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Chapter 154 - Your Ill-intent Brings You Death

"Ying brothers, well done!" Meng She bellowed out, he crouched and lowered his body, springing himself up into the air and clawing over at the plummeting Zhong Yue!

"Now come down and die!"

Just as his hands were about to land on his target, Zhong Yue's charred figured suddenly moved and Jiao Dragons emerged to barely help him slip past under Meng She's attack.

"【Million Miles The Dragon Soars】!"

Zhong Yue soared in the air as if he was swimming, bolting towards Gu Xia City.

"How are you not severely wounded under the lightning strike?"

Meng She missed his target, and his heart shuddered. All of a sudden, he clenched his palm into a fist and punched over, the power of the【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】was unleashed and blasted the air, compressing them into a dense shockwave that impacted onto Zhong Yue's back!

Quickly, Zhong Yue turned around and took the blow, his body swayed violently before falling to the ground, with blood spurting out from his mouth. But as he was descending, he immediately bounced back up and dashed towards Gu Xia City.

Meng She bellowed in anger, trying to stomp onto the air and chase after Zhong Yue, but his body was too heavy, he could not stop himself from falling down from the air. And just as he plummeted down, Meng Xiang leaped into the air from the other side, his psyche curled on the stone pillars and came closer to Zhong Yue!

"Little brother Xiang, come back! You are no match for him!"

Meng She's face changed drastically, he quickly shouted, "Ying brothers, quickly catch up to that Long Yue brat!"

Meanwhile, the Ying Ji and Ying Bai brothers were as dead as coal. They fell down from the sky with their charred bodies, immobile as black fumes and blood was constantly released out of them. Clearly, they had suffered injuries a few fold more severe than Zhong Yue!

The Yuan Shen was also the atman; they were inherently Yin in nature whereas lightning was Yang in nature. Yin and Yang co-existed together and hence, the lightning would naturally be attracted to strike them.

The higher the cultivation level, the stronger the lightning one would attract, this was also the case as one flew higher in the sky. It could be said that even an overwhelming cultivator on par with magnates could not exit out of the atmosphere. This was because as the magnates' Yuan Shen were stronger, the lightnings they would attract would be immensely strong too!

Only when one ascended to the level of the G.o.ds, realigning the attribute of the Yuan Shen to pure Yang, could they avoid from getting struck by the lightning. 

Ying Ji and Ying Bai were both cultivators that had their Yuan Shen opened to the Wu Xing Realm. Hence, the lightning they attracted was far stronger than Zhong Yue's. A single strike of lightning had the potential to reap their lives!

Although Zhong Yue was also getting struck by the lightning, he had tempered his body and soul with lightning during his days in Swords Gate. Although the lightning that struck him was terrifyingly strong, the injuries they inflicted upon him were not as severe as Ying Ji and Ying Bai. 

And as of now, the two Ying brothers were struck into a swoon by the lightnings, they could not even defend themselves, let alone flying over to save Meng Xiang. 

Meng Xiang mustered his strength and dashed over, gradually increasing his speed, leaving a thunderous boom in his wake. Sure enough, he could not hear the Meng She's shouts behind him. And it was this moment that seven strands of sword silk emerged consecutively in front of him, positioned vertically upright and looking like  thin cicada's wings. 

Meng Xiang's speed was ghostly and in his dash towards Zhong Yue, he was left with no time to react as he pa.s.sed straight through the sword silks.

His figure maintained his incredible speed, but slowly, he was split into eight pieces. Each of the pieces continued flying forward for another mile before collapsing down onto the ground. Meanwhile, the stone pillars that were manipulated by his psyche also fell from the sky with the death of its controller.

The seven sword silks flew up inconspicuously and bolted back towards the fast running Zhong Yue before disappearing into his body.

"Little Brother Xiang!"

Meng She shouted out loud, he leaped incessantly into the air as if he was flying, trying to catch up towards Zhong Yue. His speed was faster than Meng Xiang and his prowess was stronger. Against him, Zhong Yue knew that the sword silks would not work nearly as well as they did against Meng Xiang. Hence, he put his head forward and ran with all his might, trying to step into the territorial land of the Gu Xia City before Meng Xiang up to him.

The boundary tablet between the Savanna Wasteland and Gu Xia City was getting closer, and so was the distance between Meng She and Zhong Yue. Finally, Zhong Yue rushed past the boundary tablet into the Gu Xia City territorial land. He turned around and looked back, Meng She had leaped up high into the air, smashing down like a small mountain right at him. Immediately, his countenance changed, he visualized the Golden Crow wings and bolted into the sky!

"Do you think you can just run away after killing my Little Brother Xiang?"

Meng She growled in anger, he punched out his fist and instantly, golden feathers scattered in the air. Zhong Yue m.u.f.fled a deep groan as his Golden Crow wings were blasted off, and he fell down from the sky uncontrollably. 

Meng She took a step forward, the air beneath was blasted away with his every stomp. He soon reached a speed in the air that was no slower than his speed on the ground. 

"Come down here,【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】!"

Meng She roared and growled, mustering his strengths and running crazily. He launched one punch after another at Zhong Yue. The winds blasted by the punches compressed the air, disrupting the air beneath Zhong Yue causing him to miss the stomps as he got battered by the punches. He was forced to stop intermittently in order to defend himself against the blows of the【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】.

"Meng She, come back!"

The Earth Dragon raised his head up and prompted loudly, "That is the territorial land of City Lord Gu Hongzi, his prowess is incredibly strong. You'll have to notify him before you enter his land to kill his lords!

"Notify my a.s.s!"

Meng She's eyes turned crimson red and he shouted furiously, "He killed my Little Brother Xiang, I'll avenge my brother! What's with this Gu Hongzi, enraging me, I'll kill him along together with this dragon!"

"You are blinded by your hatred!" Earth Dragon stomped his feet, he wanted to enter Gu Hongzi's territorial land but he hesitated with worry.

In mid-air, Zhong Yue walked quickly, his body flickered about, but it could not stop his injuries from getting heavier. Soon, he could feel that his body was reaching its limit, and the wounds were still gradually increasing and getting heavier. The Martial Masters' flying combat skills were strong, but it placed a great strain on the body's energy. It was simply impossible to continue walking through the air as he has been doing. 

Especially when Meng She's prowess was too overwhelming. The【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】was dominant and filled with power, forcing him to delegate more than half of his attention on Meng She so that he would not be killed by his punches!

And it was improbable for him to cast the Golden Crow wings, the【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】was too overbearing that it could shatter the wings into pieces with just one strike!

The disparity between him and Meng She was too great. Zhong Yue could still put up a fight against the Wu Xing Wheel experts, he could even contend against a strange and peculiar monster like Qing He. However, against a Wan Xiang Wheel expert like Meng She, Zhong Yue was definitely not a match!

It was impossible to fly in the air, nor was it feasible to travel underground. Meng She's power was so overpowering that when the【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】slammed on the ground, the impact transferred to the ground would be like a mountain that smashed on his body - it was simply unbearable.

Running on the ground would not work either, his body was mountainous, he could leap on the ground as if he was flying, a single leap would be equal to Zhong Yue's tens of steps. Surely, outrunning him on the ground would be impossible!

Hence for now, Zhong Yue could only drag the time while he rushed towards Gu Xia City with all his might. or otherwise, the raged mongoose would kill him here!

"From the start of my cultivation until now, I've been through so many things, how could I possibly die in the hands of a mongoose beast?"

Zhong Yue bellowed in anger, the Yuan Shen on his back emerged out and all of a sudden, the Ming King divine eye opened, bright golden lights irradiated from the sun pupil while the Pure Yang Qi turned into a fine light ray slashing down!

The light ray was incredibly strong, Zhong Yue once used the Ming King Divine Eye to kill an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner that had opened the Wu Xing Wheel, exterminating his foe as if he was chopping vegetables. 

The golden light ray slashed down, Meng She bellowed while his Wan Xiang Wheel emerged on his back, spinning rapidly and heavily to block the blow — Zheng! — a light metallic clanking sound could be heard as the two clashes together, and a crack soon appeared on the Wan Xiang Wheel.

Meng She was shocked, and all of a sudden, another light ray blasted over, Once again hitting the Wan Xiang Wheel and causing it to tremble. The crack was made deeper and spread further, almost snapping the Wan Xiang Wheel completely!

Such a strong divine eye, it is indeed the【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】. Sadly, your cultivation is too weak, you can't break off my Wan Xiang Wheel!

Just as he thought this , Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen's third eye — divine eye, opened again and blasted another light ray over at him!


The Wan XIang Wheel shuddered vigorously, and was broken in half!

Meng She was greatly shocked. His blood essence was instantly disrupted as the Wan Xiang Wheel was broken. The Yuan Shen realm closed and shuddered his blood essence, causing him to spout out a mouthful of fresh blood. His once strong and overbearing prowess immediately declined, weakening to the level of Wu Xing Wheel Awakening!

Whether it was the Wan Xiang Wheel or Wu Xing Wheel, they were all attained by opening the wheel-shaped realms in the Yuan Shen astral body. When the Wan Xiang Wheel was cast, it meant that the Wan Xiang Realm was opened, bequeathing the mighty power of nature onto the user!

And now, his Wan Xiang Wheel was slashed in half, causing the Wan Xiang Realm in his Yuan Shen astral body to close, robbing him that profound power; leaving him with only the Wu Xing Realm!

His divine third eye is stronger than any others before this, it was even able to impair my cultivation by a small cultivation level!

Meng She's heart shuddered as his mortal body's strength declined rapidly. He thought, Before this battle, he had never cast these three divine eyes before, it can only mean that these three kinds of divine eyes consume a great amount of energy. But now that his life is at stake, he was left with no other option for survival!

Just as he was thinking about this, Zhong Yue staggered in the air, falling down from the sky before bolting away on the ground with all his might on the ground!

Meng She quickly caught up to him, although his cultivation base was impaired by a minor realm, he was still an Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioner that had opened the Wu Xing Wheel. On the other hand, Zhong Yue was now exhausted and debilitate, how could he possibly still put up a fight against Meng She? 

"Die, you fool!"

Meng She's speed was immense, closing in on Zhong Yue with haste. The two of them soon became locked in combat and their rapid movements were imperceptible to the naked eye. Very soon, Zhong Yue was sent flying by a punch, m.u.f.fling a deep groan in pain with blood oozing from his mouth.

Meng She guffawed loud, he leaped up and followed right behind Zhong Yue. Just as he was about to slay his brother's murderer with his mighty fist, a surge of overbearing aura billowed through the air. Abruptly, Meng She's vision blurred and a young man appeared a step behind Zhong Yue. His stature was slim and slender, with a youthful and elegant look. And yet, the aura he carried was wild and overpowering. Raising his hand, he held onto Zhong Yue, and with a wave of his sleeves, Zhong Yue was pulled to his back. 

"Gu Hongzi!"

Meng She quickly stood down and his eyes became suffused with vigilance. He bowed in greeting, "Meng She of the Meng family, greets City Lord Gu Hongzi!"

Gu Hongzi raised his brows, En, giving an indistinct sound in response. Meng She then mustered his courage and said, "Please, I plead City Lord Gu Hongzi to hand over Long Yue. Long Yue is a reprehensible criminal that had committed a monstrous sin. He killed my brother and killed over hundreds of innocent monsters in the saint city…."

"Saint city lord's closed door disciple, you want to kill him? Your ill-intentions brings you nothing, but only death."

Gu Hongzi lifted a finger up and instantly, a blood hole appeared on Meng She's forehead. His eyes became filled in disbelief. Gu Hongzi was too quick, he wasn't even able to react in time before his untimely demise!

"Furthermore, the saint city lord's closed door disciple is also one of the lords under my jurisdiction. Killing my lord under my watch, you are being too presumptuous. Do you agree with me, Senior Martial Brother Lang?"

After Gu Hongzi killed Meng She with the lift of finger, he then raised his head and gazed into the air. A laughter suddenly emanated out from mid-air, and the voice grew increasing distant, "True, true. Meng She has committed a riot. How dare he hunt for Junior Martial Brother Long, he deserves death. Thankfully Senior Martial Brother Gu Hongzi is here, or otherwise, there would've been a great misfortune…."

Lang Qinyun's speed was immense, leaving behind only his voice. 

"Little brat."

Gu Hongzi recollected his sights and cast his gaze over at Zhong Yue, showing a seemingly smiling expression on his elegant countenance, "It's not so easy being a spy in the monster race, isn't it … Junior Martial Brother Zhong?"

"You, you…." Zhong Yue was stunned speechless as he stared at him dumbfoundedly.

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