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Chapter 198 - Zhu Jian Celestial Race

Zhong Yue rested for awhile, then opened his eyes and stood up, he said, "Senior Martial Brother Zhu, shall we?"

Quickly, Zhu Jushan also stood up and said happily, "Senior Martial Brother Zhong, don't you want to rest a little bit more?"

Zhong Yue said in a serious tone, "Killing those celestial Qi Pract.i.tioners from before was nothing to me. The only reason I accepted your offer to rest was to ease Senior Martial Brother Zhu's heart. After this short period of rest, you wouldn't think that you are taking advantage of my fatigue, and this way, you can also die peacefully without any grievances."

The other two celestial Qi Pract.i.tioners gazed at one another and exited the cottage, the atmosphere was too suffocating for them to endure. 

This was the battle between two young and talented cultivators. They were enemies and yet, they treated one another with respect. The celestial offered the human to rest and the human did so to ease the celestial's mind.

Their hearts longed to crush one another in their hands, but at the same time, they acted with extreme civility. It might seem absurdly odd to others but it was normal to them as they were both men of honor and pride. Having extreme trust in their own powers and abilities. This conviction all stemmed from their utmost confidence in the belief that they were the strongest in their level, the one and only invincible one!

Showing this level of consideration towards their opponent was because in their hearts, the other one was already a dead man. Showing some politeness to the dead was merely nothing to them.

This in turn, however, suffused the air with a mentally oppressing atmosphere that could infuse fear into weaker opponents.

However, Zhong Yue and Zhu Jushan remained placid, all while the other Qi Pract.i.tioners on the side hastily departed the cottage in terror. 

"It's been a long time since I've met with a strong guy like you, all the other celestials avoided me because I'm too strong, no one dared to challenge me ... merely cowards that feared death."

Zhu Jushan moved his limbs around and stretched his muscles. He whined, "As for the other two celestials that are able to stand against me — one is a lady from the Zhu Yan celestial race, but it's no fun to fight a female. The other kept running away from me, avoiding a battle. It's hard to come by a strong and formidable opponent like you. Finally, I can go all out in a battle! Oh yes, is Senior Martial Brother Zhong a fan of soul weapons?"

Zhong Yue was empty-handed, even when he had fought with the Qi Pract.i.tioners from before, he did not use any soul weapons; hence, the reason as to Zhu Jushan's question. 

When the cultivators advanced into the level of Awakening, they would usually store their soul weapons away in their secret realms. Although Zhong Yue had only opened the realms two months ago, Zhu Jushan believed that with Zhong Yue's prowess and cultivation base, he could definitely expand the realms to a size that could store his soul weapons.

However, unexpectedly, Zhong Yue nodded and replied, "It's a hasty trip to the West Barren, I didn't bring any soul weapons with me."

"In that case, I'll not use my soul weapons."

The other two Qi Pract.i.tioners stood with their mouths agape as they heard him. Not having any soul weapons was Zhong Yue's one disadvantage and yet, he had just forthrightly told his opponent.

Even more so, when Zhu Jushan was told that Zhong Yue did not have any soul weapons, rather than taking the chance to take advantage of his weak point, Zhu Jushan instead decided not to use soul weapons as well!

These two guys, their brains are somehow deformed! The two Qi Pract.i.tioners gazed at one another and thought to themselves.

Zhu Jushan walked out of the cottage with his hands on his back, he was nearly twice as tall as Zhong Yue. Raising his head up, he took a moment to appreciate the downy snow, "It's coming to the end of the year, the winter will once again paint the ground into a sea of snow. Every year this season, I'll always go back to the Zhu Jian celestial temple without fail. My tribal people will be busy preparing for the ceremony to worship our ancestors and listen to the voices and words of the Zhu Jian G.o.d."

Zhong Yue followed behind, and resonated with him, he said placidly, "In our Swords Gate, the Lawless Battles of the upper house should also be starting soon. The upper house disciples must be doing everything they can to try and increase their strength now. This year's Lawless Battles will be incredibly amazing as the atmosphere in Swords Gate has changed as compared to last year. There is a kind of … oppression lingering in the air, I suppose that there will be more experts emerging this year."

"Senior Martial Brother Zhong, you humans worship your ancestors?" Zhu Jushan asked curiously. 

"We do."

Zhong Yue smiled in return, "Worshiping our ancestors is a form of ceremony to express our deference to the ancestors. We humans think that when our ancestors receive our worship, their spirits would become the G.o.ds that guards over us. The totem spirits of the big clans are usually the spirits of the ancestors or guardians of the clans. Even the smaller tribes worship the ancestors, just that they were not as strong as the bigger clans, most of them wouldn't have totem spirits guarding over them."

Zhu Jushan cast his gaze over to the West Barren and said, "It's been a long time since Senior Martial Brother Zhong returned to your home, hasn't it? Cultivators like you and me, as we grow in age and strength, we don't get to return back to our home as often anymore. Whenever there is a festival going on, my heart yearns to go back and reunite with my friends and families, is Senior Martial Brother Zhong the same as me?"

Far away from them, the two celestial Qi Pract.i.tioners gazed at one another; Zhong Yue and Zhu Jushan were chatting leisurely among themselves, pontificating on the cultural lives of the Zhu Jian celestial race and the human race, and by the looks of it, it seemed like the conversation would last for quite some time.

One of the Qi Pract.i.tioner mumbled softly, "So … are they going to have a battle, or are they trying to become sworn brothers…."


Just when he finished his sentence, a loud din came from the mountain top, striking right on their eardrums, temporarily deafening them with the buzzing sounds of the immense impact force! 

An avalanche was created from the mountain top, the snow rumbled down all over the mountain to the mountain-foot! Revealing the true face of the snow mountain— a mountainous glacier! 

Zhong Yue's palm and Zhu Jushan's palm clashed together, pushing the snow away from them, the impact was so strong that the cottage was instantly torn into pieces!

"Nice strength! I never would have thought that a human can be so strong. However, this is only just the start!"

Zhu Jushan let out a ferocious battle cry, his Yuan Shen in the third form emerged behind him,  striking the appearance of a celestial being. Meanwhile, all five realms in the Yuan Shen opened, five light wheels emerged out from the secret realms before solidifying into the Wu Xing Wheel, Wan Xiang Wheel, Shen Cai Wheel, Yin Yang Wheel and Dao Yi Wheel!

Zhu Jushan and his Yuan Shen crisscrossed one another, his Yuan Shen cast the skills while his mortal body engaged in close-quarters combat. Both of them launched their attacks incessantly onto Zhong Yue. He said laughingly, "Zhong Shan Clan member, do you know that the spirits of the Zhu Jian celestial race are inherently stronger than that of other races! When the cultivators from the other races tried so hard to advance into the level of Awakening only to find that absolute peak they could ever reach was only two hundred feet tall, they realized that they were forever confined to never exceed the extremity. But the Zhu Jian celestial can, we can break through the limit and acquire power even beyond that!"

The Wu Xing Wheel of his Yuan Shen spun rapidly. The five elemental Qi blasted out and morphed into the forms of myriad dragons, each of them a seemingly of a different element - water, fire, gold, earth, and wood. They lunged out from the Wu Xing Wheel and pounced over towards Zhong Yue.

And his Wan Xiang Wheel spun, the almighty strength of the myriads augmented his strength. With a single kick, he could call about a hurricane as if a giant pillar of an ancient palace was falling down.

While his Shen Cai Wheel revolved and expanded his body, the sounds of cracking bone could be heard from his body as the bones were reforming. His muscles were also bulging out, tendons and blood vessels, and even his skin was enlarged. The life essences from the Shen Cai Wheel flooded his whole body. And in the blink of an eye, he became a one hundred and twenty feet tall giant. The kick he sent out was then made to look like an actual giant pillar, one that carried with it an immense power that seemed hungry to destroy everything in its path!

"The purer the Zhu Jian bloodline, the stronger the Combat Yuan Shen, and the further beyond the limit we can go. My Combat Yuan Shen is three inches higher than the ordinary celestial Qi Pract.i.tioners!"

Zhu Jushan laughed out loud as the Yin Yang Wheel also started to spin, the Yin Qi and Yang Qi morphed into two huge swords, slowly extruding out of the Yin Yang Wheel by the hilts. 

When he launched his kick, his body leaned back at the same time, reaching his hands for the hilts of the Yin Sword and Yang Sword —Zheng— he pulled the two Sword Qi from the Yin Yang Realm and slashed over at Zhong Yue!

"How terrifyingly strong, this is too…."

From afar, the faces of the two celestial Qi Pract.i.tioners changed drastically, Zhu Jushan was too strong, even if they were all in the same level of Awakening and had opened all five realms; but in his hands, the powers of the Awakening level were brilliantly manipulated, casting the realms vividly and thoroughly utilizing his strengths. Even the Inner Core cultivators might not be able to do what he could!

Hundred and twenty feet tall mortal body!

The five dragons of Wu Xing Wheel!

The augmentations of Wan Xiang Wheel!

The Yin and Yang Sword Qi!

And this was still not his limits of his power as he had yet to cast the Dao Yi Wheel. However, even the strength he had shown now was still beyond the reach of most other Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioners!

On the other hand, when Zhu Jushan launched his kick out, Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen leaped out on his back in the form of the Great Sun Golden Crow, shrouded in the flames of sun. It flared its wings and took to the sky.

At the same time, he cast all five Yuan Shen realms. The sounds of realms opening blasted at the same time and the wheels emerged right after. They shone brightly with rays that could blind the eyes of the others!

The power of Shen Cai Wheel can still be used like this?

Zhong Yue was shocked as he saw the expansion of Zhu Jushan's body; he also cast his Shen Cai Wheel and filled his body with its life essence. However, his body did not expand like Zhu Jushan's did. Immediately, he realized that Zhu Jushan could only trans.m.u.te into such a giant by relying on some marvelous totem patterns or a special technique that allowed him to make use of the Shen Cai Wheel life essences!

Could it be the natural totem patterns of the Zhu Jian celestial race, or the cultivation technique of their race? Zhu Jushan's name contains the character of the 'Ju', he is indeed strong!

In stark contrast to Zhu Jushan's fully cultivated secret realms, Zhong Yue had only managed to cultivate his Wu Xing and Yin Yang Realm to the peak. His Wan Xiang, Shen Cai and Dao Yi Realms were way smaller than Zhu Jushan's, especially his Dao Yi Wheel which was only sized like a bowl. Similarly, his Shen Cai Wheel was only eight feet in radius.

But even with only those eight feet in radius, the Shen Cai Wheel could still supply him with a considerable amount of life essence, making his body filled with immense life force. Meanwhile the Wan Xiang Wheel spun and supplemented him with the almighty power of the myriads, superimposing its enhancements with the life force to greatly increase the comprehensive strength of his mortal body.

Reverse opening the five Yuan Shen realms has allowed his secret realms to contain even more energy than normal Qi Pract.i.tioners. Although his Shen Cai Wheel was small, the life essence it could provide him was no weaker than the ordinary peak-cultivated Shen Cai Wheel!

Of course, Zhu Jushan would have be excluded out from the list of mediocre cultivators. His Yuan Shen was extremely strong such that it was three inches higher than the normal Qi Pract.i.tioners, the same as Zhong Yue's. Furthermore, his Shen Cai Wheel had already been cultivated to the peak. In addition, with Zhu Jian celestial race's natural totem patterns, he could trans.m.u.te his mortal body to a hundred and twenty feet tall!

Their legs clashed together, it was like the legs of an ant and an elephant. A loud boom reverberated throughout the air while Zhong Yue was sent flying away by the impact force. He was no match for Zhu Jushan in terms of strength as his Wan Xing Secret Realm and Shen Cai Secret Realm were not cultivated to the peak, surely his strength would be weaker than the giant he was facing now. 

Zhu Jushan laughed loudly, he swung the Yin Yang swords like whirlwinds at Zhong Yue who was in the mid-air. Meanwhile, the five dragons in his Wu Xing Wheel soared into the sky and entrapped Zhong Yue in the middle, turning into the Five Dragons Smiting Demon Array. The array formation was activated, trapping Zhong Yue in the middle and trying to smite him away!

Zhu Jushan rammed into the array formation, while the five dragons gnawed and clawed over, gnawing on Zhong Yue's four limbs and his head as he clawed onto his shoulders, arms and legs. 

Whereas Zhu Jushan swung the swords, slashing down the Yin Yang swords onto Zhong Yue!

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