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Chapter 218        Chast.i.ty Underwear

Roy Wicks Garden, Queens, New York.

A group of soldiers was training on a lawn. Nieto was rea.s.sembling and cleaning an old M14 rifle. The training couch snapped and all the training soldiers started to rea.s.semble the rifle; they had to stop when another loud shout was heard. The slowest person will be punished.

“Nieto, why is it always you? You’re such an idiot. You should be ashamed of yourself.” The outraged couch kicked Nieto because he failed to rea.s.semble the rifle.

The soldiers around him were laughing at him. Nieto stood up but very soon, he got kicked and fell again. The couch insulted him for a few minutes and finally punished him to jog around the park while lifting his rifle above his head. Nieto had to shout, “I’m an idiot!” as he ran.

Nieto had no facial expressions while he faced the insults and punishment. At the next shooting training, the couch yelled at him again, “Nieto, idiot. You’re the dumbest and the most useless soldier I’ve ever seen. Even a pig is smarter than you.”

Under the hot, blazing sun, all the soldiers went for lunch while only Nieto was forced to stay at the training ground to practice rea.s.sembling the rifle. Every time he rea.s.sembled the rifle, he would put the rifle on his shoulder, aim at the target a hundred meters away from him, pull the trigger, and hear the sound of an empty gunshot.

Two weeks ago, Nieto was sent to carry the poisonous gas bomb. He was dumped right after that night. He could not return to Guzman and he was not wanted by Skull and Bones. He was chased out to the street and nearly died of starvation.

Fortunately, Zhou Qingfeng became the commander of the logistics center in time. Zhou Qingfeng organized for the cleaning team to clear the areas under Skull and Bones. The relief staff found and rescued Nieto. After that, Nieto became a normal street cleaning worker.

When Fernando Rethnor returned, the other four leaders of Skull and Bones were all threatened. Nieto was a.s.signed by one of the leaders and he became a new recruit. It was the first time that he received a relatively standard training. However, he was not doing very well. In other words, he was the worst among all the new recruits.

During the past three days, there was a lot of good news spreading among the people.

It was said that the boot-licker, Mr. Jim Jones, had prepared a grand wedding and the host of the wedding, Mr. Fernando Rethnor, was extremely satisfied with it.

Rumor also has it that Skull and Bones had an internal scuffle. There were two leaders who tried to work together to get rid of Fernando Rethnor. Unfortunately, they failed. Both of them had no choice but to submit to Fernando.

Apparently, the Brotherhood of Steel sent a helicopter of elite members in the attempt to seize the Polarlys. The helicopter was completely destroyed by the individual air defense unit.

It was also said that Mr. Fernando Rethnor attacked Staten Island with his tank. The Brotherhood of Steel retreated with their thousands of mercenaries equipped with all sorts of U.S weapons. Soon, the Brotherhood of Steel will be chased out of New York.

However, all those news were meaningless for Nieto. He was already a soldier under Fernando Rethnor.

“Nieto!” The couch yelled at him from afar. “Get on! Mr. Rethnor’s wedding is on today. We’ll be watching around the wedding hall. Today’s mission is very important! You better don’t do anything stupid, you idiot.”

Nieto carried the a.s.sembled rifle on his back, ran towards the truck, and left.

Meanwhile, Rachel was sitting in front of a dressing mirror on Polarlys. She was naked and her exquisite, graceful figure was exposed. Next to her was a wedding dress. It was not easy for Fernando to get the wedding dress, especially during the cataclysm.

There was a tray next to the wedding dress and Rachel was very mad at the ‘thing’ on the tray, “I’m not gonna wear this. d.a.m.n you, Fernando, you’re insulting me!”

Rachel pushed the tray away. It fell on the ground and made a huge noise. The two busty female guards who had been following Rachel looked at each other. Then, they held Rachel tight and forced her to wear that ‘thing’.

That ‘thing’ was a chast.i.ty underwear which included bras and panties. They were made of leather, which made them much comfier than the steel-made underwear of the middle ages. Even so, the chast.i.ty underwear had thorns on them. No one will be able to have s.e.x with her unless it was opened.

After forcing her to wear the chast.i.ty underwear, two of the female guards said sarcastically, “Don’t try to open it. It’s a high-tech underwear. Only the correct pa.s.sword will open it. Any other attempt to open it will trigger the explosion.”

“B*stards! As*hole!” Rachel only knew these two curse words and they were not enough to express her anger.

All of a sudden, someone knocked the door and shouted, “Dear Ma’am Rethnor, it’s Jim Jones. I’m here to ask if you’re satisfied with the wedding dress?”

The door opened and Rachel was sitting in her room angrily. Zhou Qingfeng looked from outside of the room with a smile and shouted exaggeratedly when he saw Rachel, “Oh, my G.o.d. Ma’am, please don’t ruin this wedding dress. I won’t be able to find another one.”

Rachel was confused and started to yell at him. Zhou Qingfeng did not bother, he walked closer to the female guards and whispered, “Can I talk to ma’am alone for a little while? She can’t be like this for the wedding and if the wedding doesn’t go well, I’ll be in trouble. It’s worse if both of you are here.”

Both females guards were told to watch Rachel at all times, even during her shower. When they wanted to reject, Zhou Qingfeng took something out.

To bribe someone, food was much better than money during the cataclysm. Both of them did not have problems with food but they were desperate for something every woman needed - sanitary pads. Fernando never thought of preparing pads for the females but without them, women were miserable!

Only Zhou Qingfeng, who had a dirty mind, would think of buying tons of pads.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything inappropriate. I won’t even touch ma‘am. Two of you just need to stand a little further.” Zhou Qingfeng solved a big problem with a few pads.

After both the female guards went out, Zhou Qingfeng grabbed a little stool and sat in front of Rachel. While he was trying to calm Rachel, he took out a mini laptop from his chest. The screen showed a line of words, ‘I’m Victor Hugo, I’m here to find something really important. Continue to shout, the louder the better.’

Rachel was stunned for a second, following that, she pulled her wedding dress off and her chast.i.ty underwear was exposed. She shouted angrily, “You! Get this stupid thing off of me, I’m don’t wanna wear it.”

What the f*ck!

Zhou Qingfeng had thought about how Rachel would react when she saw him. She might be surprised, she might be doubtful, she might be confused. However, Zhou Qingfeng had never thought that Rachel would undress in front of him. Right now, he was dumbfounded and stared at her busts.

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