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Chapter 57        Innocent

As You Yu Clan Grand elder walked closer to him, Zhong Yue’s heart sunk deeper, “Xin Huo, can you not hide away and not let the grand elder notice you?”

“I can hide, not even this old brat can notice me, but the beast G.o.d inner core in your psyche ocean can’t be hidden away!”

Xin Huo snorted, “Brat Yue, let’s not talk about how attractive the beast G.o.d inner core is to the elders, even if the grand elder had no intention in s.n.a.t.c.hing it away, he would still suspect that the beast G.o.d spirit is hiding in the inner core. In order to prove that there is no spirit in the inner core, the only way is to take the beast G.o.d inner core out of your psyche ocean, crush and examine it. Hehe, such a treasure is really precious, if it is broken, where can you find a second one? Plus, if words about you having the beast G.o.d inner core spreads out, then you are surely dead!”

Zhong Yue’s heart shifted, Xin Huo’s words were not exaggerating, if the world knows that he has the beast G.o.d inner core, then his death will be inevitable!

The two island lords of Xian Kong City led the elite monster Qi Pract.i.tioners over to Beast G.o.d Ridge and yet they were all wiped out, even the two totem spirits of the two islands were both dead in the beast G.o.d seal while the two island lords were heavily wounded and were pursuited by Fang Jiange and the others!

If the worlds knows that the beast G.o.d inner core is in the hands of a petty human like Zhong Yue, the monster race magnates would burn in anger and his death would certain, not even Swords Gate can protect and save his life!

From the countermeasure taken by Swords Gate, allowing the monster race to explore Beast G.o.d Ridge, Zhong Yue had no doubt that the higher ups of Swords Gate would definitely hand him over and sacrifice him for the sake of peace!

“Is fighting a way out of Swords Gate the only way?” He watched as the grand elder continued to come closer, he sighed deeply in his heart. 

“Don’t worry, even if you are the last of the human race, you can still s.n.a.t.c.h the beauties from the other races and reproduce a new race!”

Xin Huo comforted him, “I am very proficient in this kind of stuff, I have enlightened countless inheritors of Xin Huo on ways to s.n.a.t.c.h beauties over and reproduce their offsprings and the next generations.” 

“Xin Huo, we will fight our way out of Swords Gate, but we will not erupt the devil souls.”

Zhong Yue’s heart was filled with despair, he whispered, “I don’t want to be the sinner of the Great Wilderness.”


Xin Huo said fiercely, “But all in this Hearts of Swords Palace have to die, or otherwise we can’t make it out of here!”

“Am I destined to be a traitor of the Great Wilderness?” Zhong Yue’s heart was twisted into a clump as if a heavy mountain crushed on it, he could not breath freely. 

If the nine great elders of Swords Gate died in this palace, he will definitely be taken as a traitor and pursued by Swords Gate, he might not be able to return to the Great Wilderness for the rest of his life!

You Yu Clan grand elder was finally right in front of him, he smiled warmly and said, “Zhong Shan Clan member, lift off the defense on your psyche ocean.”

Zhong Yue nodded as he lift off the defense, he then said, “May the grand elder take a look.”

You Yu Clan grand elder pulled his life essence out from his body, his spirit and soul fused together and formed his Yuan Shen in the form of a fish-dragon, he swung his fishtail and was at the verge of entering Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean. 

Right at this moment, an old and gravelly voice rushed into the palace, the voice was laughing as it sounded, “Elders, you may stop now, the Zhong Shan Clan member is as innocent as a lamb, the elders need not continue the investigation anymore!”

“Elder Pu?”

Zhong Yue’s heart startled, the old man that rushed into the palace was indeed the teacher of Ting Lanyue and the others, Elder Pu. The elder was panting for breath as he had just rushed all the way to the palace.

Even I can’t convince myself that I am as innocent as a lamb, why did Elder Pu said that I am?, Zhong Yue was confused. 

“Why does Junior Martial Brother Pu say so?”

Shui Zian frowned and said, “There are a lot of suspicious aspects that lie with this Zhong Shan Clan disciple, if we don’t investigate him thoroughly, he might turn out to be a calamity for Swords Gate, it will be too late for reparations by then!”

Lei Hu Clan elder also coldly snorted and said, “That’s true. Demon Ruins, Beast G.o.d Ridge, neither one of the two events can he prove himself to be innocent! If you want to prove him as guiltless, show us evidence that can convince us all!”

Elder Pu quickly looked at Zhong Yue and stomped his leg, “What are you waiting for, why didn’t you quickly take out the evidence?”

Zhong Yue was dumbfounded, he asked, “Elder Pu, what evidence?”

Elder Pu rolled his eyes at Zhong Yue and said, “The swords token, the one that the Qiu Tan Clan young girl gave you. You should have taken it out earlier, then all of this would never have happened! Quick, get it out and show the elders!”

The swords token given to me by Junior Marital Sister Jiner?

Zhong Yue was even more surprised, only Qiu Jiner and he himself knew that the swords token was in his hands, how did Elder Pu come know about it?

He could not afford to delay long and he immediately took out the swords token, Elder Pu quickly s.n.a.t.c.hed it and handed it over to You Yu Clan grand elder, he smiled and said, “This is the evidence, with this swords token, every peculiar event that seemingly transpired around him will be well accounted for.” 

You Yu Clan elder was still dubious until he inspected the swords token, his heart thumped and pa.s.sed the sword token to Lei Hu Clan elder, he said, “The force in this swords token….”

Lei Hu Clan elder watched closely at it and his face changed drastically, he pa.s.sed it over to Tao Lin Clan elder and he said, “Very much alike!”

Tao Lin Clan elder’s face also turned, she pa.s.sed the swords token to the next elder and said confidently, “It is.”

One after another the elders inspected the swords token, all of their faces changed drastically, they then nodded and said, “With this swords token, indeed it can explain the sudden increase in his prowess.”

“And it can explain how he could survive the events in Demon Ruins and Beast G.o.d Ridge!”

“So this is the reason behind it ....”

Elder Shui Zian measured the sword token with his eyes, he then returned it to Elder Pu, with a crying laughing face he said, “Brother Pu, why didn’t you tell him to show this swords token earlier? I even proposed a plan to kill him regardless of who he truly is. But why was the sword token given away so early? Isn’t it a little bit too rushed?”

Zhong Yue was surprised, he did not know that this little sword token was so powerful that it could spur such a reversal the the elders’ att.i.tude in an instant, “This sword token was given to me by Junior Marital Sister Jiner, she wanted me to learn the Geng Jin Sword Qi in it, she said that the Geng Jin Sword Qi was the most ubiquitous technique among the Qi Pract.i.tioners, almost everyone had practiced it….

Elder Pu laughed and said, “He had acquired this swords token inadvertently, he knew nothing of what it actually is. However, the owner of this swords token is well aware that he has it in his hands and the owner just happened to know that the elders are investigating him, that’s why he rushed me over to prevent the elders from hastily acting to exterminate him.”

The You Yu Clan Grand elder retrieved back his life essence, he smiled and said, “Congratulations, congratulations, we Swords Gate now have another talented young man! Zhong Shan Clan member, from now on, you are an inner hall disciple of Swords Gate, this is your inner hall ident.i.ty token, you may return to the upper house and pack your belongings, report back to the inner hall as soon as possible.”

Zhong Yue kept the inner hall token but his mind he was still blanked out. 

Lei Hu Clan elder walked towards him, he patted heavily on Zhong Yue’s shoulders, he sn.i.g.g.e.red and said, “Did you pee in your pants getting frightened by us the few old geezers? Don’t be ashamed if you were, I had once peed in my pants when I was scared! Keep the sword token, it is considerably valuable, it is the first time it was ever pa.s.sed to anyone else, be careful not to lose it. Weird, why did that old geezer pa.s.s this sword token to you, if the others knew about it, they would surely be envious of you….”

Old geezer?

Zhong Yue was perplexed, Junior Martial Sister Jiner doesn’t look old at all, why is she called old geezer? Oh right, they are not talking about her, but the man that gave the sword token to her! Who would he be?

Elder Pu stuffed the sword token back into Zhong Yue’s hands, he smiled and said, “Don’t blame the elders, they are only conducting this investigation because they didn’t know you had this sword token. They are just worrying of the safety of Swords Gate. The upper house is not where you will stay anymore, pack your stuff and you may move to the inner hall. After you have settled down, you can head to the Ethereal Palace and manifest with the strongest spirit of Swords Gate to become a Qi Pract.i.tioner.”

Zhong Yue’s heart was confused, he kept the sword token and asked, “Elder Pu, who was the owner of this sword token?”

Elder Pu shook his head and said, “Since he didn’t want to tell you, I wouldn’t dare to speak a word either. All you need to know is that this sword token is very exceptional, then everything will be fine.”

Zhong Yue was out of sorts as he walked out of the Hearts of Swords Palace, his heart palpitating in bewilderment, What exactly is this swords token? Why were the nine elders all shocked when they saw it? Junior Martial Sister Jiner gave this sword token to me and helped me weather the storm, I wonder where she is now? Such a valuable and precious item, it is best to return it back to her as soon as possible….

After he left, the air in the palace turned all stagnant and dense; moments later, Elder Yu gently shook his head and said, “So he is the apprentice of the headmaster, then all his prowess in the Demon Ruins, Beast G.o.d Ridge and Ruleless Battle can be explained. Headmaster’s Great Boundless Sword Qi can indeed increase his prowess rapidly.”

Elder Lei nodded, “My Lei Hu Clan’s lightning refining soul art must have been given to him by the headmaster.”

Tao Lin Clan female elder smiled and said, “He has cultivated the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi, for someone that practices the Great Boundless Sword Qi, this is not a difficult task at all.”

“But the headmaster gave out the Great Boundless Sword Qi so early, could it be that this Zhong Shan Clan member is better and more talented than Feng Wuji, Fang Jiange and the other innate spirit body talents?” Nanlu Clan elder asked curiously.

“Elder Pu, this Zhong Shan Clan member is an ordinary man is he?”

Shui Zian was also puzzled, he said, “Why did the headmaster choose him as his apprentice? You and the headmaster are very close, I suppose you must know a thing or two?”

Elder Pu laughed, he turned around and left while he said, “I am only an old servant of the headmaster, how would I know what what goes on in his mind? But if the headmaster decides so, he must have his reasons.”

All of the elders furrowed their brows. 

“Headmaster, this decision is too hasty….”

Elder Shi Zian shook his head and said, “Feng Wuji, Fang Jiange, Lei Hong and Jun Sixie, they are the four young successors of Swords Gate, the potential candidates to be the next headmaster, but even they were not imparted with the Great Boundless Sword Qi and yet the headmaster just pa.s.sed it down to an outer hall disciple, I’m afraid that they will not be convinced by the headmaster’s decision.” 

“Elder Pu said that the headmaster had his own reasons behind this, what do you all think it would be?”

The elders pondered deeply but none of them could figure out anything. 

Elder Pu left the Hearts of Swords Palace, he went straight to Swords Gate golden summit and entered an ethereally lively garden, he smiled and said to an old man fishing beside the poll, “Your old servant has completed the task given. Headmaster, the Zhong Shan Clan member is indeed suspicious, why didn’t the headmaster allow the elders to investigate?”

“It is true that Zhong Shan Clan member has his own secrets, but who doesn’t have their own in the Swords Gate? However, he is not Tian Myriad Mother nor the beast G.o.d.”

The old man’s face was decrepit from the ravages of time and wrinkled, an aura of death pervaded him while he spoke casually, “The【Great Boundless Sword Qi】was intended for the little girl Qiu Jiner to remedy her body, sadly she didn’t have the talent to see through the false veneers and elucidate herself on the true quintessence of the technique, but he could. Fate brought him to me. Do you know ... how shocked I was when I felt the resonance of the sword token when he touched upon the true quintessence in the sword token?” 

A rubicund complexion suffused over his wizened and weather-beaten face, he coughed and said, “When my teacher imparted me with the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】, I spent one and a half months to cultivate my first Sword Qi, while he only used half a month!”

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