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Yun Bixue was having a whale of a time deep down. Her husband was awesome!

She noticed a hint of light flash through his alluring eyes. He was being so two-faced. "I genuinely believed that your mother would like that dress, and I was planning to get it. But, Miss Meng also claimed that she liked it too and was even going to wear it at home for her fiancé."

"I never knew she had such a fetish!

"Come to think of it, she must have something unique about her to be able to become the top socialite.

"Since the two of them are getting married soon, this could be our small act of consideration towards them. We can't possibly s.n.a.t.c.h it away!" As she spoke, she sighed while shaking her head.

She heavily emphasized the part regarding the fetish, implying that Meng Xinyan possessed a unique taste by having a penchant for middle-aged women's clothes.

And she even liked putting on these middle-aged women's clothes in the comfort of their home solely for her fiancé... Ahh, it was truly difficult for one to agree with such a fetish.

Meng Xinyan almost chewed through her teeth. She glared darkly at the couple in front of her, and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. They were too despicable! She had dealt with shameless people before, but none as shameless as these two! Yun Bixue must have done it on purpose. Meng Xinyan was livid...

Su Lenghan had simply been lounging on the couch and was lost in his thoughts. At this moment, he overheard Yun Bixue and Xie Limo's conversation, and when he looked over at Meng Xinyan, she was wearing an odd expression.

As Xie Limo listened to his wife's words and watched how she was cleverly defending herself from being taken advantage of, his heart was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with satisfaction.

Xie Limo's pale pink lips hooked up into an enchanting curve, and his eyes brightened with indulgence. He said, "In an ever-changing world, anything is possible. Xue-er, you shouldn't be surprised. Coincidentally, I know of such a designer who can come up with such styles.

"If Miss Meng is interested, I can request for the designer to design a gown for your wedding, and I'll give it to you as a wedding present."

"Yes, I'm sure Miss Meng would like that." Yun Bixue almost burst into laughter. Her husband was truly two-faced. He had even wanted to design Meng Xinyan's gown, and it was to be a gaudy design meant for older women.

Meng Xinyan was already in a terrible mood, and with such a provocation, her blood rushed to her head. "Yun Bixue, don't go too far. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be needlessly spending this money. You're sabotaging me on purpose."

Meng Xinyan's shrill voice resounded throughout the entire shop, and the overbearing way she yelled at Yun Bixue shocked a lot of people. Some sales attendants immediately recognized her as the top socialite.

This was mind-blowing news, and they fished out their phones to secretly record the scene.

Su Lenghan stood up abruptly, and his elegant aura became dark.

His gaze was quiet and deep, and it was glued onto Meng Xinyan. He tried to grab Meng Xinyan's hand, but she flung him away. "Su Lenghan, you saw how they bullied me, but you didn't even try to help me! Take a look at how they're treating me!"

Meng Xinyan was dim-witted and essentially just an airhead. She had been taken over by a fit of anger.

Su Lenghan noticed that the sales attendants had started filming covertly. His face froze, and his head started throbbing.

Why was Meng Xinyan behaving like this? She used to be gentle and forgiving, but looking at her now, it was truly absurd. All these beautiful adjectives couldn't be used to describe her anymore.

"Xinyan!" Su Lenghan simply said, and his voice had turned cold. However, it made Meng Xinyan's heart skip a beat.

"Young Master Su, there's no need to be concerned about this. Xue-er has always been generous and tolerant. We will give the dress to Miss Meng." Xie Limo's timely comment thoroughly ticked her off.

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