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Chapter 926: Intelligence Stands No Chance Against Absolute Power

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The annihilation of his race, the slavery of humanity, how could that be forgotten?

When the sword decapitated the enemies, it must be done with speed.

The sword was just like the heart.

Just like the sword that dulled after prolonged usage, the heart would get tired after going through a lot of hardship.

Hence, not only mst the sword be polished and sharpened, the heart must also be taken care of.

In Zhong Yue's hand, the innate divine saber was flawless as it shone brightly, reflecting himself and his flaws on its surface.

Suddenly, a divine general came reporting, “A messenger from the Heaven Court is requesting to see you, my lord!”

With a flick of his mind, the divine blade disappeared and Zhong Yue had his men allow the messenger in.

This messenger was a human G.o.d and in his hands was a scroll from the Heavenly Monarch, “Heaven Suppression Fortress' commander, Yi Feng, come forth and accept the decree.”

Hearing this, Zhong Yue remained seated on the chair and with a simple wave, he said, “Read it.”

The messenger was furious upon seeing this and immediately shouted, “How dare you, Yi Feng! You dare sit and not bow to the Heavenly Monarch's decree? Are you trying to rebel?”

Zhong Yue remained seated expressionlessly.

Yin Fanxuan, who was on the other side reb.u.t.ted without hesitation, “My husband serves Imperial Emperor Xian Tian, not the Heavenly Monarch, why should he bow? If he's going to rebel, you're the first one who will be killed in his conquest! Do you want to force my husband into doing that?”

“Read,” said Zhong Yue again.

The messenger suppressed his anger and opened up the scroll. It talked about the upcoming birthday of the Heavenly Monarch and that they were all invited to the celebration taking place in the Heaven Court.

Zhong Yue had a subordinate accept the scroll and asked, “Apart from me, who else in Xian Tian Palace is invited?”

The arrogant messenger replied, “The land in this universe is the land of the Heavenly Monarch, Xian Tian Palace is just one of the many factions out there, which places them all under the command of the same lord, the Heavenly Monarch. Only the leaders and masters are invited to the Heaven Court! If you dare to be absent, you will be charged with treason!”

Zhong Yue answered with a smile, “Such a foul mouth! Punish him with 300 lashes and throw him out.”

Shocked and enraged by Zhong Yue's decision, the messenger shouted, “I am the Heavenly Monarch's messenger and you dare to punish me? Hold on! Wait! I am a human and you are a human too! Why don't you let me go?”

His words, however, did not stop the generals from executing their lord's order. The messenger was pressed to the ground and after the beatings, he was already half dead.

The messenger struggled up and shouted angrily, “Yi Feng, you humiliated the Heavenly Monarch's messenger! Do you still want to go to the birthday celebration or not! If you decide to go, I will wait for you there and tell everyone about your transgressions!”

Zhong Yue was caught off guard at this messenger daringness and he said, “I let you keep your life because you are a human, but I never thought you have that gall! Fine, wait for me in the Heaven Court.”

Just as the divine generals were about to throw the messenger out, the man patted his clothes and smirked, “Don't you lay a finger on me! I can still walk myself!”

With that said, he stood up straight and walked away arrogantly.

In the main hall, Yin Fanxuan's beautiful eyebrows frowned, “Darling, why did he say that he will wait for you in the Heaven Court? Are you really planning to attend the celebration? I fear that the celebration is just a trap and the Heavenly Monarch is waiting there to slaughter everyone who attends his birthday celebration!”

In the letter, it asked Zhong Yue if he was to attend the celebration or not, which also suggested that Imperial Emperor Xian Tian was invited as well. However, knowing how dangerous it was, even Imperial Emperor Xian Tian would be reluctant to attend.

With the universe in such a chaotic situation, it was very clear that the Heavenly Monarch had ill designs, hence, what Yin Fanxuan said was very plausible.

Zhong Yue laughed and said, “If Xian Tian Palace does not attend the banquet, those warlords that attended the banquet will be all taken over by the Heaven Court and those that wanted to stay neutral will think Xian Tian Palace is afraid of the Heaven Court. If that happens, Xian Tian Palace will have lost momentum before the war even began, placing them at a disadvantage.”

“But darling, the celebration is definitely not just a celebration.”

Yin Fanxuan shook, “After you punished their messenger, things will become even more dangerous when you arrived at Heaven Court!”

“I punished him not because of his arrogance but because of his incompetence. Though the trip may be very risky, it is still a good chance to meet the many heroes of this world. Hence, I will still attend the celebration even if Imperial Emperor Xian Tian does not go. However, it is still better if I can get him to go with me for safety reasons.”

Yin Fanxuan couldn't help but laugh, “But darling, with their relationship, do you think Imperial Emperor Xian Tian will attend the celebration?”

“I've my own ways. Worry not.”

Zhong Yue wrote a letter to Imperial Emperor Xian Tian that read, “The Heavenly Monarch has malicious intentions by setting up this banquet for his celebration. Your humble servant strongly recommends King Zi Guang to attend this celebration for he is a very intelligent and observant man. His presence there in the celebration will not cause any loss of face for Xian Tian Palace and he can even try to recruit some of the warlords there. I am willing to attend the celebration with King Zi Guang!”

He then sealed the letter and handed it over to Fu Li to deliver to Xian Tian Palace as quickly as possible.

Just as he put down his pen, Yin Fanxuan laughed, “That messenger might have a foul mouth but he has guts. Even after the punishment, he can still talk in such manner and force you into attending the celebration in Heaven Court.”

“I wanted to go there anyway, how is that possible that I… Wait! This human messenger is indeed very suspicious! I was still thinking about it but ever since meeting with him, I've made up my own unconsciously! I was affected by him!”

Zhong Yue's expression changed right away and he immediately charged out from the palace and dove right into the Star Gate as he shouted, “Fanxuan, summon Fu Qizhi and Fu Yanshan to back me up!”

In the next second, he was already at the fortress' gates. He ordered the guards to lower the drawbridge and charged towards the plains. He layered his psyche all across the surrounding and started searching for the messenger's location.

Suddenly, his psyche tingled as he captured a stone tablet, which read, “I will be waiting for you at the front.”.

He rushed forward, traveled in high speed for three days and throughout his pursue, there were a few stone tablets left behind, each stating that the messenger would be waiting for Zhong Yue at the front.

Zhong Yue continued his pursuit and suddenly, he slowed down his speed; at the front, there was a celestial being writing something onto the stone tablet.

Zhong Yue approached slowly and said, “What are you planning to write this time, my dear messenger?”

That celestial being was the messenger that sent the scroll to him; now, he was holding a huge brush, writing wildly on the stone tablet and upon hearing Zhong Yue's question, he suddenly kept away the brush and laughed, “Please, have a look, Mister Yi!”

Zhong Yue looked towards this stone tablet and he noticed that unlike the other stone tablets, this one was much larger and the words on it were also different.

“This is where Yi Feng will die!”

It read.

Zhong Yue moved his vision away from the tablet and at the next second, numerous Deity Emperors and Creators walked out, each with a gloomy expression as they surrounded the messenger.

“Why did you come, Mister Yi?” asked the Heaven Court's messenger with a smile.

Zhong Yue replied, “Just wanted to know your name after seeing your talent.”

Hearing this, the messenger bowed and replied in a serious manner, “Pardon my rudeness. I was rushing to deliver the Heavenly Monarch's message and forgot to introduce myself. This messenger here is just a tiny p.a.w.n under Heavenly Monarch. My name is Mo Yin. Greetings, Mister Yi.”

“Please, you don't have to be so polite, Mo Yin.”

Zhong Yue greeted back, “Mister Mo, you are helping the Heavenly Monarch organize the celebration, inviting the many lords in this world. If I may, could you please tell me your plans?”

The Heaven Court's messenger replied, “To have everyone cooked in the same pot.”

Zhong Yue nodded lightly and said, “This tablet, please keep it for next time, today is not the day, Mister Mo.”

Mo Yin looked towards the back and two human Imperial Emperors flew out, and Mo Yin nodded, “Alright, I will keep it for you, take it away!”

A Heaven Court soldier then carried the tablet on his shoulder while Mo Yin bowed again, “I will be waiting for you at the Heaven Court then, Mister Yi. At that time, I will place this tablet on your grave and I will bring some fine wine to visit you.”

Zhong Yue kept quiet and after a second, he laughed, “Mister Mo, I have some advice for you, intelligence may sometimes become ineffective before absolute power. You've spent too much on refining your intelligence but you forgot that power is also necessary to support your dreams.”

Mo Yin was slightly stunned and other thoughts floated up in his mind; the Heaven Court's Deity Emperors and Creators surrounded him as they all retreated. Halfway through their retreat, a door appeared and upon entering the door, Mo Yin, the Deity Emperors, and the Creators disappeared before the ma.s.sive door crumbled into dust.

Fu Yanshan and Fu Qizhi arrived a second later and upon noticing the ruined door, they quickly asked, “My lord, who is that?”

“The advisor of the Heavenly Monarch.”

Zhong Yue exhaled deeply and said, “He's the one behind all this and the one that stopped Imperial Emperor Xian Tian from having both his celestial and demonic body go into cultivation. Most importantly, he is a human!”

“A human?”

Fu Yanshan and Fu Qizhi were both surprised and happy with Fu Qizhi immediately continued, “If he is a human, why doesn't my lord recruit him?”

Zhong Yue gave them a shook, “I don't know if he is a real human or just another outsider that was reborn into the human race. Besides, so what if he is a human? Everyone has their own will, perhaps he thinks that serving under Heavenly Monarch is the best option.”

Speaking of this, he inevitably thought of Consort Tian Si. She too, was a very talented human but unfortunately, she was serving another person. Hence, without knowing more about the details, he couldn't simply place his trust in another party on the basis of their race!

Zhong Yue returned to the fortress and thought, The humans are all talented. First, there is Tian Si, then Mo Yin and the others like Senior Martial Brother Feng Xiaozhong. What a pity, apart from Senior Martial Brother Feng, the other humans' talents were mostly on intelligence, granting them only the capability of serving under their lords. However, without sufficient power, they still can't alter the tragic fate of the humans in the end.

With Fu Li's speed that rivaled even that of Imperial Emperors, they arrived at Xian Tian Palace in a month's time and delivered the letter to Imperial Emperor Xian Tian.

Imperial Emperor Xian Tian immediately summoned King Zi Guang and showed him the letter. The latter was furious after reading it, “This cunning Yi is trying to harm my life through the hands of others!”

“Zi Guang, he said that he will go with you and if so, how can he harm you?”

King Zi Guang pretended to be angry as he replied, “Intelligence is no match against absolute power! If the Heavenly Monarch wants to kill us, it won't matter how smart you are! He must be plotting something when he asked me to go with him, maybe he will throw me to the Heavenly Monarch in exchange for a high post!”

Imperial Emperor Xian Tian thought and said, “Mister Yi is in charge of the external affairs and you are in charge of internal affairs. You two can't go together because if you both are absent, the internal and external management will be in chaos. You will stay to guard Xian Tian Palace and I will place you in charge of the army. I will just go with Mister Yi. Worry not, I will ask for a few precious items from my teacher to protect myself.”

King Zi Guang laughed and said, “If you want to go, it is fine, my king. However, my king has to give out an order that all races under Xian Tian Palace can only send out messengers as representatives and their leaders must not attend the celebration.”

Imperial Emperor Xian Tian nodded and said, “You have my word. After I leave, I will hand over the Xian Tian Palace to you, Zi Guang.”

King Zi Guang nodded as he thought, The traitor Yi used a shady move to make Imperial Emperor Xian Tian accompany him so that the Imperial Emperor could protect him. This brat can fool the Imperial Emperor but not me! Whatever he said in the letter was to force Imperial Emperor to accompany him and he had to go or he will lose the support of the many heroes in this world. But why is he so enthusiastic about heading to the Heavenly Court? I wanted to have Imperial Emperor to order traitor Yi to go with him but now, he has saved me some work.

His eyes blinked, Can the traitor Yi triumph over that advisor hidden in the Heaven Court? Anyway, I will be able to see the advisor's abilities through their battle .

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