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Chapter 548 - Soul to Spirit

As the totem patterns merged with the soul, a loud boom blasted inside Zhong Yue's mind. It sounded as if there were G.o.ds chanting unspeakable words, as if nature were playing a melodious song. The sounds shuddered his soul, his spirit, and his body.

His f.u.xi Yuan Shen stood behind him, totem patterns weaved around it as it siphoned the energy from sources like a voracious hole!

Long Yue and Bo Xun's Nine Revolving Inner Core dimmed, and their cultivation base began to decline. Not only that, but his f.u.xi Yuan Shen was also siphoning the essences in Zhong Yue's inner core and the medicinal efficacies of the dozens of divine herbs!

Even Zhong Yue's Nine Revolving Inner Core was also dimming!

The over dozens of divine herbs were struggling as well. They could feel their medicinal essences being sucked away by Zhong Yue's f.u.xi Yuan Shen at an alarming rate!

Not only that, but even Yu Wenju's Yuan Shen secret realm was collapsing as its essence was also siphoned away by the f.u.xi Yuan Shen!

Yu Wenju's inner core was no exception as well as it began to wither at an even greater rate!

Zhong Yue could also feel his mortal body being sucked dry of essence and his body was nearing the end of its vitality.

It was true that he had succeeded this time, but the rate of energy consumption from his f.u.xi Yuan Shen was too immense. If this were to persist for much longer, then he would be lost on what to do!

Never would other Qi Pract.i.tioners ever need so much energy to break through to the True Spirit level. Any high-grade medicinal herb was typically enough for them to succeed. And if they had divine herbs, then the energy they required would be the bare minimum.

Yet, with over dozens of divine herbs and Zhong Yue's two incarnations, he was already at the end of his rope!

Thankfully, this dangerous state didn't last too long. The rate of that the energy was being depleted slowly dropped. At that instant, Zhong Yue, including the other divine herbs, heaved a breath of relief.

"I am so going to eat a huge pile of soil when I get back, I need to recover from this…" Cusia said with a quivering voice.

Soon after, Zhong Yue's f.u.xi Yuan Shen stopped sucking any energy. The soul composition in his Yuan Shen had ascended to the True Spirit stage. His Yuan Shen was now over ten thousand feet tall with huge Yuan Shen secret realms.

Previously, Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen could only reach the ten thousand feet high when he utilized the force of heaven and earth. If he merged his mortal body with the Yuan Shen again, then he would be smaller as he to maintained the strength and durability of the mortal body.

But even that made him extraordinary in the Heavenly Dharma level.

There were only a few Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioners that could do that. Even in the Kun Lun Realm, only the Kua Fu Celestial Race and a few other talents were capable of such a feat.

But now, his True Spirit alone was already ten thousand feet tall, without even utilizing the force of heaven and earth!

Furthermore, this was only just the start.

There were a sun and moon that revolved behind his f.u.xi Yuan Shen, and also the Yin and Yang that moved accordingly in the Tai Chi pattern.

His True Spirit was stepping on the Tai Chi pattern formed by the Yin and Yang — celestial and demon arcane energies.

His True Spirit was the f.u.xi True Spirit, it can separate the Yin and Yang, divide the celestial and demon, and also fully combine them all together. On the surface of his True Spirit were vaguely some marvelous totem patterns that were engraved on it. These were the f.u.xi totem patterns Zhong Yue carved in his True Spirit with his f.u.xi G.o.dly blood.

His mortal body had yet to be fully awakened, he still didn't have the dragon scales, snake tail and divine bones. However, his True Spirit had them all, the dragon scales, snake tail, three divine eyes, the divine bones and divine heart. It looked exactly the same as the true f.u.xi.

"This brat, he really made it…" Xin Huo's eyes were filled in shock, he was in utter disbelief that Zhong Yue had really managed to cultivate the soul into True Spirit!

In the eons of time, there were indeed living beings that thought of cultivating the soul into the True Spirit only to eventually give up. After all, the f.u.xi Clan was already the supreme clan in the universe, there were many strong experts and great figures among them. There was simply just no need for them to take the hard route.

Most of the resources in the universe were in their hands and they could just manifest the spirit of the Heavenly Monarchs. As the manifested spirits were from the Heavenly Monarchs, they would be able to progress much faster than manifesting and cultivating their own spirits.

Over time, this cavalier att.i.tude had caused the f.u.xi race to decline to a point of near extinction. Including Zhong Yue himself, he had come across only one and a half f.u.xi left in this universe. That being said, there simply wasn't anywhere Zhong Yue could find and manifest the f.u.xi spirit. Thus, the only road left to him was precisely this long and hard route, a path that he could only walk on his own. And he had succeeded.

"But it's still not as strong as the Heavenly Monarch's spirit, no where near as strong." Xin Huo shook his head and lamented.

As of now, Zhong Yue could feel his cultivation base increasing at an incredible rate. In just a few breath's time, his cultivation base had increased by a fold and showed no signs of slowly down!

His cultivation base only slowed down and stopped once his cultivation had risen to a level that was thrice what it was before his break through!

"Amazing, how amazing! I never knew cultivating the soul into True Spirit can have such effects on one's cultivation!" Zhong Yue praised and later asked, "Xin Huo, my cultivation base increased so much, but it's still not as strong as the Heavenly Monarchs' spirit?"

"A great distance apart exists between you and them." Xin Huo shook his head and answered, "The Heavenly Monarchs of the f.u.xi Clan are the Earthly Sovereigns. Just imagine how strong their imperial spirits would be? If one had manifested their spirits and cultivated through the True Spirit level, their strength would rise to ten times stronger than before, at the least! The other f.u.xi peers of yours, the little girl call Si Ming, the spirit she manifested is exactly a f.u.xi Heavenly Monarch's spirit. At the same level of True Spirit, she can turn you into ashes in just the wave of a hand."

"Si Ming's spirit is the imperial spirit?" Zhong Yue startled, he asked curiously, "If there are only the two of us left in the f.u.xi Clan, then where did she get to manifest the imperial spirit?"

Xin Huo replied, "True… how did that girl get the imperial spirit? What's even more strange was that if the heritage of the f.u.xi Clan is wiped away, how did she know about me?"

Si Ming was able to identify Xin Huo and the Shao Hao Bell with just a glance. If the heritage of the f.u.xi Clan was erased, she shouldn't be able to know any of this at all!

Zhong Yue cracked his head and still couldn't get anything. Si Ming was a mysterious lady. Now thinking back on it, she might even have more secrets than Zhong Yue!

"However Xin Huo, you said that Si Ming can kill me with just a wave of her hand in the same level, that might be true now but not in the future." Zhong Yue said confidently while laughing, "I just cultivated my True Spirit, there are still many flaws in it. The 'Yi' word given by Monarch Haoyi can help me in progressively perfecting my Tue Spirit. One day in the future, my True Spirit will be as strong as hers!"

Xin Huo criticized back in a cold smile, "When you cultivated to that stage, how long would that have been already? You are like going uphill against the flow of water, wasting your time and energy."

"The fishe that goes against the flow of water, are those that will end up stronger than the others!" Zhong Yue laughed in reply.

Then, he started checking on his Nine Revolving Inner Core and his lifespan. Zhong Yue was overjoyed when he found himself that his lifespan had increased to over six thousand years. If there were no major accidents in his life, he would be able to live longer than Shui Zian!

Not only that, but he could also feel the energy from the worship seeping into his body and then flowing into his True Spirit. This would allow his cultivation base to grow stronger on its own!

The power of worship was only accessible to the cultivators of the True Spirit level and above. If there were enough worshippers, one could even protect his True Spirit from dying even after his death. Provided that the enemy wasn't strong enough to destroy the True Spirit on the spot or had special means to could kill all of the worshippers.

Zhong Yue had quite a number of worshippers — about a few hundred thousand. These worshippers included those from the Gu Xia City that worshipped Long Yue, those in the demon race that worshipped Bo Xun and those humans that were saved by Zhong Yue in the Great Wilderness.

More importantly, with the worship that keeps his True Spirit alive and the Immortal Body that he cultivates, he was able to achieve revival under certain conditions!

Just like those imprisoned existences inside of Swords Gate Seal Suppression Hall. Some of them were simply unkillable, and this was precisely because they had similar means that could keep them alive!

However, those undying cultivators were all the Imminent Deity magnates. Zhong Yue was just in the level of True Spirit and achieved what they had!

Kui Zheng of the Kui Long Celestial Race is unkillable and was imprisoned until the last day of his life, he died of age. Xia Wushuang of the South Barren is also the same, couldn't be killed. The only thing that could truly kill them was time. And now, I am the same as them!

Zhong Yue laughed and said, "But I can live to 6000 years of age if no accidents happen. It won't be easy to try and let me die of age. Oh, Xin Huo, I cultivated my soul into the True Spirit, doesn't that mean as long as my spirit is still here, I can live eternally?"

His eyes brightened up, in addition to him cultivating the Six Paths Wheel that made his mortal body and spirit share the same lifespan, he would literally be able to live forever.

"Useless." Xin Huo shook his head and answered, "Your spirit has a limit on its lifespan, it can never be able to last eternally. The Earth Order Era's Heavenly Monarchs had two hundred thousand years of life, while the Heavenly Monarchs can live for one million years of age. Which means that the furthest you can go is the Heavenly Monarch stage. When the time comes, your mortal body will rot on itself and you can only enter the Void World with your spirit. Only when someone worships and summons you, can you come out to the world again. Furthermore…"

The little flame raised his voice and said, "You might not even be able to cultivate to the Heavenly Monarch stage!"

Zhong Yue was speechless. Xin Huo was most probably miffed by the fact that Zhong Yue had achieved what he thought was impossible. And so he didn't shy away from laying on his criticisms.

Zhong Yue walked out of Yu Wenju's Yuan Shen secret realm and sent the divine herbs back to their gardens. Long Yue and Bo Xun also flew away.

Rays flashed across Zhong Yue's eyes and he looked up into the sky while mumbling softly. "If there are any insect G.o.ds mother G.o.ds that survived the crash, they should be near to the Ancestral Star by now already. If they already arrived at the Ancestral Star, the first thing they will do will be to retrieve the insect divine weapons back from Swords Gate. Moreover, they might control the divine weapons from afar and slaughter inside our Swords Gate. It's time to wipe off their marks inside the divine weapons already!

"Back in the days, I am not strong enough to do that. But after acquiring the scale mirror and breaking through to the True Spirit level, I might just be able t do it!"

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