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Awe-inspiring, Tang Xiu looked at the dying little girl on the car roof. He never thought that these d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were so cruel that they tied a living child to the roof at the speed of 180 miles/hour. In case the rope got slack on the halfway, the little girl would definitely be flung out and be hacked into pieces.


In Tang Xiu's eyes, these people were already corpses, he showed no feelings but indifference.

“Hey, where do you motherf.u.c.kers come from? f.u.c.k you, you stand in our way deliberately, don't you? n.o.body knows who we are?" The leading burly fellow quickly took a knife from his waist and snarled, pointing at Tang Xiu with the knifepoint.

Tang Xiu snorted and raised his hand to stop Mo Awu and others behind him. He looked at the approaching burly fellow and asked, “Who are you?”

The burly fellow stopped at a distance of four or five meters from Tang Xiu and bawled, “We are your motherf.u.c.king dad. f.u.c.k you. You can just go around and ask, in the whole Mist Source Island, who dares to stop our little boss's car?” "

“Big Tiger, what are you doing? Now get them to the side, don't waste my time to the power station. If they dare to talk back, just beat them to death. Now it's a good time that you can kill a few people just like killing the ants, no one cares." From the back of those burly fellows, a lazy voice came out. Then a fancy-dressed young man with long red hair and ear stud walked out, yawning.

Being silent for a moment, in the next moment, Tang Xiu's body sprinted and appeared in front of those burly fellows in an instant. His violent fists bombarded them on their heads. Just like the watermelon being hit, their heads were instantly blasted, and their bodies were kicked away by Tang Xiu for more than ten meters.


The young man was astounded, and his laziness was replaced with extreme fear. He realized that they had done something wrong – provoking some dreadful desperate terrorists. What's more… his people were all first-cla.s.s masters who had been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years, how could they be killed by those men… so easily?

Tang Xiu reached out to seize the young man by the throat and then raised him up, asking coldly: “It's father's fault not to teach the son well. Tell me who you are.”

The young man was taken by the throat, his breathing had almost stopped. With his face became redder, he struggled more intensively. But his eyes were fixed at Tang Xiu and blinked ceaselessly, seeming to say that he was willing to tell Tang Xiu.


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Tang Xiu slapped him to the ground when letting go of him, and then he stepped on one side of his face, saying fiercely, “Say it now, let me see which libertine gave birth to you b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

The young man who was trampled on the ground by Tang Xiu shouted after a cough: “Take off your foot, I'm Miao Wenlei, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. My dad is the richest man on Mist Source Island, and my family is the most powerful one in Mist Source Island. Now you treat me like this, aren't you afraid that my dad would kill you?”

“Miao Wenlei, it's enough to have this name.”

Tang Xiu stamped down, directly breaking Miao Wenlei's neck, and kicked him out dozens of meters away, his body didn't stop flying until he hit a big tree. Then Tang Xiu asked with a sullen face, “How long will it take to Twin Brook City?”

Mo Awu said: “It will take more than three hours.”

Tang Xiu nodded and came to the car ten meters away. He climbed up to the top of the car deftly, then looked at the little girl who was dying but not in a coma yet. Tang Xiu quickly cut the rope and carefully picked her up.

"They are a.s.sholes."

Tang Xiu noticed that the little girl was beaten cruelly. Her several bones were fractured and most importantly, she lost a lot of blood, which made her cold all over. As a Primal Chaos Force was instilled into the girl's body, which quickly protected her heart, then Tang Xiu took out a panacea and made her swallowed one-tenth of it.

"Don't be afraid. I've handled those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Take it easy, I'll set your broken bones. Very soon, you will be okay."

With a pair of dull eyes, the little girl didn't react. Even her injuries didn't bring her any pain.

Tang Xiu sighed in his heart. He knew the girl had suffered too much. She had been tortured for a long time, which numbed her. Being unwilling to waste any time at this moment, he took off her coat quickly and began to set her fractured bones. With the protection of the Primal Chaos Force, regardless of her pain, Tang Xiu set the girl's bones in her scream.

The holy panacea was so effective that only one-tenth of it could make the girl recover at an amazing speed.

Tang Xiu took off his coat, wrapped her up gently and came to the off-road vehicle he rode in immediately. He pa.s.sed the girl over to Mo Awu and said in a deep voice: "Go on your way. After arriving at Twin Brook City, enquire about the richest man on Mist Source Island and which clan Miao Wenlei belongs to."

"Yes, Sir!"

After taking over the little girl from Tang Xiu, Mo Awu carefully carried her into the car and offer the c.o.c.kpit to Xue Sha.

Several hours later.

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