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Chapter 259        Island Life

East was registered as a basic worker at Abaco Islands because he declared that he did not have special skills. After a meal, he was sent to a farm to pick tomatoes.

East had no idea why the Polarlys Legion still wanted to pick tomatoes under such critical circ.u.mstances. In fact, many of them on the farm were people from all over the States.

There were Americans, Cubans, and Haitians. East asked them how they ended up here. The people told them some of the pilots did not actually return to Na.s.sau nor submit to Polarlys Legion. Instead, they went to other places around Na.s.sau.

Therefore, the news of General Santos’ defeat was spread by those pilots and soon, it covered the entire Bahamas. Also, Polarlys Legion did not only send the leaflets to Na.s.sau, the places around it all received them too. Many people who were struggling did everything to come to Abaco Island.

The people were really happy. Some of them were sent to the canned food factory, some of them were sent offsh.o.r.e, and the rest of them were sent to the farms. Even though the lives were tougher as they needed to work a lot, they could have their stomachs filled.

In fact, Polarlys Legion was feeding the workers really well. Although there was no terrific ingredients, the seafood, and the vegetables from the farms were open to everyone. There was not a lot of food but definitely enough to fill their stomachs.

In the group of people who were picking tomatoes, East saw the woman who declared herself as a prost.i.tute. She was also working in the farm with her kids. East asked how she ended up here and she told him that the island is under military control, everyone must follow the distribution of work and they were to not do whatever they wanted.

‘“It’s tiring to work at the farm’, didn’t you say that?” East asked.

The woman shook her head. Even though sweat was all over her face, she was content, “I thought it was bad. We can’t expect a lot now, you know. At least my kids and I are happy now, we don’t have to worry about food.”

It has been two days since East worked at the farm. He was surprised that Polarlys Legion was actually really good. Everyone was busy and doing their jobs. There were no busy-bodies hanging around. Of course, if there were people trying to make trouble, the armed soldiers would really dump those troublemakers into the sea.

The entire island was organized and structured because of the military-style management and it was busy all day. East realized that the tomatoes he picked will be sent to the canned food factory and the people in the factory would make tomato sauce.

“What are they going to do with so much tomato sauce?”

The production of tomato sauce was easy. Boil it, smash it, and all sorts of additives were added. The canned tomato sauce could be kept for very long, but while East saw the huge amount of tomato sauce, he really thought that the amount was way more than what Polarlys actually needed.

The other workers had no idea about it too. They said, “We have no idea. We’re just doing what they told us to do. We heard that they are for backup, some people say they are for trade, and of course, some say they are used to recruit more people.”

In fact, Polarlys Legion really recruited many workers. When East just started working, there were only five hundred workers. However, the number has increased to more than five thousand in a week. There was once when he heard from a sailor that he was transporting the tomato sauce onto Polarlys. They were going to send them to Miami in Florida.

“Why are they sending them to Miami?”

“I heard that there was a huge amount of slaves sold in Miami and the legion is trying to get slaves, in other words, save the slaves. I think we’re really lucky that the legion is willing to accept us.”

Miami was only two hundred kilometers away from Abaco Island. Soon, the information received from the sailor was verified. It was said that the slaves there were extremely cheap; a barrel of tomato sauce could get ten of them. A barrel of canned seafood could even double the number of slaves.

There will be around a thousand slaves coming to Abaco Island for each trip to Miami. Most of them had been through torture; they wore ragged clothes and looked skinny and terrified. East was sent to take care of the slaves who just got saved.

“How’s it going in Miami?” East was in charge of giving these people food. Thus, he asked about the situation in Miami.

“What you’d expect to see in h.e.l.l,” a white man spoke. His entire family was dead and he was the only one who survived.

“I thought the agriculture in Florida was pretty good, you guys shouldn’t be lacking in food,” East did not understand.

“Shouldn’t be lacking in food?” The white man smiled bitterly and said, “Indeed, Florida isn’t lacking in food, but those things don’t belong to us anymore. After the cataclysm, the Cubans invaded our land. We tried our best to fight back but do you know how many there were? More than millions!”

“After the government, police, and military disappeared, the Cubans rushed to Florida like crazy men. They tried everything to get here and we couldn't stop them. Finally, all of them landed, completely occupied our s.p.a.ce, stole everything, and sold us as slaves.

The white man started crying out loud after he finished talking, the other slaves around him started to cry as well. However, those pity men only rested two days and were forced to resume work. Some of them complained about not having enough rest and hence, could not work. As a result, those people were expelled.

East saw this cruelty in person. The leader of the legion, Victor Hugo gave them a short speech, “There’s no freedom, no equality, and no love here. You should contribute if you’re with us. Otherwise, please leave.”

The people who were expelled cried and begged; they did not want to leave. However, the soldiers of the legion did not give a d.a.m.n. They were sent back to Miami. East knew the people were goners. East finally understood the phrase Polarlys Legion said when they arrived - ‘This is not a haven’.

Work, work, endless work. Abaco Island was not a very big island, the resources on the island were already exhausted after only two weeks. To occupy more people, the legion had to expand by conquering more islands.

However, the expansion was interrupted by Santos and his men. They did not have the guts to fight face-to-face in Abaco Island. Instead, they made trouble while the legion was trying to expand.

As a result, the leader of the legion was very mad. The leader sent a notice to everyone on the island, “Who could get us a warship?”

It was beyond most of the people on the island. East, who has been working in Polarlys Legion for two weeks thought his chance was finally here. He might be able to save his mates.

“I can get you a warship!”

Chapter 260        Aircraft Carrier

“You’re f*cking kidding me!”

Zhou Qingfeng frowned and went to see the guy who said he could get a warship. He was not in a good mood. Before this, he fought with the pirate, Santos and both sides had to bear a huge loss. He did not get Na.s.sau but he managed to occupy a place in the Bahamas.

After that battle, the so-called ‘G.o.d’ sent Zhou Qingfeng a message - ‘one month until the nuclear war’. Knowing there was another bigger disaster coming, Zhou Qingfeng could not be bothered about Santos even though he was dangerous. He immediately worked together with Lena Fox and gathered all the people and resources.

At the moment, there were only two weeks left until the nuclear war. Meanwhile, this middle-aged man, East, suddenly came out and said he would be able to get a warship. Zhou Qingfeng was so excited. Before this, Santos’ frigate was big trouble for him even though it was just an old and rusty warship. Zhou Qingfeng would be satisfied even if East could get him a little gunboat.

“What kind of warship?”

“A big one.”

“Does it weigh more than a thousand tons?”

“It’s bigger than that.”

“More than five thousand tons?”

“Even bigger.”

“Ten thousand??”

“Bigger than that!”

“You’re telling me, it weighs more than a hundred thousand tons???”

“That’s right.”

“You’re kidding me, that’d be an aircraft carrier!”

“Indeed, you’re right. It is an aircraft carrier!”

“No way, you’re f*cking kidding me!”

Both of them stared at each other and Zhou Qingfeng felt like he was being fooled. He thought it was impossible. You know, it’s an aircraft carrier!

However, East continued with a serious facial expression, “I’m Fenot East, from the U.S. Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba. I was a mechanical maintenance worker and civilian employee.”

“Around three months ago, the soldiers in the prison disappeared all of a sudden. Thousands of non-military workers in the detention camp were attacked by the Cubans. There wasn’t any backup and we were forced to join a local warlord named Federo in Cuba.”

“Life under Federo was terrible, Federo’s men hated us. They expelled us from the Guantanamo military base and refused to give us supplies. We had no choice but to live in the forest.”

“But when we were looking for food, we found the Ford Cla.s.s II USS CVN-79 Kennedy. It was hiding in a fjord near the Guantanamo military base. You can’t see it unless you went into the fjord. The Cubans had no idea there was an aircraft carrier right behind them.”

“This aircraft carrier was traveling from Panama Ca.n.a.l and while they were entering the Caribbean, the soldiers on the carrier disappeared. Without control, this aircraft carrier continued to travel and finally crashed into the fjord. Around a hundred non-military employees survived.”

“Mr. Hugo, if you can help us get out of Cuba, we can help you get that aircraft carrier.”

“You’re kidding me.”

After Zhou Qingfeng heard what East said, he was not excited at all, “A hundred thousand tons aircraft carrier stuck and stranded, without professional people and equipment; it can never be back to the sea again. And the level of damage is still unknown, it might sink right away after we put it back to sea.”

“Even if we could get it back to sea and it could still float, do you know how many people an aircraft carrier would need? We’d need around two thousand professionally-trained soldiers in order to control that huge aircraft carrier. If I have two thousand professionally-trained soldiers, do you think I’d be stuck in this small island?”

“The last thing is, the route from here to the Guantanamo is controlled by a bunch of pirates. I must be crazy if I’m willing to get that ship! And I can’t save thousands of your people.”

Zhou Qingfeng rejected East’s suggestion. East was so disappointed he started to cry out loud, “Mr. Hugo, there are three thousand people stuck in the forest in Cuba. Their lives are in danger every single moment. For G.o.d’s sake, please help us.”

“I don’t believe in G.o.d,” Zhou Qingfeng mumbled without a care in the world.

Lena Fox, who stood next to Zhou Qingfeng tried to calm East down and turned to Zhou Qingfeng, “Is there no other way? The chance of getting an aircraft carrier is really rare. Even if we don’t need it now, we might need it in the future.”

“Alright, say we get that aircraft carrier. What are we going to do about it? It’s indeed good and advanced but which of us knows how to drive an aircraft carrier? Which of us could drive the fighter aircraft? Which of us would be able to get the huge amount of fuel and get the ship running?” All Zhou Qingfeng wanted was just a normal gunboat; it would be much more handy and practical.

“You can solve all these problems.” Lena came closer to Zhou Qingfeng and whispered in his ear, “Other people might not be able to solve all these problems, but you’re special, you’re different.”

Lena Fox did not usually praise people but she was really good at it. Zhou Qingfeng blushed and was going to say that he was not special. However, his confidence was boosted a little when he saw Lena smile and stare at him.

Lena continued, “Three thousand of East’s friends used to work for the U.S. military, I’m pretty sure they are considered high-quality personnel. It’d be such a waste to leave them at the forest. Even if we can’t get the aircraft carrier, at least we could get those useful people!”

“So now, unrestrict your mind, unleash your power and imagination, like the way you hit yourself with a nuclear bomb. I believe you can do it!”

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