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Chapter 172 - Dao Yi Realm

Before Xin Huo's voice started to fade, the divine third eye of Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen had transformed into the sword eye — the lightning pool agitated violently, the psyche-formed lightning liquid surged over and overpowered the sword eye, causing the nine layers of totem patterns to spin vigorously, quicker and faster!

Especially the innermost wheel of totem patterns, its speed was unimaginably fast!

The power was so terrifyingly powerful, so strong that all of his cultivation base was sucked away, completely draining his psyche in the lightning pool! 

The overwhelming power amalgamated in his sword eye, increasingly getting stronger and more shocking!

And finally, a ray of sword light shot out, blasting into the void in his Yuan Shen's mind; it was like a beautiful line drawn by the most exquisite artist in the world, a ray that pierced through the void of nothingness and struck at the Pangu Point!


Zhong Yue could hear an earth-shakingly loud sound blasting in his Yuan Shen mind — the void was struck open, heaven and earth was demarcated, and it was as if the void was an eyelid, slowly opening and unveiled the Dao Yi Realm behind it. 

As the Dao Yi Realm was opened, Zhong Yue could feel a surge of overwhelming power gushing out from the secret realm, flowing into every corner of his Yuan Shen body!

The ray of creation shot out by his sword eye turned into marvelous totem carvings, flowing out and merging into the Dao Yi Realm — there were sword carvings, Jiao Dragon carvings, lightning carvings, sun carvings, Xiang Dragon carvings, wood carvings, and all the other totem carvings he had learned. All of which were a.s.similating into the Dao Yi Realm, augmenting its power and strengthening his Yuan Shen!


After opening the Dao Yi Realm, the G.o.dly ray from his divine third eye curled and formed into the shape of a wheel — the Dao Yi Wheel!

The Dao Yi Wheel stood upright, spinning slowly, there were myriad rays radiating in the wheel, he could vaguely see a Pangu G.o.d in it. 

"Pangu cleaved the void and split the heaven and earth apart — the opening of the Dao Yi Realm in the Yuan Shen is the creation of the cosmic universe, and what Pangu created is the universe in the mind!"

Xin Huo said solemnly, "The reason reverse opening the five realms is stronger than following the normal steps was because that, by following the ordinary steps, one would first establish the Wu Xing, Wan Xiang, Shen Cai, Yin Yang and lastly the Dao Yi — it wasn't splitting the heaven and earth apart, and there wouldn't be a Pangu G.o.d in the mind. The reverse opening method is to cleave open the void and split the heaven and earth, only then, would the Yin and Yang and any other elements start to come into existence. Hence, there would be a Pangu G.o.d that sits in the Dao Yi Realm, this is where the strongest point is! Brat Yue, steady your Dao Yi Wheel and consolidate your Dao Yi Realm, and success will be in your grasp!"

In the Dao Yi Realm, the image of the Pangu G.o.d was blurred, sometimes clear and sometimes dull. Zhong Yue mustered all of his energy and called upon the beast G.o.d inner core, refining the beast G.o.d essence to sustain the Dao Yi Realm.

In order to open the Dao Yi Realm, the Dao Yi Realm would have to keep on spinning and stream out various kinds of totem patterns to consolidate the secret realm, strengthening the stability of its s.p.a.ce.

The totem patterns that were streamed out from the Dao Yi Realm were formed by his psyche, his psyche were all used up in cleaving the void away in his mind; and now, he could only go all out to refine the beast G.o.d essence in order to maintain the Dao Yi Realm!

"Cleaving the void was not the hardest part, the hardest is to sustain the Dao Yi Realm after the opening of the secret realm."

Xin Huo then said smilingly, "This would require an immense supply of medicinal pellets, most of the cultivators died during this stage. Without sufficient medicinal pellets to replenish the depleted psyche, the Dao Yi Realm will crumble back into the void, and the cultivator would be turned into an idiot. However, you have the beast G.o.d inner core, this is of no concern to you."

Zhong Yue noded, all of the momentous changes were taking place and confined within his psyche ocean. Hence, he was relieved of the worries of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race discovering him opening the Dao Yi Realm, and his advancement into the level of Awakening!

He could feel the immense power surging in his Yuan Shen, increasingly getting stronger. The power came from the Dao Yi Realm, and along with the consolidation of the Dao Yi Realm, the power surging out from it was also getting stronger!

The power of the secret realm!

As the strongest realm of all five realms, reverse opening of Dao Yi Realm could bring even more benefits and advantages to the cultivator, the augmentations on the cultivator's prowess would be stronger!

Not only that,  but as the Dao Yi Realm was undergoing stabilization, Zhong Yue could sense the positions of the other five realms in the Yuan Shen body!

He could feel the obscure connection that leaked out between the realms with the Dao Yi Realm despite them being closed at the moment!

The Dao Yi Realm united and commanded the other four realms, and this, was the fundamental tenet that underpinned the reverse opening method!

My five elemental Sword Qi is strong enough to open the Wu Xing Realm; I have also acquired the Sun Moon Twin Spirit, and cultivated the Yin and Yang Qi into my eyes with the help of the jade liquid. This would also make it easier to open the Yin Yang Realm.

Rays flashed in Zhong Yue's eyes and he calculated in his heart, I wonder if I can open the Yin Yang Realm right away after the consolidation of Dao Yi Realm? If it works, then the odds of winning against the celestials will be higher!

But time was not his friend, Zhong Yue opened his eyes and saw Qiu Jin'er waking up from her sleep, sitting on the edge of the winter-white bed mattress, quietly chewing her food in fear of disrupting him in his cultivation.

Zhong Yue stood up, he opened the window and cast out his gaze. The sky was dark and gloomy but the ground was brightened up by the lights. The saint mountain of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race looked like a huge torch from afar, all sorts of totem patterns glistened in the dark, palaces formed from soul weapons irradiated the land of hundreds of miles away, illuminating it as if it were day.

The scenery was extraordinarily beautiful, if it were not for the fact that this was the Xiao Mang Celestial Race, Zhong Yue would surely be lost in praise at the picturesque and idyllic scenery. Alongside the young and beautiful lady, his heart would be filled with tender sentiments.

But instead, the only thing in his heart was his burning desire to raze this place to the ground.

The dawn had arrived. 

Behind him, the young lady took out another comestible and started eating quietly again. Zhong Yue turned back and looked over, the young lady was holding a little jade bottle, pouring out medicinal pellets that were orange in color and suffused the air with a tantalizing aroma. 

Within this short period of time, the young lady had finished seven or eight jade bottles of medicinal pellets. 

Qiu Jin'er saw him glancing at her, her little face blushed red and she asked, "Senior martial brother, do you want some? These are Five Qi Pellets concocted by Grandmother Lu specially for me. She said that the five elemental Qi in my body are imbalanced, and that I need to eat more of these pellets to maintain the equilibrium. These Five Qi Pellets are good for cultivating the five elemental Qi…."

"It's fine." Zhong Yue looked at her, shook and replied.

Qiu Jin'er's face blushed red again, she lowered her head and continued consuming the pellets. Soon, the young lady had finished a bottle of medicinal pellets, and out of nowhere, she took out another bottle. Seeing Zhong Yu was still looking at her, the shade of red on her face continued to deepen and her voice became almost inaudible, "I never intended to eat so much ...."

Zhong Yue could not contain his curiosity as he asked impulsively, "Junior martial sister, where exactly do you keep pulling his these jade bottles out from?"

Qiu Jin'er who was ashamed as she thought that he only looked at her because she was eating too much, but she realized that Zhong Yue was looking at her because of another matter. She heaved a breath of relief in her heart, and she answered, "From the spatial bracelet, this one."

Zhong Yue was puzzled, "How can a bracelet contain things?"

Qiu Jin'er removed the bracelet from her wrist and handed it over to Zhong Yue, she said, "I've heard from my mother, that the spatial bracelets are actually the Yuan Shen realms of the Qi Pract.i.tioners, that's why they are bracelets, of the same shape as the wheels. Before their deaths, the strong Qi Pract.i.tioners would extract their realms out of their Yuan Shen and forge them into spatial bracelets that can store items, however, they were quite useless. Senior martial brother, just use your psyche and gently reach out to it and you'll understand."

Zhong Yue surged his psyche out and gently touched it. Instantly, he could 'see' the s.p.a.ce within the spatial bracelet - it was spherical. Although it was not huge, it was at least a few thousand feet in radius and was capable of storing a considerable volume of items.

Qiu Jin'er's spatial bracelet was filled with jade battles, there were also a few sets of clothes, mirrors, combs and all the other paraphernalia. There were also a few soul weapons in it. 

Zhong Yue recollected his psyche, and said smilingly, "No wonder the Qi Pract.i.tioners that I've seen seldom bring their things along with them, it was all because of the spatial bracelets."

"Well, that's not it, the spatial bracelets aren't really that useful."

Qiu Jin'er started eating her medicinal pellets quietly again as she explained, "When the cultivator has advanced into the level of Awakening and opened up the Yuan Shen realms, they can then store anything they want in their secret realms. Hence, the spatial bracelets are only useful to the Spirit Nurture and Rebirth level Qi Pract.i.tioners."

The Yuan Shen realm can store items?

Zhong Yue was stunned, then a strong surge of happiness struck him, he was now already an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner, did that mean that he could also store items in his Yuan Shen realms?

"Xin Huo, my Dao Yi Realm can store items now, your copper lamp can be stored there now, I don't need to carry the medic basket anymore!"

In his psyche ocean, Xin Huo was lackadaisical, "Your Dao Yi Realm is too small, you can't store many things in it. But it might just have enough s.p.a.ce to store that little jade bottle, nothing else more."

"What, it can't be right? I can see that my Dao Yi Realm is quite big, it can fit a mountain in it, not to mention a little jade bottle."

Zhong Yue doubted, however, he could not give it a try as they were currently under surveillance of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. He had to avoid them from knowing his advancement in cultivation level.

"The Dao Yi Realm is the strongest of all five realms, you've only just opened it and consolidated the s.p.a.ce of the secret realm. It may look big, but it's triflingly small, not much bigger than this jade bottle."

Xin Huo explained, "However, as your cultivation base increases with time, your secret realm would also grow bigger. However, the secret realms of the Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioners aren't too big either. At most, it could store a few soul weapons and some spare clothes. Only the G.o.ds can contain the oceans and mountains in their secret realms. Go on, you should continue cultivating at full speed. It's not an easy task to beat an Awakening Xiao Mang celestial who has opened all five realms, even with the fact that you've reversed open your Dao Yi Realm!"

Zhong Yue a.s.sented, he frowned and said, "So then, it seems like I can't open the Yin Yang Realms in such a short time now?"

"Of course you can!"

Xin Huo was puzzled, "You have the Sun Moon Twin Spirit, even if you don't reverse open the Dao Yi Realms, you can still directly open the Yin Yang Realm, who told you that after the Dao Yi, you can't open the Yin Yang Realm?"

Zhong Yue was stunned, "Wasn't it a general consensus?"

"It is for the cultivators that followed the ordinary path, but not so for the ones that reverse open the realms."

Xin Huo said smilingly, "As long as you have acc.u.mulated sufficient cultivation base, you can directly reverse open all five realms. The biggest obstacle is the reverse opening of Dao Yi Realm. Once you have succeeded in reverse opening of Dao Yi Realm, how hard can it be for the other four realms? The only issue here is, whether or not your c.u.mulative cultivation base is sufficient."

Zhong Yue was dumbfounded, Xin Huo's words contradicting his own general knowledge!

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