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Chapter 217        The Ultimate is Ready

A tank was coming through the waves aggressively!

The tank, Fearless, rushed towards Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. On the ship, several 76mm naval guns were launching blank ammo into the air. In the midst of the explosion, all the leaders of Skull and Bones were p.i.s.sed off.

Ted, who stayed in New York, was standing in the middle of the beach. He limped towards a musical band and shouted, “Music!”

The musical band which was formed at the very last minute started to play ‘Navy March’. The entire song was rather annoying and noisy as it was not rehea.r.s.ed. With the music playing, the front door of the tank fell open. A few old, amphibious tanks rushed out from the ship and the cannons instantly aimed at the crowd of people on the beach.

The other four leaders of Skull and Bones were all gathered. Even though they were p.i.s.sed off, they had to admit that Fernando Rethnor’s plan had them fooled and unprepared.

Although Fearless was an antique cargo that had been in service for more that half a century, it was still powerful. The cannons were much more powerful than the usual ones. Also, warships were naturally tough and they have great deterrent power.

The scariest thing for the leaders of Skull and Bones was the number of mercenaries; Fernando had brought fifteen thousand of them back to New York. That number was larger than the amount of the total people under the four other leaders. Even if the members from the Brotherhood of Steel were included, the numbers were still incomparable.

Dozens of ships that landed on multiple beaches in New York and Skull and Bones and were attempting to fight back did not expect this. The moment they received the information, they were already surrounded by the fifty thousand well-trained mercenaries from South America.

Polarlys did not join the tank; it stopped at around ten nautical miles away from the coast. When Fernando Rethnor learned that the entire New York was already under his control, he took the helicopter and headed to the tank.

As soon as the helicopter approached the beach, the song played by the musical band instantly changed to Emperor March. Even though it was still annoying, it was special to Fernando.

Fernando was satisfied when he saw the crowd on the beach before him. He was even happier when he saw the astonished faces of the other four leaders of Skull and Bones. The feeling of getting power was ten thousand times better than having s.e.x with women.

“Thank you, everyone, for welcoming me. I’ve brought a large amount of support from the South Americans. This time, the Brotherhood of Steel will be defeated and get out of New York.” The show-off started to give a random speech.

The crowd of people had the same thought in their minds, “We don’t even need you to go against the Brotherhood of Steel.”

The speech of bullsh*t went on for half-an-hour and Fernando Rethnor shook hands with the other leaders of Skull and Bones. In his opinion, all these people were vulnerable to his absolute power. It was just a matter of time for him to take over the entire Skull and Bones.

“Ted,” Fernando called the deputy commander of the logistics center. He said with a smile but his tone was cold, “The troops are complaining that they’re not getting enough food. There aren’t even weapons for them.”

“You should have known that I’ve been planning for this since a month ago. I’ve spent so much effort in bringing these mercenaries all the way from South America. I’ve been through storms and waves. I hope you don’t ruin my plan.”

“Sure, sure. I’ll try my best.”

Even though Ted was much older than Fernando, he was nothing in front of Fernando.

“Where’s that Jim Jones?” Fernando asked.

“Jim Jones is staying very far away with his ninth armored battalion and he wasn’t in our range of control. However, he was in the welcoming team on the beach.” Ted panicked and he was nervous, but he persisted on complaining about ‘Jim Jones’. “I’d like to clarify that during the period when he was controlling the logistic center, he stole a large number of resources including weapons, armors, food, fuels, …..”

“Enough,” Fernando interrupted Ted.

“I only know that Skull and Bones got better when the logistics center was under his control. When you took over, my men needed to starve. I don’t care how much he stole from Skull and Bones, I want him to work for me. Call him, I want to see him.”

Zhou Qingfeng was standing quietly in the crowd. Sisters, Eileen and Ellie spent a whole day on his makeup to ensure everything went well. Their makeup skills were so good that when Zhou Qingfeng was brought to Fernando, no one recognized him.

Their conversation was boring. Fernando only encouraged him a little but did not allow Zhou Qingfeng to take over the logistics center immediately. It was obvious that Fernando did not completely trust him

However, Zhou Qingfeng took the initiative to organize Fernando’s wedding. Zhou Qingfeng told Fernando that he has been preparing for the wedding and surely, the entire New York will be impressed by Mr. Fernando Rethnor.

Roses, wines, grand weddings, and crowds of people! Fernando, a Brazilian, liked how people celebrated carnivals and festivals and spent money. Being the show-off that he was, he looked forward to it.

“Alright. I hope my that wedding will be set on three days from now. Don’t let me down,” Fernando took his wedding very seriously. After instructing Jim Jones, Fernando turned around and left.

Seeing Fernando leave, Zhou Qingfeng shouted from the back, “Mr. Fernando, I won’t let you down. I promise it’s going to be an unforgettable, stunning, and extravagant wedding.”

Everyone was disgusted by his exaggerated voice and all of them cursed in their minds, Such a filthy, shameless boot-licker. He’s so gross.

Sending invitations, decorating the venue, recruiting workers, and preparing food, Zhou Qingfeng was busy with the preparation for the wedding. The wedding venue was set at Kennedy Airport for its huge s.p.a.ce and thus, it was the best to hold a grand wedding. Fernando Rethnor had his command post on the seventh floor of the airport. Thus, he accepted Zhou Qingfeng’s idea.

While Zhou Qingfeng was busy with the wedding preparation, Fernando Rethnor immediately got involved in the fight with the other leaders from Skull and Bones. Firstly, he hinted at the other leaders to give up all their weapons and soldiers, to join and be part of the government that he was going to create. Clearly, the other four leaders refused to give up their forces. There was going to be a great internal scuffle for sure.

The Brotherhood of Steel was also figuring out a way to get rid of Skull and Bones, especially when they realized with the drones that Fernando Rethnor had a nuclear-powered ship. They decided to send forces to seize the ship or kill Fernando on his wedding day.

While Zhou Qingfeng was preparing for the grand wedding, he secretly contacted his men, “Is everything ready? Fernando bombed me with poisonous gas. I can’t wait to show him my ultimate move on his wedding!”

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