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Chapter 36        Double Kill

That means, the Senior Martial Brother Han Qingmo looked up to by the young ladies has since long been dead, what is here now is a monster beast that is occupying his skin. It faked a fight with the two beasts to attract Lei Gun and the Lei Hu Clan disciples to rescue ‘him’, then they ambushed and killed all of them!

Zhong Yue’s eyes shifted, he was quick to deduce the antecedents and consequences, And here they are again, trying to lure us into the same sinister trap. As long as we fall into their trap, taking me, Senior Martial Sister Li and Senior Martial Yu off their path, then the others would not be of concern anymore. Weird, do the monster beasts of Beast G.o.d Ridge possess this kind of intelligence? Could it be that they are outsiders from the lands beyond the Great Wilderness?

Thoughts flashed in his mind, ever since arriving at the Beast G.o.d Ridge, he could sense a malevolent presence closely watching over them, in addition to the unusual number of ambushes by the monster beasts and the nefarious blood stains on his sword when he pierced the pink effluvium, Zhong Yue can now be sure that the humongous black bear, buck and this ‘Senior Martial Brother Han’, are all monster beasts from the outside!

What are they doing here in Beast G.o.d Ridge?

His heart skipped a beat, Yes, that’s right, they are of the monster race, they can also absorb the beast G.o.d essence. If a small trace of beast G.o.d essence was able to strengthen the native monster beasts to such an extent, then it will be like a medicinal pellet of the highest calibre to the superior monster beasts! These monstrous outsiders are here for the beast G.o.d essence!

Yu Feiyan stepped forward, she quickly said, “Junior Martial Brother Zhong, Junior Martial Sister Li, take charge of the black bear, I will save Senior Martial Brother Han!”

Zhong Yue strode over and blocked her path, he shook his head and refuted, “Senior Martial Sister Yu, the bear beast is severely injured, you will take care of it. Senior Martial Sister Li, kill the buck, I will save Senior Martial Brother Han!”

Li Xiuniang nodded in agreement, “Alright! Although this buck is at the edge of dying, but there is no guarantee that it will not cause any more harm, it will have to be exterminated.”

Yu Feiyan hesitated for a second, she then visualizes the fish-dragon, her psyche turned into water and an exquisite looking fish-dragon swam in it, the over one hundred feet long fish-dragon pounced towards the big bear! 

A pair of wings appeared on her back as Yu Feiyan raised her arms, she soared into the air and her soul weapon floated in front of her! 

At the same time, Li Xiuniang visualized the monster G.o.d of the Monster G.o.d Flower, she lifted her fingers and the lotus petals formed into a sword array striking towards the buck. 

Gongyang’s heart skipped a beat, the buck started moaning and groaning in his heart. He peeped at Zhong Yue only to find him slowly walking towards ‘Senior Martial Brother Han’, Gongyang was getting anxious, Please walk faster!

They plotted this whole thing to lure Zhong Yue and the others into their sinister trap.

After all, they were in the territory of Swords Gate, they had to keep a low profile to avoid stirring up too much trouble, or otherwise when the Swords Gate Qi Pract.i.tioners are alerted, they will have no choice but to die, letting their remains be turned into ashes and dust. Hence, they couldn’t allow any one of the disciples to walk out alive. 

They had come to found out the strengths of Zhong Yue, Lei Gun, Li Xiuniang and the other disciples. It would be hard for them to eliminate all the disciples down alone, with Zhong Yue, Li Xiuniang and Yu Feiyan being the strongest, they would have the highest probability of escaping, therefore they had to initially get rid of the trio, only then would they be in a suitable position to settle with the others!

The other disciples struggled to even persist while holding onto their own lives under the relentless attacks of the claws and paws of the three beasts, not to mention escaping out of Beast G.o.d Ridge!

The three beasts gathered back together and ambushed Lei Gun and the Lei Hu Clan disciples with a sinister plot. But now, when they were about to their recycle their sinister plot and ambush their next group of victims, the sequence of events were slowly drifting away from their original narrative, the weakest of the trio, Yu Feiyan was exerting her utmost strength attacking Senior Martial Brother Xiong while Li Xiuniang was walking towards him, preparing to end his life. 

Among the trio, Zhong Yue who was the strongest was their main focus, but he was still slowly strolling his way towards ‘Senior Martial Brother Han’, witnessing this made Gongyang have the urge of kicking him in the b.u.t.t so that he would walk faster. 


Li Xiuniang’s sword array landed and trapped Gongyang in it, a Sword Qi slashed at him, Gongyang’s muscles twitched and blood started flowing out, he clenched his teeth and said to himself, A small leak will sink a great ship, I will endure this! A little longer and then this little brat will walk to the side of Junior Martial Sister She where she will kill him, it will then be three on two, let’s hope these young ladies don’t die in too horrible a way!

The sword array was activated, within seconds, Gongyang’s body was slashed countless times. If it wasn’t for his tough skin protecting him, he would be suffering grievous injuries rather than some superficial and minor wounds.

But the next moment, the monster G.o.d behind Li Xiuniang pressed it’s palm down onto him, his humongous body was stamped into the ground, he almost could not take it and was on the verge of spewing out mouthfuls of blood!

On the other side, Senior Martial Brother Xiong was howling and roaring, a huge lump of flesh was bitten away by the fish-dragon, he was filled with anger but could only suppress it down in order to lure Zhong Yue into their trap, feigning that he was severely injured and was becoming powerless so that he would not scare away Zhong Yue if he smashed Yu Feiyan into dead meat.

This human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, can he not walk faster? Are you here to save a life or to take a walk in the park?

Senior Martial Brother Xiong released an outcry in anger, he glanced at Zhong Yue with a pair of ferocious eyes, lifted his paws and slammed onto ‘Senior Martial Brother Han’, ‘Senior Martial Brother Han’ immediately knew his intention and he evaded the bear paws while running towards Zhong Yue.

“Don’t you dare, you evil beast!”

Zhong Yue had an imposing manner when he shouted at the bear, he raised his arms and struck lightning at the giant bear’s thighs, blood and smoke burst out from the black bear’s flesh. 

Senior Martial Brother Xiong was enraged to the point he wanted to vomit out blood, he looked at the little human midget and saw Zhong Yue materializing two Jiao Dragons that then pounced towards him, in the blink of an eye the two Jiao Dragons clawed themselves onto his legs. 


Lightning burst out and the thunderous Sword Qi in the Jiao Dragons also flared-up, Senior Martial Brother Xiong’s legs were severely wounded, the bear furiously roared as its body fell down onto the ground!

“Senior Martial Brother Han need not worry, stay behind me!” Zhong Yue said, his imposing manner was getting stronger, his sights fixated on the black bear on the ground while he talked to Senior Martial Brother without even turning his head. 

Yu Feiyan immediately slashed her soul weapon fiercely towards Senior Martial Brother Xiong.

‘Senior Martial Brother Han’ staggered behind Zhong Yue, his eyes glimmered in nefarious light, all of a sudden his neck lengthened and grew thicker, in but an instant, it turned into a human-faced serpent head, it heaved high and bit towards Zhong Yue! 

At the same time, Gongyang and Senior Martial Brother Xiong’s face stiffened, they reacted violently. Gongyang leapt up from the ground and was immediately faced with a dozen of palm strikes by Li Xiuniang’s monster G.o.d, with his broken bones and his flesh exposed out from the tough skin, he finally spewed out a mouthful of blood and he lowered his head ramming towards Li Xiuniang! 

While Senior Martial Brother Xiong attempted to leap up but he fell down onto the ground again due to his severely injured legs. However his strength was still incredible, he sat on the ground and with a single slam, he crushed the fish-dragon Yu Feiyan visualized! 

Li Xiuniang and Yu Feiyan were shocked, they saw the human-faced serpent head out of the corner of their eyes, they tried to warn Zhong Yue but what use would it have now? 

Right at this moment, Zhong Yue turned his head back, he looked squarely at the human-faced serpent with a smile, “It’s true that it’s easier for you to a.s.sault me from behind, but the same also goes for me.” 

Before Junior Martial Sister She could a.s.sault him, her heart thumped in fear upon hearing his words. All of a sudden, she felt a chilly metallic sensation from behind her head, a jet-black colored sword ray pierced her neck like a flash of lightning, Chi-chi-chi, the thunderous sword ray slit her serpentskin as if it was tofu, in a trice, it unleased a storm of sword slashes onto the monster serpent’s neck!

Junior Martial Sister She let out a blood-curdling scream, blood gushed out like fountain from her neck, the giant decapitated serpent head fell onto the ground, rolling and eventually disappearing into the woods!


The headless body reverted back to her true form, a humongous serpent of a thousand feet long, rolling and randomly flailing in the valley, even without the serpent head, her body still thrashed about as if it was loath to die. 

Zhong Yue lifted himself with lightning beneath his feet to avoid the floggings of the serpent body, he flicked his finger and a sword ray jabbed into the black bear’s forehead. 


The black sword ray pierced through the black bear’s head, Zhong Yue then dashed to the back of the black bear’s head, he pressed his palm on the aperture made from the sword ray. 

“【Spring Thunder Swords Skill】– Million Lightning Strike!”

Zhong Yue said in a low voice, countless condensed light rays then entered the black bear’s head through the aperture!


One after another, the thunderous sword rays shot out from the black bear’s eyes, nose and ears, even his brain was sliced into pieces and scorched by the lightning! 

Zhong Yue then grabbed his Dragon Scale Sword, he turned around and slashed towards the buck who was fighting with Senior Martial Sister Li!

“Million Miles The Dragon Soars!”

A ferocious Jiao Dragon appeared beneath his feet and carried him, he strode towards the buck and fiercely slashed down with his sword!

The buck was affrighted, he quickly parried the slash with his horns —Zheng!— The sword quivered while the buck groaned in pain as one of his horns were sliced off! 

“You knew all about it?”

The buck leaped out from the encirclement of Li Xiuniang and Zhongyue, in a split second he was few miles away from them, he then leaped again and again, a dozen leaps and he was already on the top of a marvellous mountain, Zhong Yue and Li Xiuniang couldn’t catch up to his speed. 

The buck turned around on the cliff with his b.l.o.o.d.y and severely wounded body, his voice was guttural as he screamed in anger, “You killed my Junior Martial Sister She and Senior Martial Brother Xiong, my teacher will never let you get away with this! Clean yourselves and wait for death to befall upon you!”

Zhong Yue flicked his finger and Dragon Scale Sword shot out, the buck jumped down from the cliff and disappeared in their sights. It was then only the other disciples recollected back their thoughts, the young ladies and Li Shan Clan disciples controlled the rainbow clouds and lotus leaf and chased in pursuit.

“The buck, speaks?”

Li Xiuniang and Yu Feiyan were dumbstruck, they shouted out involuntarily, “Monster race! The monster race has infiltrated the Great Wilderness!”

Yu Feiyan’s voice was tremulous, she said, “That buck just said, his teacher wouldn’t let us off easily, does it mean that there is a Qi Pract.i.tioner of the monster race in the Beast G.o.d Ridge?”

Qi Pract.i.tioner of the monster race!

Li Xiuniang’s heart sunk down, “We need to report this matter back to the Swords Gate! Qi Pract.i.tioner is not someone we can provoke, we will leave now!”

Zhong Yue strode out from behind them, he shouted, “Senior martial sisters, go and get Tao-tao and the others back, I will deal with that buck!” 

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