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A city came into view. As four cars continued running, they soon entered the city. This once prosperous city was now lifeless. There were hardly any vehicles on the wide road and few pedestrians hurried by.

Tang Zhuang Martial Art School was located in Twin Brook City.

After some inquiries, four cars soon stopped at the entrance of Tang Zhuang Martial Art School. To Tang Xiu's surprise,  beside the stone lions at the school gate, there were two young men holding electric swatters in their hands while playing with their mobile phones listlessly.

"Who are you?"

Seeing Tang Xiu, Mo Awu and others, one young man raised his head and asked with his eyebrows frowned.

Tang Xiu replied: "I'm looking for Tang Han."

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The young man looked at Tang Xiu with surprise, and suddenly asked: "You don't have anything that makes static electricity? Aren't you…"

Tang Xiu said: "That's right. We're not infected."

The young man was shocked, saying: "How could it be? Everyone on the Mist Source Island was infected. Did you come in from the outside? And come from abroad…"

Tang Xiu shook his hands to interrupt him and said: "We come from inland. If this was Tang Zhuang Martial Art School, I think I've found the right place. Please show us the way to find Tang Han."

The young man hesitated and said: "It's inconvenient for our owner to receive guests."

Tang Xiu replied: "I'm her younger brother."

The young man was stunned, and then gave them a contemptuous look, saying: "Our boss became an orphan since she was very young, so she doesn't have any brothers. You don't seem to make trouble, so you'd better leave here. Although the people at our Tang Zhuang Martial School are all infected, there are still a lot of members can fight with you. "

“Whether I am her brother or not, you will know once you report to her. You have a few minutes, hurry up,” said Tang Xiu.

With some hesitation, the young man glanced at the people behind Tang Xiu and finally turned back and ran inside.

In a quaint study of Tang Zhuang Martial School, Tang Han was holding a book and read it quietly. Her face was faintly pale, and from time to time, she picked up the electric swatter, turning on the switch to stimulate herself.


Outside the study, the young man shouted.

Raising her head, Tang Han said, “The door is not closed yet. Come in.”

The young man stepped into the study and said, “Schoolmaster, there is a group of people outside, the leading young man said he was your younger brother. I wanted to drive them away, but finding those people he brings here are all swordsmen, so…”

Younger brother?

Tang Han's expression changed slightly and then she stood up from the sofa in an instant, said, “Take me to him.”

Showing a suspicious look though, the young man still nodded. Just a few steps away, he suddenly remembered something and said, “Schoolmaster, the guy who claimed to be your brother came from the mainland. And the most incredible thing is that they are not infected by the virus.”

Hearing that, Tang Han quickened her pace at once.

At the time when she strode out of the gate of the martial school, her eyes focused on the face of Tang Xiu. A complicated light flashed in her eyes, and suddenly she had a feeling of crying. Since the Darkening Virus had been spreading and had the entire Mist Source be infected, she was looking forward to the support from the clan.

And at this moment, however.

Her family finally came, and it was her brother…Tang Xiu.

Tang Han's feelings for the Tang clan were not very deep, and she even couldn't treat her parents as loved ones. But since she received a message from her family six months ago, she suddenly found that there was a family member who shared the same experiences with her among those relatives, that was Tang Xiu.

She had seen Tang Xiu's photos and checked his materials, so she knew a lot about what Tang Xiu had done in the past six months. There were very few people in the world who could make her admire, but Tang Xiu was one of them. She admired him sincerely and found him amiable involuntarily.

"Tang Xiu?"

Tang Han's lips moved and she hurried to Tang Xiu, quietly looking over his handsome face.

Tang Xiu also had inexplicable intimacy and respect for Tang Han. When she was young, she was sent out by the family, so there was little time for her to spend with her family. It could be said that she had devoted too much for the Tang family.

There was neither strangeness nor estrangement in their first meeting.

Tang Xiu stepped forward and held Tang Han in full view of others, saying softly: “Sister, thanks for all your hard work.”

Tang Han's body trembled, as Tang Xiu's soft voice moved her a lot. With two lines of tears falling down her face, she didn't resist the embrace of Tang Xiu. She shook her head, biting the lower lip with her white teeth.

“He understands me!”

Tang Han was moved and felt warm. At this moment, she became more intimate with this younger brother who had been in the same situation with her.

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