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Chapter 534 - Self-proving

"Yanmo He was really infected by the insect race?" Zhong Yue was also shocked as he watched the insect G.o.d flying away. He only attacked Yanmo He because he didn't like the demon G.o.d, wanting to teach him a lesson.

But to his surprise as well as everyone else's, there really was an insect parasite that was spooked by Zhong Yue's actions!

If this insect G.o.d had been able to calm himself and remain inside of Yanmo He's brain to withstand the sword strike. The G.o.ds of the West Barren would be able to stop Zhong Yue and he would be safe. However, the insect G.o.d was too paranoid and left Yanmo He's brain at the first sign of trouble.

In fact, Zhong Yue was even more surprised to find out that two G.o.ds had survived the insect G.o.ds. After all, there were many insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds that ambushed the Ancestral Star G.o.ds, the whole expedition was simply a death trap set up by the insect race.

He found it extremely suspicious that Yanmo He and the other G.o.d were able to escape back to the Ancestral Star.

But still, not even Zhong Yue was brave enough to openly question the G.o.ds. He only asked little Xuan Yuan to slash at Yanmo He because he felt cornered. It was out of everyone's expectation that an insect G.o.d would really fly out from Yanmo He's body!

The other G.o.ds that were rushing over quickly changed their direction to give chase after the insect G.o.d.

In Swords Gate, the heads of the races were stunned, their hearts shuddered. One, they were terrified by the incredible power of little Xuan Yuan's divine sword; two, they were shocked by the true face of the demon G.o.d Yanmo He.

Such a drastic change caught everyone by surprise, no one was able to remain calm anymore. An insect G.o.d was just standing among them, and if this insect G.o.d decided to act, to wipe them away…

"You … Senior martial brothers, I would never thought that you all would collude with the insect G.o.d to harm Swords Gate!" Zhong Yue's face turned gloomy, he glanced coldly at the heads of the races and the divine weapons all around the Great Wilderness started vibrating, reading to erupt.

Now, there was enough reason for him to slaughter the heads of the races already!

When given such a good opportunity, a voice shouted out in Zhong Yue's heart and killing intent percolated in his heart. The heads of the races fraternized with the insect G.o.d and pressured Swords gate, this was not an event that one could let slide.

If the heads of the races were killed in Swords Gate, there would no longer be anything standing in the way of humanity's rise!

Furthermore, he had a legitimate reason to do so!

All of a sudden, Shui Zian conducted his sound to Zhong Yue, he said, "Elder Zhong, calm yourself! We have no G.o.ds on our side, it's still not the time yet!"

Zhong Yue's face changed continuously, and his eyes flashed with an acknowledging light.

Shui Zian was right, the human race didn't have any G.o.ds while there were still other G.o.ds in the Ancestral Star. This was not the time for them to declare a war against the other races, not yet. Little Xuan Yuan's divine sword was terrifyingly strong, but it could only stall a few G.o.ds at one go. But the other races had their own saint weapons as well, in addition to the many divine weapons.

Although the other race's saint weapons couldn't defeat the Xuan Yuan Sword, they could still stall it for some time. But if the Xuan Yuan Sword were occupied by the other saint weapons, Swords Gate's strongest trump card wouldn't be able to protect them anymore.

But … this was such a fleeting opportunity that Zhong Yue didn't want to let it slip.

Clan Master Xia, Mister Kun Da, Feng Wuji and the others were anxious. The ambiance in Swords Gate golden summit tensed up and the outbreak of a blood-curling battle began to feel inevitable. Zhong Yue's slightest signal of aggression right here could be the final impetus that causes war to erupt.

One must say, none of the heads were feeling good with their lives at the mercy of a human.

If Zhong Yue decided to let it slide, it would still be fine. But if he decided to take action, they would all die here in Swords Gate!

Zhong Yue's face was changing drastically; one moment ago, his expression was gloomy and the weather would turn dark and cloudy as well; while in the next second, his face returned to calm, and the weather seemed to mirror this change.

The heads of the races were getting even more nervous while the other experts started shivering in fear.

All of a sudden, G.o.dly auras cleared the clouds around, the G.o.ds descended into the golden summit of Swords Gate. Six tall and almighty G.o.ds shrouded in G.o.dly rays stood around them, having a naturally superior air to the others.

The heads of the many races heaved a breath of relief, they bowed down and greeted respectfully, "Greetings to the G.o.ds!"

"Stand," the G.o.ds softly raised their hands, they then said, "No need for the formalities. Swords Gate acting headmaster, Zhong Yue."

As they arrived and spoke, the whole of Swords Gate was stirred. The G.o.ds had been chasing after the insect G.o.d and for them to suddenly turn around to head back to Swords Gate, none of them knew what they had in mind for the human race.

Zhong Yue remained calm, he bowed toward the G.o.ds and asked, "I am here, may I ask, where is that insect G.o.d now?"

"Escaped, too far to be taken down." A West Barren G.o.d shook his head and sighed, he replied, "There is still a mother G.o.d hidden here in the Ancestral Star, she has suddenly emerged and salvaged that insect G.o.d. Swords Gate Headmaster, whatever grievances you have with the heads of the different races here today, I request that you forgive them and understand their reasonings for doing so. They are just hoping for the best for all of the Ancestral Star livings and were deceived by Yanmo He. It's not really their fault."

Zhong Yue replied politely, "Senior G.o.d, it was true I was caught in the moment. But upon thinking more deeply about the mater, I realized that they were deceived as well, leading to our current unfortunate circ.u.mstances. For the misunderstandings to be cleared now, I am happy as well, surely I won't blame the senior martial brothers for this anymore.Hahaha, senior martial brothers, isn't that right?"

Mister Kun Da, Shi Buyi and the others held a gloomy face, they let out dry laughs and thought, Whoever believes you would be idiots! You were just thinking of accusing us of colluding with the insect race and taking all of us down just seconds before! You just didn't do it!

The West Barren G.o.d nodded softly and said, "The Swords Gate Headmaster is right, the insect G.o.d has been the one stirring the troubles here. We Ancestral Star should maintain our harmonious relationship to fight against the insect race. Since the headmaster is understanding enough to let go of his anger, you should all thank him for that."

Despite the reluctance in their hearts, they all had no choice but to step up and thank Zhong Yue.

Rays flashed across Zhong Yue's eyes, he accepted their thanks and said abruptly, "The human race was misunderstood by the others, the peace of Swords Gate Mountain was broken with ill-intentions, a survivor of the insect race expedition and a great contributor like me has been framed and tried to be killed. I can spare my life if that brings peace to the Great Wilderness. But they wanted Swords Gate to be torn into pieces as well, to eradicate humanity! As the acting headmaster of Swords Gate, I can never let such things go unanswered! Grat.i.tude isn't enough, we need compensation!"

Mister Kun Da immediately shouted with rage, "Zhong Yue, don't you dare act so presumptuous! Wanted Swords Gate to be torn into pieces? You dare utter such words! You dare ask for compensations!? Do you have any sense of shame?"

Zhurong Yanqin also couldn't hold herself back and she said, "Junior Martial Brother Zhong, please reconsider the statements you have made. You are the one who trapped us here in Swords Gate and threatened us with the divine weapons!"

The West Barren G.o.d frowned, he asked, "Zhong Yue, what compensation are you asking for? Be reasonable when you answer."

Zhong Yue lowered his body from the waist as he said, "We humans rendered great merits to the Ancestral Star and yet, the many races have still enslaved our people, is this the way the Ancestral Star treats their contributors? Will this sow harmony to the Ancestral Star? I plead the G.o.ds to ask the races in handing back the humans to us, to the Great Wilderness."

Shi Buyi furrowed his brow, he refuted, "The humans in our land are the animals we nurture, they are like our wealth. How can we hand them to you?"

The West Barren G.o.d furrowed his brow deeper, he said, "Zhong Yue, the humans cannot be all handed in to you, each race can only give out a few million to you. Nothing more than that."

Zhong Yue said, "Senior G.o.d, a million is too little, I ask for at least ten million."

The G.o.d raised his brows, there were only just over ten million humans in the Great Wilderness and Zhong Yue was asking for another ten million. Zhong Yue certainly had quite a large appet.i.te.

The West Barren G.o.d shook his head, he said, "Two million, this is my last offer."

"Nine million." Zhong Yue shot a pair of greedy eyes at the G.o.d.

The West Barren G.o.d broke into laughter, he said, "Trying to negotiate with me now? I said two million and it will be just two million."

Zhong Yue scratched his head, he gave a last shot, "If that's the case, how about two million nine hundred thousand?"

The West Barren G.o.d laughed while shaking his head as he said, "Fine, another nine hundred thousand on top of the two million. After you accept this, you shall never bring up this matter again."

Zhong Yue nodded, the West Barren G.o.d turned to the heads of the races, he ordered, "Discuss among yourselves and hand out two million and nine hundred thousand humans to the Great Wilderness."

Rendered with no choice, the heads could only nod their heads as they received the orders. Mister Kun Da braced himself and stepped forward, he asked, "Senior G.o.d, we Kun Peng Celestial Race doesn't have any human slaves with us, can we not…"

The West Barren G.o.d glanced his eyes across him and said indifferently, "You Kun Pengs can exchange the human slaves with treasures from the other races."

Mister Kun Da was left with no choice, he could only nod and step back down.

Zhong Yue was satisfied with the deal. Suddenly, he asked, "Senior G.o.d, there are two G.o.ds that returned from the insect planet, one is Yanmo He and who is the other?"

As he asked, those who were present felt their hearts tense up.

"I am the other one." An old and hoa.r.s.e voice answered. Zhong Yue traced the voice and saw an old man with a bent waist as if he was carrying an invisible mountain on his back. He strode in mid-air and descended onto Swords Gate golden summit.

When the whole world's eyes was focused on him, the Zhu Jian G.o.d was placid and his voice was clear as he spoke, "I am the one who returned with Yanmo He, it is natural for me to be suspected as well. My fellow Daoist brothers, please do kill me if I am proven to be infected by the insect race."

As he finished saying, the old man cast out his Pure Yang Yuan Shen and opened all of his secret realms wide, exposing it for everyone to inspect.

Then, the old man looked at Zhong Yue and asked, "Little friend Zhong, can I borrow your Swords Gate divine sword?"

Zhong Yue took out the Great Boundless Divine Sword and said, "Senior, please."

The old man took the divine sword and swung it across the top of his head, opening up his skull and showing the world his brain. He turned the divine sword around back at his chest and sliced a huge wound across the middle of his torso. He pulled his ribs to the side and showed them his beating heart.

Slowly and yet steadily, the Zhu Jian G.o.d dissected himself and showed it all to the world.

This West Barren Zhu Jian G.o.d exposed himself clear to everyone around. Zhong Yue and the others were still fine as they couldn't tell too much about it. But the other six G.o.ds could clearly see everything, if this West Barren Zhu Jian G.o.d was really infected by the insect G.o.d, he wouldn't be able to hide it from them at all.

Moments later, a G.o.d laughed and said, "Senior Martial Brother Jiumu, please, keep your Yuan Shen. It is too embarra.s.sing for you to do so in front of the junior. There is really no need to do it so openly."

The old man kept his Yuan Shen and fixed his dissected body parts. He said, "Even the G.o.ds have to prove themselves, there is no reason for us to not be cautious in this matter."

From Zhong Yue's point of view, among all the G.o.ds he had come across, only this Zhu Jian G.o.d had the temperament truly befitting of a G.o.d.

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