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Chapter 411 - Lord of The Feng Gu City

Outside of the monster Feng Gu City, Zhong Yue was standing on top of a mountain. His psyche surged up a giant stone, and in just the blink of an eye, the giant rock was carved into a small wayside pavilion with a stone table and stone chairs.

Zhong Yue sat down and took out teapot and cups as he began boiling tea before waiting patiently.

Half a day's time pa.s.sed before a sudden ray of light made a beautiful arc across the sky, landing beside the pavilion. Gu Hongzi then slowly walked into the pavilion and said, "Junior Martial Brother Zhong, what is so urgent? Is there anything that can't be said through the totem pillars? If Shi Buyi finds out about this, that old lion will become suspicious of you."

Zhong Yue gestured Gu Hongzi to take a seat, and he lifted up the teapot and laughed, "It's been a long time since we last met. I'm missing senior martial brother a little. Furthermore, even if Shi Buyi finds out, he won't suspect Long Yue at all."

Gu Hongzi sat down, and Zhong Yue poured him a cup of fresh tea. The tea was clear and had a bitter yet sweet aroma.

The tea itself carried a faint surge of spiritual energy.

"Good tea."

Gu Hongzi praised and said, "What is this tea?"

Zhong Yue smiled and answered, "This is the Gentian Tea, the gentian is bitter, but the tea leaves themselves are sweet. I brought this tea back from the North Barren, gifted by the clan master of the Bai Zhe Clan. Give it a try, senior martial brother."

Gu Hongzi took a sip, and he praised, "How much do you have left, give me some."

Zhong Yue took out another pack of Gentian Tea, and Gu Hongzi immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed it, taking half of it. He then said, "Junior Martial Brother Zhong, what do you want to say?"

"You've been missing for so long, I don't know of your status, or whether or not your injuries have recovered."

Zhong Yue then said, "Now that I see that you seem alive and well and that your cultivation base has increased substantially, my heart can be at ease. Senior Martial Brother Gu, Swords Gate is now on the rise, and we will bring humanity to the top of this world. You will only be in Shi Buyi's shadow in the East Barren as long as he's alive. Why don't you follow me back to the Great Wilderness?"

Gu Hongzi shook his head and said bitterly, "My heart has wanted to soar in this world freely for as long as I can remember, and now, the only man that can restrain me has died. It is time for me to spread my wings. Senior Martial Brother Zhong, I've repaid all my debts to the old man. Now, it is time for me to live for myself. True, I am a half-human, but let's not forget that I am also a half-monster too. Nothing can excite me more than a strong opponent like Shi Buyi. However, if I leave for Great Wilderness, I will be branded a traitor for sure. I will never be able to return to the monster race after that."

Zhong Yue sighed. He knew that Gu Hongzi was an independent man and that convincing him to change his mind was nearly impossible.

"You and I are still senior martial siblings."

Gu Hongzi laughed and said, "In Swords Gate, I only know you, the old man, and Old Shui. Furthermore, Jun Sixie is an iron lady whose reputation was no weaker than mine. Of course, I wouldn't go and be an elder under her commands. My ambition is to become the master of the whole East Barren!"

Zhong Yue then gave up on persuading Gu Hongzi. He raised his head and looked at Feng Gu City, saying, "Other than trying to convince you to return to the Great Wilderness, I have another matter I need to talk to you about. I've found a dimensional tunnel in the Bai Zhe Clan's Frozen Ancient Capital, one that links our Ancestral Star to the insect planet. Although the grand ancestor of the Bai Zhe Clan sealed the tunnel away a long time ago, it did bring up something in my mind."

Gu Hongzi listened intently while Zhong Yue continued, "When Shi Buyi was selecting his disciples, I found out that the daughter of the Feng Gu City Lord was from the insect race. I suspect that the Feng Gu City Lord is also an insect and that he is linked to the queen mother insect that escaped from the Black Mountain Secret Realm."

Gu Hongzi then asked, "You mean…"

"That mother insect is most probably talking to the insect planet. There are quite a number of G.o.ds in the insect planet."

Zhong Yue mulled and said, "Initially, I thought that there is only one mother insect in the Ancestral Star. One mother insect isn't much trouble for the whole Ancestral Star. But what if this mother insect came from the insect planet? What if this mother insect is provided certain means that can open another dimensional tunnel from the insect planet? The consequences will be severe, to say the least, even to the whole Ancestral Star. Hence, I've asked senior martial brother over to scout out Feng Gu City with me."

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