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A cold glint flashed in Zhenlei Duomo's eyes as she slowly spoke, "I carry a drug, a terrible laxative with me. As long as we can sneak and put this laxative into the meal of the Stygian Club's members, it will cause them to suffer abdominal pain and insane defecation. It will greatly impact the Stygian Club's men even if they want to go all out to fight back when both sides are engaged in the battle. Hence, it will inflict them with severe losses."


Tang Xiu asked with knitted brows, "Will this laxative have an effect on the divergent races?"

"It's absolutely effective." Zhenlei Duomo nodded and explained, "This laxative is so powerful that even I will also fall into the same predicament if I take it, let alone those divergent races. In fact, I once fought a Marquis-rank vampire a few years ago that ended up in my loss. To wipe away this disgrace, I first looked for a mysterious poison expert and asked him to prescribe this laxative. Then I used it on that Marquis-rank Vampire, which nearly made him pull his intestines out. In the end, I was able to kill directly him even though my strength was pretty inferior to his."

"That is indeed a good idea, but I'm afraid it will be easy for the divergent races to detect it if they smell that something's not right with their meals," commented Tang Xiu.

"Not for my laxative," Zhenlei Duomo proudly said. "It's because this laxative is colorless and tasteless. They will never notice it when mixed into their meals."

Tang Xiu thought about it for a while before he nodded and said, "Awu, go to the southeast side and find out when those dozens of parties are going to attack the Stygian Club. Zhenlei, I need you to sneak into the Stygian Club's encampment and immediately put the laxative in their meals once you receive the news from me."

"Order received! (Got it!)"

Mo Awu and Zhenlei Duomo answered at the same and left at a very fast speed.

Early in the next morning.

When a blazing red ball rising from the east, the colorful rays of sunlight filled half of the sky and illuminated Mist Source Island, as though it was covered with a gorgeous mantle. The total number of forces from more than a dozen parties amounted to more than 560 people as they started to rush over toward the direction of the Stygian Club's encampment in an aggressive manner.

At a close distance to the flock were more than 20 ace experts, who could no longer be seen as ordinary human experts anymore. They were responsible to clean up all the obstruction on the road and did it at a very fast speed, while also acting as vanguards to shield the large troops entering the canyon and then charged toward the inner valley.

Half an hour ago, Zhenlei Duomo had secretly put the laxative into the meals of Stygian Club's members. After half an hour brewing inside their stomachs, dozens of the Stygian Club's members felt a stomach ache and had symptoms of severe diarrhea.

The close quarter fights and the battle were on the verge of breaking out.

The most powerful man of the Stygian Club here, Keith Moore, had also been caught in a great flurry by the sudden outbreak. Just as the nearly 600 men strong alliance stormed over into the canyon, they straightly launched swift and fierce attacks after rushing through the array formation.

On the hillside in the northwest direction.

With a face full of enthusiasm, Tang Xiu watched the slaughtering and killing unfolding below. What made him feel very interested was the fact that the Stygian Club turned out to have many experts. Not only were there a lot of vampires, werewolves, and wingmen, but there was also other numerous Demi-humans. And yet, they could only suppress their diarrhea while fighting back against the enemy attacks.

The killings! It was a scene where blood continued to be shed along with painful screams.

In another direction, the Pyramid's Intelligence War Elder, Wu Jie, had been waiting for a long time along with dozens of the Pyramid experts. Never did they expect that such a large-scale diarrhea outbreak would happen to the Stygian Club's experts. Despite Wu Jie himself wanting both sides to clash as he reaped the profits as the third party, the scene still stimulated him nonetheless.

"Get ready! We are going to jump into the battle and fight at any time now."

Wu Ji looked straight to Bodart, who stood next to him while stroking his beard and grinning.

Bodart was frowning instead and slowly said, "This situation is a bit particular. It's kind of fishy, to be exact, more so if the one who gave the order to use laxatives on the Stygian Club's members is not one of the alliance forces. I suggest to acting rashly and wait for some time until the battles are settled before we move and join the fray."

Wu Jie was called the Intelligence War Elder and was known for his wisdom. Thus, he nodded without hesitation and said, "We only need to surround the Stygian Club's camp and its periphery and wait for both sides to suffer losses and then clean up the mess. Everyone, move! Do pay attention to the attack signal and immediately strike once you find any enemies!"

Time pa.s.sed by slowly.

The intense battle and killing lasted for half an hour, with both the Stygian Club and the united forces of the dozen parties suffering grieving losses, including that burly black man who was. .h.i.t by a werewolf and was now severely injured. It was under such a situation that the alliance members began to feel fear and look for an opportunity to run away.


Upon seeing that the enemies were gradually weakening, Keith Moor did not hesitate to issue the order. As four Count-rank vampires acted the array was activated, releasing the Blood Poison.


Shrill screams came from the mouths of the coalition forces' experts. It was then followed by unceasing shrill screams afterward.


A caucasian leader bellowed and instantly dashed in front of a Count-rank vampire, but the latter killed him with only a blow, while several heavily armed big men around him met their tragic deaths by the Blood Poison.


In the coalition army, a young, thin and black youth's back was shredded by a werewolf's claws. The moment his blood guzzled out, he suddenly gouged his own eyes out with difficulty. While his blood was flowing out, he screamed out those words with a shrill voice before he fainted, as a nebulous jet black smoke suddenly spread out from him and then formed a black fog twister that turned into a cyclone. The dead bodies on the ground and the pools of blood spilled on the ground were as though being summoned at this moment, quickly flowed toward him and eventually merged into the black fog cyclone.


In just a few breaths, a black fog cyclone of tens of meters' height was then formed. Suddenly, at the moment when the thin youth's body exploded, a mushroom-like cloud like that of a nuclear bomb explosion blasted out and instantly smashed several werewolves and vampires of the Stygian Club into blood mists, whereas seven or eight people from the coalition forces were also killed in an instant.

On the ground, the Blood Array was broken and the Blood Poison dispersed.

The frenzied killings raged on. The ever-intensifying losses toward the Stygian Club's members eventually forced them to retreat with sharp, shrill cries. Their number was originally fifty-plus people, but only twenty of them retreated. The coalition forces of the various parties were even worse as only 200 people survived from the nearly 600 men strong, while more than half of them were battered and injured.

In the northwest direction.

Tang Xiu stood on the edge of the Concealment Array while watching the miserable scene below. His mind was still like water. He was accustomed to seeing the scene of killings just like the one in front of him right now, and thus felt nothing at all. But Mo Awu and the others, including the ruthless and merciless Zhenlei Duomo, looked slightly pale. They were also ruthless people whose hands were stained with blood. However, the vast majority of their previous battles heavily relied on firearms, far from the kind of close-combat fights where flesh and blood flew in all directions and bodies were blown to pieces.

"Are we going to move, Boss?" Mo Awu shot a glance at Tang Xiu and asked in a toned down voice. He was secretly taken aback upon seeing how calm and tranquil Tang Xiu was. Because he really could not figure him out in the end. Was it because Tang Xiu's heart too ruthless, or was it because what he had gone through?

"Not yet. Today's most important protagonist has not yet appeared," Tang Xiu shook his head and indifferently said. "Let's just see what is going to unfold as of now. No rush and no worries for us. I'm sure the show is going to be more splendid once our protagonist enters the stage."

Mo Awu looked at him and asked with hesitation, "You mean… the Pyramid?"

"Saying it bluntly, the Pyramid is the world's largest organization, while the Stygian Club is at best only an allied force," Tang Xiu chuckled. "The Pyramid is different, for it unites as a whole ent.i.ty with remarkable wisdom and intelligence in how they operate, whether it is against their enemies or development. Just wait! I'm sure the Intelligence War Elder of the Pyramid must be feeling grateful for the machinations we've set up for him."

"But why?" asked Mo Awu, confused.

"The Sandpiper and the clam fought with each other, and he will be the fisherman who catches them both. Why wouldn't he feel grateful for us who have spent great effort and time to set it up for him?"

Mo Awu realized it instantly as he grinned and said, "Nope. I don't think to describe it as both parties fighting and the third party takes all the profits appropriate for this situation, Boss. It's more perfect to describe it as the mantis stalks the cicada while unaware of the oriole behind them because there are hunters behind the yellow bird. And we will be the last winners… for we are those hunters."

Tang Xiu could not help laughing and said, "Hahaha, there are so many winding ways to describe it. Oh? Well, well, the protagonist is finally appearing."

Mo Awu and the rest's expressions moved and quickly set their visions into the distance.

From the southeast direction, fifty plus figures flew toward the coalition forces lightning fast. Some of them were chasing the Stygian Club as they flew toward the direction of their retreat. Just as five vampires and three Wingmen of the Stygian Club flew in the air and were about to retreat to the top of the mountain, a gunshot followed by a blasting bullet streaking up to the sky and blocking their retreat path.


Three old men possessing soaring auras led more than a dozen high-spirited Elementalists up from the back of the mountain and unleashed their special abilities. Lightning crazily blitzed, cyclones emerged out of the blue, water dragons danced their claws aggressively, and pieces of sharp metals covered the sky.


Burning flame as though fire burning a prairie blazed out crazily as the low and majestic voice sounded. Several Wingmen were instantly shrouded in raging fire, while the vampires were almost barbecued by the flame and crazily fell down.

Intelligence War Elder Wu Jie was holding a golden scepter as he stepped on the cloud of flames and swept away two Count-rank vampires. It was like some random, casual blows, and yet it killed the two Count-rank vampires directly.

"YOU'LL BE d.a.m.nED, WU JIE!!!"

Finally, Keith Moore's figure shot from the distance. His earsplitting roar contained infinite rage within.

A thin old man beside the Intelligence War Elder maniacally laughed, "HAHAHA, I think it's you who will die, Keith! I didn't kill you in the past, but I will give n.o.body face today! Hurricane, Myriads Decapitation…"

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