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Chapter 549 - Arrival of the Insect G.o.ds and Mother G.o.ds

Two days later, Zhong Yue reclaimed all of the insect divine weapons within the Great Wilderness. As the insect race was created by the demon race, the demon race left a heavy mark in the insect totem patterns. Thus, Zhong Yue wasn't sure if the scale mirror could reveal the totem patterns in the insect divine weapons.

He lifted an insect divine weapon that looked like a pair of cicada wings in front of the scale. Immediately, its totem patterns and internal structure was clearly reflected on it!

The insect G.o.d's mark inside of the insect divine weapon looked like a living cicada lying dormant in the middle of the divine weapon.

The marks formed the core of the divine weapons, they were commonly forged with the owner's blood and spirit.

After the Qi Pract.i.tioners cultivated the Yuan Shen, they wouldn't have to use their soul to enter the weapons to control them anymore. This greatly reduced the risk of death when the weapons would happen to be destroyed. This method also greatly boosted the power of the weapons.

However, the soul weapons were also different from the divine weapons. Other than their overbearing advantage in strength and power, the divine weapons could be manipulated in such a way that the owner desires.

This was especially true of the divine weapons that could switch between tangible and ethereal states or could change sizes and even forms.

Among the divine weapons that Zhong Yue had come across before, the Divine Wing Saber of the Kun Peng Celestial Race was a prime example. It was a saber, but the feathers that it was made up of could be used as swords by themselves. Even when the feathers were heavily damaged, they would still be returned to their peak flawless state upon returning to the Divine Wing Saber.

Not only that, but the Divine Wing Saber didn't have a definite form. The divine gold that it was forged from could shift between the different forms of matter; the whole weapon was able to disintegrate into the most simplest form of totem patterns and reform into any shape.

It was nearly impossible to wipe away the marks left within such a strong saint weapon, even if Zhong Yue the scale mirror. This was because the internal structure and array formations inside of the Divine Wing Saber were ever changing, and the mark left in it would change along with it. It was simply too difficult to search for, identify, and destroy them within seconds.

Thankfully, the insect divine weapons that Zhong Yue brought back weren't on that level yet, giving him the chance to wipe away the marks that the insect G.o.ds left on them.

Furthermore, he was also able to perceive the flaws in the insect divine weapons, even the weaknesses of the totem patterns that were forged in the weapons.

"What a treasure this scale is!" Zhong Yue praised.

Then, he turned back to the insect divine weapon and continued to scrutinize it. In stark contrast to the celestial race and demon race, the divine weapons of the insect race were forged much more crudely due to their lack of knowledge and resources when compared to the celestials and demons.

The divine third eye was opened and Zhong Yue looked at the divine weapon through the reflection. After some time, he finally finished understanding the totem patterns inside of the cicada wings.

"Cast!" Zhong Yue yelled lowly, his psyche and arcane energy surged into the insect divine weapon. The psyche and arcane energy slipped through the defenses of the totem patterns and array formation that protected the mark as Zhong Yue attempted to wipe away the insect G.o.d's mark!

His psyche and arcane energy reached the front of the insect G.o.d's mark inside of the divine weapon. All of a sudden, Zhong Yue's heart twitched in alertness.

Immediately after, the cicada wing mark squirmed and turned into an eight-legged golden cicada celestial being that shone with a golden light. It inhaled deeply, sucking away Zhong Yue's psyche and arcane energy!

The golden cicada grew bigger and chortled, "You want to wipe me away? A mere Qi Pract.i.tioner like yourself? Do you know what am I? I am the mark of a G.o.d, I am a divine treasure, formed by a G.o.d's psyche, energy, and blood…"

Zhong Yue humphed as he surged his True Spirit directly into the divine weapon, "G.o.d?"

His True Spirit Yuan Shen flew past the defenses and reached the insect G.o.d's mark, "If you really are a G.o.d, I will leave immediately. But you are just a mark left behind by the insect G.o.d, you are not qualified to rave wildly in front me."

The golden cicada celestial being smiled smugly and pounced on Zhong Yue's True Spirit Yuan Shen, "You dare to come with your Yuan Shen? How generous! Let me devour you and grow stronger with your essence as my nutrients!"

Zhong Yue's mortal body sat unmovingly in front of the mirror. His three divine eyes all opened and stared right at the mirror where all the weaknesses and flaws in the golden cicada celestial were laid bare.

Inside of the divine weapon, his True Spirit Yuan Shen clashed with the golden cicada celestial being.

" 【Golden Cicada First Form】 !" The golden cicada gave a loud whistle, its body morphed into a huge golden cicada with two huge claw-like front legs that slashed unceasingly on Zhong Yue's True Spirit.

Zhong Yue's f.u.xi True Spirit slithered around as his hands made a slew of hand seals that cast out the dragons like shears.

It was the 【Dragon Shears】 !

The seal-breaking art created by Feng Xiaozhong!

Kcha, kcha—

The two claw-like front legs of the golden cicada were sheared into pieces. The【Dragon Shears】was an art created to strike the flaws and break the opponent. And thanks to the scale mirror, it wasn't hard for Zhong Yue to perceive the golden cicada celestial being's flaws and weaknesses!

" 【Golden Cicada Second Form】 !" The golden cicada shouted, and its sh.e.l.l fell from from its body. Wings spread out on its back and it flew up into mid-air, striking its mouth down like spears on Zhong Yue's True Spirit!

"Brat, I still have up to nine different forms!" The insect G.o.d's mark laughed nefariously as it said.

Zhong Yue coldly scoffed, he had already understood the structures of the insect G.o.d's mark. Suddenly, the 【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】turned out and shrouded the golden cicada celestial being in it. Immediately, the demonic arcane energy within the area was sucked away and dispersed into the surrounding as the celestial arcane energy while the Yin and Yang Qi formed into the【Dragon Shears】and struck on the golden cicada celestial being.

"You won't the chance anymore!" A cold and frigid voice came from the young man.

The golden cicada celestial being was stunned, not moving even a single muscle. Then, a second later, it shattered into endless motes of scattered totem patterns. Billowing energy exploded into the surroundings like a raging ocean. And in the middle of the energy ocean was the blood of the insect G.o.d coalescing together, trying to reform into the insect G.o.d's mark again.

Zhong Yue's f.u.xi True Spirit yelled loudly and slammed his hand down. A huge【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】fell from the top and suppressed the whole energy ocean away. The insect G.o.d's blood was clenched in his hand and pressured into a ball of blood.

His True Spirit flashed out from the insect divine weapon and brought it out.

Immediately as the blood ball was brought out from the divine weapon, it started squirming even more violent, trying to fly away.

"Hmm? The blood ball is still moving, it's trying to fly away… it can sense its owner!" Zhong Yue's face changed, he mumbled softly, "Seems like the insect G.o.ds really survived and are very close to the Ancestral Star already!"

He waved his hand and sent the insect G.o.d's blood into the secret realm inside of Swords Gate Mountain, sprinkling the blood into the divine herb's garden.

The blood had not much use for him anymore, but it could still serve as a highly nutritious fertilizer to the divine herbs. With the blood, the divine herbs could grow faster.

"That's the first, now for the second!" Zhong Yue took out the second insect divine weapon, and with the same method, he erased the insect G.o.d's mark in it.

The insect divine weapons were purged of the insect G.o.d's marks while he implanted his own Tai Chi mark into them.

Meanwhile, somewhere near the Celestial Fire Star, nearly a dozen insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds were flying toward the Ancestral Star.

There were twenty-four of them, but traveling across the galaxy was a long and tedious journey, requiring a huge amount of arcane energy. Before they left the devastated insect planet, they carried out a reproduction spree that took a great toll on their energy, leaving them all exhausted. Thus, during their way here, half of them were sacrificed to provide energy for the others. In the end, only four mother G.o.ds and another few insect G.o.ds were able to make it here.

All of a sudden, an insect G.o.d's face changed drastically, he shouted in shocked, "I lost connection with my Cicada Wing Divine Saber!"

"What sort of existence can wipe away your mark?" A mother G.o.d's face changed drastically as she asked.

"Him!" A hologram was shot out from the insect G.o.d's eyes and showed Zhong Yue's image and his f.u.xi True Spirit Yuan Shen.

"Him?" The insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds exchanged a look. One of the mother G.o.ds asked, "This human… he was been on the insect planet, but was just a Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioner. How can he possibly wipe away your mark and refine your divine weapon?"

"I don't know." The insect G.o.d answered, "I can only sense him, but I cannot understand what methods he used. But if this brat can refine my divine weapon, then he can do the same to yours. Why don't we combine our strength and recall our divine weapons?"

The other G.o.ds nodded and they focused their senses on their divine weapons. Moments later, a mother G.o.d shook her head and said, "It's still too far away. We can only vaguely sense where our divine weapons are, but we still have to get closer to the Ancestral Star to summon them back!"

"Quick, quick!" The insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds mustered up their strength and bolted toward the Ancestral Star. Soon after, another insect G.o.d's face changed drastically, he shouted in shock, "My divine weapon, I've lost my connection to it!"

"Not good, mine too!"

Every few seconds, there would be an insect G.o.d whose connection with their divine weapon was severed. They didn't even travel far before all of the insect G.o.ds and mother insects already lost their links with their respective weapons!

Furthermore, the marks in the divine weapons revealed to them a final image dispersed — Zhong Yue!

"Who is he! Is he a G.o.d?! How can he wiped away our marks in the divine weapons in such a short time! How terrifying?" An insect G.o.d exclaimed in shock.

"He escaped the insect planet, which can only mean that he was some extraordinary means with which he can protect himself. Now, he wiped away our marks, proving his terrifying strength. We need to avoid running into him as much as possible, we can't get too close to him in the Ancestral Star…"


"The insect planet is sealed by the frozen ice and our children are in dormancy, even the High Mother Si Ming is missing. We are the only hopes left. Thus, we have to be incredibly cautious. Mark this human's position so that we can avoid it while we attack other places."

The insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds gathered up and discussed their landing point. Soon after, they reached an agreement to descend on the southern region of the Ancestral Star; it was the spot that was furthest from humanity, and the forces stationed there were relatively weaker.

During the rest of their journey to the Ancestral Star, another two insect G.o.ds were sacrificed as sustenance, leaving only four mother insects and six insect G.o.ds.

Sometime during the fourth month of the year, ten red streaks of light drew beautiful arcs across the sky before finally impacting into the South Barren.

Four mother G.o.ds planted their tentacles into the ground and started siphoning away the energy of heaven and earth. Batches and batches of insect eggs were lain on the ground and in a few moments, their number had already ballooned to the thousands.

The insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds had finally arrived at their destination.

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