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Chapter 187        Eileen and Ellie

It was only the first day of Zhou Qingfeng’s recruitment, but he had already brought back over a hundred people with him. Lena Fox arranged them into their respective departments and expressed her satisfaction for the Chinese, “I have heard no fuss or complains from them, and most importantly, they’re hard working. This new batch of Chinese is much stronger than our previous batch.”

“That’s how most of the Chinese behave and they usually know their place.”

After settling his compatriots down, he realized that he still needed to head to the recruiting site of the Brotherhood of Steel. However, this time around, when he arrived at the recruiting site, someone was waiting for him.

"Sir, can I join your team?" a girl with green hair ran towards Zhou Qingfeng. She was only about sixteen or seventeen years old. She was of medium build and wearing a navy T-shirt with Gothic make-up on her face. She was even wearing a nose ring and she looked exactly like a little punk. "I saw that you were recruiting people. Can I join your team?"

"I'm sorry, but we don't need street punks," Zhou Qingfeng pushed the girl away.

“I’m not a punk,” the girl began to feel worried. She pulled a dagger out and started to slash her own scalp in front of Zhou Qingfeng. She did not care even though her head was already bleeding seriously. In the end, she even pulled her nose ring out by force.

“Mr. Hugo, I swear that I’m not just a little punk. I’ve never done anything bad and I dress up like this only because I think it’s fun. I’ve already been starving for several days. I beg you… please save me,” the little girl still refused to give up. She blocked Zhou Qingfeng’s path once again.

Butcher slightly slanted his head and sized the little girl up. He was impressed by her, especially when she was willing to hurt herself just to prove her worth. However, Zhou Qingfeng still rejected her and he said, “I’m sorry, but we only need the capable ones. After all, we’re not philanthropists.”

Still, the little girl insisted on following Zhou Qingfeng. They soon arrived in front of the recruitment staff. Upon seeing the heavily armed Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher, a Caucasian man immediately nodded and said, “Alright, both of you are kinda acceptable. We’ll hire you. You may sign up over here now.”

Although everything went well, Butcher grumbled in silence, “We’re just like two cabbages from the supermarket. What’s worse is that these cabbages even need to jump out to tell the customers, ‘Come buy me. I’m cheap and extremely delicious.’”

Zhou Qingfeng rolled his eyes too, but he could only follow orders. He sat down at one of the tables from the recruiting sites and began filling up his personal information. Meanwhile, the white man who stood opposite Zhou Qingfeng yelled loudly after noticing the little girl hiding behind Zhou Qingfeng, “Get the f*ck outta here, you cheap piece of sl*t. We don’t need any prost.i.tutes at the moment.”

The little girl’s hair was already in a mess and her face was soaked in blood, but she continued begging, “I’m really not a little punk, let alone a prost.i.tute. It just happens that I applied my Goth make-up right before the cataclysm. Trust me… I’m a good girl.”


The little girl’s word brought a great guffaw from the surrounding people. Everyone who surrounded the little girl, whether they were the Caucasian men from the recruiting sites or mere refugees who came over to seek survival opportunities, felt happy when they saw that someone was more lost than them.

“How could you do this to me? What have I done wrong? Why are you guys laughing at me?” The little girl stood by the side in tears while facing the sarcasm and humiliation. She kept emphasizing that she was a good girl but no one believed her.

“What evidence do you have to prove that you’re actually a good girl?” Zhou Qingfeng had finally finished filling up his form and he had now obtained the permission to join the combat corps of the Brotherhood of Steel.

"My name is Eileen. I'm an excellent student from Margara Girls' High School and I've been the school's best for the third consecutive year. I‘m dressed up like this because I was planning to join a masquerade organized by the school," she tried her very best to explain her past.

However, Zhou Qingfeng still shook his head, “Excellent student means nothing in our current world. Or, perhaps let me put it this way, do you have any special skills?”

“I excel in shooting. My father once had a farm in New York and I had the chance to play with guns every weekend.”

Eileen then suddenly looked at the SCAR rifle on Zhou Qingfeng’s back, “I can show you my skills, if that’s possible.”

The dialogue between two of them had attracted the attention of the surrounding people. Someone whistled and shouted, “Hey, let this chick try it out. I want to see her shooting skills.”

“Maybe she should come and give me a handjob instead. I’ll let her do it for free.”

“Yeah… She should try it with both her hands, and maybe her mouth as well.”

The little girl crossed her arms over her chest and said, “Please, let me try. I’ll let you know that I’m not useless.”

However, the more Eileen pleaded, the louder the mockery around her became. After a few seconds, Butcher handed his AR-15 to the little girl and said, “Give it a go.”

The AR-15 was the most common rifle in the United States. The girl took over the rifle and skillfully operated it. She first looked at the magazine then checked the chamber. After fine-tuning the rear sight, she then aimed at an empty can which was about two hundred meters away from her and said, “I’ll shoot through it.”

At that instant, the entire recruiting site instantly fell silent as everyone began to pay attention to the little girl’s test. Quite a number of people were far away from the recruiting sites and they did not know what was happening. They kept asking others about it. There were even some people tiptoeing to take a closer look at the test.

Bang! The little girl missed her first shot. Her shot was ridiculously far from the actual target. She missed by at least a meter from two hundred meters away. Her current shooting skills could not even get her a ‘pa.s.s’, let alone be considered as excellent. The others who were there only to watch the show began to boo at her and she was greeted with jeers and disbelief once again.

“Hey, little girl. I really feel that you’re not suited to play with a real gun. How about consider coming over and playing with my meat stick?”

“This chick’s mouth has quite a good shape. I think she’s probably better at blowing instead of shooting.”

“Her figure doesn’t seem too bad too, I really like this kind of pet.i.te, yet mature girl.”

The little girl did not care about what the others said as she then took her second shot. Bang! She missed her second shot again. Her first shot was to the left while her second shot was to the right of the target, but she missed the same target twice by a large margin. Therefore, louder boos, hisses and even more perverted flirting voices can be heard.

However, when the little girl fired the third shot, the bullet finally landed on the empty can two hundred meters away from her.

“That chick finally hit her target.”

“It must’ve been a fluke. Just look at her two previous shots… they’re so bad!”

“She just got lucky.”

However, beyond their expectations, the little girl then continued hitting the empty can more than ten times in a row. It should be noted that the AR-15 did not even come with a scope and she was basically using naked eyesight to aim at the empty can.

In fact, Zhou Qingfeng knew what was going on. They actually got the AR-15 by picking it up from the streets. Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher had tried to adjust the rifle several times, but they still were not able to find the right feel.

After Eileen went through the entire magazine, Butcher instantly whispered in Zhou Qingfeng’s ear, “She was able to adjust the feel in just three shots. She’s either a professional shooter or she possesses a certain level of talent.”

Zhou Qingfeng then replied, “It just happens that we’re currently lacking a sniper as well.”

Zhou Qingfeng’s team had always been searching for a sniper as they needed someone to support them from a distance whenever they entered a battlefield.

Katrina used to be responsible for supporting them from a distance. However, the fierce lady has now disappeared. What’s even worse is that the number of their enemies were currently increasing drastically.

Everyone was shocked when the little girl landed every single bullet on the target except for the first two shots. After Eileen opened the chamber to indicate that she had run out of bullets, Zhou Qingfeng walked towards her and said, “Not bad, not bad at all. I’m impressed, but it’ll be much better if you have a spotter.”

Eileen immediately burst into joy and said, “My twin sister, Ellie, just happens to be an extremely outstanding spotter.”

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