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Chapter 604: Becoming the Public Enemy of Beijing

The middle-aged man in black uniform respectfully faced Tang Xiu, "My Boss is Qin Shaoyang."

Tang Xiu was stunned, as he didn't expect that Qin Shaoyang was unexpectedly the owner of this Kangde Club. That fellow acted very low-key yesterday and didn't even tell him this. Tang Xiu then drove his car inside after asking about the location of the Leisure Hall in Area A.

After his car disappeared at the end of the road at in the distance, the eight security guards immediately started talking with each other.

"I never thought the most flamboyant Young Master of the Tang Family, Tang Xiu, is unexpectedly so young. He became one of the scions who come to this club that I admire the most, one of which is our Boss."

"No doubt about that. Young Master Tang is the awesome that dared to trash that devil incarnate Zhao Yundi so viciously. I only have a few idols, mind you. And Young Master Tang is definitely one of them."

"Yeah, it's not just Zhao Yundi, he even packed up Yao Xinhua in the South region when the Yaos were in their heyday. He kicked Yao Xinhua and even punched Zhao Yundi, who else could compare with him in the entire Beijing? None!"

"Unfortunately, we don't have good statuses, else I would really want to have his signed picture and then bring it back to home."


After driving the car to the Leisure Hall in Area A, Tang Xiu saw Qin Shaoyang already waiting in front of the building. His men should have informed him, thus he came to greet him in advance.

"I didn't come out to welcome you, Tang Xiu. Please don't be offended!" Said Qin Shaoyang with a smile.

"I really didn't expect that you were the owner of Kangde Club, the topmost upscale club in Beijing, to be honest." Tang Xiu waved his hand and interjected. "I can tell that high social status, financial resources, and connections are required for one to be able to open a high-cla.s.s club such as this. I'm afraid that only you can afford this."

"You're kidding me, Tang Xiu," replied Qin Shaoyang modestly. "For me to be able to open up this club was because everyone gave me face and many friends lent a hand, that's all. Anyways, let's get inside. Tang Wei and Chu Yi have already arrived, and there are some other friends who learned that you were coming and have been waiting inside."

"The friends you just mentioned, who are they?" Asked Tang Xiu while walking.

"It's Bai Tao from the Bai Family. I heard that you two are old acquaintances," said Qin Shaoyang with a smile. "There's also Mu Dongqing from the Mu Family, a very outstanding and talented young man; and Xiao Chenglin from the Xiao Family, who has long been designated as the future Head of the Xiao Family. Mu Dongqing and Tang Wei are best friends, whereas Xiao Chenglin is inseparable from Chu Yi since they grew up together. I'm afraid that you don't want to see others, so I didn't spread out the news to bystanders."

Tang Xiu smiled and nodded in response while praising Qin Shaoyang's astuteness inside. As he followed him inside the Leisure Hall, Tang Xiu and the trio, Tang Wei, Chu Yi, and Bai Tao then greeted each other, before getting introduced to Mu Dongqing and Xiao Chenglin. Mu Dongqing was a scion from the Mu Family of Beijing—a prominent family that, although couldn't be said to be at the top, but was also a middling prominent family. The Xiao Family, however, was very different. It was even more powerful than the Tang Family and could be ranked among the topmost prominent families. However, Xiao Chenglin himself was very low-key and humble, as he directly showed good will toward Tang Xiu.

The chat was merry and pleasant since everyone present was young, but the cooperation discussed with Qin Shaoyang yesterday was not mentioned in front of everyone.

As everyone was having lunch, Qin Shaoyang proposed, "How about going to the bowling alley and play some? Ah, right. The bowling alley is next to the swimming pool, too. You can go swimming if you don't want to play bowling, and our best female swimming coach, Guo Tiantian, is also here today!"

Guo Tiantian?

Bai Tao's eyes suddenly lit up.

Shortly after, everyone came to the bowling alley. There were only seven or eight people playing there, but there were a lot of pretty waiters around serving and pouring them tea and doing whatever services to their best. The most exaggerating scene was where a young girl was lying on a soft sofa while enjoying a ma.s.sage from two attendants.

"Oh?" What was the most unexpected to Tang Xiu was that he saw two acquaintances in this bowling alley, his older cousin Tang Ying and his fake girlfriend, Mu Wanying. At this time, their arrival was also noticed by those seven people playing inside.

"Hola, sweetheart!"

Mu Wanying, who was watching Tang Ying playing with smiling face, suddenly turned dazed for a second upon seeing Tang Xiu among the newly arrived group, before immediately running over with a pleasantly surprised face.


Except for Tang Xiu, everyone in the bowling alley was stunned with disbelief plastered on their faces when they looked at the excitedly surprised expression on Mu Wanying's face as she ran over toward Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu couldn't help but sigh and groan inside. Mu Wanying's expression and her address were really misleading others. However, he couldn't explain the relationship between him and Mu Wanying in the presence of so many people either, and therefore could only force himself to let out a hollow smile, "You are playing here too, Wanying!"

There was some sweat on the tip of her nose, and the smile on her flawless face was extremely rich as she nodded and said, "Big Sis Tang Ying asked me to come out and play, so here we here. Never thought that I would see you here, though. It's really great!"

"Wanying, what did you just call Tang Xiu?" Asked Mu Dongqing with a disbelieving expression.

Mu Wanying stared blankly, and then suddenly remembered that she had just called Tang Xiu 'sweetheart' and instantly blushed. Since she already said that she liked him in Shanghai, she subconsciously shouted without thinking because she was too pleasantly surprised. Now that it was heard by everyone, even jumping to the Yellow River would probably be unable to undo it.

Being unable to clear this up is fine, though! Yet she didn't regret nor was perturbed by it, and even chuckled to herself inside instead. She then sneakily glanced at Tang Xiu with a bit of charming shyness.

The scene was seen by everyone, making them astounded.

That expression… wasn't that admiration and shyness unintentionally shown by a girl to the boy she liked?! The First Belle of Beijing, the proudest princess of the Mu Family, actually fell in love with Tang Xiu? They… did they actually fell in love with each other?

All the youngsters who fantasized about Mu Wanying suddenly mourned inside. Had it been someone else, they may still have the confidence to fight and struggle, but the man was no one else but Tang Xiu. How could they still dare to fight?

Tang Ying took a white towel to wipe away her sweat and came to the front of the group with a strange expression. She shot Mu Wanying a look before shifting to Tang Xiu, and then suddenly nodded and said with satisfaction, "Well, well. Speaking about keeping the goodies within the family, it's not bad. Brother, Grandma has been chattering away everyday, saying you must have a girlfriend and give her grandchildren to pick up earlier. Seems like grandma's hopes are going to come true, eh. Anyways, you're going to come with me to my ancestral home this evening, Wanying. The braised pork personally cooked by my grandma is very good and not greasy, definitely a delicious dish."

"Ah…" Mu Wanying was dumbfounded, for she never dreamed that Tang Ying would say this. The shy look on her face immediately made her ears turn beet red.

Tang Xiu was also struck dumb, since he didn't expect that Tang Ying would say that, and even invited Mu Wanying to visit their ancestral residence. If the latter really visited, his grandma would mistakenly regard her as her grandson's wife to be...

"Sis Ying, Uncle called you a few times this morning, and your phone was off. I can tell that he's kind of furious now! Why don't you see uncle first?" Tang Xiu's eyes rolled and immediately spoke.

With slightly wrinkled brows, a glint flashed in Tang Ying's eyes. Her expression suddenly changed as she exclaimed, "Oh, G.o.d! Dad ordered to get the doc.u.ments and I haven't given them to him until now! Oh, I'm so dead! I'll be definitely get scolded so badly this time. Anyways… I… I gotta go!"

After saying that, she went to get her bag.

After she ran for seven-plus steps, however, she suddenly came to halt and turned around with a strange expression on her face. She came back to the crowd, grabbed Mu Wanying's hand, and grinningly said, "Well, there's a sure-fire way to make Dad not blame me, though. And I'm h.e.l.la sure he'll praise me instead."

With a strange expression, Tang Xiu asked, "What way?"

Tang Ying touched Mu Wanying's flawless chin and spoke with a somewhat devious manner, "Well, if Dad knows that I helped my dearest, lovely cousin to chase after the First Belle of Beijing and become her boyfriend, tell me, will he still blame and be angry with me? Hahaha… this young lady is really smart, don't you think? Wanying, let's go. You'll see my Grandma with me now."

"I…" Stunned and dumbfounded, Mu Wanying was aware that despite her being so deeply in love with Tang Xiu, they were nothing but a fake couple. And this time, following Tang Ying to see his grandmother in the Tang Family… This… wasn't this going to be courting some unforeseen mishaps?

Suddenly, Mu Wanying looked at Tang Xiu with an expression of pleading for help.

"Sis Ying, you…" Tang Xiu quickly stopped Tang Yin with a wry smile.

"What's with me? You don't want me to bring Wanying to see Grandma?" Tang Ying quickly interrupted him. "Do you think she's not worthy to be with you? Or, are you holding back a trick or two, trying to get her into bed and then abandon her later?"

"I…" Tang Xiu opened his mouth and yet didn't know what to reply.

Hmph… Tang Ying touched her chin and hummed before saying, "I tell you, brother. You too know my Dad's temper, don't you? This Big Sis of yours will surely die miserably if I have no good excuse this time. You don't want to expose your relationship with Wanying for the time being, that I know. But please have a look at your Big Sis's face, will you? You will agree with me, right? Aha… so be it then. Anyways, you must also come home tonight for dinner."

Having said that, she grabbed Mu Wanying's hand and ran away. Tang Xiu wanted to chase them, but in the presence of everyone else, he was unable to move his feet after all that Tang Ying said.

Ah, forget it. I'll explain it to Grandma privately later!

Tang Xiu could only sigh secretly and felt a headache coming as he looked at the others in the surrounding. He just realized that everyone was looking at him like he was a monster or something.

"You guys… why are you all looking at me like that?"

"Brother Tang Xiu, there's a good thing and a bad thing you need to hear," said Bai Tao, grinning ear to ear. "Which one do you wanna hear first?"

"Nope. I don't wanna hear it," said Tang Xiu, giving him white eyes.

"You speak like that, but I'm h.e.l.la sure you want to listen to it badly inside," said Bai Tao with a grin. "Anyhow, I'm gonna tell you the good news first! The good news is that seeing that excited expression from the First Belle of Beijing, she really is in love with you! The bad news is… you have become the public enemy to all the young men in the entire Beijing for being their love rival. You must be very careful when you walk at night later!"

Chapter 605: Seeing the Elders of the Family

After returning from the Immortal World, Tang Xiu was quite indifferent toward sentiments and love. Despite he himself seeing the act of having s.e.x as something perfectly justified and natural, yet he was also particularly cautious in this aspect. It was not because he did not want to love or be loved, as it was more due to the scar and pain inside his heart that had not yet healed. He was conscious of the fact that there were many outstanding girls around him whom he too had many favorable impressions towards, but before that badly battered scar inside him was not yet healed, he did not wish to have the same mistake be repeated, for he could not bear to experience another betrayal ever again.

It was fine whether or not he made a mistake or overreached himself by becoming fake lovers with Mu Wanying due to a strange combination of circ.u.mstances. Perhaps the matter with Mu Wanying would be known to his family, but he was sure that the problem would be solved as long as he explained it well.

He also didn't feel like explaining himself to the others and casually threw a few perfunctory remarks before dragging Bai Tao away from the bowling alley.

"Brother Tang, having such an outstanding belle such as Mu Wanying should make you very happy, right? But why do I see you with a long face?" Whispered Bai Tao as he noticed Tang Xiu's unusualness.

"There's nothing to be unhappy about, really." Tang Xiu shook his head. "I just didn't expect that Sis Ying would bring Mu Wanying to see my grandmother. Let's forget it, shall we? Anyways, you seem to be interested in that female swimming coach. I can see your eyes shining when Qin Shaoyang mentioned her."

Bai Tao looked blank before he snapped back to his senses, as an awkward expression appeared on his face. He then forced a wry smile and said, "There's probably only a handful of people in Beijing who know that I have a crush on Guo Tiantian. A pity that it's nothing but an unrequited love, a one-side lovesickness, for Guo Tiantian's eyes are on top of her head; she can't see me at all."

"Have you tried pursuing her?" Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

"I've done more than pursuing her.." Bai Tao nodded. "I've done all I could have done, yet the belle didn't even give me a smile."

"It was not enough?" Asked Tang Xiu, astounded. "You are such a good catch! Could it be that she already has someone she likes?"

"No, she doesn't. Absolutely not," replied Bai Tao with a serious face. "I investigated nearly everything regarding her family background and social circles. She doesn't have any contact with other men at all. Apart from a few of her besties, she usually stays with that big mastiff inside, and those two don't take even a step out of the door."

"Eh, she couldn't like women, could she?" Asked Tang Xiu with a strange expression.

"That's impossible!" Bai Tao rolled his eyes at him and snappily retorted. "I already asked her few best friends. I can confirm that her s.e.xual orientation is normal."

"I see. Then don't be pessimistic since you already figured it out." Tang Xiu smiled. "If you can't catch her in the first time, then try a second time. Fail in the second try, then try another  ten times. If a year is not enough, then give it two years; and if it's still not enough, then continue for ten years. Shortly put, provided that you put in a great deal of effort, you can grind an iron rod into a needle, hence achieving everything you want."

With eyes lit up, Bai Tao nodded and replied, "Your ability to pick up hot chicks is absolutely unsurpa.s.sable, Brother Tang. You're so powerful that you make them collapse. I believe you…"

Powerful your sister! Tang Xiu cursed inside.

"I wanna know something, though. Since you have made Mu Wanying your girlfriend, what will you do with Ouyang Lulu?" Bai Tao asked curiously all of a sudden. "She's in love with you like hovering between life and death, that's for sure. She even pumped out all her properties and left Jingmen Island for Shanghai just to be closer to you. You… you couldn't be thinking to discard her after having made use of her, could you?"

"Bai Tao, can we talk about other things besides women?" Tang Xiu said grudgingly. "Don't you want to see that sweetheart in your dreams?  If you don't want to, do you want me back to the bowling alley to play with the others?"

"No no no. I don't want it, it won't do!" Bai Tao grinned and dragged Tang Xiu.

As the duo came to the swimming pool, they only saw three girls swimming there. Tang Xiu stopped his at the entrance and looked at Bai Tao's excited face and quickly walked inside.


As the water splashed in all directions, a girl with a well-developed, streamlined figure and ordinary looks, yet looking remarkable, was holding the handrails at the poolside.

Tang Xiu looked as Bai Tao moved closer to her, and then quietly turned around and left with a smile on his face. He didn't leave directly and went to the Leisure Hall instead, since he still needed to discuss with Qin Shaoyang about their cooperation. He told the attendant to make a pot of tea for him before sitting alone in the rest area, savoring his tea and reading the fashion magazine he took from the shelf before.


At the Tang Family's ancestral residence.

It was Mu Wanying's first time visiting here and her expression was a bit disturbed. When Tang Ying came to the entrance, her pace became slower and slower before she finally stopped walking.

"What's going on with you, Wanying?" Tang Ying noticed the abnormality, as she turned around and asked her.

"Sis Ying, let's forget it! Tang Xiu and I are…" Said Mu Wanying in an undertone voice.

Tang Ying grabbed her wrist and pulled inside while smilingly saying, "Don't worry, Wanying. Even an ugly daughter-in-law must see their parents-in-law sooner or later. And you're not even ugly at all, as you are hailed as the First Beauty of the capital instead. I'm sure that my grandmother will like you very much. Relax! My Uncle and Auntie are in Star City, and you will see them with Tang Xiu there."

What Mu Wanying wanted to tell Tang Ying was that her relationship with Tang Xiu was not like what everyone thought of. Yet the words were so hard to come out of her mouth though they were at the tip of her tongue already. She then braced herself as she entered the Tang Family's residence and directly b.u.mped into Tang Min coming out.

"Auntie!" Tang Ying called out with a smiling face.

Tang Min gently nodded at her in response, after which her eyes fell on Mu Wanying and smilingly said, "Isn't this the Little Princes of the Mu House? You really match the rumors as the First Beauty of the capital!"

Mu Wanying's gorgeous face blushed and hurriedly lowered her head.

Tang Ying let out a sweet smile and said, "Auntie, you should have no objection if the First Beauty of the capital becomes your nephew's wife, right? But I'm afraid you can't stop them even if you object, though."

Nephew's wife to be?

Tang Min's blinked and she looked at Mu Wanying again before finally nodding and saying with satisfaction, "Little Ning is really great. He actually can…"

"You're mistaken, Auntie," interrupted Tang Ying quickly. "She's not my brother's girlfriend, but Tang Xiu's. Grandma has been nagging all day, hoping that Xiu will bring his wife and give her grandchildren, right? Today, I've spent a lot of effort to bring Wanying over."

Staring blankly and stunned, a surprised look immediately plastered itself on Tang Min's face, and even the way she looked at Mu Wanying was different at this time, a kind of look that was… particularly warm.

"Wanying, right? I never thought that that precious nephew of mine was so skillful to actually be able to find such a beautiful girl like you. Anyways, let's go inside. I was originally planning to go out to tend to something, but I must put it down even if the matter is big since you are already here. Come, I'll bring you inside. I'm sure Mom will be happy!"

Hearing this made Mu Wanying's heart shake. She subconsciously turned her head back. After she was sure that Tang Xiu didn't catch up with them, some expectations as well as anxiousness crept inside her immediately. She indeed had a very close relationship with Tang Xiu as of recently, and it was entirely due to her initiative. Yet, she still couldn't figure out what Tang Xiu really had in mind. In the case that Tang Xiu got angry because of this, then…

In the backyard.

Qin Changyue was holding a broom and cleaning the yard. Since her body turned healthier and stronger all of a sudden, it was like she was several years younger, and she felt very relaxed as she cleaned the yard with an especially happy mood.

"Mother, look who Little Ying brought home," smilingly said Tang Min after she pulled Mu Wanying's slender little hand and entered the backyard.

Qin Changyue stood up a bit before observing Mu Wanying carefully and hesitatingly saying, "This young lady is…"

"How do you do, Grandma," hurriedly called out Mu Wanying.

"Mother, her name is Mu Wanying—the little princess of the Mu House," said Tang Min with a smile. "The most important thing is that she's your grandson—Tang Xiu's girlfriend."


Qin Changyue's face was blank before a pleasantly surprised expression replaced it. She hastily put down the broom and walked toward Mu Wanying. She sized her up from head to toe before a thick smile climbed up her face, as she then nodded a few times and said, "Good, good. It's just great! Very elegant and beautiful, and a good temperament as well. My treasured grandson… he really does his best to succeed and was finally able to find himself a very outstanding girlfriend. Ying… Wanying, right? Let's go inside the house with Grandma…"

Mu Wanying could sense Qin Changyue's joy came from her heart after Tang Min mentioning her as Tang Xiu's girlfriend, thus she was a little uneasy and relieved at the same time.

With a smile, Tang Ying said, "Grandma, I brought you your granddaughter-in-law but delayed the work Dad a.s.signed me. You have to protect me if he blames me later!"

Filled with joy, Qin Changyue replied, "I'll pack your father if he dares to be angry with you, Little Ying! You did great, Grandma is really happy."

Tang Ying's last worry finally vanished as she happily said, "It's great if you feel satisfied, Grandma. Besides, I spent quite the effort to bring Wanying here! Tang Xiu was originally going to come back with us, but he has important things to discuss with a few of his friends, so he asked me to bring her back first."

With an excited look on her face, Qin Changyue nodded and threw a few praises to Tang Xiu. Then, she took Mu Wanying's hand and walked her to the house. The kindness she displayed somewhat made Mu Wanying couldn't endure it.

Looking at her mother's happy look, Tang Min was also greatly affected. People say that it was enough to make things lively when three women got together. The three generations of women of the Tang Family and Mu Wanying got along together and each put out their greatest enthusiasm, but Mu Wanying felt a bit guilty inside.

After worrying inside for a long time, Mu Wanying finally acted as Tang Min and Tang Ying went out. She didn't answered Qin Changyue's question about her family and instead spoke with a bit of an apologetic expression, "Grandma, this is actually a misunderstanding from Sis Ying. Tang Xiu and I are not really not lovers."

"What?" The smile on Qin Changyue's face froze and her expression was bit dazed.

"Actually, Tang Xiu and I are not real lovers," continued Mu Wanying quickly. "We pretended to be lovers in front outsiders since Tang Xiu is trying to help me block the other male students from hara.s.sing me. Grandma, I'm really sorry about this. It was originally out of my intention, but it was Sis Ying who misunderstood it, whereas Auntie Tang was also too enthusiastic. I'm…"

Qin Changyue slowly come back to her senses. After scrunching up for a short while, she then squinted her eyes and asked, "Now, tell me, do you like our family's Xiu'er?"

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