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Chapter 828: Upended World Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales


Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan stood on the deck and saw a few ships also sailing toward the opening of the seal. They were both shocked and thought, Where did the ships come from? Who are they?

As they weren't looking around before this, they didn't notice when and where the ships suddenly come by. It was as if the ships had been hiding the whole time, only making their appearance out of nowhere, waiting for a chance to charge for the unworldly land.

As the two sailed closer, Zhong Yue noticed the ships were rugged and covered in rust. It seemed like time had taken its toll on them, even corroding a huge hole on their sails.

The ships harbored the air of death, and there was no sign of any living creatures aboard it.

When they got closer to the ships, Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan saw nothing except bones paved across the deck.

Piles upon piles of bones that were still squirming like bugs.

“The ghost ships of the Heavenly River!” Yin Fanxuan exclaimed in shock, “I only thought they are tales the elderly tells to put kids to bed! The tales said that they were the warriors that fought to the death in the Heavenly River whose sprits still lingered in their last battlefield even after death. I never thought they were real!”

It was then that the stars beneath the Heavenly River shuddered and shot up, surging giant waves of starlights and nearly flipping their ship.

Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan worked together to stop the ship from capsizing, but the star waves were so strong that the stars themselves were compressed into the size of sand grains.

If they were hit by these star-sands, even the smallest one would be able to crush the ship and sent them into the afterlife!

All of a sudden, creaking noises rose up from beneath the Heavenly River, and Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan looked down to be met with a terrifying scene—an ancient ship thousands of times larger than theirs was on surface from the bottom of the Heavenly River as if it was shifting through s.p.a.ce and time from one world to the other!

The ancient ship was grand and solemn, shining brightly as if it were new. There were also people on the deck. However, as it slowly surfaced from the bottom of the Heavenly River, everyone on it was reduced to bones and the ship quickly became dilapidated before their very eyes

Zhong Yue's and Yin Fanxuan's faces changed drastically, they pushed the ship to its maximum speed as they tried to evade the enormous ancient ship before it reached the surface.


The enormous warship finally surfaced from the Heavenly River and swung all the stars around it into the skies.

Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan looked back and saw eight smaller warships accompanying the ancient warship by its sides. In stark comparison, their ship looked like a little buoy against the enormity of the ancient warship.

As the enormous warship sailed, the waves it made nearly flipped their ship over and they quickly moved their boat to the side. However, the afterwaves left behind by the enormous warship had unfortunately caught their ship, leaving them behind the enormous warship.

At this point in time, the Heavenly River was extremely dangerous. The waves were high and contained stars that were compressed to the sizes of sand. If their ship were to flip over in this situation, the two would die with no chance of survival!


They could already hear the noises of the stars crashing with the ship structure. Although the ship was designed to sail in the Heavenly River, it was never meant to handle such extreme conditions during its design process!

Then, Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan heard a loud burst, they immediately knew the bottom of the ship was crushed and the ship would sink anytime soon now.

“Leave the ship or we all die!” Zhong Yue said solemnly.

Yin Fanxuan exclaimed, “Leave? Where to? Into the Heavenly River and we will be dead for sure!”

Zhong Yue raised his head and Yin Fanxuan traced his sight to see the enormous warship before them. She exclaimed in shock, “You want to board the ghost ship?!”

Zhong Yue didn't answer, he held onto her hand and leaped for the enormous warship!


A huge wave crashed down in the Heavenly River and their ship shattered into pieces, then disappeared in the midst of the raging Heavenly River.

Yin Fanxuan looked back with a heart thumping in fear, she hugged onto Zhong Yue tightly as the two rose higher, eventually landing on the huge warship's deck. But before Yin Fanxuan let go of her hands, Zhong Yue curled his around her waist and leaped up again onto the warship's mast.

Yin Fanxuan was puzzled for a moment and quick to realize soon after, “Mister Yi is really battle-seasoned. Even in times like this, he is not fl.u.s.tered and remains calm.”

Zhong Yue released her and looked down on the deck from above. He didn't want to stay on the deck in fear of getting ambushed. Thus, he immediately jumped up for the mast where it provided them a high ground, a safer place from ambush and also gave them a better vantage point.

They looked down and were stunned. The warship was timeworn, old and ancient, but just like all the other ghost ships, there were no signs of life on onboard, only the air of death.

Squirming bones were strewn about. They both saw the glimpse of the living creatures on the deck turning into bones, but it was just a quick glance, they didn't know exactly what happened.

Zhong Yue looked over to the other eight warships and were shocked. The bones on the warships were reforming and combining together. There was already a warship that the bones had completely reformed into a skeletal G.o.d with a bone axe in its hand.

The skeletal G.o.d was even higher than the mast Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan were on, including them in its shadow. All of a sudden, a huge shabby banner flew out from the enormous warship and landed on the skeletal G.o.d's shoulder.

In the gale, the banner opened up wide and fluttered vibrantly.

“This is…”

Just when they were dazed by the banner, the bones on the enormous warship had also completed reforming as even larger skeletal G.o.d stood up on the deck. It raised its hand and countless bones came together to form a divine sword.

The skeletal G.o.d stood at the forefront of the deck, staring at the unworldly land. Whereas the skeletal G.o.ds of the other warships were also on the decks, clenching their weapons and staring at the unworldly land.

The largest skeletal G.o.d's eye sockets were empty and so was his heart. Then, stars rained down and fall into his eye sockets, turning into his divine eyes.

But it didn't stop there, there were still stars falling down onto his forehead, forming the divine third eye.

There was also a sun that flew down for his chest as if it was his heart.



“Great Feng!”

On the other eight warships, the eight skeletal G.o.ds chant in a low and solemn tone.

“Great Feng!”

“Great Feng!”

Zhong Yue's body shuddered, he looked down and saw the snake tail of the giant skeletal G.o.d twining around the enormous warship's trunk.

f.u.xi, they are all… f.u.xi!

He was in utter shock to find the warships as the f.u.xi warships!

But why were the nine warships drifting in the Heavenly River? Why was it lingering around the outside unworldly land as if it were waiting for a chance to enter? Why were they even trying to enter the unworldly land? Where did they hide in the Heavenly River? Why were they still alive underneath the water but turned to shattered bones upon resurfacing surfaced?

There were so many questions yet all of them were to remained unanswered. The enormous warship flanked by the eight warships charged for the unworldly land toward the opening of the seals that were now closing again.

The seals on the unworldly land were thick, layer after layer, each of which was stronger than the last.

Under the enormous warship's lead, the small fleet sailed into the seals' opening with immeasurable speed.

Seeing it, Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan instantly felt terror. After all, the seals were laid down by the ancient great paragons whose powers were insurmountable even to Imperial Emperors!

Finally, when the seals have fully closed, the enormous warship was the first to face the all-directional pressure from the seals. The enormous warship creaked in the enormous stress, but insisted to charge forward regardless.


The f.u.xi skeletal G.o.d waved its sword and divine light burst out to the front. That slash alone contained innumerable skills that clashed with the seals.

The seals laid down by the ancient great paragons were cut open by the skeletal G.o.d's divine sword. The fleet sailed forward but the seals have closed again in notime. The skeletal G.o.ds of the other eight warships cast their weapons and clashed with the seals continuously.

The f.u.xi skeletal G.o.d on the enormous warship was at the front, cutting open a path in the layers of seals while the other eight skeletal G.o.ds helped to push back the seals on the sides.

As such, the fleet managed to toil through in the seals toward the unworldly land.

This was a battle that exceeded Zhong Yue's and Yin Fanxuan's realm. Even the Imperial Emperors may not be able to contend with the power on display.

In the unworldly land, a ship sailed out of the seals, and Feng Wuji and the two Kua Fu G.o.ds walked out of the ship. They were welcomed by a few G.o.ds who had human heads and snake tails, with the divine eyes fully opened.

Feng Wuji, Kua Fujin, and Kua Fumou quickly greeted the G.o.ds, they voiced their ident.i.ties and intention. The f.u.xi G.o.ds reciprocated the gesture, then lead them to the center of the unworldly land, where the f.u.xi Saint Palace was located.

All of a sudden, Feng Wuji turned and looked back puzzlingly at the rippling seals concomitant with the faint sounds of roars.

A f.u.xi G.o.d smiled, “Mister Wuji, are you curious about the disturbance? They are the past f.u.xi who are trying to enter the unworldly land. In the past, they held the world in the hands, but here in the present, they are nothing but dead men. They won't be able to do much at all.”

“Past f.u.xi?” Feng Wuji was shocked and baffled.

The f.u.xi G.o.d replied with a smile, “They were the f.u.xi who carried the fate of the great sovereign race in the past. They tried to topple the new order, coming to the future to try to change it. Well, in this context, they are our ancestors, the first f.u.xi clansmen to come in this unworldly land. However, they are bound to return to the past and thus, they are of no serious concern. Come, follow me, I'll lead you to the Feng Clan's clan master.”

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