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The two hunters took the bamboo papers, their hands trembling, eyes shining.

"This is hunter w.a.n.g’s life experience and effort. Us hunters, although we keep in contact, it is all about trap placement, we will not tell others about the wild beast distribution. This bamboo paper, it is all the information that hunter w.a.n.g had gathered since his ancestors."

"So this valley has a herd of wild deer, haha, after I hunt these wild deer, I won’t have to worry about expenses for the next three months! Ah, this stream has a cave of mountain bears? How close, I almost hunted at this region last time, note it, I must note it all down!"

These were precious information, it could be said to be a hunter’s rice bowl!

Normally not within a generation but all the way from their forefathers, these experiences and information were obtained at the expense of their blood and lives.

But old man w.a.n.g’s family had always hunted for a living. When it got to old man w.a.n.g, he had reached the peak of his family line, the acclaimed number one hunter.

Information in the hands of such a person, is the most useful and truthful.

The two young hunters checked for nearly fifteen minutes, glossing through the map multiple times. Only after Fang Yuan rushed them did they finally hand over the bamboo paper reluctantly.

During this period, old man w.a.n.g was kneeling on the ground, his forehead touching the ground as he expressed his respect. The young girl was lying on the ground, as if she had gone lifeless.

"There is no problem, lord."

"The trap areas in these bamboo papers are all accurate."

The two answered.

"Lord Gu Master, this concerns me and my daughter’s life, I would definitely not lie to you!" The old man on the ground shouted as he continued to kowtow.

"Mmm, not bad." Fang Yuan waved the stack of bamboo paper, yet suddenly his words changed, "But, I don’t believe it."

Old man w.a.n.g jolted, raising his head, but only saw an eerie blue moonblade enlarging within the reflection of his iris.


A skull flew into the air, fresh blood spewing all over.


"Lord, this—!"

The two young hunters were taken by surprise. Shock and disbelief showed on their faces.

"Father—!" The young girl cried out profusely as she leapt towards old man w.a.n.g’s headless corpse, but midway, a moonblade flew towards her face.


She fell onto the ground, lifeless.

Her beautiful face, from her forehead to her chin, slowly showed a thin red line.

The line became thicker as fresh red blood oozed out, flowing down along half of her nose and half of her lips. They flowed onto the black soil, dyeing half of her face bright red.

The other half of her face though, was still as beautiful, the skin fair and rosy. Under the bright blue sky, it seemed even more l.u.s.trous, like a work of art.

"At least she looks decent." Fang Yuan looked at the dead girl blandly, nodding satisfactorily.

Using Rank one middle stage primeval essence, the moonblade could slice Gu. Now that he was using upper stage primeval essence, it could break bones and even cut steel!

"w.a.n.g family’s daughter!" A young hunter fell onto the ground in despair after seeing her demise with his own eyes.

"Lord Gu Master, spare us!" The other hunter feeling Fang Yuan’s faze, nearly died of shock as he plopped on the ground.

"Get up, go inside and search!’ Fang Yuan ordered, "I know that a hunter’s family always keeps a beast skin map. On top of it is the terrain, trap locations and the beast territories. Find it for me, and I’ll let you keep your lives."

"Yes, yes, yes, we will search immediately. Give us some time, Lord Gu Master!" The two frantically got up and ran into the wooden house.

Sounds of wardrobes overturning and falling could be heard from the wooden house.

But a moment later, even though the hunters ransacked the house, there was no beast skin map to be found.

"Lord, please give me some time, we will find it right now!" The two hunters were terrified as they got more desperate and searched boorishly, smashing many furniture in the process.

"f.u.c.k, where is it?"

"Appear, please appear!"

They muttered as their bodies shivered, their eyes getting bloodshot.

"Useless trash." Fang Yuan slowly walked into the house.

"Lord! Lord! Forgive us, please…wahh..." The two young hunters shivered like they were electrified and fell to the ground, begging for their lives.

Fang Yuan ignored the two and observed the house.

There were four rooms in the house, a living room and a kitchen. All the furniture were in a mess, like they were ransacked.

Fang Yuan slowly stepped in, his steps producing echoes in the wooden house.

"It has indeed been searched, that shouldn’t be right. Almost every hunter has a beast skin map inherited throughout the generations, getting refined along the way, recording all the beasts territory and pitfalls. This is the livelihood of a hunter, how can they not have it?"

Fang Yuan stood pondering, "Moreover, I tested that old man w.a.n.g earlier, purposely getting the two hunters to search for paper and brush. The old man immediately called out the location of the paper and brush, probably worried that they might find the beast skin map, thus it has to be in this house!"

Fang Yuan observed the house again, and suddenly his inspiration struck as he looked at the firepit.

This firepit was connected to the chimney, used in winter to gain warmth. There was even some residue charcoal in the firepit.

Fang Yuan walked to the firepit, slowly squatting down and taking a shovel beside the firepit, digging out the charcoal.

Most of the charcoal still has their wooden shape, they were brittle and easily broken into two.

"Oh?" Fang Yuan inspected, suddenly finding a charcoal block that had a very tough material and was very heavy, not light like the other charcoal blocks.

He used the shovel to dig out this charcoal block, smashing it on the ground. The charcoal smashed into bits, revealing a bamboo tube.

The two hunters gasped at this scene.

Fang Yuan took the bamboo tube and opened it on one side, shaking it, causing a map to fall out.

The map was heavier than the stack of bamboo paper, made with a piece of white beast skin. The beast skin was huge, over a meters long and half a meter in breadth. There was black, green, red, yellow and blue lines on it, forming a complicated map.

Fang Yuan was slightly taken aback looking at it.

The map’s range was very big, extending far beyond the village’s vicinity. As a mortal, it was not easy to map out areas so far away.

His gaze focused on five spots, those with wild boar herds.

Two were small sized, two were medium sized, and there was a large sized boar herd. In the middle of the large sized herd, there was a giant red cross.

Seeing this cross, Fang Yuan snickered. On his bamboo paper, there was no such marking!

The two young hunters had also seen the bamboo paper, and found no problems. This was their own inexperience, only certain of some areas. This red cross was far beyond the village, and from this, old man w.a.n.g’s cunningness could be seen.

This was why Fang Yuan killed them.

To hunt for wild boars, he needed such a beast skin map. But he was not convinced by a map drawn by others. Only getting a "real" map like this, could it be dependable.

Fang Yuan had heard of all sorts of remarks in his past life. Just a word "scram", was not enough reason for him to kill w.a.n.g Er.

When hearing the four hunters’ conversation beside the boar trap, Fang Yuan had already planned his murder.

Killing w.a.n.g Er reduced his opposition, and gave him reason to obtain the map. Why wouldn’t he kill him?

Fang Yuan would not kill for the sake of killing, killing is only a method. Using this method, if it can solve the problem, then why not?

The old man definitely had to die, even if he can endure the murder of his son, Fang Yuan would not be at ease. Otherwise, it would be a case of "When cutting down weeds, you must get at the roots. Otherwise, the weeds will return with the spring breeze."

What, you said killing the innocent?

Hehe, no matter which world, as long as one lives in this world, they would be intertwined in karma, how can anyone be innocent? Humans slaughter pigs, aren’t the pigs innocent?

Big fish eats small fish, and small fish eats shrimps, in nature there is only the food chain, there is no innocence.

In this world, anybody can live, anybody can die, but n.o.body is innocent!

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