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Chapter 340 - Kindness and Severity

Saint Concubine was incredibly beautiful, just like the G.o.ddess of the Asura Saint Clan, a peerless beauty. And yet, right now, the G.o.ddess whose face was covered by the scarf was looking very miserable, as her eyes were swollen. She was shaking her head and said, “Clan Master, you insisted on selecting me as Demon Saint’s concubine, and yet now you are trying to kill him. Have you ever thought of what I will become after Demon Saint is killed? What will I do when I’ve become a widow then?”

Clan Master was ashamed and replied, “Although you have the t.i.tle of a concubine, it is just a t.i.tle, you aren’t married to him yet. After Demon Saint’s death, I will find you a good husband and you will not be swept aside or abandoned. Now the key is, this Mister Mo Luo and Tu Jiang’s clash definitely forced him to unleash his true strength. During this clash, could you see what he is? If he is really the human’s Zhong Yue, he will not be left walking freely and shall be killed dead on the spot, right here, right now!”

Saint Concubine was placid as she answered, “My eyes were sealed by him, how do I look?”

Sain leader’s heart was in pain at Saint Concubine’s injuries, he said angrily, “This brat, how dare he injure our race’s saint lady, moreso in the saint palace of our Asura Saint Clan. Whether or not he is the human Zhong Yue, we will have to teach him an unforgettable lesson! Don’t you worry, I will take care of him!”

Saint Concubine, in turn, was nonchalant about it, she shook her head and said, “I’m the one that asked for it, I needed to know whether he was capable of taking down Demon Saint. But after my defeat and I still ask the leader to teach him a lesson, this will prove nothing but our own shamelessness.”

Clan Master was ashamed, he smiled and said, “Seems like I have acted childish for a moment here.”

Tu Jiang then quickly said, “Since even Saint Concubine couldn’t see through him, then I think it’s best we leave him untouched, for now. We will only act after his battle with Demon Saint, what does the Clan Master say?”

“Tu Jiang, I know what you mean; you want to take down Demon Saint with his hands. But have you thought about who exactly Demon Saint is, and what means this Mister Mo Luo has that gives you the confidence he can defeat Demon Saint?”

Clan Master continued in a casual manner, “What I ask from him is that he will be able to impair Demon Saint severely; that will be enough for us to furtively unleash the final blow on Demon Saint. Furthermore, this Mister Mo Luo has injured our saint lady, shamed our Asura disciples, and he did it in our most holy place, the heavenly demon G.o.d’s palace! His existence is an utter disgrace to the Asura Saint Clan! He will have to be taught a lesson, he will learn not to tamper with the wrong targets! Tu Geer, this Mister Mo Luo is a sly and cunning brat, he has hastily left our saint city thinking that we will harm him. And indeed, we will... chase him and teach him his lesson!”

Tu Geer was the elder that had argued with Tu Jiang, he was overjoyed to receive the order and he answered merrily, “Yes, my Clan Master!”

Tu Jiang was hesitating while Clan Master laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Tu Geer will not kill him, he will only be taught a lesson that whatever he has done comes with a price. Saint lady, do you want to take a look and see if you can see through his flaws.”

Saint Concubine shook her head and said, “There is no need for that, my injuries are more important. Clan Master, excuse me for now.”

Clan Master nodded, “Don’t worry, the talents in demon race are uncountable. After Demon Saint’s death, I will surely be able to find you a good man.”

Saint Concubine then left.

Clan Master heaved a breath of relief, and said, “Tu Geer, teach Mister Mo Luo a lesson, but do not kill him. Understand?”

Tu Geer smiled and answered, “The Clan Master may rest a.s.sured!”

Clan Master then said, “Tu Jiang, after Tu Geer leaves, you will follow behind a quarter of an hour later and stop Tu Geer. Let Mister Mo Luo have a taste of Tu Geer’s strength first, then you will stop them He is still of good use to our Saint Clan, it is not time to make him our enemy yet. We shall employ both kindness and severity to him; Tu Geer will show him our strength and you, Tu Jiang, will show him our generosity. He will learn to fear our Saint Clan and be grateful at the same time that we show kindness to his petty life.”

Tu Jiang expressed his admiration to the Clan Master, as he said, “The Clan Master is wise!”

The Clan Master laughed out loud. “You may leave now to execute my orders!”

Tu Geer then left, striding out from the city and chasing after Zhong Yue. Elder Tu Jiang followed closely, waiting for Tu Geer to teach Zhong Yue a lesson before he appeared to stop the battle


Tian Mo Concubine, Ji Xiang Concubine and the others were flying the boat, rushing out out from the Asura Saint Clan’s territory. The ladies were all Inner Core Qi Pract.i.tioners, equivalent to Swords Gate’s hall masters, and their powers together could propel the boat at a great speed.

The ladies powered the boat and ahd flown over ten thousand miles. Suddenly, Zhong Yue frowned and looked behind them. Tian Mo Concubine was also alerted, she quickly turned back and her beautiful countenance changed drastically. she said, “s.h.i.t, Saint Concubine has seen through your cover, you are exposed!”

Ji Xiang Concubine and the other ladies were all overjoyed in their hearts, they thought furtively, This Mister Mo Luo better die here, and also this Tian Mo Concubine. As long as she is dead, the Caress G.o.d Gu in our bodies will also die, we will be free again!

However, Tian Mo Concubine clearly knew what they were thinking and she said while smiling frigidly, “Ji Xiang Concubine, don’t worry, I will bring you all along with me into the afterlife! I suggest all of you to not think too much and work together to fend off the incoming enemy. Doing so otherwise will do no good for your lives, such as …an order for the Caress G.o.d Gus to devour all of your Yuan Shen!”

Ji Xiang Concubine and the court ladies were stunned, and didn’t dare to say a word.

The ladies then unleashed their full power and heightened the boat’s speed to a higher level. Chasing after them was a sun surrounded by demonic clouds. It was traveling at a faster speed than the boat, slowly catching up to them.

Zhong Yue stood on the stern of the boat, looking at the demonic clouds behind them and suddenly, he laughed and said, “I thought the Asura Saint Clan would send over a magnate, who knew it’s just a Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioner. Stop the boat, there is no need to run anymore. My dear darlings, have you all fought with Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners before?”

The ladies stopped the boat and Ji Xiang Concubine’s face changed drastically, “Fight with Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners? Please reconsider your choice, Mister!”

Zhong Yue laughed out loud, he said, “It’s fine, the Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners are only a level higher than us. Judging from his speed, his cultivation base would be around the same as Tu Jiang’s; I will face with him squarely while you girls flank him from the sides, rain your skills and soul weapons on him as you like.”

Tian Mo Concubine was hesitant as she said, “If you can stop him down from using skills and soul weapons, we can inflict some damage on him. The Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners’ skills are incredibly strong, none of us can withstand his attacks. Only by limiting his attacks from falling on us can we inflict some damage. However, don’t blame us if you are killed by him.”

As they spoke, the demon sun surround by demonic clouds had caught up to them. Tu Geer was sitting in the center of the clouds, his body was huge, while behind his head was the demon sun. He had used his Avatar, which was a thousand feet tall. From the distance, he smirked coldly at them and said, “Mister Mo Luo, you’ve furtively learned the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】of our Saint Clan, shamed our Asura disciples, and injured the Saint Concubine. Do you think you can run away from that?”

A huge hand reached out from the demonic clouds and grabbed onto the boat. Zhong Yue’s body quivered as he enlarged into a two hundred eighty-foot tall giant with four arms. He rose high above the boat and used the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】. All four of his hands made the Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal; four fists punched over at the palm.

A shock wave blasted out from the center where the fists and palm clashed; Zhong Yue’s two arms formed by the Immortal Body were disintegrated, while the huge hand also crumbled into broken totem patterns.

As they clashed, Zhong Yue’s body shuddered violently for a split second, before morphing into the form of a bird-headed celestial being. He flashed into the demonic clouds like lightning while two new arms grew again as he unleashed the full power of the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】.

“【Worshipping The Nine Demons】!” Zhong Yue yelled out, an altar appearing behind him with the phantoms of nine demon G.o.ds standing it, staring right at him while they knelt down and worshipped him, enhancing his arcane energy to a new level!

He was coming in too hot and fierce, emitting a dreadful aura as he charged over to the demonic clouds, causing Tu Geer’s heart to skip a beat. The Asura expert who was sitting in the demonic clouds then quickly moved his arms and punched down at Zhong Yue.


A series of blunt impacts shook the sky as the eight arms crashed into one another. Zhong Yue’s two arms were blown and immediately grew out again. In close-quarter combat, Zhong Yue struck unceasingly at Tu Geer with four arms, three legs, and two wings, and he was unable to rise from his seated pose.

Every strike that clashed together would release a shock wave that ravaged the clouds and birth a series of rumbling thunders.

Just as Tu Geer tried to cast out his inner core, a palm slammed down and forced his inner core back into his body. Zhong Yue was striking too fast, Tu Geer didn’t have the time to cast out his inner core nor soul weapons, and could only fight in melee combat.

His pretentiousness of sitting in the lotus position in an attempt to pressure Zhong Yue constrained his legs, while Zhong Yue’s celestial being form had three legs. All Zhong Yue’s three legs were kicking rapidly at him, they would even claw at his face, a huge issue he was having trouble with.

But what was even more troubling was Zhong Yue’s Golden Crow Demonic Wings! The wings were incredibly fast, and every time the wings slashed at him, he would quickly evade them as he felt there was an appalling soul weapon hidden in them, and even a single slash was sufficient to kill him!

His senses were strong, the soul weapon he felt hidden in the wings was exactly the Golden Feathery Peng Sword which Zhong Yue had concealed within the feathers of the Golden Crow Demonic Wings!

Right at this time, Tian Mo Concubine, Ji Xiang Concubine, and the court ladies rushed over from all directions; their skills and soul weapons rained down on Tu Geer and left numerous wounds on his body.

Just as he was about to bring out his Yuan Shen, his heart suddenly ached in alert and he quickly withdrew it back into his body; a split second after he recalled his Yuan Shen, Tian Mo Concubine’s deadly needles flitted across the top of his head.

“b.i.t.c.hes, you are all tampering with the wrong man!”

Tu Geer was piqued with anger, his four arms punched in the air and warded away their skills. Five light wheels emerged behind him and just as his soul weapon was going to fly out, the ladies enlarged the boat and rammed it into his back.

Blood spurted out from Tu Geer’s mouth and Zhong Yue seized the golden opportunity; he made four Heavenly Demon Sun Radiation Seals and struck heavily on Tu Geer’s chest four times, causing Tu Geer’s chest to crumble in.

Tu Geer struck back with four punches at Zhong Yue, but the Golden Crow Demonic Wings slashed down to counter the strikes. Tu Geer quickly hit the wings with his punches to defend himself, even as the ladies launched another round of strikes on his back, tens of soul weapons piercing into his back.

Tu Geer was enraged, and tried to stand up, only to find Zhong Yue’s hands right above his head, and he could only quickly fall back down.

Zhong Yue chased after him from above while he launched four palms at the top of Tu Geer’s head.

Tu Geer quickly raised his hands and blocked the strikes, the ladies then launched their skills again at the soul weapons piercing his back, driving them deeper into his body.


Tu Geer crashed into the ground when their hand strikes clashed together, Zhong Yue was pushed up into the sky. A thousand feet around Tu Geer sank into ground and formed a pit at least two hundred feet deep. The aged Asura demon expert’s white hair was messed up, and on the top of his head were dozens of lacerations caused by the Golden Crow Demonic Wings. The wounds nearly cut through to his brain, and his brain fluids could be clearly seen from above.

Just as the reaction force launched Zhong Yue into the sky, the ladies then dove in and struck down on Tu Geer, swallowing him in their skills. After which, Zhong Yue dove down from the sky and launched the Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seals again.

Krong, Krong, Krong….

A series of impacts ravaged their ears constantly, the pit was deepened with every strike of the hand seal, eventually it became a thousand feet deep and was still getting deeper...

“Stop, stop!”

From the distance, Elder Tu Jiang’s voice could be heard as he rushed over and said loudly, “Elder Tu Geer, please stop! It’s all a mistake… Eh? Elder Tu Geer, are you still alive…?”

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