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Chapter 123        Ambitious

Under Zhou Qingfeng’s orders, the search team was separated into two groups, and they attempted to encircle the snipers outside the courthouse. Throughout the day, they searched for the sniper team while they fought Zetas members. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, after sacrificing a few of the search team members, they finally realized that the sniper team had escaped!

The cruelty of city wars was finally revealed; they gained nothing in the end. They sacrificed a few members and cleared only half of the street. As the sun was setting, Zhou Qingfeng could only admit that he was fooled. The enemy withdrew the instant they missed the shot—they were quick and agile.

In the midst of sadness, the corpses of the members were placed on the ground. Zhou Qingfeng led the rest of the members and held a simple funeral. After they bowed, the corpses were removed and buried.

They also removed around thirty corpses of Zetas members. They were all killed by Zhou Qingfeng during the search operation. As for the Zetas members, they simply dug a hole and buried them all together.

“Rest for an hour. We’ll continue at night,” Zhou Qingfeng commanded the search team. David Lawrence and Katrina agreed as the members needed to take a break. The members of the search team looked normal; they had already gotten used to people dying.

In fact, the place where Zhou Qingfeng was at was only a few hundred meters away from the town hall occupied by Zetas. However, within these few hundred meters, there stood a bunch of complex and highly-packed buildings.

Manhattan was the most bustling area in New York. The buildings were famous all around the world. In fact, Zetas and Zhou Qingfeng could see each other across the street. Overall, Zetas had plenty more people than Zhou Qingfeng.

However, having a lot of people did not mean having the advantage in this corrupt world. During the day, Zhou Qingfeng had worried about the possibility of the Naro tanks bypa.s.sing their ranks and attacking from the other side. In the end, they all collapsed after fighting with the search team. They all collapsed!

The Narco tank which was shot on the tire was abandoned on the road, left as another obstacle. All of the Zetas members withdrew back to Wall Street. The good news was, Zetas could not get out of the building. The bad news was, Zhou Qingfeng could not get there straight away either.

During the night, Zhou Qingfeng could not get as much night vision equipment as he had wanted. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy night, and they could not do anything without night vision. The only thing they could do was bypa.s.s the building.

“We’ll turn around and go through the Manhattan Bridge, then head to the west via Roosevelt Road along the river. Maybe we can give them a little surprise.” Zhou Qingfeng activated his armband computer and projected the map of Manhattan. He re-planned a new route.

“Why don’t we go through the Brooklyn Bridge and pa.s.s by the area? I’d like to take some stuff from my house,” Katrina said. According to Zhou Qingfeng’s plan, they would pa.s.s by the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Brooklyn?” Zhou Qingfeng exclaimed, “Girl, are you crazy? That’s the base of those thugs.”

David Lawrence disagreed as well, “I was there for more than ten days, and that place has already turned into a complete mess. The underground gangs are controlling the place and stopping people from entering. Other than that, it’s highly populated, and firearms have proliferated. You can be shot any time while walking on the street.”

However, Katrina insisted, “How about we act as members of Zetas? I want to go back to get those resources in the underground storage. We’re lacking something very important for ladies.”

Katrina glared at Zhou Qingfeng as she talked about it. It reminded Zhou Qingfeng that he spent fifty thousand on those resources. They were not just food and drinks; the women’s menstrual pads were also included.

Zhou Qingfeng thought of how funny he was. During the time when the cataclysm had still not arrived, Zhou Qingfeng had planned to follow the movie plot to the letter, because he did not know anything about the cataclysm. He even thought of preparing pads to impress girls. As he thought about it, preparing pads for the girls was indeed a stupid idea.

“Alright then, I accept that. Only if those resources are still there.” Zhou Qingfeng remembered that he had prepared tons of paper rolls—the most inconspicuous, yet very important necessity in the cataclysm. It was a big problem to go to the toilet without a paper roll. There were people using leaves, yet Zhou Qingfeng could not stand it.

“Don’t worry, my underground storage is very hidden. It was designed with the structure of an underground shelter; it’s extremely tough.” Katrina was very confident about it.

Even though it came out of nowhere, David Lawrence agreed anyway, “All right, you two can go. I’ll stay and watch Zetas. Just leave half of the search team with me.”

As Zhou Qingfeng made plans to go to Brooklyn through the Brooklyn Bridge, Lord Zetas became furious.

“Trash, all of you are trash! You guys used to be good. You guys weren’t afraid of cops, but now, you’re afraid of a team formed by a few normal citizens. Thousands of you can’t even get them!”

Lord Zetas slammed the table to release his anger. In his luxurious office lay a few corpses, men killed by him as they did very badly. The smell of blood suffused the room, and the scene was extremely terrifying.

After Los Zetas released his anger, he looked at his men, all of whom were trembling with fear. He felt disappointed and angry at the same time. He thought he had already shown them the way to glory and power, yet those thugs, who used to be brutal and fierce, had become cowards. They were all afraid of dying.

“Get out, get the f*ck out of my face. Get these corpses out.” Los Zetas unb.u.t.toned his shirt and breathed heavily in front of the window. He realized that his emotions were very unstable. A little thing could make him extremely happy or angry.

“Honey, calm down. You’re terrifying the kids.” Los Zetas’ mistress walked to his back and tried to comfort him. Behind him, there were two little boys staring at their father with fear.

“Are you afraid?” Los Zetas turned around and looked at his two sons seriously. “You shouldn’t be afraid. You guys have to understand, your father is doing something great.

“After one hundred or two hundred years, people will put my photo in the palace. They will call me the founding father. I’ll be a great person like George Washington. You two are my sons. You’ll enjoy everything I’m going to create.”

Los Zetas regained his hope and fighting will as he saw his sons. He comforted himself, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Something that’s going to be in history books won’t be that easy to achieve. I’ll think of ways to solve the problem in front of me. Let me think about how other founders solved similar problems, and I’ll find a way!”

Los Zetas was ambitious again after enlightening himself. He then continued with his plan of conquering Manhattan.

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