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Tang Xiu said, "Since Zhenlei Duomu has killed Miao Hengfu, then one of our hidden troubles has been removed. Next, it's the foreign forces' turn. Just let them destroy each other, and it will be the time to clear up the mess when they almost dead."

In the northern suburbs of Mixed Summit City.

The Stygian Club's stationed encampment had been moved there, where was embosomed in mountains. Keith Moore thought it was covert enough. Madly, the Talented Adepts of the Pyramids had launched several attacks on the Stygian Club, causing the two Darksoul squads recruited by Keith Moore to suffer heavy losses. Even Basil and Alody took a terrible beating.

“Is it clear?”

Keith Moore's eyes gleamed with cold, staring at the young man in front of him.

The young man nodded and said, "Everything's clear. The Pyramids attacked all forces last night. Our people were killed and the bodies were all used to frame us. Now, those forces have united, they keep the Pyramids at a distance on the one hand, and plan to attack us on the other hand." Original translation from Www。w.a.n.gmamaRead。Com。

Sir Keith Moore roared out of rage, “Don't they understand it's the conspiracy of the Pyramids?”

The young man said with a bitter smile, "The people who gripe power cannot be a fool. But they are still preparing to attack us, which means that our existence has threatened them. Although they know it's the conspiracy of the Pyramids, their being attacked was just a chance to unite them. So that they can fight against us. Those forces are overwhelmingly ambitious, they want more resources and benefits!”

Keith Moore sneered and asked, “Where are those people of the Pyramids?”

The young man replied, “They are now only 30 kilometers away from us, stationed in the mountains to the east. After our investigation, the number of people is bigger than it was before. Moreover, when we were investigating, Berdot, one of the Pyramids' War Elders, has arrived.”

“The War Ghoul Elder, Berdot?”

Keith Moore's eyes got cold and breath of killing burst out from him. He had met with most of those War Elders of the Pyramids, among who the War Ghoul Elder Berdot had a lot of grievances with him.

“Set up the blood formation and put the blood Poison.”

Keith Moore clenched his teeth and ordered.

The youth's face changed and he said in a hurry, “Sir, once the Blood Formation is set, we really have to fight with them to the death.”


Keith Moore slapped the young man and the latter flew away, then he roared, “Idiot, it's already time to fight with them to the death. Go to tell them, get well-prepared, since they want to wipe out us, then we will kill them first.”


The young man showed great fear, then he quickly climbed up from the ground and fled from the tent desperately.

At dusk.

Tang Xiu, Zidan, Ye Shisan and Zhenlei Duomu quietly appeared in the east of Mixed Summit City. After the investigation of the four of them, they found the forces of the various parties were now stationed here.


A ghostly figure appeared nearby silently.

Zhenlei Duomu took out her long knife in an instant and was about to kill the coming person immediately.

"Hold on."

Tang Xiu stopped Zhenlei Duomu immediately. Looking at Jin Shi who appeared in front of him like a flash of lightning, he asked, "How is the situation?"

Jin Shi glimpsed at Zhenlei Duomu indifferently, saying respectfully, "Boss, through the reconnaissance, we have found that there were 62 members of the Pyramids stationed at the northwest of the Mixed Summit City. The original translation from Www。w.a.n.gmamaRead。Com。 In addition, the leader of the Pyramids is Wu Jie, the War Intelligence Elder Wu Jie."

Tang Xiu nodded, saying with a sneer, "A war elder of the Pyramids… Well, they indeed value Mist Source Island, and even such a heavyweight has appeared on the island."

Jin Shi continued grimly, "Besides the War Intelligence Elder Wu Jie, the War Ghoul Elder Berdot has also appeared. It was Berdot and his men who attacked the Stygian Club last night."


Tang Xiu replied. Turning his head around and looking at Zhenlei Duomu, he said evenly, "Don't be surprised at someone who appears suddenly. Jin Shi is one of my subordinates. Some of my men will come here later."

Zhenlei Duomu was somewhat startled. She hadn't expected Tang Xiu to have so many cultivators under his command. Furthermore, the man who had just arrived should not be underestimated.

At this moment.

Zhenlei Duomu wondered how many subordinates Tang Xiu had. It could be inferred from Tang Xiu's words that other than Jin Shi, he had some other subordinates.

Two hours later.

Zhenlei Duomu was extremely shocked by Tang Xiu's nine subordinates standing in front of her. They were all superb cultivators. Wherever they went, such potent armed forces were horrible to everyone and they were able to occupy a large area aggressively.

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