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Chapter 829: Back To The Past Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“One that shouldered the fate of f.u.xi Clan?”

Feng Wuji and the Kua Fu Celestial Race's Deity Emperors were confused while the f.u.xi celestial continued, “That is an old story. The existence caught signs of a tremendous change, which prompted him to travel around in search of something that could prevent the f.u.xi Clan from going extinct. He ended up successfully convincing a few ancient existences into building an unworldly land for him. He, however, had other designs….”

He shook his head and stopped talking.

Feng Wuji immediately asked, “The person you are referring to, is he….”

The f.u.xi celestial said nothing else and continued to lead them into the sacred ground in the unworldly world. He then requested to see the Feng Clan's clan master. They all entered the sacred palace where there were countless f.u.xi celestials sitting with their legs crossed, each of who were emanating a terrifying aura.

The one that sat in the center was the clan master. He appeared to be incredibly sacred and powerful as his presence and strength towered over the others that sat around him.

Feng Wuji bowed at the clan master and after he revealed his purpose here, the young-looking Feng Clan master opened up his eyes and scrutinized Feng Wuji sharply, “You have our f.u.xi bloodline flowing through your veins. Though the bloodline is very thin in you, it is still our bloodline. Your surname is Feng as well?”

Feng Wuji smiled and with a shook, he explained, “My surname is Xiao, the Xiao of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race.”

The clan master looked at Feng Wuji, who maintained the smile and after a moment, the young clan master said calmly, “You do have the Panhu Clan's bloodline in you, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race is probably a division of the Panhu Clan's bloodline.”

Panhu's Clan bloodline?

Feng Wuji was shocked; he had heard of the Panhu Clan that was one of the 24 monarch races but he had not seen one for himself and was puzzled as to why the clan master said that he possessed the Panhu Clan's bloodline.

“The Hu in the name ‘Panhu' contains two meanings. The first one being a gourd and the second one is an Ao. If it's the second meaning, then the Panhu is also the Pan Ao.”

“You are saying that I belonged to a monarch race as well?” exclaimed the surprised and happy Feng Wuji.

“After their defeat, the Panhu Clan was banished into this place as well.”

The clan master replied calmly, “Since you are one of them, there is no need to seek help from us. Just go and see your Panhu Clan's clan master and request help from him.”

Feng Wuji's eyes brightened up but soon, he hesitated as he thought, The Panhu Clan was banished here after the defeat?

Did the defeated monarch race really possess the power he thought they would possess?

The Feng Clan's clan master waved his hand and said, “Someone send them out.”

Suddenly, A f.u.xi elder stood up and stopped him, “Clan master, if this is an envoy from that man, how can we turn him down just like that? If we reject him, I'm afraid that we will hurt his pride.”

An ambiguous light flickered in the clan master's eyes and he asked, “What is your suggestion?”

The f.u.xi elder smiled and replied, “It's been a long time since we involve ourselves in matters outside our domain. This is a rare chance to help in the ascension of a new Heavenly Monarch and potentially leave this world.”

The other f.u.xi ancient celestial beings nodded and said, “Sounds logical. Clan master, please consider this carefully.”

The young clan master, however, stood up right away and left as he said, “Just make the decision by yourselves. Since when was my decision was that important.”

With that said, he left without saying a word.

Feng Wuji, who saw everything, was caught off guard and he thought, The f.u.xi's inner circle seems a little bit strange…. The clan master seems to possess little power and he was even restrained by these elders…. Weird….

Meanwhile, an elder smiled and said, “How can we let you leave with empty hands. Come, summon Feng Qingyu!”

Not long later, a young f.u.xi G.o.d arrived at this sacred palace and he greeted Feng Wuji. Feng Wuji greeted back and he looked at this Feng Qingyu, who appeared to be very handsome and powerful. Light wheels spun behind Feng Qingyu's head and there was an eye on his forehead that seemed to contain a moon and sun. He was covered in innate draconic scales that reflected everything, he simply struck the figure of a G.o.d of war.

“Qingyu. There is a human out there that has unsealed half of his f.u.xi bloodline. He is strong. Even Mister Wuji failed to locate and suppress him. Mister Wuji also said that this human is greatly related to the f.u.xi. Go and aid Mister Wuji in capturing this human.”

The f.u.xi elder said with a grin, “Capture him and contribute even more for our clan, you shall be bestowed with a great fortune in the future. Perhaps, we might even gain a chance to leave this d.a.m.ned place.”

“A wild f.u.xi from the outside world? What threat does he pose that needed me to act against him?”

A wide and cruel smile spread across Feng Wuji's face as he said, “We are the descendants of our ancestors who contributed to the new order. Without us, there will not be the heaven and earth they live in now, not to mention their wealth and prosperity. Not only did these races never thank us for our contribution, they even imprisoned us here. Where is the logic in this? Elder, we might as well ask for more now that they are begging us….”


The elders shouted and the elder acting as the leader frowned and said, “If you want to demand more, go by your own and say no more. The world is plunging into chaos bit by bit every day and this is the time we finally get to shine. If you pull this off perfectly, we will be able to leave this d.a.m.ned place and no longer be restrained by the heaven. This time, do whatever Mister Wuji asks you to do, do you hear me?”

Without no choice left, Feng Qingyu bowed and answered curtly, “Understood.”

On the other hand, Feng Wuji was even more surprised as everything about these f.u.xi was just plain weird; the Feng Clan's clan master was like that, the elders and Feng Qingyu were also the same.

Feng Wuji then bade the elders farewell and sailed away while the young clan master stood at the borders of the unworldly world as if he could see through the layered seals to view the outside world.

There was a red huge gourd in his hands and he was drinking the wine in the gourd from time to time.

“Feng Qingyu, you should know that the f.u.xi in the outer world is also a f.u.xi, one of your kin.”

Suddenly, the clan master said, “You and that f.u.xi, are of the same bloodline and share the same ancestor, I hope you won't cross the line.”

“Same blood and same ancestor?”

Feng Qingyu burst out laughing and said, “Clan master, I think the words you used are a little bit off. That f.u.xi might the of the same ancestor as yours but definitely not mine. My ancestors have reincarnated into the f.u.xi Celestial Race with only one purpose, to decipher the f.u.xi divine blood. I am from a different lineage to that rogue f.u.xi even though we have the same blood.”

The clan master frowned and without a sign, his gaze became extremely intimidating but Feng Qingyu did flinch at all and he said, “If there is nothing else, Qingyu will now excuse himself….”

As he spoke, a vigorous tremble came from the unworldly world's deepest end and vague yet nightmare fueled roars were heard, shaking the entire State of Heavenly River as if a suppressed demon was trying to break free from the seals and shackles!

The Feng Clan's clan master flew up with a complicated expression right away while the many f.u.xi elders follow suit. With a shout, they all turned into one after another f.u.xi G.o.d of War, each emitted divine ray, lit up the skies and even pierced through the Heavenly River in the outside world!

“Old dog, why are you shouting!”

The many f.u.xi elders scolded as they worked together to press down the being underneath and said, “You should be thankful that you are still alive! How dare you still try to rebel against us!”

The clan master remained silent but he also joined forces with the elders to suppress the terrifying being in the underground.

“Traitor….” Then came an old voice from the ground.

The many elders smirked and replied, “You are the traitor here!”

Under their joint effort, the ground finally calmed down.

At the same time, the many seals in the outer world shook severely and when the f.u.xi elders looked up into the skies, they vaguely saw ma.s.sive warships resisted the seals stubbornly. The shaking intensified and these elders frowned with a worried heart.

“Will that man return from the past to the present?”

A f.u.xi elder said worriedly, “If he charges right in….”

The many elders felt a cold shivering down their spine while the young clan master said with a complicated heart, “He won't. He's dead now and he won't be able to do anything even if he did.”

The many elders smiled and replied immediately, “Clan master, he is, after all, your father, aren't you being a little bit too cold for saying this?”

The clan master let out a cold humphed and he replied nothing. After gulping down yet another mouthful of wine, he staggered away as he said, “He's been dead for so many years. He won't return and he won't come back alive!”

Meanwhile, in the layers of seals, Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan's expression changed as they noticed their ship was entirely surrounded by the seals. The ship no longer sailed forward, not even for an inch and it was no longer possible for them to breach through the seals and enter the unworldly world.

“Not good! The ship is going to lose balance!”

Zhong Yue had gooseb.u.mps all over and just as he was about to grab onto Yin Fanxuan, the lady hugged him unexpectedly. Zhong Yue was slightly stunned but with barely anytime for any other thoughts, he quickly grabbed onto a robe and tied himself and the lady to the mast and shouted, “The ship is flipping! Hold on tight!”


Bit by bit, the ship fell onto the other side and with a loud noise, the ma.s.sive ship finally flipped over while the other eight ships also toppled before the seals. Endless light swarmed towards them and blinded everyone while loud Dao voices drilled into their minds.

The Dao voices were like the prayers of countless living creatures and the voices came from the deepest end of time and dimension, loud but far away.

The time and dimension Dao voices?

Zhong Yue was stunned; he was very familiar with this Dao voice as it was exactly the same as the voice that emitted from the Time totem patterns of the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] which contained the wonder of time and dimension.

“The past must not be held onto tightly and the future is what we must pursue after. History can never be changed but the future is mutable. However, the future is not for us, we can't get into the future and it will never come to us.”

A clear and loud voice sounded in Zhong Yue's mind. Filled with disappointment and sorrow, the voice said, “I am the one that carried the f.u.xi's last hope and fate. But I failed to alter anything. Is this the end of the f.u.xi's era? Is this fate unchangeable?”

The ship felt like it was traveling in time and dimension while the duo, who was tied onto the mast looked up into the top to see a river formed with star streams. Countless stars flowed underneath the ship and connected the ancient Zi Wei Imperial Star with another star.

This star was as marvelous as the Zi Wei Imperial Star and its size was on par with the Imperial Star.

The star, however, was shattered into four parts and vaguely, Zhong Yue noticed that one of them looked just like the State of Heavenly River that the Yinkang Clan resided in.

In the endless light, a ma.s.sive f.u.xi Celestial stood on the bow, had the entire Heavenly River formed by star streams included in his eyes. He was no longer a skeleton but one with flesh and the torn banner was in perfect condition. It fluttered behind him along with the wind.

Hua la—

The other eight ships emerged from the Heavenly River, each of which had a f.u.xi Celestial standing at the bow. They all had sad gazes and the fleet sailed towards a shattered piece.

“They can't see us?” murmured Zhong Yue in surprise.

On the largest ship's bow, the f.u.xi Celestial heard something and when he turned around, he was puzzled.

“Clan master, what are you looking at?” on the other ship, a f.u.xi Celestial Being asked.

“There was a strange movement behind me just now. It seems like someone from the future had followed us here,” murmured the clan master.

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