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As Tang Xiu looked at the dying little girl on the roof of the car, never once did he dream that these d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.ds would be so cruel to tie up a child to the roof of the car and drive fast up to 180 km/h. If the rope was to loosen up and the girl was thrown out, she would definitely die a tragic death and turn into minced meat.

What inhuman beasts!!!

The way Tang Xiu looked at these people was as though looking at corpses. There was nothing on his face except a cold and detached expression.

"HEY, YOU! WHERE THE h.e.l.l DID YOU f.u.c.kING COME FROM? YOU MOTHERf.u.c.kING b.a.s.t.a.r.d, YOU INTENTIONALLY BLOCKED THE ROAD? DO YOU f.u.c.kING NOT KNOW WHO WE ARE?" The first burly man quickly grabbed a knife from his waist, pointing it at Tang Xiu and angrily cursed.

Tang Xiu snorted coldly and raised his hand to stop Mo Awu and the others who came out behind him. While looking at the big man who asked and walked closer, he asked, "Who are you?"

The big man halted four-plus meters away from Tang Xiu and said, "We are your BIG DADDY, PUNK!! You f.u.c.king s.h.i.t, did you not ask around who dared to block our Little Boss's car?"

"Hey, Big Hu! What the h.e.l.l are you doing? Just f.u.c.king tell them to get aside. Don't delay this young master's errand to the power station! Beat them up if they dare to resist. Besides, n.o.body will care even if you kill some of them. They are just ants!" A lazy voice spoke behind the seven burly men. It came from a young, bleached red-haired haughty youth with pierced ears, who yawned and walked over.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before his body flashed in an instant and appeared in front of the seven burly men, and then delivered a barrage of violent punches to their heads. The seven men's heads were like watermelons getting hit as they instantly blasted, while Tang Xiu straightly kicked their dead bodies and sent them several meters away.


The young man blanked foolishly. His languid appearance vanished, replaced with deep fear, realizing that he had made a grave mistake, for he seemed to have just provoked a dreadful desperado… More so that… his men were first-cla.s.s masters and all of them had practiced martial arts for more 20 years; and yet, how could they be killed by him so easily?

Tang Xiu grabbed the young man's neck, lifted him up and interrogated him with a cold and detached manner, "Spare the rod, the child will be spoiled, and the blame is on his father. Tell me, who are you?"

Caught in the neck the young man could not breathe, and his complexion turned flushed red and increased his struggle to release himself. But he stared at Tang Xiu and kept blinking, seemingly wanting to tell him something.


This time, Tang Xiu released him and slapped him to the ground. Then, he stepped on his face and said, "Quickly! Who the h.e.l.l gave you the b.a.l.l.s?"

The young man coughed and shouted, "TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF ME, b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I'm Miao Wenlei, my father is the richest man in Mist Source Island, a.s.shole! My family is the most powerful one in this island and you've practically offended me. Are you not afraid my old man will kill you?"

"Miao Wenlei, eh? Having your name is enough."

Tang Xiu's foot pressed down and stepped on his neck. Then, he heavily kicked him away for dozens of meters until his body hit a big tree. After that, he asked with a grim face, "How long does it take to get to the Twin Brooks City?"

"About three hours," answered Mo Awu

Tang Xiu nodded. He then came to the car a few meters away and floated to the roof. Then he looked at the dying little girl who was still conscious, and quickly cut the rope and carefully picked her up.

"What d.a.m.ned a.s.sholes!"

He found that the little girl had been cruelly beaten, as several bones in her small body had been broken. The most important thing was that she had lost too much blood and her whole body was cold. Tang Xiu quickly injected his Primal Chaos Force into the girl's body to quickly protect her heart and blood vessels, and then took out a Holy Healing medicine, split one-tenth of it and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Don't be afraid. I've already taken care of those bad guys. Be strong and endure the pain, I'll mend your bones. It will only take a short while, and you'll be much better shortly after."

Yet, there was no reaction in her eyes. She seemed to not feel any pain from her injuries.

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. He knew that the little lady had suffered too much pain. Only when one had gone through torture for a long time would they become numb. At this moment, however, he did not want to delay more and quickly took off her coat and started mending her bones. Because there was Primal Chaos Force to protect her vitality, Tang Xiu steeled his heart despite knowing that the process would still pain her. Amid the little girl's screams, he quickly mended her broken bones back to their previous state.

With the outstanding healing effect of the Holy Healing medicine, though it was only one-tenth, it still made the girl's injury recover at a discernible fast rate.

Tang Xiu then took off his coat and gently wrapped her body. His form then flashed to his car, handed over the little girl to Mo Awu and said in a deep voice, "Keep going down the road. After we arrive in Twin Brooks City, ask around who's the richest and most powerful man in Mist Source Island. Also, find from which family this Miao Wenlei b.a.s.t.a.r.d comes from."

"Understood!" Mo Awu received the little girl and carefully took her to the car, giving the driver position to Xue Sha.

A few hours later, the sight of a city loomed before their eyes, as the four cars continued driving along the road fast and quickly entered the city. The once bustling city was now dead, with death qi looming over. There were no vehicles on the wide roads, and only a handful of pedestrians pa.s.sed by on the roadside.

The Tang Manor Martial School was located in Twin Brooks City.

After inquiring around, the four cars quickly stopped at the entrance of the Tang Manor Martial School. What surprised Tang Xiu was that the nearby the stone lion statue outside the gate of the martial school were two young men holding a flying swatter and fiddling with their mobile phones with listless faces.

"Who are you?"

One of the youths looked up. As he saw Tang Xiu, Mo Awu and the others behind him, he immediately asked with knitted brows.

"I'm looking for Tang Han," said Tang Xiu.

"Wait, you don't have any electrostatic gadget with you? Are you, by chance…" The youth looked at Tang Xiu with a bit surprised expression and suddenly asked.

"Yes, we're not infected," said Tang Xiu.

"How is this possible?" the lad was shocked. "Everyone in Mist Source Island is infected. And you… no, something's not right. Are you from the outside? Also, from those foreign…"

"No. We come from the mainland," Tang Xiu waved his hand to interrupt him and said, "if this place is really the Tang Manor Martial School, I don't think I've come to the wrong place. Please take us to see Tang Han."

The young man hesitated, "Our School Master is currently unable to entertain any guests."

"I'm her younger brother," said Tang Xiu.

The young man was stunned for a moment, before he immediately rolled his eyes with a scornful expression and said, "Our Master is an orphan since childhood, how come she has any younger brother, huh? I'll tell you something, amigo. You don't seem to want to make trouble by coming here, so I politely advise you to leave! We of the Tang Manor Martial School may have been infected, but there are still many of us who can still fight."

"I'm indeed her younger brother. Whether or not you find this is the truth, you'll know it later after you notify her. Alright, I'll give you several minutes, so come back here quickly," said Tang Xiu.

The lad hesitated for a while and looked at the people behind Tang Xiu before he eventually ran inside.

In the Tang Manor Martial School, inside a quaint and antique study room, Tang Han was quietly reading a book. Her face looked faintly pale and from time to time, she grabbed a fly swatter and turned its switch on and off to herself for a while.

"School Master!" a youth shouted loudly outside the study room.

Tang Xiu looked up and spoke, "The door is not closed. Come in and speak."

"There's a group of people outside, School Master. And the young man leading them said that he's your younger brother. I wanted to drive them away, but I found the people he brought are like martial arts masters, so…"

A younger brother?

With a slightly changed expression, Tang Han abruptly stood up from the sofa and said, "Take me to see him."

The youth looked doubtful and suspicious, but he still nodded. Just as he walked for a few steps, he seemed to remember something all of a sudden and spoke again, "School Master, that guy claiming to be your younger brother said that he came from the mainland, and the most unbelievable thing is that they are not infected by the virus."

Tang Han's pace instantly quickened upon hearing this.

When she strode out of the martial school's front gate her eyes fell on Tang Xiu's face. A complicated look flashed in her eyes and she felt like wanting to cry all of a sudden. Ever since the outbreak of the Darkening Virus that infected everyone in the entire Mist Source Island, she had been hoping and looking forward to having someone coming from her family.

And at the moment, a member of her family finally came. More so, the one who came was her younger brother… Tang Xiu.

She had no deep attachments and feelings toward her Tang Family, and neither did she feel that her parents were loved ones or family members at all. But ever since she received a message for the family six months ago, she suddenly found that there was another relative who had something in common with her, and that was Tang Xiu.

She had seen Tang Xiu's photos and read the information about him. She also knew a lot about what Tang Xiu had done in the past six months. Of all the people in the world, she only admired a few people, and Tang Xiu was one of them. She involuntarily felt a sense of attachment towards him.

"Tang Xiu?" Tang Han's lip squirmed as she quickly came to Tang Xiu's front and quietly observed his handsome face.

Tang Xiu himself had an inexplicable caring feeling and respect for Tang Han. Knowing that she had been sent out at a very young age by the family, and only had a handful of the time she could spend with her family, it could be said that she had already paid too much for the sake of the Tang Family as a whole.

Without the awkwardness and strangeness of ones meeting for the first time, there wasn't any barrier that separated this feeling in this first meeting.

Tang Xiu stepped forward, hugged Tang Han under the watchful eyes of everyone at present and softly said, "It's really been hard on you all this time, Big Sis."

Tang Han's body trembled. Tang Xiu's soft voice hit her innermost feelings. As tears ran down her face, she did not reject his hug and stood still while being hugged by Tang Xiu, shaking her head hard white biting her lower lip.

He understands me!

Feeling warm inside, Tang Han felt really close to this younger brother of hers.

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