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Nine days later.

Atop of a lush green mountain valley, a small waterfall flowed downwards like a strip of silvery silk.

The waterfall's stream flowed into an ancient lake. The ancient lake was deep and dark jade in color, with ripples on the surface of the water.

In the pond, all kinds of carp were swimming about.

On the top of a white rock beside the water, Feng Jin Huang sat with her eyes closed.

Her face, bright and beautiful, was reflected in the water, causing this ancient lake to gain a brilliant elegance. The colorful carps in the water, the clear pool water, the silvery waterfall, and the green valley all complimented each other.

However, Feng Jin Huang's pretty brows were deeply scrunched. 

Although she has tried her best to calm down, every time she closed her eyes for more than thirty breaths, an image flashed in her mind from the depths of her heart.

On an ill.u.s.trious pink crystal mountain peak, a naked man looked down at her with his black eerie pupils.

She was sprawling on the edge of the cliff, and when she looked up, she saw everything on the man's body.

His bleeding left arm with a b.l.o.o.d.y hole, his strong muscles, his broad chest, and the ma.s.sive thing between his legs… the image was engraved into her heart.

The memory was so vivid that the events of that day could never be forgotten by this proud woman.

Especially since afterwards, the man stretched out his right foot and stepped on her face!

Feng Jin Huang wanted to forget the feeling of being trampled on her face, yet the feeling was so vivid that she could clearly recall it even now.

"Forget it, Forget him! Keep a peace of mind, peace, peace of mind, calm down…" Feng Jin Huang breathed more and more rapidly.

Her breathing became heavier, and her chest moved rapidly as a result, and was becoming faster.

In her heart, shame, humiliation, and hatred mixed together, turning into a volcano.

"How dare he? He dared to do that to me! Ahhh!" Feng Jin Huang could not bear it anymore, and suddenly opened her phoenix eyes and stood up abruptly, raising her head and screaming.


The volcano in her heart erupted, filling her chest with anger, almost melting her entire body!

"You are a despicable and shameless man, you dared to step on my face. I want to tear you to pieces!" Feng Jin Huang roared, her eyes glowing with fire as she punched randomly.

Bam Bam Bam Bam…

The loud smashing sound, like the sound of thunder, erupted continuously.

Feng Jin Huang's eyes exuded fire, the beautiful flames evaporated the ancient lake and burnt the green hills around her. She punched without a target, as her frenzied barrage sent the surrounding mountain rocks flying, as the ground cracked!

After almost a few short breaths, Feng Jin Huang completely decimated the valley. Such terrifying battle strength, even if ten Fang Yuan attacked together, he could not reach such a power level.


"This scoundrel!!!"

"I want rend your flesh, limb by limb! I want to step on your bones and crush them into pieces! I'll make you suffer for seven days and seven nights!"

"I swear, I'll make you to suffer endless pain, I want you to die and regret everything you have done to me. Then, I'll turn you into ashes and scatter you into the wind!"

Feng Jin Huang bellowed without stopping, the anger in her chest making her lose all rationality.

A few hundred miles away, there were gra.s.s cottages built on a mountain peak.
Through the window of the cottage, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at Feng Jin Huang, looking worried.
"Oh, my little Feng Er…" Inside the cottage, a beauty was dressed in white silk adorned with a green belt. She was dignified and elegant, bearing a resemblance to Feng Jin Huang.

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