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Tang Xiu previously thought that even if Mu Jianhua was just a derelict in duty and incompetent, he would at best only be good-for-nothing silk pant. Little did he expect that he would play so big, burning 600 million in one gamble.

600 million yuan! This amount may be small in his eyes, but it was an astronomical figure in the eyes of countless people. Some could never earn a tenth or even one percent of that amount in their entire lives.

What a wastrel!

Tang Xiu suddenly sympathized with Mu Wanying for having such a "superb" father—a blood parasite who had indeed been sucking her profits for a long time. After lighting a cigarette, Tang Xiu took a few puffs and then made up his mind. Killing a man's son was an enmity that could never be written off. Now that he already killed Miao Wenlei, he could not leave behind a dormant disaster. But then again, killing Miao Hengfu must not be done in public, otherwise, Mu Jianhua would know about it. Even if he wouldn't dare to do anything to him in return, but he would likely bear a grudge and ill feelings toward him.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu's expression changed as an ingenious machination birthed inside his mind.

Tang Han, who had been observing Tang Xiu, was somewhat curious. After knowing that Miao Hengfu had Mu Jianhua as a patron, what would her younger brother decide to do?

"What are you thinking?"

"Well, I'm pondering about some machinations." Tang Xiu smiled.

Tang Han's curiosity was piqued and asked again, "What scheme? Come on, tell your big sis."

Tang Xiu just smiled in response and did not straightly answer her question. Instead, he called Mo Awu and the others, and then spoke to them, "You should be less than 30 years of age, shouldn't you, Shisan? And your face is a bit similar to that Miao Wenlei I killed before. If I help you disguise and turn you into Miao Wenlei, can you imitate his arrogant and unbridled manner?"

"I've seen him once, so imitating him won't be a problem, Boss," said Ye Shisan quickly.

"If so, then you, along with Jin Shi, Xue Sha, Hei Xion, Gu Tao, Zhang Jue, and Zidan will immediately leave for the village on the Southern side of the Mountain in the center of Mist Source Island. Zidan has already investigated before that those twenty-plus people stationed there are from the Mexican mafia, the Reston, who are led by its second in command, Zhenlei Duomo. Your mission is to provoke the people from this Reston Mafia. Kill a few of them and leave Miao Wenlei's name there before leaving the place."

Ye Shisan's expression moved, and he asked, "Do you want to make him the scapegoat, Boss?"

"Yeah, we'll make him the scapegoat," Tang Xiu nodded. "Miao Wenlei is dead already in any case, while it can be said that there's no evidence for his death whatsoever. Hence, my order is very simple. Make that Reston Mafia's second in command, Zhenlei Duomo, go crazy and desperate and storm over Miao Hengfu, taking revenge for his son for Miao Hengfu, so he will fight the Reston."

"Consider it done, Boss. We'll make sure to accomplish the task," said Ye Shisan with a firm nod.

Tang Xiu wave his hand and motioned for them to leave. Then he looked at Mo Awu and said, "Take Feng Yang, Shui Gui, and Hei Wuya with you and investigate all the foreign forces in Mist Source Island in the shortest time. They are harboring some evil schemes, and we must not ignore and leave them alone no matter what."

"Orders received!"

Mo Awu clearly understood that this was the duty and responsibility on Tang Xiu's shoulder in coming to Mist Source Island. He immediately left with the other three men.

Tang Han looked at their backs as they left before she asked with a hesitant expression, "Will they be okay, Brother? Why don't you wait for some time until my men get better to join them?"

"There's no need for the time being," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "Awu and the rest are masters who can face hundreds of enemies. Besides, it's what they excel at, so no worries! I'll tell you to move your men if there are any matters that need to be dealt with later."

Knock, knock…

The door was knocked, and then a middle-aged woman in her forties entered the room. With a grateful expression on her face, she faced Tang Xiu and said, "School Master, Mr. Tang, we've investigated Li Wei's ident.i.ty and background. She's an inhabitant of Twin Brooks City, and her parents were killed two days ago. We checked it through the card, done some search and monitoring and we can determine that it was done by Miao Wenlei's people. Also, Li Wei… she has suffered a lot of torture. Put it simply, be it her chast.i.ty, body, and spirit, she suffered great trauma. And she is now sleeping after we comforted her."

"Those d.a.m.ned beasts!!" Tang Han's face was full of anger. She clenched her fist and slammed the sofa armrest.

Tang Xiu thought for a moment and said slowly, "Sis, I'll leave Li Wei in your care here! I have tons of things to do later, so I can't bring a little girl with me."

"Don't worry," Tang Han nodded. "When the crisis on Mist Source Island is solved I'll send someone to investigate whether she still has other relatives. If there is, then it will be for the best, but if she doesn't, let her stay in the Tang Manor Martial School. I'll adopt her."

"That's fine too," Tang Xiu nodded without speaking much.

In the valley, dozens of kilometers south of Twin Brooks City, dozens of military tents were erected nearby with a throng of heavily armed burly men guarding and patrolling the vicinity. Inside one of the largest tents in the middle, the War Intelligence Elder of the Pyramid organization, Elder Wu Jie, was pacing back and forth before the map of Mist Source Island.

About two and a half hours ago was the agreed time of communication, and the dispatched subordinates, Siou, and his men did not contact him as per ordered and also did not answer the communication contact whatsoever. All of which became a haze that hung over his mind.

A drop of water fell.

It was suddenly falling from the tent as a hazy shadow made of water then immediately formed by the dripping water. Finally, after a scene of quiet solidifying of the water curtain, a young pretty girl appeared.

"Have you found them, Poseinu?" Wu Ji stopped and asked.

Nodding with a solemn expression, Poseinu then took a small camera. After turning on and choosing a video player feature, she immediately played the video content inside.


After watching the video, a furious look appeared on Wu Jie's old face as he smashed the golden cane in his on the ground, creating a blasting wave that destroyed the entire tent.

The content played in the video was a spot of the forested mountain that was in a mess with dozens of his subordinates being bitten and swallowed by the beasts in the mountain forest. There were also several dead bodies near them, corpses of Bloodkin with the Stygian Club's member crest.

"War Intelligence Elder, after my investigation, the ones who killed Siou and the others are members of the Stygian Club. Moreover, the dead bodies of the Stygian Club's members also remained there," said Poseinu in a deep voice.

"Have you located the position of Keith Moore and his men, Poseinu?" asked Wu Jie in a cold voice.

"I have. They are in Mixed Summit City," answered Poseinu. "However, the group of people targeted by Siou has disappeared. We have spent quite some time and energy to find them, but failed."

"Hmph. There are only two possibilities. The first is that Tang Xiu has been taken away by the Stygian Club's people, and the second one is that he's escaped and is hiding." Wu Jie coldly snorted. "Regardless, we must take action. Notify Bodart and tell him to go to Mixed Summit City himself. If he finds Tang Xiu, then kill him at once. If he can't find him, then give Keith Moore a lesson."

"War Intelligence Elder, are you really sure we have to battle the Stygian Club?" Poseinu interjected quickly. "If my info is correct, Keith Moore brought a lot of Stygian Club's experts to Mist Source Island. I'm worried that…"

"There's nothing to worry about. The Pyramid also took precaution in numbers when we come to Mist Source Island this time. Our numbers are much more than what appears on the surface," said Wu Jie with a thick tone. "We have yet to lose all decorum, though there have been some frictions with the Stygian Club in the past. But now… Keith Moore must pay the price."

"Alright, then. I'll immediately inform War Elder Bodart immediately," Poseinu nodded.

Wu Jie waved his hand and looked at the direction of Twin Brooks City with a grim expression. He brought a lot of confidants this time, and Siou was his right-hand man. The Elementalists squad led by Siou was also his most loyal force. The loss this time was too big for him, too big that he began to feel vexed and aggrieved.

Mixed Summit City.

On a street north of the city was where the Stygian Club was stationed on the island. Keith Moore crushed the teacup in his hand as a ruthless light burst from his eyes. Basil and Alody, who stood in front of him, did not dare to breathe loudly and just bowed their heads without speaking.

"Four Counts of the Darksoul squad have been killed just like that? What the f.u.c.k were you two doing then? I trained those four Counts myself. Do you know how big was my investment in them?"

"Chinese cultivators, huh? … Even if these Chinese ascetics are very mysterious and extremely formidable existence, that is NOT a d.a.m.n excuse for your failures! FIND THOSE f.u.c.kING b.a.s.t.a.r.dS. I'LL BREAK THEIR BONES AND SCATTER THEIR ASHES!!!"


After unleashing his tantrum, only then did Keith Moore finally calm down.

Basil finally heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. He braced himself and continued his report, "Their strength is, in fact, not that powerful. Tang Xiu himself is just as strong as us. But the might of the sword he uses is way too powerful, and I can sense enormous energy within it. Even I'm sure that it's more superior to the Demon of Darkness artifact belonging to our Stygian Club."

Keith Moore was stunned and stared at him, and then suddenly asked, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure about," Basil firmly nodded. "Tang Xiu is not very powerful. I may not be able to defeat him myself, but I'm sure I can defeat him if I join hands with Alody. But his sword is too powerful and way too strange, so we…"

Keith More waved to interrupt him. There was greed in his eyes as he said in a deep voice, "If this is the case, then I'll do it myself. Find out where he is now at the fastest speed possible! Also, notice the other Darksoul squads to aid you, and tell them to immediately report to me at once when they find him."

"Orders received!"

The defeat Basil previously suffered was too big a humiliation and shame for him. Upon hearing that Keith Moore wanted to act himself, he faintly looked forward to it. He could wash this shame if Keith Moore could kill Tang Xiu. Even if he was not able to do so, he would definitely be able to cause ma.s.sive losses to him.

"Sir, I will need your Command Insignia, else the members of the other two Darksoul squads won't listen to me."

"Take it!"

Keith Moore gave his Command Insignia to Basil without hesitation.

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