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Chapter 180        Bathroom

If it was not due to the wireless radio not working inside the cabin, Zhou Qingfeng would definitely call to ask David Lawrence about it. However, if Zhou Qingfeng were to inform him, would the desperate man actually rush from Manhattan to Brooklyn, kill all his way to Queens, and finally hop onto Polarlys?

Zhou Qingfeng bets that he would!

Previously, David Lawrence rode his heavy Harley and killed all his way through Brooklyn by himself. Even Zhou Qingfeng was shocked by it.

Zhou Qingfeng repressed the curiosity in his heart and he then glanced at the washer once again. She lowered her head and worked quietly amidst the noise emitting from the dozens of washing machines inside the laundry room. They were already deep inside the cabin hence, even if something were to happen at that instant, no one would ever know about it.

Zhou Qingfeng pulled out his gun and he gradually approached her. Once the middle-aged woman realized that Zhou Qingfeng was pointing his gun at her, she immediately raised her hands in panic and exclaimed, “Please, don't kill me. I’m just grumpy. I’ve already worked continuously for two days and I’m just feeling a little tired. Actually, no, no, no, I’m not tired at all. I can still work... I’ll continue my work straight away.”

The washer even wet her pants and she desperately tried to show her diligence in front of Zhou QIngfeng. However, Zhou Qingfeng said coldly, “That’s enough, stop it. I say, stop it!”

“Please, don’t kill me. I still have a child to raise. I swear that I’ll work even harder from now onwards,” the washer knelt before Zhou Qingfeng and pleaded for him to not kill her.

“Now, tell me, who do those shirts in the laundry belong to?” Zhou Qingfeng pointed at the laundry basket which was filled with high-end underwear and asked.

The washerwoman was obviously stunned as she would never have expected Zhou Qingfeng to ask her such a question, “I don’t know.”

“Um……” Zhou Qingfend sighed and showed a fierce look in his eyes.

The washer then felt that her life was in danger once again. She quickly put on her thinking cap and said, “Those clothes are sent by others. I don’t know who they belong to.”

"Is there a woman named Rachel on the boat? She’s around thirty and she’s very beautiful. She’s also probably staying with Fernando Rethnor, the man who occupied this ship," Zhou Qingfeng probed further as he began to suspect that Angie’s mother had been kidnapped in this place.

However, the woman shook her head once more, “Sir, I don’t know who’s Rachel. I’ve been working day and night in this cabin since I got on the boat. Sometimes, someone will give me some food, but during the other times, the guards on this boat will just simply forget about my existence."

Zhou Qingfeng saw that there were a lot of clothes piling up in the laundry room and it seemed like the woman was the only one responsible to wash all of them. He then walked to the pile of clothes and frowned, he asked, “How many people are there on board?”

The washerwoman finally realized that something was not right, for the fierce man standing in front of her was obviously not from the ship. However, she still replied honestly, “I don't know how many people are on board but there are more than 300 sets of clothes being sent to me every day, including jackets, underwears, shoes, and socks. I have no other choice but to work tirelessly, and now, I’m already extremely exhausted."

“300 sets of clothes. So, do you mean that there are around three hundred people on board?” Zhou Qingfeng felt that the figure did not make any sense at all. He then picked up an underwear which seemed to belong to Rachel and asked, “Who normally comes here to pick up the clean laundry, and when do they usually come?”

“There are other workers on board, but their schedule to pick up these clothes is not fixed. However, these high-end underwears that need to be dry-cleaned are taken by a dedicated female worker. As for the other stuff, I really don’t know anymore,” said the woman.

Zhou Qingfeng was not satisfied with her as she knew too little about the ship. Just as he was thinking about what to do with the washer, the alarm in the cabin was suddenly activated.

Someone shouted through the broadcast, “All crew members, please take note. Someone has secretly sneaked onto our ship. Now get back into position and search every corner of this ship. Find this rat, we must!”

After the alarm rang more than a dozen times, Zhou Qingfeng then heard waves of heavy footsteps and whirring coming from the overhead cabin. What’s worse was that those sounds were approaching rapidly. It seemed that these South American mercenaries recruited by Fernando Rethnor possesed extremely high combat qualities.

In the meantime, a weak voice saying ‘Mama’ could be heard from the corner of the laundry room. A five-year-old child was awakened by the noise and he then crawled out of a bed made of old clothes. He squinted his eyes as he looked for his mother.

Zhou Qingfeng instantly pointed his gun at the child and yelled, “Tell me a place to hide or I’ll kill your child.”

The woman put on her thinking cap once again. However, the laundry room was simply too cramped, and it could only fit ten washing machines and several laundry baskets at most. There was no way a man could hide in that room. After thinking for a few seconds, she then pointed to the corridor outside the laundry room and said, “Climb up the stairs from the left and there, you’ll find a utility room where n.o.body usually goes."

“You better not lie to me or even reveal my whereabouts,” Zhou Qingfeng grabbed the child and left. “Otherwise, your child will die with me.”

At that instant, the woman was terrified to the extent where her body and soul even separated. She pleaded, “Don’t hurt my child please, I swear to G.o.d that I won’t tell them anything.”

The child was scared too. Zhou Qingfeng then quickly climbed up the stairs. He was in front of a compartment and without much hesitation, he pushed the door open and entered the room.

However, once he got into the room, he discovered that there was haze, hot air, and warmth whirring in the room. He was pretty sure that he was not in a utility room, but he could no longer escape as the heavy footsteps have already reached outside the room.

Zhou Qingfeng walked through the fog and finally realized that he was in a Polarlys bathroom. There was no shortage of fresh water, no shortage of energy, and no shortage of s.p.a.ce on this nuclear-powered vessel. Therefore, one can not only take a bath however he desired but also enjoy the process in a large fountain bathroom.

The bathroom was divided into two compartments, and one of them was a locker room. The voices of women and the sound of them changing their clothes can be heard from the room. In the other compartment laid a ma.s.sive bathtub and heavy fog was coming out from there. Zhou Qingfeng had no other choice but to run towards the bathroom and dive directly into the hot, ma.s.sive bathtub.

The sound of someone knocking on the door could soon be heard and it seemed that the guards on the ship wanted to search the bathroom. However, they were stopped by the anger of several women.

“What the h.e.l.l! Did I just enter a female bathroom?” Zhou Qingfeng looked at the little devil who stood by his side and whispered, “I’m actually the good guy, and they’re all bad guys. We’ll have to hide now… Do you know how to hold your breath under the water?”

To Zhou Qingfeng’s surprise, the five-year-old little devil actually nodded. In just the blink of an eye, he dived into the water and he was even nimbler than Zhou Qingfeng. As the woman from the locker room seemed to come in, Zhou Qingfeng decided to dive into the water as well.

The ma.s.sive bathtub was over a meter deep and there were also special steps on the side for the others to sit while taking their baths. The young devil was sitting on the steps and holding his breath. Zhou Qingfeng slowly swam towards him. He lifted his head to look around from time to time.

One could not see underneath the water due to the heavy fog. However, one can see the water from underneath. At first, two fierce maids with guns walked in, followed by a half-naked woman wrapped in a large bath towel.

The woman slowly walked into the bathtub and completely let go of her towel. In just an instant, the semi-naked woman had turned into a completely naked woman. Her exquisite and attractive body was displayed right in front of Zhou Qingfeng. He was stunned when he looked at her body from underneath the water. However, for whatever reason, the woman suddenly decided to start swimming in the bathtub. When she immersed her head into the water, she then saw Zhou Qingfeng staring at her stunning body.

Both of them stared at each other in awe!

Uncle Lawrence, I swear to G.o.d that I didn’t deliberately try to peep when your wife took her bath. By the way, your wife really has a devil's figure. She’s unbelievably hot! Oh no… I’m going to get a nosebleed soon!

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