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The light of glory of the immemorial era shone on the coc.o.o.n.

Absorbing the glory of the immemorial era, the coc.o.o.n was undergoing a mystical change.

Fang Yuan's body was shining in golden brilliance, swimming up against the flow of the torrential light stream. Facing the strong killer move of a rank five Gu Master, liquid metal Gu's defense was starting to become useless.

The golden protection was washed away by the light eventually.

Especially the bone wings, it slowly revealed its original black color after being washed by the torrential light stream.

In the grand waterfall of light, a lone body was flying with great difficulty while facing great pressure.

Such a mystical sight naturally attracted many Gu Master's attention.

The battlefield slowly turned silent.

Land spirit a.s.sisted Fang Yuan fully, after the dogs lost their master, they scattered. All the Gu Masters stood on the spot, raising their heads and watching.

In their hearts, they had one question — "This scenario, I have obviously not seen it before, yet why do I find it so familiar?"

"I remember, I remember now!" Suddenly, someone shouted: "This scene was recorded in the legends of Ren Zu, that's why it is so familiar!"

>, the number one cla.s.sic in the world, spread throughout the world widely, no one was unfamiliar with it.

Getting such a reminder, many people realized at once.

"That's right, this was recorded in Ren Zu's second chapter, third section."

"I remember now, Verdant Great Sun flapped his wings and bathed in the light of glory in order to refine fixed immortal travel Gu, flying towards the sun."

People recalled, laughing immediately.

"What is this person doing? Copying Verdant Great Sun, and disregarding his life?"

"Haha, don't tell me he is thinking of refining fixed immortal travel Gu?"

"How is that possible! He has divine travel Gu?"

Of course Fang Yuan had it!

But divine travel Gu was not enough, it was recorded in > —

Verdant Great Sun was afraid that divine travel Gu would send him to dangerous places while he was drunk. Divine travel Gu was ashamed because of this, thus directing him: "Go up into the sky, and in the azure heaven among the nine heavens, there is a bamboo forest. Inside the bamboo forest, pluck a jade bamboo that is jade sky in color. Next, go to blue heaven and during the night time, collect the eight-sided diamonds inside the star fragments. Next, when it is dawn, fly into the sky and use the light of glory of the rising sun to turn me into fixed immortal travel Gu. Once I become that Gu, I will no longer send you to random places when you are drunk."

Thus, Fang Yuan needed the a jade sky colored jade bamboo from azure heaven, and an eight-sided diamond star fragment from blue heaven.

And also, the light of glory of the immemorial era.

Did he have these?

Not at first.

But after rebirth, he killed Long Qing Tian and obtained jade sky Gu.

This Gu was rank five and originated from the immemorial era. It was like a dark green bamboo stem, palm size and hollow in the middle, giving off a texture of jade on the surface.

This was the azure heaven's jade bamboo!

> described all sorts of Gu. Immortal Gu were described as they were, like wisdom Gu and strength Gu. Mortal Gu were written more obscurely, the readers needed to look into them and researched carefully.

But the jade sky bamboo was not enough, he needed the eight-sided diamond star fragment.

Did he have it?

Of course not, but Bai Ning Bing planted it on him!

Indeed, the fixed star Gu.

This Gu was a star fragment from the immemorial era, looking like a diamond with eight sides, it was planted on Fang Yuan's left forearm, giving off starlight, able to project a half-transparent eerie blue light from his arm.

So now he had the jade sky bamboo and the eight-sided diamond star fragment, but to refine fixed immortal travel Gu, Fang Yuan needed one final condition — that is what the land spirit mentioned — the light of glory of the immemorial era.

Did Fang Yuan have this?

From start to end, he had never obtained it.

But Xiao Mang had it.

Xiao Mang controlled an extreme light Gu, this Gu was obtained by robbing graves, it was an incomplete Gu. It could only be used three times every month to unleash the light of glory. Once it exceeded three times, it would self-detonate.

And torrential light stream was a killer move that, in some aspects, replicated the light of glory.

Divine travel Gu, jade sky Gu, fixed star Gu, as well as the light of the immemorial era, all the conditions were fulfilled!

When Fang Yuan rebirthed and realized this, he discarded the second aperture Gu in his heart, changing his objective to refining the fixed immortal travel Gu.

But it was impossible to convince the land spirit.

The land spirit's obsession was to refine second aperture Gu.

Thus, Bai Ning Bing, Tie Ruo Nan, and the righteous demonic factions became Fang Yuan's tools!

He calculated meticulously in his heart, controlling the flow of events as he swayed them in his favor, causing this result. When the land spirit realized that no matter what, the second aperture Gu would not be refined successfully, it would change its goal to protecting Fang Yuan, as that is the only way hope remains.

The coc.o.o.n absorbed the sunlight, trembling slightly as the aura of an Immortal Gu leaked out uncontrollably.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

"Such an aura, how is this possible?!" Tie Ruo Nan, Bai Ning Bing and the others were staring with their eyes popping out.

"He is refining Gu, he is really refining an Immortal Gu?! Who is he? Is he the reincarnation of Verdant Great Sun?" Yi Huo, Yi Chong, and the others were staring with their jaws dropping.

"Fixed immortal travel! Is he really refining fixed immortal travel Gu? To think that I, Feng Tian Yu, would get the see the birth of an Immortal Gu!" This refinement master kneeled on the ground emotionally, tears overflowing on his face.

In the blessed land, the few remaining hairy men all kneeled down.

This moment, they were idolizing this person refining an Immortal Gu!


An event of the immemorial era was unfolding before them…

An unimaginable grandness and beauty caused many Gu Masters' bodies to shook. Was it excitement, fear, or both?

At once, Fang Yuan's figure was the center of everyone's attention.

No matter how glaring the torrential light stream was, everyone's eyes were wide open, staring without blinking.

The Immortal Gu's aura became more intense, but at this crucial moment, something happened.

"Trying to use my power to refine an Immortal Gu? Hmph!" Xiao Mang was no fool, after realizing this, he immediately stopped his killer move.

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