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Chapter 503 - Betting With The Demon G.o.d

Zhong Yue was incensed but maintain his calm exterior, he gave a dry laugh and said, "Senior G.o.d, you said that it belongs to your demon race, then I suppose you should know what cultivation technique the divine weapon used? If you can't, then it proves that it doesn't belong to you or your race. By then, you won't have to worry about its origin anymore."

Yanmo He raised his brows, and he gave a cold sneer and said, "Just a mere child, do you think you can really fish out the secret demon cultivation technique just by a set of demon divine weapons? You are smart, but don't take everyone else as idiots, surely I won't tell what cultivation technique is in the demon divine weapon."

Of course, one could clearly tell that the demon divine weapon attracted his attention, whatever reasons he gave before were all empty drivel so that he could get his hands on the divine weapon!

Zhong Yue acquired the Xuan Yin Hundred Demon Banners from the A'th.o.e.r demon Qi Pract.i.tioner Yan Zhen. They could be used individually but when used together, they would form into a set of demon divine weapons of great power.

Yan Zhen was also from the Yama Saint Race, and so was Yanmo He. Although he had never seen the cultivation technique that was imbued in the demon divine weapon before, he could still tell that the cultivation technique was from the Yama Saint Race.

It was a strong cultivation technique that if he could get the demon divine weapon and study the cultivation technique, his prowess would be able to rise higher in the future!

However, as he had never come across the cultivation technique before, he didn't even know its name and could only accuse Zhong Yue of trying to steal the demon cultivation technique from him.

But it was as clear as day in the hearts of the G.o.ds, they all knew that Yanmo He was playing the fool. After all, he should still be able to reveal its name. Zhong Yue couldn't possibly learn the technique just from its name, could he?

Yanmo He's demand for Zhong Yue to abolish the demon cultivation technique that originated from the【Heavenly Saint G.o.dly Radiating Art】was also due to pure jealousy rather than for the righteous reasons that he claimed. His demand also could be said to come from fear, but not even he himself was aware of that fact.

Being able to refine insect Qi Pract.i.tioners into Gu insects was the a ability that was purportedly exclusive to the demon race. It was also something they used to threaten other races so that they could maintain their standing in the Ancestral Star.

If Zhong Yue were to imparted it to others, then that would be a great loss of leverage to the demon race!

And if Zhong Yue imparted it to humanity, the human race would be able to raise their strength greatly and expand their territories. This would indirectly reduce the strength of the demon race, this was surely something he would never allow to happen!

The other G.o.ds looked over at the two and smiled, none of them took the minor arguments to heart.

But the Bai Zhe G.o.d faked a cough and said, "Yanmo He, Zhong Yue is here with an important piece of information, it is a meritorious deed he was rendered to everyone in the Ancestral Star. Not only did you not reward him, , but you even accuse him of something he didn't appear to have done. Don't you think you are overdoing it a little?"

Yanmo He smiled back and said, "Bai Yuncang, don't mistake me as taking advantage of the public affairs to settle our private hatreds. This set of divine demon weapons belong to my Yama Saint Race. It is my responsibility as a Yama G.o.d to retrieve. Whereas for the demon cultivation technique and the art to refine the insects, they are of utmost importance to our demon race, I asked of him to abolish them but not take his own life."

Yu Wenju, the monster serpent G.o.d hissed and said while smiling, "Old Man Bai, I think it's reasonable what Yanmo He asked from the human. His meritorious deed is only a minor matter. Even if he doesn't tell us, the demon Qi Pract.i.tioners will sooner or later find out about it when they also refined the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners. And if not, we will also know when we arrive in the insect planet. This type of news shouldn't need to be rewarded."

Bai Zhe G.o.d frowned while monster G.o.d Yu Wenju continued, "Furthermore, this set of demon divine weapons belong to the Yama Saint Race, don't you think it fair to ask for it back? If the divine weapon you forged was stolen by someone else, do you not plan to retrieve it?"

Yanmo He looked at Zhong Yue and placed his hands behind his back and said, "Zhong Yue, I will not allow my Yama Saint Clan's saint weapon be tainted by you. Hand it over to me now."

"Yama Saint Race's saint weapon?" Zhong Yue burst out in laughter. He surged the Xuan Yin Hundred Demon Banners and placed them around him into an array formation.

Zhong Yue looked back at the demon G.o.d and said indifferently, "The banner array formation is here, I have been refining them for months so let's make a deal. If senior you can refine it to claim it as yours within 15 minutes, I will turn and leave without saying a word. But if you can't remove my marks from them to claim the treasures, then you will to fart in front of the public and say that your words are like fart!"

"Fart?" Yanmo He shook his head, he laughed out of anger and said, "Brat, have you not seen death before? Fine, I shall crush your extravagant hope in front of your eyes!"

s.a.d.i.s.tic smiles spread across the G.o.ds' faces as they witnessed the situation developing, but they didn't intervene at all. In the icy pathway, the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners were basically wiped from existence. The Ancestral Star Qi Pract.i.tioners cleared the battlefield and gathered back together, and as they heard the conversation, they were between laughter and tears.

A demon elder exclaimed, "Isn't this Zhong Shan boy overly brave? He dares to bet with the demon G.o.d! Hmph! The human race is, after all, the most primitive and puny race of all, they don't even know how strong the G.o.ds are!"

A celestial magnate laughed and said, "Not to mention the G.o.ds, even any Imminent Deity magnate could easily wipe off his marks from the weapons!"

"This Zhong Yue is going to lose for sure!"

Yanmo He surged out his psyche and arcane energy, seeping them into the Xuan Yin Demon Banners. Although he didn't dare to say that he could refine the Xuan Yin Hundred Banners and take control of them immediately, he was still confident that he could easily wipe Zhong Yue's marks off from the banners.

After all, who was he?

A cultivator whose Yuan Shen was cultivated to the Pure Yang State and ascended into the deityhood, the youngest demon G.o.d ever existed in the demon race Eight Barren for the past few thousand years!

Even Imminent Deity magnates were like toddlers in the face of the G.o.ds, let alone Zhong Yue, who was just a Heavenly Dharma Qi Pract.i.tioner. Zhong Yue may appear to be strong in the eyes of the mortals and Qi Pract.i.tioners, but he was still just like an ant in the eyes of the G.o.ds!

His arcane energy and psyche split into 108 parts, each seeping into a Xuan Yin Demon Banner, trying to smite away the markings Zhong Yue left inside the banners. However, as soon as his arcane energy and psyche entered the banners, there was Xuan Yin Demon Water that formed into demon array formations inside of every banner.

A hundred and eight Xuan Yin Banners, a hundred and eight demon array formations, none of which were the same!

In the middle of the demon array formations, there would be a demon G.o.d each controlling and guarding over the banner!

In order to refine the Xuan Yin Banners, one could only use his arcane energy and psyche to enter the demon array formation and defeat the demon G.o.d to leave their mark in it.

However, Yanmo He couldn't even recognize any of the over hundred demon array formation. If he rashly entered the array formations, he would trigger the array formations and that part of the psyche and arcane energy could be struck down!

How did this brat do it? How did he get past the array formations and leave his mark in the banners? Yanmo He inspected the demon array formations and his scalp tingled. These demon array formations were way too complex. The Xuan Yin Demon Waters were composed by the totem patterns, and such a short time frame of 15 minutes wasn't long enough for him to see through them!

His arcane energy was immense, but that didn't mean breaking the array formation was a way to solve it.

If the array formations were broken away, it also meant that the banners would be destroyed as well. Furthermore, he, as a demon G.o.d, could have definitely done it with his strength if it were an ordinary divine weapon. But the banners were just a slightly below lord-leveled divine weapons, it wasn't something he could break away now!

That being said, he couldn't refine or break it away. Although he could just s.n.a.t.c.h it from Zhong Yue and nothing would stop him from doing that, his pride as a G.o.d wouldn't allow him to do it, at least not in front of the other G.o.ds.

Time pa.s.sed and cold sweat burst out of Yanmo He's forehead. His arcane energy turned even more vigorous, and his psyche billowed into the banners. However, even so, none of the 108 banners submitted to his will!

"Senior, 15 minutes is almost up." Zhong Yue suddenly said from the side, his tone was cold as the ice.

Cold sweat soaked Yanmo He's back, and his face turned gloomy. Fifteen minutes blew by in the blink of an eye, and Yanmo He gritted his teeth, he gave a raging sneer and kept his psyche and arcane energy. He said coldly, "You've won!"

The crowd was shocked, over two thousand experts were looking at one another.

Yanmo He was a demon G.o.d and yet, he wasn't even able to smite away the markings of a little Heavenly Dharma figure like Zhong Yue!

This was utterly unbelievable!

Zhong Yue smiled, he kept the banners and said, "Forgive me, senior. The bet was something I proposed in a moment of anger, I plead the senior G.o.d to not take it to heart."

Yanmo He's face softened, suddenly, Zhong Yue doesn't look that exasperating anymore.

All of a sudden, monster G.o.d Yu Wenju said, "How can the words just be let sliding away from us? The G.o.ds are all here waiting for the result and you are trying to deny everything with just words? Senior Martial Brother Yanmo, we are the G.o.ds, we keep to our words and don't tell me you are taking it as a joke as well?"

Yanmo He's face changed drastically and he glared at the monster G.o.d.

Yu Wenju was nonchalant and smiled right back at him. Immediately, Yanmo He also shifted his hatred to the monster G.o.d, along with Zhong Yue.


He controlled his mortal body and released a fart behind him, saying placidly with extreme anger deep within his tone, "My words are like farts!"

The over two thousand experts were holding back their laughters, they didn't want to laugh and were holding themselves with all might.

Zhong Yue's heart sank as well. He glared at the monster G.o.d Yu Wenju. He was trying to clear off the hatred Yanmo He harbored toward him and was just a step away from succeeding before the monster G.o.d b.u.t.ted in and escalated the situation even further.

Yanmo He was highly self-conceited and arrogant. Although he had been targeting on Zhong Yue numerous times, he didn't personally strike at Zhong Yue as he said that he wouldn't. Thus, if Zhong Yue could earn his respect, he surely wouldn't target Zhong Yue anymore.

But now, Yu Wenju forced Yanmo He to fulfil the promise and humiliated him in front of the many experts, it was impossible for Zhong Yue and Yanmo He to end up in good terms after this!

The self-conceited demon G.o.d would not forgive Zhong Yue and would surely ensure his death at any cost!

This serpent…, Zhong Yue gritted his teeth in anger but remained placid on the surface.

The monster G.o.d Yu Wenju smiled, seemingly proud of himself. Although he had fallen foul of Yanmo He, the demon G.o.d couldn't do anything to him either. But the same couldn't be said for Zhong Yue, Yanmo He wouldn't allow Zhong Yue to survive!

The Great Wilderness and East Barren are beside one another, it wouldn't be a good thing for the monster race if a human G.o.d is born. To kill my enemies with a borrowed knife.... That is my specialty! Yu Wenju smirked as he thought in his heart.

"Oh yes, didn't Senior Martial Brother Yanmo say you wanted Zhong Yue to abolish his demon cultivation technique?" Yu Wenju raised his brow smiled, "You two seem to have left out this matter in the previous bet. Brother Yanmo, if he isn't willing to do it, then why don't you help him?"

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