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Chapter 153 - Bone-rattling Battle in the Underground

His words were determined and imperious. They had the power to tremble the hearts of the monster experts like Meng Xiang and Ying Bai. They had seen the measures and means he had taken, his ruthlessness and decisiveness. But more importantly, he was from the dragon race, giving him the inherent apt.i.tude for incredibly rapid learning and growth. In such a short while, his name flourished throughout the region as he took the place of a disciple of the saint city lord, became publicly acknowledged as the strongest cultivator in the level of Rebirth! 

Creating enmity with such a generational talent and allowing him to escape would become a noose around their necks that is simply waiting to tighten. Once he grew into his own potential, the revenge that he would seek to mete out would be ferocious and indefensible, spelling out their imminent doom!

'Killing your whole family', this wasn't merely empty bl.u.s.ter used to threaten them, this was a very real possibility!

"Hahaha! As long as you die, then wouldn't it solve the problem?"

Meng She laughed out loud and said, "Dear martial brothers, with our prowess, how can we possibly be unable to kill a petty Rebirth Qi Pract.i.tioner? Right here, right now, we will drink the blood of a dragon, roast the meat of a dragon, we will have a feast and we will drink till the world in our eyes spin!"

His was so high-spirited that the words he said cast away the doubts in the hearts of Ying Bai, Ying Ji and the others. Zhong Yue squinted his eyes and maintained a light smirk of his face as he said, "Seems like, in the future, I'll have to wash your families in blood before I would be able to stand firmly in the East Barren, and to instill fear and terror into all monsters."

His speed suddenly increased greatly as he lunged over towards the weakest of the group — Meng Xiang. Just when he moved, the earth flipped and overturned and an uncountable number of Jiao Dragons disappeared into the ground as they drilled into the earth. Traces of their bodies would reappear above the surface intermittently as they continued to plow holes into the savanna landscape!

"Be careful, Meng Xiang, he's coming for you!" Meng She prompted as his figure flickered and dashed over towards Meng Xiang behind him.

He was an expert who had opened the Wu Xing Wheel and Wan Xiang Wheel, whereas Meng Xiang was a Rebirth Qi Pract.i.tioner that might not even survive a strike from the likes like fierce and relentless Zhong Yue!

In the underground, the 'earth dragon' gigantic lizard was shocked, he quickly dug deeper into the soil and evaded the ferocious Jiao Dragons. Meanwhile, Zhong Yue's speed reached his peak, and all of a sudden, draconic whistles could be heard while the Jiao Dragons crisscrossed over one another. One of the dragons opened its mouth and swallowed Zhong Yue before heading down and disappearing into the ground!

The other Jiao Dragons followed along, the ground surface was left littered with perforations as a thunderous din resounded out from underground. Zhong Yue had hidden himself within the mouth of a Jiao Dragon while manipulating it to travel deeper into the soil layer so as to avoid contact with Meng She!

It was truly an inspired maneuver. Zhong Yue could not travel at will in the soils but the Jiao Dragons could. Utilizing the Jiao Dragon as his vehicle would effectively allow him to avoid the three experts — Meng She and the two Ying family brothers. In the end, all he was faced with was the solitary 'earth dragon'!

More importantly, Meng She and the others had been laying out their arrangements here for a long time, They had even placed an array formation of stone totem pillars. Moreover, one could easily surmise, from just a cursory glance, that the totem pillars that were made of stone instead of ordinary materials would be immensely dreadful!

However, all of this was rendered moot once Zhong Yue had burrowed underground, effectively circ.u.mventing the wrath of the array formation!

Meng She quickly yelled out loud, "Earth Dragon, quickly kill him, if you can't kill him, at least force him to the surface!"

The earth shook violently from underground. Clearly, Earth Dragon had heard his words and was now on the move. Drilling through the soils to intercept Zhong Yue!

Suddenly, a huge hill bulged up from the ground. It was shaped like a fist — it was definitely formed from the battle happening underground between Zhong Yue and the Earth Dragon. A punch had resulted in the ground bulging out!


Another huge palm mark bulged up from the ground, followed by a series of palm marks and feet marks. Each mark left a hill that was an astounding tens of feet tall - clearly, the battle between the two experts had reached a simmering point!

The Meng brothers and Ying brothers had never seen this kind of underground battle before. The four Qi Pract.i.tioners followed the trail of bulges that would appear from their battle underground, a pair was striding on the ground while the other two took to the air while also sticking close to the battlefield. 

Soon, they had traveled for a few miles, and the track was getting closer to the boundary of Gu Xia City, causing their hearts to thump in anxiousness. 


Meng She yelled out, one after another, stone pillars flew up while retaining the form of the array formation. The stone pillars hovered in the air, waiting for the time where Zhong Yue would be forced to surface to entrap him in the slaughtering array and to cut off his last chance of escape!

The battle in the underground was growing more intense; breaking, snapping and crumbling sounds could be heard incessantly. Suddenly, the earth abruptly sunk down to form a large pithole in the ground!

The Meng brothers and Ying brothers were getting even more unsettled. They moved quickly, shifting their positions while keeping their eyes close to the ground. 

The Earth Dragon was also an expert cultivator that had opened the Wu Xing Wheel, especially the arts of Earth. For him to battle in the underground was the same as the others fighting on the ground surface, strong and powerful.

However, the Ying brothers and Meng brothers could not see what was going on with the battle in the underground; all they could do was helplessly wait in anxiousness, unable to do anything at all.

They were unclear whether Zhong Yue possessed any Earth arts. But judging from the bulging hills from the ground, it was not hard to see that Zhong Yue's combat prowess in the ground would not be inferior either Otherwise, he would not have been able to battle with Earth Dragon until now!

The two of them battled in the ground for another ten miles.

Rays flashed in Meng She's eyes, he snarled abruptly and said, "I can't wait anymore! If we sit by and watch as Long Yue enters the boundary of Gu Xia City, I'm afraid we won't be able to kill him anymore! Why the need to battle underground? Once we've forced him to surface, killing him will be as easy as pie!"

He inhaled a deep breath of air and his body started to enlarge while the figure of a G.o.d emerged behind him, twin heads with six legs.  When it stood upright, four of the six legs turned into arms, roaring ferociously with its heads up!

The roaring was so loud that it trembled the air and reverberated in the empty Savanna Wasteland, it was simply astonishing!

"Wu Xing Realm, Open!"

"Wan Xiang Realm, Open!"

The G.o.d Yuan Shen growled, the Wu Xing Realm and Wan Xiang Realm in his body opened and augmented himself with the mighty power of Wu Xing and Wan Xiang. The terrifyingly strong power blasted the air away as lightning began to cackle in the surrounding - Zilaaaa zilaaa!

"Augmentation of the Wu Xing Wheel and Wan Xiang Wheel,【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】!"

Meng She cast the G.o.d Yuan Shen and crouched down with one knee down and launched a punch smashing heavily onto the ground!


The earth fissured, cracks creeped out from the center of his fist as huge trenches of a thousand feet long and hundred over feet deep were formed!

He was indeed an Awakening expert that had opened the Wu Xing Realm and Wan Xiang Realm — he could transmit the attack to the underground while still retaining the immense power in the strike, smashing over at Zhong Yue and Earth Dragon. The immense strength in his punch even compressed the earth to a degree that was even harder than ordinary metal plates!

"【Mountain Quaking G.o.dly Fist】!"

Meng She struck again and soon, a barrage of punches rained down onto the ground. The impact waves could be seen pulsing out in all directions while the earth swayed violently like water waves!


Suddenly, a figure surfaced from the ground, blasting into mid-air while blood sprinkled tens of feet high away like water fountain from his mouth. Pa-ta, he slammed down onto the ground.

"What are you doing?"

It was Earth Dragon! He looked bitterly at Meng She with a pair of eyes filled with unexpressed resentment. He spurted out blood from his mouth as he spoke, "What are you doing? That brat's mortal body is stronger and more durable than mine, but his prowess in the underground is weaker than mine. I was so close to capturing him, and you've just ruined it all with your punches that broke my bones and impaired my tendons…."


The ground overturned, and another figure blasted out into the air. It was undoubtedly, Zhong Yue. A pair of shining golden wings flared out and carried him into the upper air in a swirling motion before bolting away into the clouds!

Meanwhile, Meng She was ramming on the ground, it was too late to manipulate the stone pillars and stop Zhong Yue with the array formation!

In mid-air, the Ying brothers held the net and their bodies swayed, transforming into two gigantic birds that fluttered behind into the clouds. 

"Long Yue, are you still thinking of running away? Please, may you come into our net!"

The two brothers adroitly manipulated the big net and cast it forward. The net grew bigger and bigger, following Zhong Yue's heels as it came across a patch of cloud. It then shuddered violently and lunged forward, trapping the whole patch of cloud in it. 

One of the gigantic eagles reached out with his talons and clawed onto the big net while flying away. The net continued to pa.s.s through the clouds only to come out with nothing. Zhong Yue had already flown out of the patch of cloud. The other Ying brothers were hot in pursuit, fluttering their wings and turning their feathers into innumerable sharp swords —Shua shua shua— thrusting at him! 

"The Ying family is the ruler of the sky, it's not so easy to shake us off in our own domain! And to think of defeating us in flying combat skills is even more preposterous!"

Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen appeared, casting the Ba Ji Slaughtering Array and forming a phalanx of shields to block the hail of sword feathers. Meanwhile, the Ying brother from before had reclaimed the net and immediately cast it out again!

Zhong Yue had to stop, the Golden Crow wings behind him abruptly extended out and golden sword rays were blasted out to counter the attacks from Ying Bai and Ying Ji. Meanwhile, he slapped his head and the Wood Sword Qi surged out, swaying in the air and morphing into a towering tree.

The net covered down and was stopped by the tree crown, hanging on the tree and could not be recollected.

Zhong Yue reached out his hand and clenched onto the big tree, Ying Li and Ying Bai quickly tried to reclaim the net, afraid that it would be taken away by him. The three of them pulled and wrestled with their strengths as thousands of golden dark sword feathers flitted in the air, revolving around the trio, clashing into one another — it was indeed, a spectacular scene!

"Yuan Shen!"

"Yuan Shen!"

The Ying brothers fought for the net, but their strengths were inferior to Zhong Yue's. Seeing that they were on the verge of losing the net, they quickly released a shrill cry as they cast their Yuan Shen out together Two bird-headed human bodied G.o.ds emerged behind them!"

"Wu Xing Realm, Open! Wu Xing Repressions, Wu Xing Refinements!"

The two of them released a sonorous battle cry, immediately defeating Zhong Yue, causing him to abandon the towering tree formed by the Wood Sword Qi. Zhong Yue fluttered his wings and flew backward while Ying Ji and Ying Bai bolted over from below. Zhong Yue fly away even higher into the sky, pa.s.sing through clouds after clouds as his alt.i.tude relentless climbed.

"Be careful, the lightning zone!"

Meng She raised his head as he closely watched the battle, he shouted, "You guys are going into the upper air lightning zone!"

Meng She immense body weight gave him an accordingly immense amount of inertia. This lent him incredible momentum on the ground and air, but at the cost of agility. This disadvantage would only be further accentuated in the air Thus, he was unable to intervene at all in the intense airborne battle between the Ying brothers and Zhong Yue. 

Zhong Yue, Ying Ji and Ying Bai flew higher and higher. Gradually, the distinct cackling of electricity started to inundate their eardrums as the clouds turned heavy and gray. Soon, the Yang lightning in the upper air was triggered by their Yuan Shen, surging through the clouds like aureate dragons. The stronger the Yuan Shen, the stronger the lightning it would attract. 

Of the three, Ying Ji and Ying bai were both Awakening Qi Pract.i.tioners, while Zhong Yue was not far away from the level of Awakening. It was a certainty that the lightning they would attract would be incredibly astounding.

This was the ferocious lightning zone of the upper air, the lightning even formed into a complete dragon replete with claws, scales, head and body. It loomed in the gloomy clouds - dreadful and fierce. Their hearts trembled and they withdrew their Combat Yuan Shen so as to mitigate the force of the lightning in any way possible. 

But the bone-rattling battle continued, prismatic sword rays flung and slashed about in the air, each of them frighteningly sharp and incisive. 


The lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled. From within the gloomy clouds, a volley of lightning bolts burst out and struck at the trio. It was horrendously quick, the three of them were fighting a second before and as the lightnings struck and the fire sparkled, the three of them became charred and plummeting back to the earth from the upper air lighting zone!

The upper air lightning zone was incredibly overpowering, the three of them each took a full-blown lightning bolt, and in only a single strike, they were all severely injured, nearly blasted to the afterlife!

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