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Chapter 472 - None Would Survive

Shang Qing m.u.f.fled a deep groan, his neck made a few turns, and his body twisted like ropes as well. He was sent back a few hundred feet and laid on the ground like a three-legged toad.


Shang Qing finally came back to his senses after being hit, and he was quick to respond with an attack of his own; he was indeed a cultivator who had opened all the extreme states!

When the sonic attack reached Zhong Yue, he was already halfway to reaching Shang Qing. Without hesitation, Zhong Yue struck the Kui Long Divine Drum and the opposing soundwaves collided. The power of the two sonic attacks then swept dusts and gra.s.s all around them up into the air!

Shang Qing was struck back, and he laid on the ground like a toad again. Six bright moons appeared behind him, and the s.p.a.ce in front of him contorted like the broken mirror. Silver rays materialized into the silver shards and rained down on Zhong Yue to pin him to the ground.

Zhong Yue then wielded the golden sword and retaliated with a wave of sword rays. The【Great Boundless Sword Qi】was fully cast, and all of the silver shards were cleared away. At the same time, the Kui Long Divine Drum hovered above him and thrummed unceasingly!


Shang Qing's body morphed into the form of the white tiger and the Gold Qi around formed into an exoskeleton frame around his body. Sharp golden bones protruded out of his joints and fought back with Zhong Yue's incoming Sword Qi.

The three-legged Star Toad Yuan Shen and the Western Mother Yuan Shen appeared behind him. The three-legged celestial being held on the Lunar Mirror and shone at the direction of the Kui Long Divine Drum, reflecting and repelling the incoming sound waves back at it!

The Western Mother Yuan Shen was then infused into his mortal body, changing Shang Qing's form into a coquettish-looking young lady with a leopard tail on his body, greatly boosted his prowess!

Zhong Yue then reached the front of androgynous-looking Shang Qing. The Tai Chi Inner Core flew out, and the inner core force field was abruptly triggered. Meanwhile, Shang Qing's inner core flew out and activated the inner core force field as well. The two opposing force fields crashed into one another and fought for dominance.


A loud noise came within the two inner cores, and the earth shuddered violently, the two inner cores then flew back to their owners.

Their inner core force fields were on par with one another in strength, and thus, none of the two dared to go all out in fear of their inner cores getting damaged.

The two of them then began to fight in close-quarters. They exchanged at a rapid clip, and in just the blink of an eye, hundreds of attacks was exchanged. Meanwhile, the G.o.ddess in the moon core had already absorbed all of the Innate Tai Yin Divine Water into the moon core.

It revolved on the ground and shrunk, turning back to the size of a pearl and returning to the copper lamp.

The light wheels revolved behind Zhong Yue, and the copper lamp flew back into his Yuan Shen secret realms.

It was now that the other experts could finally recollect their thoughts and react to the sudden development of situation. They all looked at Zhong Yue and Shang Qing, and hesitated.

What happened just now was way too scary for them. The Innate Tai Yin Divine Water was already something they couldn't contend against, and yet, right at the next moment, something scarier happened — Zhong Yue had 'cast' out an innate G.o.d!

An innate G.o.d!

He hid an innate G.o.d in his soul weapon, and he had just 'cast' her out, and the next thing they knew was that the innate G.o.d had just sucked and wiped away the Innate Tai Yin Divine Water from the battlefield like drinking a mouth of water!

The Innate Tai Yin Divine Water could strike fear into most, but the innate G.o.d could scare all of those present to death!

"I think… that innate G.o.d can't move yet…."

Someone noticed the oddness in it and mumbled softly, "That innate G.o.d seems to be sleeping, or she is slumbering to heal her injuries. Absorbing the Innate Tai Yin Divine Water was not a conscious act on her part!"

When Kua Fuding woke up from the swoon, he witnessed the scene happening before his eyes and was stunned by it. He heard the words and shook his head, saying, "That is most probably an innate G.o.d who had yet to fully mature…. d.a.m.n, she sure is pretty!"

Su Domi's face was also dark and solemn as he said, "Even if she is an immature innate G.o.d, she would already have her own consciousness!"


Zhong Yue and Shang Qing fought from the ground to the top of an Immortality Peach Tree's tree crown. Their skills and divine weapons were clashing with one another, and they were both flitting from one tree to another as if dancing on the tip of the blades, a slight moment of inattention would cost them their lives!

The experts looked at them and frowned with hesitation. Zhong Yue was their enemy, but Shang Qing also nearly killed them just a few moments ago. Who should they actually help now?

"Then just kill them both!" Su Domi dashed forward and leaped onto the branch of a divine tree. He charged into the battlefield with eight arms each wielding a divine demon weapon. He attacked at Zhong Yue and Shang Qing simultaneously!

A series of blunt sounds formed a raucous din, and the three of them all m.u.f.fled pained groans as they all fell from the treetop. The moment they crossed shoulders, Zhong Yue cast out his divine third eye and shot out a ray of Yin and Yang sword light from his eyes out toward Shang Qing.

Meanwhile, the【Celestial Demon Yi】burst out and struck at both Su Domi and Shang Qing. The two of them spurted out a mouthful of blood and were pulled toward Zhong Yue, nearly being sucked into the 【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】!

Shang Qing m.u.f.fled a deep groan, and blocked the divine third eye's sword ray with the Lunar Mirror, but the Yin and Yang Qi was going for his waist, intending to separate him from his waist.

But right at the moment that the Yin and Yang Qi was about struck on his body, his muscles bulged out and acquired a metallic sheen. Numerous tiny golden totem patterns then interweaved together all over his body, greatly strengthening his endurance and stopping the Yin and Yang Qi from cutting him at the waist!

Meanwhile, Shang Qing pulled out his hairpin and thrust it at Zhong Yue.The hairpin was incredibly strong, able to break right through Zhong Yue's【Shao Hao Bell】. He sent the hairpin into into Zhong Yue's chest while he raised Zhong Yue up above from the ground!

Shang Qing's other hand struck Su Domi's chest, creating a deep wound on Su Domi's torso!

Su Domi's bird head's forehead was then seen cracked open as Zhong Yue's Golden Feathery Peng Sword slashed down on it. His two arms that were wielding two demon divine axes chopped down on Shang Qing's arms, nearly amputating them from his body!

Meanwhile, his other two arms were also wielding the demon divine weapons. The demon saber slashed at Zhong Yue's kicking leg, severing it from the thigh; whereas the mountain seal hit Zhong Yue's【Shao Hao Bell】but was blocked by the Kui Long Divine Drum before it could reach Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue then kicked another leg at Su Domi's groin region. And immediately, Su Domi's face turned purple as he shouted in his heart, d.a.m.n IT, this brat has three legs…

The three of them were spurting out mouthfuls of blood after all of this that took place within a few seconds. Zhong Yue's severed leg then started growing back and so was the hole in his chest.

Su Domi then turned around and raised the eight demon divine weapons. He then whirled his body like a tornado and rained the demon divine weapons at his two opponents.

Shang Qing forcibly suppressed his wound, and he turned into the three-legged celestial being, with six eyes on his face and back into the gender of male as he rushed toward the center of the battlefield with sharp killing intent.

Zhong Yue turned and fought again.

Meanwhile, the two Black Tortoise experts came together and transformed into the Black Tortoise celestial being, intervening in the battle.


A loud blast could be heard as the Black Tortoise celestial being's【Black Tortoise Divine Shields】blocked the attacks and struck it at the three of them!

The experts were also swarming over, even Yu Hui, Que Yan'er and Kua Fuding have joined in the battle!

"How dare you all fight with my brother, I want you all dead!" the Tian Wu young cultivator shouted in unison and rushed forward. He cast out the divine weapon — the Tian Wu Goblet — at Shang Qing, trying to trap him in the divine goblet.

Immediately, as the many experts swarmed into the battle, Shang Qing was. .h.i.t with a number of skills and was pinned to the ground. He then quickly laid himself close to the ground while transforming into the form of the three-legged Star Toad. He sucked in a deep breath of air and hopped into the sky toward the Tian Wu Goblet.

Chi, chi, chi——

He then morphed into the white tiger form and shot out the golden bone spikes right into the Tian Wu Goblet, fending off the Tian Wu Goblet's suction force and blasting out a silver light beam from the Lunar Mirror at the Tian Wu young cultivator!

Seeing that Shang Qing couldn't be trapped in the divine weapon anymore, the Tian Wu young cultivator then surged his arcane energy into the Tian Wu Goblet. Instantly, the eight sculptures of the Tian Wu heads around the goblet opened their mouths and blasted eight light beams into the center of the divine goblet. The eight golden light beams coalesced into a stronger light beam and then shot right toward Shang Qing.

All of a sudden, a Heavenly Dharma demon came out of nowhere and launched a palm strike at the Tian Wu young cultivator. The Tian Wu young cultivator was struck in the explosion, and eight exquisite Golden Hous scattering out to the surroundings.

The eight Golden Hous then quickly gathered together again and formed back into the Tian Wu young cultivator. This time, he didn't pick on the strong targets like Shang Qing anymore. Instead, he roamed around the battlefield while stealthily ambushing various experts.

Chi Xue, Chi Qing, and Fu Tixiang, who were at the other end, were also dragged into the battle. Even the two Kun Peng magnates, Peng Jinyi and Peng Qianqiu also turned back and lingering around Zhong Yue, waiting for the right opportunity to deliver the killing blow.

s.h.i.t, s.h.i.t, s.h.i.t… this is getting out hand! Cold sweat then burst out of Zhong Yue's forehead as he thought.

The whole situation was going haywire, not only were the experts attacking him, they were attacking one another as well. After all, not only was he their enemy, but the celestials and demons weren't on good terms either. Moreover, the demon race and celestial race also had their own conflicts. All in all, the whole battlefield was filled with experts who would just attack anyone that was close to them!

In such a situation, Zhong Yue and the likes were still able to withstand it, but what he feared was what would come next!

Surely enough, the situation developed toward the direction he predicted. Yu Hui was severely injured by him before the battle started, and as of now, he was stuck in the middle of the battlefield. Yu Hui was badly hit and was on the verge of dying. Suddenly, a loud cracking sound came within his forehead. The Heavenly Incinerate Divine Decree that the Tian Jin Saint Race grand ancestor left in his forehead was triggered! The divine decree burned and suffused the battlefield with an immense G.o.dly aura!

Right at the split second after the divine decree has completely burned out, a wave of demonic fire has blasted out in all direction, engulfing those around in the appalling Heavenly Incinerate Demon Fire!

The demonic aura pierced the sky and burned everything, tossing nearly everyone into a deadly situation!

Just as the demon fire was spreading out, another burst of G.o.dly aura came within Que Yan'er's forehead. Immediately, a dragon phoenix saint spirit flew out and spanned its wing wide while it bolted up into the sky. Fire arrows were then barraging out from the wings and rained above the battlefield!

Meanwhile, the Kua Fu Amnesty Decree emerged from Kua Fuding's forehead, shining with golden rays as it turned into a Kua Fu celestial being. It was so tall and muscular that when it slammed its hands down, nearly the whole battlefield was covered in its shadows!

While a Sudo saint spirit flew out from Su Domi's forehead as well, it turned into the image of the A'th.o.e.r G.o.d and suppressed everything around like a demon king!

Two divine decrees appeared from Xuan Zhen and Xuan Pin's foreheads, the two decrees came together and formed a huge Black Tortoise legendary beast. The Xuan Turtle opened its mouth wide and roared loudly while the Teng Snake raised its head high and sucked a hole on the cloud layer!

There was then also the Fu Ti Mother's Divine Decree that flew out from Fu Tixiang's forehead, forming into a Fu Ti Ancient Tree that extended its branched out in every direction!

From Shang Qing's forehead, there was a Western Mother Empress's Amnesty Decree flying out in golden rays. Chi Xue saw it and she nearly spurted out a mouth of blood in sadness!

In just an instant, the protective trump cards of all the experts were triggered, and the rest of the Qi Pract.i.tioners all stood stock still in shock, terrified by the sudden changes.

All of these divine decrees and the saint spirits were a small fraction of the strongest existences in Kun Lun and A'th.o.e.r, namely the Western Mother Empress of the Kua Fu Celestial Race, and the Deity Overlord G.o.ds of A'th.o.e.r!

No matter which side won in the past, there was one thing that was for certain, and that was that no one present here today would be able to survive a clash between G.o.ds, with or without protection!

"What are we all going to do? Are we all going to die?" The Tian Wu young cultivator then shouted.

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