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Chapter 47        Immense Killing Intent

“Alright, I’ll listen to you then, let’s name it【Boundless Great Sword Qi】.”

Zhong Yue gave in to Xin Huo and allowed him to change to name of “Geng Jin Sword Qi”. He then thought, This Xiang Dragon Sword Qi that I cultivated could’ve been even smaller. The more solid my strength is, the easier I could control my strength and make it even more difficult to be defended. If I insist on cultivating it into a bigger Sword Qi, it would not only make it difficult to control, the Sword Qi would also lose its flexibility and strength.

At this, he had a completely different opinion with Xin Huo. A bigger Sword Qi would be better suited for hordes of low-leveled enemies and could sweep them away easily, but the smaller the Sword Qi is stronger when fighting with a strong opponent!

Whereas for people who could easily recover the entire Beast G.o.d seal like Xin Huo, a humongous Sword Qi would be even more satisfying as they could just crush their opponent with just raw and absolute strength.

However, that level was currently far too distant from Zhong Yue’s reach so he must keep on polishing his Sword Qi in order to reach the that level.

Xiang Dragon Sword Qi, invincible, razor sharp and also flexible. I must polish it and make it even smaller before the Lawless Battle at the end of the year!

Zhong Yue flew into the skies to temper his soul and also his Xiang Dragon Sword Qi with the help of the thunder and he murmured, This is all because I might have an encounter with her … Tian Myriad Mother!

Don’t worry Junior Martial Sister Shui as in no time, I will avenge you by killing this filthy demon G.o.d in the Lawless Battle!

As time slowly pa.s.sed, the effort he poured in on the cultivation of the【Boundless Great Sword Qi】increased, he began to understand more about this technique with the Lawless Battle approaching right around the corner.


A loud and clear sound could be heard as a Sword Qi flew out from Zhong Yue’s finger. The Sword Qi was red in colour and it lengthed about five or six inches, dancing around his fingers nimbly.

The Sword Qi behaved just like a fish as it suddenly moved and transformed into a little Xiang Dragon of about five or six inches in length and ran around his fingers livelily.

After another few moments, the Xiang Dragon changed into one tiny Sword Qi strand after another and buried itself into his hairs. It appeared nondescript as it transformed into a strand of red hair that hid among the thick black hair.

Unlike the others, if someone cultivated their Sword Qi, they would make it as big as possible and as majestic as possible. Zhong Yue however, took the opposite route and cultivated it into as small a size as he could.

The Sword Qi that was originally five to six feet long was now merely five to six inches. After being refined with lightning, the impurities in the Sword Qi had been removed and the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi was now even stronger and more malleable to Zhony Yue’s control.


A clear noise was made when the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi and dragon scale sword touched. A crack appeared on the body of dragon scale sword that had consumed twenty days of Elder Pu’s effort!

The dragon scale sword is a high-cla.s.s soul weapon but it was effortlessly cut open by the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi. WIth that, the terrifying sharpness of the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi could be easily seen!

The old Qi Pract.i.tioner, Elder Pu, used up twenty days just to craft this sword, he gathered all a.s.sortments of dark-gold and darksteel and synthesized them with the Jiao Dragon Totem along with the Thunder Totem to craft this sword. But now, the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi that Zhong Yue just cultivated for merely a month time had easily surpa.s.sed the dragon scale sword, further attesting to the magnificence of the【Boundless Great Sword Qi】!

Zhong Yue dispersed the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi and summoned his soul back into his body. The Xiang Dragon Sword Qi went back into the scabbard while he said, Everyone in the upper house is eligible for the to partic.i.p.ate in the Lawless Battle and Tian Myriad Mother will also partic.i.p.ate in this battle. I will use this Xiang Dragon Sword Qi as my trump card! With her strength, she will easily enter the final battle where I will cut her down!


The Lawless Battle organized once in a year has began.

The upper house was bustling with noise as all of the upper house disciples armed themselves and prepared for the battle.

In this battle, those who won would be granted a chance to enter the Ethereal palace to consummate their spirits and become a Qi Pract.i.tioner!

With just that, one could imagine the significance of this battle!

“Brat Yue, this Lawless Battle can also be considered a proxy test to determine if you could meet my requirements.”

Xin Huo laughed and said, “If you could make everything swift, fierce and strong, I will take you to the edge of the moon and sun so that you could sense the purest spirits of the moon and sun! Now, it is time to test yourself, go and crush every upper house disciples out there!”

Crush all the upper house disciples?

Zhong Yue remained expressionless. He exhibited a very calm temperament that belied his age and effused a dangerous aura around him, like the skies before a storm or a calmly smoldering volcano on the verge of erupting. He said in his heart,My aim is not that, but you … Tian Myriad Mother! But, if I have to crush them in order to kill Tian Myriad Mother, I would not hesitate!

The day of the Lawless Battle had arrived, the golden summit of Swords Gate shined brightly. Golden rays were radiated from the summit of the Swords Gate which bathed the slanting mountains with a golden sword energy.

One after another, elders of Swords Gate walked down from the golden summit and headed towards the Swords Gate’s upper house. They were there to host the Lawless Battle and summoned the upper house disciples to the Five Pine Summit for the battle would take place.

Those who were training in the inner house also returned to the upper house and there were many new faces in the upper house. Those new faces were probably all the core disciples of the top ten clans that had their own Qi Pract.i.tioners to guide them.

On the Five Pine Summit, Zhong Yue looked around and saw towers, one after another,were standing together surrounding the mountain. On top of the towers, the elders sat under the shade provided by the umbrellas and other items. Below the towers were the upper house disciples that slowly congregated together.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhong, finally, I could fight you fair and square without holding back!”

Yu Feiyan walked towards Zhong Yue with confidence and said softly, “You have been avoiding my challenge, but now, you can’t avoid my challenge anymore in the Lawless Battle.”

Zhong Yue smiled and replied, “Senior Martial Sister, there are so many upper house disciples here, the chances of the two of us encountering each other are very slim.”

However, Yu Feiyan said with strong confidence, “I am one of those who are destined to walk until the end, where as for you, how far you could walk would depend on your training!”

“Junior Martial Sister Yu, seems like you have gained much from your training recently, being able to speak with such confidence.”

Li Xiuniang approached them and said with a smile, “However, your gains are still a little bit inferior to what I’ve gained in this period of time, which is normal as you have always been a little bit weaker than me. But this time, the gap between us has only grown wider. Fortunately for you, my opponents are the core disciples of your clan, Yu Zhenlong, rather than you.”

Yu Feiyan humphed and the Twin Flying Fish Goose appeared behind her, creating a beautiful scene where the fish dragon and the great goose danced together.

Zhong Yue was amazed as the Twin Flying Fish Goose became even more realistic again. The bone structures of the fish dragon and great goose were no longer visible as they were covered with the true to life fish dragon hide and feathers. All of this showed that her psyche had also reached the the stage of [Actualization of Virtuality].

Zhong Yue then thought, Senior Martial Sister Yu has improved a lot in this period of time. I wonder if she has achieved the level of subconsciously visualization. If she still has not achieved that level, I’m afraid she will be no match for Senior Martial Sister Li.

The two girls glared at each other hostilely and it seemed like they had the intention of eliminating each other before the battle even began. Fortunately, Tao Daier, Ting Lanyue and the other girls were there to pacify them before the situation got out of hand.

Zhong Yue measured them carefully and found out that they had all changed the old totem pillars into newer ones and brought along their soul weapons as well. They were all fully prepared and their expressions betrayed only a little bit of nervousness. 

Ting Lanyue whispered, “Only the top hundred will be able to enter the Ethereal palace, I have to try my best to enter the top hundred!”

Tao Daier replied to her silently, “【The Cloud Spirit Ar】of the Tao Lin Clan is not that strong in combat, my only hope lies with my soul weapon and movement technique.”

“Senior Martial Sister Li, who are the strong candidates in this Lawless Battle?” asked a young girl.

“Among the top ten clans in this ruleless battle, the strongest of the Li Shan Clan is me, while Lei Gun from Lei Hu Clan is already dead, although there are also some other strong candidates but only a few of them could match up with Lei Gun.”

Li Xiuniang then pointed her fingers towards a certain direction and said, “You Yu Clan, the second large clan among the top ten, has Yu Zhenlong, which is that man over there, the brother of Junior Martial Sister Yu.”

Zhong Yue, Ting Lanyue and the others looked towards that direction and saw an elegant young man standing with the Yu Clan’s disciples. When he felt that Zhong Yue and the others were looking at him, he turned his head and his eyesight landed on Li Xiuniang first, then Zhong Yue before nodding towards them in greeting.

Zhong Yue reciprocated and after that, Yu Zhenlong turned his head away.

“The core disciple of the third clan, Tao Lin Clan, is a girl called Tao Yanran, which is that girl over there. The techniques of the Tao Lin Clan may be weak in the early stages but as they continue training, their technique would eventually surpa.s.s the other techniques. This girl is Tao Yanran, the strongest among the upper house female disciples – a very compet.i.tive opponent!”

As she spoke, Li Xiuniang pointed towards the Tao Lin Clan disciples where a girl smiled like a blossomed peach flower among the Tao Lin Clan disciples. When she felt their gazes, she waved at Tao Daier and smiled, “Tao-tao, over here!”

The core disciple of the fourth Clan, Nan Zhen from Nan Lu Clan; the core disciple from the fifth clan, Tian Yanfeng from Tian Feng Clan; Lei Gun who is now dead, was the core disciple of the sixth clan, Lei Hu Clan; the core disciple from the seventh clan, Jun Qingyue, who is a female disciple from Jun Shan Clan; the eighth clan is Shui Tu Clan and their core disciple is Shui Qinghe and the ninth clan is my clan, Li Shan Clan. The tenth clan is the Qiu Tan clan, their core disciple was a female disciple but they said she possessed an innate spirit body and now, she is already a Qi Pract.i.tioner.”

Li Xiuniang introduced the core disciples and their clans. When she introduced the Qiu Tan Clan, Zhong Yue thought, Could the one Senior Martial Sister Li mentioned is Junior Martial Sister Jiner? She also had an innate spirit body and a Qi Pract.i.tioner….” 

“Junior Martial Brother Zhong, your little lover is here.” said Ting Lanyue with a smile suddenly.

At the same time, Xin Huo also sounded out in his psyche ocean, “Tian Myriad Mother is here!”

Zhong Yue remained expressionless and his sights landed on the girls walking towards to their direction. Among the girls, Shui Qingyan could be seen walking together with the Shui Tu Clan’s female disciples and she appeared to be even prettier after this period of time.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhong has lost his soul to Shui Qingyan….” said the laughing girls around him.

Zhong Yue ignored their jokes and he continued staring at the girl that felt like his closest kin but also an unfamiliar stranger at the same time.

“Don’t expose your killing intent!”

Xin Huo whispered, “Tian Myriad Mother could sense your killing intent as it is very intense!”

As Xin Huo warned him, Shui Qingyan turn her head and looked at Zhong Yue with confusion.

Zhong Yue moved his eyesight away from her and said in his heart, My sword is as fast as my thoughts. I wonder if my speed could cut her head off before the elders could react.

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