door, he saw Butcher and Mox standing outside, grinning at him. They did not say anything to each other. Instead, they gave each other fistb.u.mps and through their fists, they understood each other. That’s what makes them ‘Brothers’!

“Tomorrow, Mox and I will be sending Lena off to Newport News. Hence, we won’t be able to send you off, but worry not… we’ve brought you a bottle of wine.” As Butcher waved his hand, Mox stuffed a bottle of vodka into Zhou Qingfeng’s hand. The vodka seemed to be extremely strong, it could be used directly as pure alcohol.

“Only drink vodka when you’re hanging around with your closest friends.” Mox pat Zhou Qingfeng's shoulders heavily and said with his hoa.r.s.e voice, "Since you’ll be heading into the enemy’s nest, you might as well just hook up with the woman over there. Stop pretending to be a hero and you might be able to live a tiny bit longer... ”

Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher felt extremely happy as they noticed that even Mox had finally started to learn to tell a joke. After the two bear-like men left, Zhou Qingfeng stuffed the bottle of vodka into his bag before saying to the two women, who were still depressed, "Well, don't be sad! Hmmm… let’s sleep early tonight. We still have to get up early tomorrow morning."

However, someone knocked on the door again before Zhou Qingfeng had the time to have his well-deserved rest. He opened the door and discovered that it was Eileen and Ellie who knocked on his door. The sisters begged: "Victor, can you let us sleep with you tonight? We’re afraid."

“Afraid? What are you afraid of?" Zhou Qingfeng thought the two sisters were only afraid of ghosts.

The twins then said in unison, “In the past, we always acted as a team. However, you’re the only one left who we can depend on this time around. So... we hope to stay beside you from now on.”

Zhou Qingfeng felt happy that he was depended upon. Hence, he nodded and said with a smile on his face, “It’s actually not a bad idea to sleep with under-age girls. It would be better if you could get naked before getting into my bed."

To everyone’s surprise, the twin sisters actually followed Zhou Qingfeng’s order. They took off all their clothes before getting into his bed. Eileen, the older sister, then pulled the quilt and asked, “Victor, you’re very powerful, right?”

“Of course.”

Ellie, the younger sister, asked, “Victor, you’ll protect us, right?”

“Of course.”

After receiving Zhou Qingfeng’s promise, the sisters quickly fell asleep, regardless of whether they would be ‘attacked’ by the big evil wolf or not. However, he could not do anything even if he wanted to. Jenny and Nancy were in the same room as he was. Hence, he decided to move to the guest room.

Jenny and Nancy followed Zhou Qingfeng to the guest room, where they had s.e.x all night long. They only stopped after Zhou Qingfeng was exhausted. However, before falling asleep, Jenny whispered, “Victor, I beg you not to be too desperate. Just be sure to come back.”

Three of them then had a sleepless night.

When dawn broke, Katrina, who had decided to stay back, managed to find Zhou Qingfeng before his departure. She gave her precious electromagnetic rifle to him and said, "I know you have some sort of ability that allows you to burst at high speed within a short period of time. The speed of this rifle can be adjusted to suit your needs.”

“I thought you said that you’ll never allow anyone to touch your rifle…” Zhou Qingfeng had always wanted an electromagnetic rifle. However, as it is an experimental product, it was only produced in small quant.i.ties, making it a product that no longer existed in the market.

"When you come back, you have to give it back to me. If you lose it, I will take your life." Katrina turned her head around and her words seemed to indicate that she had decided to gift Zhou Qingfeng her precious electromagnetic rifle.

This electromagnetic rifle weighed like an ordinary rifle. It had the firepower of a submachine gun and the accuracy of a sniper rifle. Also, it had the penetration force of a heavy machine gun. It was simply a perfect weapon. Zhou Qingfeng was shocked but touched when Katrina decided to give him her precious rifle.

"Rest a.s.sured, I’ll be back and I’ll bring it back."

When Zhou Qingfeng gave his words, Katrina had already turned her head around and walked far away from him. However, it seemed that she could still hear what he said, as she then gave a cold grunt, “You better be.”

When Zhou Qingfeng was on his way to the airport for his departure, Lena finally appeared in her elegant dress suit. It was an extremely rare sight in the cataclysm as someone who did not understand the situation will definitely think that she must be attending a consortium meeting.

"Newport News is more than one thousand kilometers away from here. Shouldn't you have set off early?" Zhou Qingfeng asked.

However, Lena waved her hands like she did not care about it, "There’s always time for that. I came to warn you about something."

“What is it?”

Lena, standing on her tiptoes, pecked Zhou Qingfeng on his lips and smiled, "I want you to understand that I’m living for you now, so you, too, have to live for me."

Zhou Qingfeng looked at her in a daze. The latter then immediately straightened her face and said. "You still don’t understand it, do you? I shall warn you in a more direct way then - b.a.s.t.a.r.d, there’s actually no different than taking the risk alone this time. You must come back alive… For me.”

In the end, Zhou Qingfeng solemnly nodded when he noticed the change of tone in Lena’s words. He then said, “Well, I’ll be back.”

Chapter 262        Appear Out of the Blue

With only Lena Fox’s popularity, it would be impossible to get a huge amount of people and equipment out of the shipyard in Newport News, Virginia. Thus, Bird-of-Paradise, which carried tons of resources and the people on it will be following Zhou Qingfeng. They had no choice but to burn the precious fuel of the ship.

Similarly, it was impossible for Zhou Qingfeng to get the aircraft carrier by just himself. Therefore, Katrina will be staying at the Abaco Island and continue to get as many resources as they can from the island. Of course, she would help Zhou Qingfeng if necessary.

They were called Polarlys Legion because Zhou Qingfeng and Lena Fox thought it was a cool name that was also easy to remember. The aircraft carrier, ‘Kennedy’ was like a magical weapon that was being sealed and forgotten, waiting for others to be recovered and reinvigorated.

If this was a Chinese fantasy novel, the heavy-duty aircraft carrier Kennedy that weighed a hundred thousand tons with a high-powered nuclear reactor, an active phased array radar, and has a battle range of more than a thousand kilometers would definitely be the G.o.d-like treasure that determines the outcome of the battle.

Zhou Qingfeng was taking a huge risk to get the aircraft carrier; he spent all the resources and people he had in hand. He was determined and he could not afford the consequences of failure!

If they made it, Polarlys Legion would be one of the major factors to restore human civilization; otherwise, the best for Zhou Qingfeng would be spending the rest of his life in Africa with Polarlys.

After saying goodbye to his friends, Zhou Qingfeng got on the four-seat Cessna 172, departed with sisters Ellie, Eileen, and the guide, East. They flew across the Bahamas, pa.s.sed Cuba, and arrived at the Caribbean. Their destination was the fjord near the Guantanamo Bay.

A drone has already confirmed the location of the aircraft carrier, Kennedy. This aircraft carrier appeared extremely small compared to the huge fjord; n.o.body would think it was a majestic weapon that could rule the world. Before they departed, Zhou Qingfeng had successfully contacted the Americans who were stuck in the fjord and he will be landing on the three hundred meters long flight deck of the aircraft carrier.

Fortunately, Cessna 172 was a small aircraft, otherwise, the flight deck would be too short for it. It would take around two hours to get from the Abaco Island to the fjord. When the people stuck at the fjord found out that the world top terrorist, Victor Hugo was going to be there in person to save them, they went crazy on the other side of the wireless radio.

It did not matter what Zhou Qingfeng had done, this brave and fearless man was like a lone ranger, on his way to save them. The people who were trapped had enough of the struggle. Finally, they saw hope and a brighter future with Zhou Qingfeng.

n.o.body would doubt Zhou Qingfeng’s ability!

n.o.body would deny Zhou Qingfeng’s courage!

n.o.body could resist Zhou Qingfeng’s charm!

Everyone put their hopes on Zhou Qingfeng like he would able to solve anything and everything the moment he arrived. He was a big hero born to save the world!

Everyone wanted to talk to Zhou Qingfeng through the wireless radio and it was filled with flattery. They would be proud that they had spoken to Victor Hugo.

“Mr. Hugo, I’m Modi.”

“I’m Billy.”

“I’m Cameron.”

“We can’t wait to see you.”

“We have prepared the best food for you.”

“You’re gonna like the food.”

The guide, East, was very proud when he heard the huge noise on the other side of the wireless radio. Finally, he had cleared all the obstacles and found a great and reliable saver for his trapped fellows. East prefered the joyful words of his mates than the praises from them.

“My fellows are all professionals. They used to work at the Guantanamo military base. Their skills and experience were qualified by the U.S. military. I promise that they would be great for the Polarlys Legion.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m on the aircraft,” Zhou Qingfeng gave him a slight nod.

While Cessna 172 flew over Cuba and almost arrived at the fjord, the people on the other side of the wireless radio started screaming.

“Oh G.o.d! They found us!”

“The Cubans are here!”

“What should we do? They found the aircraft carrier and are trying to take control of this place.”

Following that, a few sounds of gunshots rose from the wireless radio and the people holding the wireless radio started to run. Zhou Qingfeng frowned and pushed on the accelerator. The engine roared and its rotation speed increased. The speed of the aircraft increased by sacrificing fuel.

East started to get nervous too. He looked at Zhou Qingfeng and looked at the wireless radio in his hand. The aircraft was already traveling at its maximum speed. They could not do anything but pray.

The trapped Americans all panicked. At this moment, they received an important information thanks to Katrina who had been working with the maritime communication satellite.

“Victor, a bunch of armed soldiers showed up at the target area; there are around fifty of them. They came out from a trail and clearly, they saw the aircraft carrier in the fjord. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to continue with this rescue or not.”

While they were on the way to the fjord, there was already a large-scale drone flying around the fjord. The captured live video pa.s.sed through the data link and showed on Zhou Qingfeng’s armband computer. There was a platoon of armed soldiers around Kennedy.

The armed soldiers were extremely excited when they saw the gigantic aircraft carrier, Kennedy. They started to fire into the sky to drive away the trapped Americans and they were just excited as they found treasure.

“Three thousand of them weren’t organized? Not even a single weapon?” Zhou Qingfeng asked East.

East also panicked. He said worriedly, “We don’t have any weapons. The Cubans took away our weapons, resources, and expelled us to the forest. We found the aircraft carrier but it’s way too tall and we can’t reach it. We couldn’t think of methods to get on the aircraft carrier and thus, we couldn’t get the weapon on the carrier.

This is terrible!

A sound rose from the wireless radio again. However, this time, the people sounded panicked and helpless. “Mr. Hugo, are you still there? Please don’t leave us, we need your help. We really need your help!”

Three thousand trapped Americans lived around the aircraft carrier. The moment the armed soldiers showed up, it was like a group of wolves met a bunch of sheep. They were running, panicking, and screaming. The entire scene was chaotic and unmanageable.

While everyone prayed for a miracle, a small aircraft rushed out of the fjord and appeared out of the blue!

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