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Chapter 504 - Imminent Doomsday

Zhong Yue's killing intent billowed, and a strong desire to kill the snake overtook his mind.!

Yanmo He looked over again, and his body filled with demonic aura as his eyes were clouded with killing intent. He said hoa.r.s.ely, "Zhong Yue, are you daring enough to take up a second round of betting? I bet that I can take over control of this Gu insect of yours! If I can't do it in the drop of a hat, I will let everything slip past my mind, but if I can, you will abolish all of your demon cultivation techniques! Do you dare?"

Zhong Yue raised his brow, he laughed and said, "Alright! Let's do this!"

Abruptly, Zhong Yue surged out his psyche and struck in Bao Chun'er's mind, crushing the insect Qi Pract.i.tioner's brain and killing him. After that, Zhong Yue said indifferently, "Senior, you can try and take control of him now!"

Yanmo He was stunned, he looked at Bao Chun'er's corpse and was bewildered.

The insect Qi Pract.i.tioner Bao Chun'er was already dead, how would he do it?

He was extremely confident in winning this particular bet, at the least he could recover some face from this. After all, Zhong Yue was just in the Heavenly Dharma level, and no matter how talented Zhong Yue was, he surely wouldn't be able to contend against a demon G.o.d like Yanmo He.

Zhong Yue used the【Heavenly Saint G.o.dly Radiating Art】to refine Bao Chun'er into his Gu insect. But Yanmo He had cultivated the art before as well, he was even stronger in this than Zhong Yue and would be able to just wipe away Zhong Yue's mark in Bao Chun'er as easily as blowing dusts off from the ground.

However, it was out of his expectation that Zhong Yue would react so decisively. In the last second Zhong Yue agreed to the bettings, the next second he already killed Bao Chun'er with his psyche!

One had to say that Bao Chun'er was definitely a strong reinforcement to Zhong Yue. After all, Bao Chun'er was an Imminent Deity insect Qi Pract.i.tioner whose mortal body was even able to easily ward down the divine golds.

If such an insect Qi Pract.i.tioner were brought back to Swords Gate, he would be just like an Imminent Deity added to the already rising human race. Moreover, an Imminent Deity magnate that was incredibly loyal to Zhong Yue!

Bao Chun'er could greatly boost the strength of Swords Gate which was exactly why Zhong Yue refined him!

Yet, Zhong Yue just killed Bao Chun'er in just the blink of an eye, there wasn't any hesitation nor indecisiveness seen in him. This was undoubtedly beyond the expectations of everyone including the G.o.ds!

The time for the drop of a hat pa.s.sed with the crowd stunned in shock. There wasn't any expression in Zhong Yue's face as he glanced at the monster G.o.d Yu Wenju. He suddenly swung his sleeve and turned around, leaving the spot.

Yu Wenju's heart skipped a beat, and he felt the killing intent in Zhong Yue's eyes. The monster G.o.d squinted his serpent eyes at Zhong Yue and thought, This brat is extraordinarily decisive, ruthless, as well as intelligent … He can't be allowed to liveor disaster will befall us… Since Yanmo He can't do anything, I will deal with him myself! He will not return to Ancestral Star alive! Or else, I will to face this extreme anger when he grows strong enough in the near future!

The crowd dispersed but Fang Jiange strode forward, he lifted out Bao Chun'er's corpse and mumbled to himself, "The divine golds in his body can be extracted and be used to hone my divine sword…"

The ambush cost the lives of many, but the insects in the icy pathway were swept out as well with a number of them captured by the demon Qi Pract.i.tioners and refined into their own Gu insects.

While Qiu Jin'er, Zuo Xiangsheng and Tian Yanzhong also furtively captured some of the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners, mostly the Heavenly Dharma insect Qi Pract.i.tioners. They would secretly refine the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners and keep the Gu insects into their secret realms.

Bo Xun also refined two True Spirit insects, both were in the True Spirit level, strong and formidable.

Although dead, but Bao Chun'er was the only Imminent Deity insect that had been successfully refined. The other Imminent Deity insect magnates were either killed or committed suicide to escape being refined into slaves.

It was truly a shame that Zhong Yue had to kill the rarely refined Imminent Deity insect Qi Pract.i.tioner.

Sigh, what a pity, but there's no point crying over spilled milk. We can still bring home more of the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners, we can slowly increase the strength of our Swords Gate! Zhong Yue lamented in his heart but regained positivity again.

As long as the【Heavenly Saint G.o.dly Radiating Art】was still here, he could still refine more of the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners in the future. Furthermore, Bo Xu's two True Spirit insects weren't too weak either, but still not comparable to Bao Chun'er.

In the icy pathway, the crowd tended to their wounds and continued the expedition a few moments later.

Zhong Yue and Bo Xun were at the vanguard again only because Yanmo He wanted Zhong Yue to die.

Not only after, they reached to the front of an ice bridge. It's exact length was impossible to tell as it seemed to extend all the way to the insect planet.

Beneath the ice bridge, there was huge tentacle extending all the way as long and as wide as the ice bridge. But it was frozen, concealed the ice.

Zhong Yue surged out his divine third eye, and as he inspected the tentacle, his heart thumped in shock.

It was indeed a tentacle beneath the ice, but unlike the conventional flesh and blood tentacles, this one was made of divine gold. There was blood flowing in it, veins and nerves, they were all composed by the divine golds, but only in liquid form!

But a tentacle as huge and as long as this? Just as exactly what kind of insect can possess it?

Zhong Yue's body shuddered as a cold chill traveled down his spine. This tentacle would be the key that linked the Ancestral Star to the insect planet, it was the mystery that formed the dimensional tunnel!

The distance between the two stars and planet was something that even the G.o.ds couldn't comprehend. Yet, this tentacle connected the two together, it was clearly a treasure that was stronger than the lord-level divine weapons!

"Could it be an emperor-level divine weapon?" Zhong Yue carefully looked at it and found many abstruse totem patterns engraved on the tentacle. But they were too profound that he couldn't understand them, not with his weak f.u.xi divine eye or lack of strength.

Xin Huo was looking at it as well through Zhong Yue's vision. He nodded and confirmed, "Yup, definitely an emperor-level divine weapon. But not as strong as the Warhorn nor little Xuan Yuan's divine sword. But you've got one thing wrong about it. It's not a tentacle, it's a mouth."

"Mouth!?" Zhong Yue was terrified, he shouted in his psyche ocean, "What kind of creature can have such a huge mouth? Where are the teeth?"

Xin Huo smiled and replied, "Must be the mouth of a mother queen. She would already be a Deity Emperor back in the days, one that is not much inferior to the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor. The other mother queen that died along with Lord Bai was weaker, she was just a Deity Overlord who hadn't nurtured her mouth into the divine weapon yet. As for the answer to your dumb question, of course the teeth would be in her mouth, where else would they be?"

Zhong Yue stared blankly at the huge mouth and the ice bridge above it. As soon as he thought about the dense teeth in the huge mouth, his body started shivering with in unease.

Lord Bai must have noticed the dimensional tunnel and rushed over to inspect it. Coincidentally b.u.mping into the mother queen that was swarming over with her armies. With all his might and at the cost of his life, he was able to eliminate the mother queen and sealed the tunnel before his death.

Zhong Yue traced the ice bridge and found it making a beautiful arc across the sky which then continued into a huge hole down into the underground. He mumbled in puzzlement, All these years, if it weren't for any Deity Overlords in the insect planet and the fact that the seal placed by Lord Bai can't be loosened, then how is the seal loosened now?

He was perturbed, he asked, "Xin Huo, the seal of Lord Bai is shakened, doesn't that mean there is another mother queen that rose in the insect planet?"

"Possible. Highly possible." Xin Huo mulled and answered, "These insects have been wandering through the universe, devouring planet after planet, plundering resources from star to star. It's very unbelievable if there isn't any mother queen that emerged. At the very least, a mother queen who can shake Lord Bai's seal loose needs to be in the Deity Overlord level. Of course, it can also be Lord Bai's seal that weakened over the pa.s.sage of time. Although, this seems unlikely to me as the seal was implemented at the cost of his life, it can't possibly weaken so quickly."

Zhong Yue shivered in cold.

A lord-level mother queen. The lord-level G.o.ds in Ancestral Star were all dead, and their spirits were those that were left and Xiao Mang grand ancestor could be considered as the strongest now existence in the Ancestral Star now. But even the Xiao Mang grand ancestor was severely wounded in the fight with the Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, how could he possibly fight against the mother queen?

Most importantly, the expedition team was now venturing deeper into the mother queen's homebase, each step they took would be another step closer to death!

"Xin Huo, do you any plans we can use to escape?" Zhong Yue asked.

"Why escape?" Xin Huo was curious, he said, "Even the mother queen and insect race can't do much to the Ancestral Star. Furthermore, you can ask that little fat boy Shao Hao Bell to lend you his power. With his help, not even the mother queen can take a hair away from you. I'm sure Shao Hao Bell, that little fat boy, will be more than willing to teach the mother queen a lesson. Furthermore, it's rare to find such a peculiar yet interesting planet. We definitely need to take a tour around it and explore. You never know, you might find a pretty mother insect with whom you can partner to make some little future f.u.xi!"

Zhong Yue almost spurted out a mouthful of blood, "Having… with the mother insect?! Do I look that desperate?! Wait … I can still sense the Shao Hao Bell from here?"

"Of course, it's not far from the Ancestral Star, sure you can sense him." Xin Huo laughed and said.

"Not far from the Ancestral Star…?" Zhong Yue's mind went blank, he glanced around into the sky.

His divine third eye granted him strong vision, he could see through the clouds and magnify the small stars in his eyes.

Suddenly, his body shuddered violently and stopped in a certain direction, staring vacantly at the sky. He looked exactly at the back of the ice bridge, at the direction where they came from.

He was now standing on the ice bridge, above in the sky of the insect planet. In the icy path, all he could see was the surface of the insect planet and the back of the the planet. From that view, there weren't any stars behind the insect planet.

But now, he was able to see the view in front of the insect planet, there were the stars painted in marvelous colors.

The Earth Celestial Star, Wood Celestial Star, Fire Celestial Star, and following by … the Ancestral Star!

Further down from the Ancestral Star was the Gold Celestial Star, Water Celestial Star and finally the sun!

The insect planet had already entered the solar system, becoming the seventh star in it, a bluish colored planet!

Zhong Yue's heart turned cold. Although it would still take another year for the insect planet to reach the Wood Celestial Star and another half a year to reach the Ancestral Star. Nevertheless, the insect planet found its way to them!

On the ice bridge, the experts were puzzled as they saw Zhong Yue stopping down and looked back into the sky. The stunned experts traced along the path of his sight and met with a few little stars and a little sun in the sky. They were all bewildered.

"What is he looking at?" A Kun Peng magnate said disdainfully. Suddenly, he laughed and said, "That second star, doesn't it look like our Wood Celestial Star…?"

His body shuddered violently as he spoke, and his limbs turned cold as ice, he was stunned like a wood puppet on the ground.

On the back, the over ten G.o.ds looked back and the Bai Zhe G.o.d, Bai Yuncang, counted the number of stars, "One, two, three, four, five, six … six stars, doesn't that…"

His face turned pallid as the snow, so were the other G.o.ds.

"Zhong Yue, his information was right…" one of the G.o.ds mumbled, "The insect race, is not far from us anymore…"

Everyone's heart sank; a calamity was upon them, one that could erase the myriad races inhabiting the Ancestral Star!

"There are so many monarch tombs in the Ancestral Star, there are many Heavenly Monarchs that were buried here. Is there really a need to be act like the insect race is a big deal?" Xin Huo mumbled questioningly.

Guess what do we call this "insect star" now? Easy question~ ;)

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