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Chapter 474 - Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Kua Fuding, Chi Qing, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Pin and the other Kun lun experts turned pallid, and their hearts became engulfed in despair, even more than a few moments ago when they slipped right through death's grip from the divine decrees and the saint spirit burst out !

Who would foresee that the A'th.o.e.r demon G.o.ds would appear midway and intercept them here?

The celestials and demons were never on good terms; there would always be only one survivor if the two were to come across one another anywhere else. More so when they were all the most prominent experts of the Kun Lun junior cultivators, there was simply no way for them to escape from the hands of the demon G.o.ds!

In fact, death might just be a better option if they were to encounter the demon G.o.ds. What's more terrifying than that was to get their rights to die stripped away from them. That they would be captured by the demon G.o.ds and face egregious torture by the demons for the rest of their lives!

Once there was a rumor that a celestial G.o.d was captured by a demon G.o.d and was made into a lampwick. He was been lit for a total of 10,000 years, suffering day and night before finally dying . Such pain was definitely something no one would ever be able to bear.

In turn, death seemed to be the far more attractive alternative.

Kua Fuding, Shang Qing and the others were just downcast; things had not gone well for them since entering the Returning Ruins. They were chased by bizarre creatures in the Returning Ruins, completely wiped away by Zhong Yue, then nearly died in the hands of the divine decrees and saint spirits. While just right after they were saved from the fingers of death, they were then again faced squarely with death as the demon G.o.ds had intercepted their teleportation course!

They could definitely be considered as the most unfortunate batch of Qi Pract.i.tioners in this world now!

While in turn, the demon Qi Pract.i.tioners such as Su Domi and Yu Hui were all overjoyed. Especially the likes of Yu Hui and Que Yan'er who were bullied by Zhong Yue before were all looking at him with s.a.d.i.s.tic joy. They were most probably thinking of what they should do to Zhong Yue once he was captured.

The demon G.o.d's huge hand reached out to them and grabbed them all in his fist. Suddenly, a bright ray of white light flashed across the sky, leaving a beautiful arc of light behind it. And as it flew closer to them, it grew larger from the size of a candle light to a huge jade plate in their eyes.

The jade plate was then already tens of miles long in radius when it reached the front of the demon G.o.d's hand and struck right into it!

The demonic hand was shattered into pieces, and a loud groan came from the black demon ship. Immediately, curses came from the demon G.o.ds and the old A'th.o.e.r Lord suddenly stood up. Just as he clenched onto the Chaotic Meteor Banners, the black ship shuddered violently and a fair hand could be seen slamming on the ship body.

The loud cracking sound could be heard coming from within the demon ship and a huge palm mark was left on the ship's body. There were the demon G.o.ds who lost their balance from the strike and were shot out a way.

"A'th.o.e.r, don't you think it's a little shameful of you to bring so many demon G.o.ds along to just ambush a bunch of juniors?" The voice of an old lady could be heard saying.

Auspicious clouds then came into view at great speed, it hovered in front of the demon ship and expanded into a layer of clouds that paved across a distance of a hundred miles.

The Western Mother Empress could be seen standing at the front, leading the Kun Lun G.o.ds behind her as they were all filled with great killing intent.

She then smiled and said, "But… since you are all here already, how can we not be here to send our regards?"

The demon ship creaked and settled down. A'th.o.e.r Lord was standing on the ship's deck. His laughter was demonic and sounded incredibly nefarious, "Western Mother Empress, you are old already, old and senile! Else, you wouldn't even be here, personally looking after these juniors as they fight like ants just so you can have the best Peaches of Immortality. That being said, you and I are the same now, we don't have much time left anymore. But I do wonder, how did you know we were here?"

Zhong Yue's heart instantly stiffened up, the A'th.o.e.r demon G.o.ds had clearly planned for this, and it was quite improbable to notice their movements. Yet, the Kun Lun G.o.ds had made their appearances in this place as well. Clearly, they had been here for quite some time already!

These G.o.ds are all sly and cunning foxes, they both planned to ambush one another's juniors!, Zhong Yue thought to himself.

The G.o.dly auras were shuddering the planets and stars around the s.p.a.ce. The surroundings then turned stagnant, and the junior cultivators had blood trickling out of their mouths as they couldn't withstand the immense pressure.

In the face of the true G.o.ds, everything and everyone seemed inconsequential in comparison. Not even the esteemed young G.o.ds were immune to the suppression!

Zhong Yue, the Tian Wu young cultivator and the others raised their heads and were awed by what they were seeing.

The G.o.ds appeared to be incredibly huge, solemn, imposing, and grand. They were as tall the sky, as firm as the earth, as strong as the sea, and as fast as the lightning, they were as incredible as how they were described in ancient lore!

Solemn and grand, demonic and angelic, dominating and invincible!

Even the young G.o.ds who were said to have the potential to transcend into the G.o.ds were so insignificant in the face of these true G.o.ds, like the differences between the ants and elephants. They weren't even as tall as the G.o.ds' toes.

Suddenly, Zhong Yue has mustered up all of his strength and struggled with every step he took. He was slowly and steadily moving as far away as he could from the G.o.ds, trying to exit the coverage of the G.o.dly auras. Immediately, his movements attracted the attentions of the other Qi Pract.i.tioners and they have all quickly followed, moving away as far as possible from the G.o.ds.

While the Western Mother Empress smiled, she looked as young as Chi Xue, having the appearance of a young beauty, but her voice was as old as one could get, she smiled and said, "It's nothing, I just have my eyes on your A'th.o.e.r Realm."

A'th.o.e.r Lord raised his brow and glanced at the demon G.o.ds that came with him. Immediately, all of the demon G.o.ds lowered their heads. They were engulfed in fear and terror, not daring to speak a word as they feared he would suspect them if they spoke.

"Why are you so anxious? Didn't your A'th.o.e.r Realm plant their own spies into my Kun Lun Realm as well?" Western Mother Empress was smiling as she said, "Shame that I had to eliminate them, but that was all necessary so that you'd go blind on us in the Kun Lun Realm."

A shocked expression spread across A'th.o.e.r Lord's face, and he asked, "Western Mother Empress, I think you might have gotten the wrong idea. We of the A'th.o.e.r Realm have never planted any spies in your Kun Lun. What a pity, I wonder which innocent G.o.d it was that you needlessly killed. Western Mother Empress, butchering as you like isn't really a good thing. After all, don't you care about the feelings of your little brothers and sisters in the Kun Lun Realm?"

Western Mother Empress's beautiful countenance changed slightly, and she swung her sleeves with great force and replied while smiling, "Hmph, you are too naive if you are trying to sow dissension among us. G.o.ds of Kun Lun, follow me, and we shall cleanse this world of these filthy demons!"

Immediately, the G.o.ds rushed out from the auspicious clouds, and the demon G.o.ds leaped down from the demon ship as well. Warcries could be heard unceasingly from the battles!

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue and the other Qi Pract.i.tioners who were on the outer rim mustered up everything they had to move back at a quicker speed. Cold sweat burst out from their foreheads and even soaked their clothes.

The battle of the G.o.ds was definitely something that they had no place in. Even the residual effects of the skills alone could easily wipe away half of them from existence!

Every few seconds, at least one Qi Pract.i.tioner would die from the after impacts of the G.o.dly skills. It's not that they didn't want to put up a fight, but that they were just too weak to fight against the G.o.ds!

All of a sudden, a moving demon Qi Pract.i.tioner who was a relatively safe distance away was suddenly pulled toward the battlefield. He was dragged toward the battle of a demon G.o.d and a celestial G.o.d and before he could even do anything, he was vaporized into thin air.

"My disciple!" that demon G.o.d's face contorted in pain and sadness, he reached a hand out and clenched on the demon divine weapon that came along with the demon expert.

The demon expert was this demon G.o.d's disciple, he was bestowed with his teacher's demon divine weapon and he kept it in his Yuan Shen secret realms. Thus, when the demon G.o.d found out that he wasn't the compet.i.tion to his celestial G.o.d opponent, he immediately summoned for his demon divine weapon, which also pulled his disciple into the hands of death!

Suddenly, another few Qi Pract.i.tioners were also sucked into the battlefield, died and vaporized into thin air before they could do anything else!

Zhong Yue's hairs bristled up, he immediately took out the Kui Long Divine Drum and just as he was at the brink of throwing the divine drum into the copper lamp, it shuddered and bolted out at a great speed. It brought Zhong Yue along on its back as it flew toward a Kui Long G.o.d.

Zhong Yue quickly let go of it and morphed into the form a Kui Long, hopping away with on leg.

The Kui Long G.o.d was precisely the owner of the Kui Long Divine Drum and after he recalled the divine drum, he took a chance and glanced toward Zhong Yue. The Kui Long G.o.d was in joy as he thought, Kui Longzi is still alive, indeed he is worthy to be my disciple! But hmm … why is he looking a little different from before, did he slim down in the Returning Ruins?

He only saw Zhong Yue's back and not the front, or otherwise, the Kui Long G.o.d would have abandoned his opponent demon G.o.d and rushed to kill Zhong Yue at all costs.

The Qi Pract.i.tioners struggled their way out and as soon as they exited the coverage of the G.o.dly auras, they all surged their arcane energies and bolted out at a great speed.

While as the Kun Lun G.o.ds and the demon G.o.ds were clashing in the battlefield, Western Mother Empress and A'th.o.e.r Lord was unmoving, they were looking closely at each other.

"Little children, don't run too far alright? It's not too great a thing to find yourself lost in the endless s.p.a.ce. By then, not even the G.o.ds can save you from death." A'th.o.e.r Lord's voice could then be heard above the Qi Pract.i.tioners, ramming into the ears of those moving away from the battlefield.

As soon as they left the G.o.dly auras coverage area, Zhong Yue quickly rendezvoused with Chi Xue, and they glanced around but found no sign of the Tian Wu cultivator. The words of A'th.o.e.r Lord could then be heard in their ears and Chi Xue quickly said, "He is right. We can't simply fly around or otherwise, we will die if we get lost in the s.p.a.ce!"

Zhong Yue looked around and his eyes lit up. There was a rocky planet not far away from them, about a ten million miles out and he said, "Let's go there! We can use this planet as a platform to go back to Kun Lun after the battle ends!"

Chi Xue then nodded, "But even if we arrived close to our Kun Lun Realm, we can't enter it immediately. The Pure Yang lightning zone in Kun Lun is extremely strong and there is a high chance we can never survive it! We can only temporarily stay at the moons around Kun Lun!"

"Let's go to the planet first and we can discuss further!"

The two of them then bolted out toward the planet. Meanwhile, the many experts including both the celestials and demons were all rushing toward that rocky planet.

After all, the air they had in their Yuan Shen secret realms were limited and without a navigational coordinate in the endless s.p.a.ce, one could get lost very easily.

There was no friction present in the vacuum and thus, the experts were flying at a speed a hundred times faster than normal. Even though ten million miles sounded very far, they could still reach in time at this speed.

It was different to normal flying in the vacuum. As there was no air, the wings were technically useless in here, and thus, pure flying skills made of arcane energies were the fastest.

Zhong Yue took the form of the three-legged Golden Crow, there was lightning and fire below the wings and with that impulse force created by the two elements, Zhong Yue was able to fly at an immense speed. Meanwhile, Chi Xu morphed into her white tiger form, stepping in the void and galloping like the fastest horse.

Behind them were many celestials and demons casting their own skills and moving toward the rocky planet. Especially Peng Qianqiu and Peng Jinyi, their Kun form allowed them to swim in s.p.a.ce as if it were waters, and thus, they were the fastest!

As the Qi Pract.i.tioners drew closer to the rocky planet, they all have slowed down and prepared for landing. Zhong Yue also kept his wings and shot out the lightning and fire forward, further decreasing his speed.

Weird, why did A'th.o.e.r Lord tell us what to do and remind us to not simply fly anywhere? A thought flashed across Zhong Yue's mind as he landed on the ground. Chi Xue landed beside him, and the other experts also landed one after another on the icy cold rocky planet.

Soon, the slower experts also arrived as well.

What if… he told us only because he didn't want us to go anywhere else but this planet… ?

Zhong Yue's scalp tingled, and he grabbed Chi Xue's hand, "RUN!"

As he spoke, the sound of the earth quaking could be heard, and a mountain before them has exploded into rubble. A demon G.o.d walked out from the mountain and suffused the whole planet with his demonic G.o.dly aura. He was laughing loudly as he said, "Run? Run where? My lord has tasked me here and I've waited long enough for you little dolls!"

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