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The unintentional collision between the two forces caused Tang Xiu’s body to fly for dozens of meters, and then he was able to keep his legs. In the other direction instead, a vampire wearing a black night coat appeared, and his arm was wounded to a pulp in the collision.

"So powerful!"

Alody’s wings were splashed by the sword qi, and the pain almost suffocated him. After flying back dozens of meters, he immediately escaped away. If he would have fought against the attack face to face, he wouldn't have that feeling. Because of his sneak attack, Tang Xiu's counterattack didn't do his best at all.

"Alody, how about you?"

With panic and shock, Basil flew to Alody, and looked at Alody's b.l.o.o.d.y arms, his heart twitched.

Looking deep in the direction of Tang Xiu, Alody said bitterly: “The guy is superhuman. His power is too strong, and the power of his sword is almost comparable to that of Sir Keith Moore. We must retreat, I am afraid that only Sir Keith Moore could defeat him.”

Basil was not reconciled to retreat, but he couldn't retort what Alody had said. He knew Alody was telling the truth. Even if they joined hands in combating Tang Xiu, they would be defeated.


The two figures didn't linger and flew towards the direction they came.

A thousand meters away in the mountain forest.

Siou was watching what was happening ahead in shock, he never expected such a result. Just then, he swore that the Darksoul squad from the Stygian Club would win, but the four vampires were killed in a moment. Basil, the group leader of the ghost group, was forced back, and even his a.s.sociated partner Alody was defeated. This fact was like an invisible palm, slapping hard in his face.

Can Oriental cultivators be that strong?

Siou's throat was a little dry, this ending left him confused about what to do next. He led more than a dozen people, but they were just as strong as Basil's vampires. At this moment, four Spaul's men were killed, even Basil and Alody fled in panic. Would he take the upper hand in fighting with Tang Xiu?

What gonna do?

Just leave in this dejected way?

And gave up the task a.s.signed by Sir Wu Jie?

The cute girl, who was standing next to Siou, clenched her small fists, and flames of anger seemed to spurt from her eyes. She didn’t expect this situation: that d.a.m.n vampire Alody should escape. She had intended to kill and smash him, but now she couldn't even touch him anymore.


Siou, who was in a dilemma, suddenly came to himself. He keenly observed that Tang Xiu spewed out blood when surrounded by his men. What did this mean? It showed that Tang Xiu was badly injured.

It's a great opportunity!

Siou made up his mind and said in a low voice: “Excavator, Mo Asi, you respectively bring two people to get close to them through the ground, be sure to attack some enemies when they are negligent. Wu Ying… you follow behind the Heavenly Guardians, take the opportunity to attack Tang Xiu, even if you can not kill him in one attempt, you must worsen his injury. Dark Wind and the other two, come with me.”

In the distance.

After spitting out a mouth of blood, Tang Xiu casually peeked in the direction where Siou and his men hid. With his vigilance, he had long known that the people who were following them included other forces in addition to the Stygian Club. Besides, Tang Xiu had already speculated about where they were hiding.

He was actually unscathed, and that spit of blood was also deliberately feigned by him. The sneak attack from Alody only made his arm tingle and speed up his blood circulation. After only a few seconds, he had recovered as before.

“Watch out the enemies.”

Tang Xiu reminded them quickly while he was surrounded.

Mo Awu and others knew there were two groups of people tracking them. With Tang Xiu's reminder, they immediately realized there was a third group that did not emerge.

As the central character of Banquet Restaurant, Feng Yang was chosen by Gu Yan'er due to his good endowment and special ability. Except for very few people in the Banquet Restaurant, all the others who knew his special ability were killed.

Feng Yang could manipulate the earth element and use the earth attribute power.

Just after everyone saw the figure sprinting from one kilometer away, Feng Yang suddenly changed his face and said quickly, “Someone came from the underground, it may be the Soil Talented Adept.”

Talented Adept?

Heavenly Favorite?

Tang Xiu’s eyes shone. Although he has seen the Talented Adept, he had never studied them in depth. Suddenly, he grabbed four array disks and smashed them out with great speed. As a series of array tracks were created by him, in an instant, the Four Phenomena Formation were arranged by him.

"Feng Yang, are you familiar with the Soil Talented Adept?"

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