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Chapter 687: Refusal

The violent electric current drilled into Tang Xiu's body, raging havoc to all his muscles, every bone, and every organ in his body. The pain made Tang Xiu feel like he was reviving the time when he crossed the tribulation.

The power of thunder and dreadful lightning. It had made a lot of powerful cultivators and high cultivation level Immortals alike perish. Thunder and lightning was a force of nature and the energy of the cosmos that was one of the absolute elements in destruction.

40,000 volts of electric voltage in its strongest state made Tang Xiu's body slightly tremble, yet he felt that this was not his limit, as it was unable to stimulate his potential and only had a slight effect in increasing the intensity and strength of his body.

"Increase it by 20,000!" Words came out from Tang Xiu's mouth.

The expression on Chu Yuan's charming face turned very splendid. 40,000 volts in its heaviest electric current state was able to kill an ordinary person instantly, and yet Tang Xiu was just trembling slightly as though it was unable to injure him.

This… even if this guy was a cultivator, he shouldn't be this terrifying, right?

Chu Yuan thought that he had seen too many unthinkable matters in his life, yet the present scene before him was even more outrageous than anything he had encountered before. What made it hard for him to accept was that this guy claimed that he was using the electric current for… bathing.

The highest current of 60,000 volts finally made Tang Xiu's face turn slightly pale, with sweat appeared on his forehead. But the sweat was instantly evaporated by the high voltage right as it emerged. His hair turned erect and a faint redness could be seen on his skin.

The pain was simply outrageously painful. Yet, Tang Xiu endured and suppressed it and was even struck with intense surprise, because he found his body was being tempered by the electric current. The current damaged his muscles, but the Primal Chaos Force flowed to recover them extremely fast as the current constantly tempered his bones, making it firmer and tougher.

What surprised him the most was that the stimulation it brought to his internal organs, as it operated twice faster as usual under the current voltage. However many times they were injured, the Primal Chaos Force nourished and repaired it constantly; he could clearly sense that his internal organs were getting stronger by the tempering.

"Awu, 100,000!"

Tang Xiu's eyes were faintly red and his hands that held the wires slightly trembled, but he still ordered categorically.

"You… are a lunatic!"

Chu Yuan was shivering and staggeringly stepped back until his back touched the wall. The expression in his eyes when he watched Tang Xiu was like watching a dead man.

Zzzt  zzzt…

The powerful electric current burned the only underpants on Tang Xiu's body and turned it to ashes, yet neither the burning underwear nor the electric current inflicted serious injuries on Tang Xiu.

The pain was stabbing, but it still made Tang Xiu excited.

His nerves were as though being cast and turned into steel, and his blood seethed like a boiling magma. His streamlined muscles were beating and shivering, but the grey substances just excreted out on the surface of his body were burned into a solid state.

Standing by the power generator, Mo Awu's eyes were frantic and filled with reverence. He could clearly sense the high temperature contained within his Boss' body. Witnessing his Boss' ability to endure it, an intense desire birthed inside him… to become stronger. He wanted to become stronger and more formidable so that he could easily take a shower in the electrical current and bath in lightning.

Chu Yuan, who leaned against the wall, finally gasped for breath. He felt his heart beating faster and his legs turning weak as if all his strength had been siphoned away.

It's really appalling! Is he still a human being?

He wanted to turn around and ran away from this place because he did want to stay with these lunatics and neither did he want to get along with this horrifying monster. And yet, he could not take a step because he wanted to see the entire process and final result of this monster, of Tang Xiu's words about him "taking this kind of bath".

Time pa.s.sed by second by second, and 20 minutes were gone in the blink of an eye. Tang Xiu suddenly put away the two thick wires and laughed loudly, "THIS IS GREAT! SO d.a.m.n GREAT!"

Mo Awu strode forward and hurriedly asked, "How effective was it, Boss?"

Tang Xiu turned his hand to take out a set of clothes from the interspatial ring. After quickly putting it on, he said with satisfaction, "It's not bad. I can feel the increase in my body strength. Awu, pa.s.s my message. a.s.sign someone to buy at least 100 power generators for normal training."

"I'll contact Little Boss later," said Mo Awu excitedly.

Tang Xiu nodded at him and then looked at Chu Yuan, who was leaning against the wall, and found that the guy looked pale and was wearing a disbelieving expression. He let out a smile and lightly said, "Mr. Chu, it was not very elegant of me to get naked due to the bathing a while ago. But the taste was kind of great, though. Do you want to try, by chance?"

Chu Yuan gulped down, shook his head and said, "You're really a lunatic! Only a lunatic could do that, so I'll pa.s.s the offer. I don't want to kill myself."

A madman?

Tang Xiu couldn't help laughing, "Alright, just forget it since you don't wanna try. Pity, though. Bathing in electrical current is really nice, you know."

Taking a deep breath, Chu Yuan quickly adjusted his mood and slowly said, "You were not having a bath at all. You should be using the electricity to temper your body."

"Alright, I won't tease you any longer." Tang Xiu smiled. "I'm indeed using the electric current to refine my body. Unfortunately, my strength is not much, since I use too high a electric current else I will be electrocuted. Sooner or later, however, the largest power station in the world will become my bathhouse, and I can use the thunder and lightning from the sky to rub my back. Hahaha…"

The happy occasion caused him to be in good spirits, so Tang Xiu's att.i.tude towards Chu Yuan turned better.

Listening to Tang Xiu's words made Chu Yuan speechless. And yet, beneath the surface, it also aroused deep envy inside him. He also wanted to possess formidable strength, wanted to use the electrical current to temper his body and finally have thunder and lightning rub his back in the future.

That was a cultivator! It was a role he had been dreaming for countless times. Pity that his Imperial Garden's centuries of inheritances had not obtained any cultivation methods at all. Though his martial strength could be said to be not bad, he was only able to deal with some small gangsters and was also half a step away from those martial arts grandmasters.

Is it possible to make a business deal with Tang Xiu? I don't care how big the price is as long as I can get a cultivation method to become a cultivator!

The thought crossed Chu Yuan's mind and he couldn't contain it anymore. A burning pa.s.sion filled his eyes as he looked at Tang Xiu and said, "Mr. Tang, what price do I have to pay in order to become a cultivator? Is money… okay?"

Tang Xiu shot him a strange look and immediately produced a wry smile in reply, "Money is a good thing, especially in this age of materialism. Only, do I look like I'm short on money to you?"

Chu Yuan's breath stagnated and he immediately let out a bitter smile, "With your ident.i.ty and ability, you're indeed not short on money, Mr. Tang."

What did this Big Daddy lack?

Tang Xiu couldn't help but roll his eyes at the idea. He did not expect that Chu Yuan could be this astute and yet still not stepped on the Dao. He only said those words to counterpoise and did not expect him to follow up. However, he was still reluctant to sell an ancient cultivation technique, nevertheless. After all, the world's spiritual qi was thin nowadays, while cultivation resources were also scarce. The more cultivators, the more the compet.i.tion for resources.

He could tell that Chu Yuan was a very ambitious man. Although he was not afraid of him, what he avoided was troublesome matters and thus did not want to spread out cultivation techniques. After pondering about it, he decided to not trade a cultivation technique with him for the time being.

As for money! As long as he worked hard to obtain it, he would be able to acquire a colossal amount of funds in a few years. As of now, he would not sow a seed of trouble just for some petty profit.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and smilingly said, "You too know that I'm not short on money, so let's forget about the transaction. I may be interested in teaching you a cultivation technique a few years later. But not now!"

Disappointment could be seen on Chu Yuan's eyes, and he could not resign himself to it. After a moment of contemplation, he secretly made up his mind to obtain a cultivation technique by whatever means necessary, so as to cultivate and become an expert earlier. After all, Tang Xiu was not the only person possessing a cultivation technique. He believed that he could obtain it as long as he had money."

Knock knock…

The door was knocked and a middle-aged man entered the room.

"Boss, Miss Ouyang is here."

Tang Xiu was stunned for a second, before he nodded and said, "Tell her to wait outside for a while. I'll come out shortly."

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu came into the living room with Chu Yuan. He saw Ouyang Lulu with her legs curled up and her mouth seemed to be chewing… a lollipop. With a smiling face, he then said, "You caught the news pretty fast, Lulu! How do you know I returned to Shanghai?"

Ouyang Lulu jumped up from the sofa and glanced at Chu Yuan behind Tang Xiu. She immediately stretched her hands to hug Tang Xiu and smiled affectionately, "You know that this Miss has a boundless supernatural power, don't you? I just pointed a finger to calculate and knew that you were coming back. I haven't seen you during the winter vacation. Did you miss me all this while? I'll smack you if you dare say you did not."

Tang Xiu patted her back while smelling her fragrance and smilingly said, "I did miss you, okay?"

With a satisfied expression, Ouyang Lulu released Tang Xiu and her chin then tilted toward Chu Yuan, asking, "Your friend?"

"Yeah!" Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

Extending her hand towards Chu Yuan, Ouyang Lulu then spoke, "h.e.l.lo, I'm Ouyang Lulu, the owner of the Paradise Manor, and also Tang Xiu's wife."

"The Imperial Garden's Chu Yuan."

The Ouyang Lulu's striking beauty made Chu Yuan stunned, especially her last sentence. At this moment, he finally understood why Xue Yu could not enter Tang Xiu's eyes. Ouyang Lulu's appearance before him, either her figure or her makings, though they were not superior to Xue Yu's, they were also a type of perfectness.

Squeezing out a smile, Chu Yuan spoke to Tang Xiu, "Mr. Tang, there's something I need to tend to, so I'll take my leave first. Feel free to visit the Imperial Garden at any time if you have some spare time."

Tang Xiu said in a strange tone, "Don't you want to see me open your gift?"

Chu Yuan coughed once and said, "There's a guest visiting you here… Miss Ouyang, so I won't stay. Besides, I already gave you that small gift, Mr. Tang. You can appreciate it later."

Chapter 688: Are You Not A Man?

The lamps in the tens of thousands of households in Shanghai were brightly lit as night fell. The resplendent colorful night was like showing a dreamlike fantasy of flourishing prosperity. The streets with their endless traffic and long line of lamplights that resembled shining dragons, while the neighboring 40-story buildings willfully gave out warm currents in the chilling cold winter.

Tomson Villa.

The windows were all open, but the room itself was dim. Then, in the obscure night, a slender figure was sitting by the window on her knees, holding a yellowish book st.i.tched with gold threads and reading it quietly.

"Five angles and six starlights. The stars are interconnected and yet the array formation is folded in layers to form the most mysterious Six Starlight Array. The center is the crux whereas the five visible stars form the gate..."

Under the dim moonlight shining on the yellowed paper, the Six Starlight Array pattern was drawn on it along with flying dragons and dancing phoenixes. If Tang Xiu was here, he would definitely be astounded, since the cl.u.s.ter of Six Starlight Array on the paper was exactly the same pattern he saw in the cave planted with herbs in the Kanas Longquan Swamp, where the Soul Tranquilizer Stone and solidified Dragon's Eye were embedded on its ceiling.

Xue Yu closed her eyes as her slender fingers constantly moved. A special energy descended down from the sky and covered her. In her eyes, it seemed like the trajectory of the stars was revolving along with the blooming moonlight.


A mouthful of blood spurted from her mouth. Her Mutton Fat Jade-ike face seemed to break and turned pale, and a look of frustration and disappointment gradually appeared on her face.

"The Ancestress handed this Six Starlight Array chart to me and I've been studying it for a long time, but it's a pity that I can't solve the final profound mystery in it. I need to manifest my own value as a woman, as my value in his eyes is close to zero. I must crack this Six Starlight Array to help him open the portal to the Immortal Trove. Ancestress said that my opportunity is on him and that my life is tightly bound with his, for he is the only one able to accompany me in the thousands of years along the fate on the immortal path..."

Xue Yu's expression gradually turned into tenacious. As she took a white silk handkerchief to wipe off the blood on the corner of her mouth, her eyes then returned to the yellowed book st.i.tched with golden thread.


Shanghai, Jingding District.

Located in the Northwest part of Shanghai, the Cla.s.sical Garden fully reflected the theme of "the beauty of nature". The environment of the venue was beautiful with stacked rockeries, octagonal pavilions, winding bridges, and sparkling clear lakelets. Despite the pathways in the woods that were supposedly ingeniously constructed with machineries, the intricate application of the various landscaping techniques of imitation, adjustment, and separation of the s.p.a.ces in the garden landscape created a multivariate and complicated scenery, either small or big sized, resulting in an artistic effect of an alternate and surreal landscape.

Through the folding of layers of hills and waters along with gardens planted with flowers and trees, the Cla.s.sical Garden was a cla.s.sical architecture that depicted an enjoyable poetic and pictorial splendorous landscape in and of itself, creating an "urban forest" in which human and nature coexisted in harmony in this bustling metropolis.

And exactly in this place was the Imperial Garden located!

Under the curtain of the night, all the lanes in the Imperial Garden were illuminated with big red lanterns, while the lingering fragrance of eaglewood incense lingered in the air. Dressed in floral plaque coat and feet with embroidered shoes were women scattered around in various small courtyards, holding trays and serving delicacies and delicious meals.

"Young Lord!"

Upon seeing the pale and solemn-looking Chu Yuan, everyone in the Imperial Garden would stop and greet him. Chu Yuan would have nodded and greeted them one by one if it was before, but he was in a hurry today, and his unusual expression made everyone baffled and confused.

In the center of the Imperial Garden, there was only a three-storied cla.s.sical pavilion. The smell of Dragon Spittle Fragrance pervaded the air in every corner as an old woman with long white hair was there, caressing a three-footed gold ring and facing the meditation cattail ha.s.sock she previously sat on before.


The wooden door was gently pushed open from the outside, as Chu Yuan entered the room in stride and then sat on the cattail ha.s.sock next to the old woman. His eyes were devoid of spirit, dragged away by his thoughts and seemed like a man whose soul was taken away.

The old woman turned her head and was surprised when she saw Chu Yuan's expression. Her brows suddenly wrinkled slightly, hummed coldly and said, "Heart-fire Cleansing Mantra… ten times."

Chu Yuan looked startled and then immediately lowered his head and closed his eyes.

Time pa.s.sed by, and in the blink of an eye, half an hour had pa.s.sed.

When Chu Yuan finished reciting the Heart-fire Cleansing Mantra in his heart, his eyes instantly opened. But this time, a radiant light flashed in them like a sharp blade.

"Did you have something bothering you inside?" The old woman eyes landed on the three-footed gold ring and asked with a calm tone.

Chu Yuan firmly nodded, "I went to visit Tang Xiu and confirmed that he was the one who killed Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie. He also sent people to besiege all the sects under the Strange Doors and kill those eight Masters. I've also confirmed that he's a typical cultivator and possess a very terrifying strength. The intelligence system of our Imperial Garden a.s.signed 18 investigation teams to all parts of the country, and only 17 of them came back with intelligence reports. The team we lost contact with was the one that was a.s.signed to investigate the force behind him."

"You made a mistake." The old woman shook her head and sighed.

"What did I do wrong?" Asked Chu Yuan with a confused expression.

"You should have not sent people to investigate him since you already guessed that what happened to the Strange Doors and the one who made Jin Sanchi and Jin Sanji meet their miserable fate was related to him," said the old woman. "You should've ceased your involvement in anything related to him. In this era, our Imperial Garden doesn't have the power to raise a Dragon to become an Emperor anymore. We can only defend our old-fashioned ways in silence and hide beneath the light and obscurity. But he… or his world is more brutal and cruel, more than the experience of the numerous generations of the Imperial Garden's ancestors have gone through. It was a good opportunity the likes of a carp leaping through the Dragon's door and yet also an extremely deep abyssal h.e.l.l of the world of mortals."

Chu Yuan fell silent. His expression constantly changed and a look of madness was revealed in his eyes as he said in a deep voice, "Hiding in obscurity to buy time will only make my blood flow slower and my heart to become more depressed. I want to be like him and look forward to seeing what his world looks like."

The old woman's fierce gaze instantly landed on him. She retracted back the coverage of her weak spiritual power toward all direction to eventually stretch a few meters away.

"Have you thought it through?"

Chu Yuan replied categorically, "I have."

The old woman shot him a deep look and slowly closed her eyes. After a long while, she clapped her palms and four hazy figures appeared in front of them. The tone and expression of the old man turned much colder than before and her momentum soared, "Pa.s.s on my decree. Chu Yuan is no longer the Young Lord of the Imperial Garden from today onwards.  He will also resign from the opportunity to inherit the position of Imperial Garden Master in the future. Notify Lord Bo of the Imperial Affairs Room to hang his name as the Imperial Garden's Foreign Affairs Elder. Also, spread this news."


The four old men who showed up lightning fast looked surprised. They had been watching as Chu Yuan developed and grew up. It could be said that he was the most outstanding youth among the younger junior generation in the entire Imperial Garden. What's more, his father was the Imperial Garden Master and this old woman was his grandmother.

But why? Why should he be annulled of his inheritance rights?

"GO!" The old woman shouted in a deep and heavy tone.

The four old man's expression slightly changed and immediately nodded and left.

The atmosphere inside the room was a bit solemn, and the smell of Dragon Spittle Fragrance could no longer make people feel relaxed. After a long while, the old woman sighed, waved her hand and said, "Other than the business you yourself have strived to set up, you will hand over the rest of the affairs to the other people in the Imperial Garden! Afterward, you are not to come back to the Imperial Garden unless it's a holiday or due to a matter of importance. Being a Foreign Affairs Elder is nothing but an idle job, thus you'll be free in the future."

Chu Yuan took a deep breath and knelt down to pay a kowtow thrice to the old woman and said, "Please take care and stay healthy, Grandma. The Imperial Garden is my home, and I'll come back to see you whenever I miss you."

Following that, he got up, sorted out his clothes and walked out of the door. He did not know that just as his figure disappeared outside the door, the old woman's cold face was replaced with a bright smiling face, and even the wrinkles on her face stretched out.

"Pa.s.s my command to try to find out information regarding cultivators. a.s.sign people to make a business deal with them. Do that while concealing their ident.i.ty, and they have to get an ancient manual of a cultivation technique even if they must pay more. My grandson has made up his mind, so we'll let him dash through this hardship and temper himself. Maybe he will open the gate to the future for our Imperial Garden," said the old woman with a smile.


An indiscernible tiny voice came out a few meters away. The spiritual energy around slightly fluctuated before returning to normal.


Shanghai, Bluestar Villa Complex.

Tang Xiu was struck with a headache seeing the smiling Ouyang Lulu in front of him. He held an invitation in his hand that was just handed over, wanting him to accompany her to attend the Venus Music evening party tomorrow night. In Tang Xiu's eyes, music was just a seasoning to spice life up, but there was no need to go over to see a show. Not to mention that his attainments in music were far beyond those of today's music standart by several times.

"Tang Xiu, you agreed to accompany me when we talked on the phone back in the winter holiday," added Ouyang Lulu suddenly after seeing the reluctance in Tang Xiu's expression.

"Just consider it as I'm afraid of you. Alright, I'll go tomorrow," said Tang Xiu with a forced smile.

Ouyang Lulu laughed in a carefree manner and untied the b.u.t.ton of her coat, took it off and threw it to the side. She then sat beside Tang Xiu and said, "I'll stay here tonight?"

"What are you gonna do here?" Asked Tang Xiu with a more depressed tone. "I still have cla.s.ses tomorrow."

Rolling her eyes at him in a charming manner, Ouyang Lulu directly pulled his arm and rubbed it over the two big lethal weapons on her chest, saying, "Don't lie to me. Tomorrow is Sat.u.r.day, you don't have cla.s.ses at your campus at all."

Tang Xiu did lie to her, but never did he expect that she would straightly expose it. He had already promised to accompany Mu Wanying to her company tomorrow. How could he have the time to stay with Lulu? It was unlikely he would agree if that music soiree was held tonight either.

"You… can you just sit on your own spot?"

Tang Xiu was not Liu Xiahui. But the feeling of constant rubbing of Ouyang Lulu's plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s on his arms, and then glancing at the snow-white deep trenches outlined by her low collar underdress immediately sent a heat flowing into the lower part of his abdomen.

Ouyang Lulu stared blankly for a second and then looked down at the part where she and Tang Xiu had physical contact. She blinked her eyes and, not only did she move away, she even snugged more tightly instead. "What? Did you get aroused or something? I'll be yours sooner or later, Tang Xiu. Tell me, are you still a man? I have been eagerly delivering myself to your door and yet you've been shilly-shallying and declining with all sorts of excuses all the time. How about you take off your pants and let me see if you are still a man?"

"Ho… Holy shoot!"

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