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Chapter 603: Wondrous Effects

Tang Guosheng accepted Tang Xiu's suggestion and was eager to go to the bathroom. He personally released the water and then dripped a drop of the Body Refining Liquid into the warm water.

As he got naked, he felt like countless ants were crawling inside his body. It felt very itchy. What made him somewhat bewildered was that the clear hot water was gradually changing and turning mucky the more he soaked his body. 10 minutes later, he felt that the itchiness was even more unbearable and couldn't bear it any longer. He then found that the hot water became muddier, as if filth had been poured into it.

"What a stink!"

Tang Guosheng really wanted to get out of the bathtub, but when he recalled the words exhorted by his grandson, that he must soak himself for more than an hour, he could only endure and restrain himself.

Large drops of sweat rolled down his face. When he subconsciously raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his face, he suddenly found that his hands were stained with grayish-black filth.

What's going on?

Tang Guosheng had a blank expression and put more effort in rubbing his face, as more and more grayish black filth stained his hands, the stench becoming more intense.


Nearly half an hour later, Tang Guosheng finally couldn't endure the itchiness in his naked body anymore and jumped out of the bathtub. His movement was very swift and looked like a young man in his prime. His naked feet steadily stepped on the bathroom's floor, and the first thing he did when he came out of the bathtub was to look at himself in the mirror.

"My face…"

He was stunned when he saw himself in the mirror, because he found a lot of grayish-black filthy substances on his face. There were still more residual substances despite him having taken off a lot before. He realized all of a sudden that the reason why the hot water in the bathtub turned muddy was because… of something in his body.

Outside, Tang Xiu clamped a cigarette between his lips while sitting comfortably on the recliner in the yard, whereas the fragrant tea beside him curled out its steam. It was the tea personally made by his grandmother, Qin Changyue, a moment ago.

"Your grandpa is really weird today, Xiu'er. I remember that he had already taken a shower before he went out in the morning. He usually has another shower in the evening whenever he gets busy or if it's the summer. What reason do you think made him take another bath on this cold day?" Qin Changyue moved to the chair and sat beside Tang Xiu as she asked.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and replied, "Grandpa is just fastidious about hygiene and his health, Grandma. I also think that you should take a hot bath later. Wait until you turn 100 years old, I'll be sure to throw a banquet to celebrate your 100th birthday!"

"Child, your mouth is really sweet." A laughing smile blossomed on Qin Changyue's aged face. She affectionately took Tang Xiu's hand and unknowingly didn't want to release it, "Grandson, can Grandma ask you something?"

"Please say it, Grandma." Tang Xiu nodded.

"You're no longer a child, Grandson," said Qin Changyue with curiosity betrayed her. "You should've been talking about marriage at this age like normal young people. But what about you? Is there any young girl you like at present?"

Her question made Tang Xiu be at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, as he smilingly said, "Grandma, I'm just 20 years old, not even 21 and still a few years away from the legal marriageable age! Besides, I'm still studying in the university, which I need to give a priority and focus onto. How can I have that much time to talk about romance and love?" [1]

"You can't say that, Grandson." Qin Changyue argued."You just said yourself that you must focus and prioritize your studies first, then how come I heard that you still have time to do business? Your business even seem to be developing prosperously, no? You see, our family has a lot of properties and enterprises, and the very thing we don't lack is exactly money. Why are you seemingly going all out to make money, anyway? Let me tell you something! It won't be good for you to spend your time solely to make money. You should talk more about love and youthful pa.s.sion—traits that the young should have!"

After speaking up to there, she hesitated a bit before continuing with a more toned down voice, "Grandma is old now. I'm already an aged person whose steps are now heading straight toward the earth. No one knows the day when I'll be gone. Now that Grandma is still healthy, find yourself a girlfriend earlier and also marry earlier so that you can give me a grandson; therefore, Grandma can take care of my great grandson if you have no time to tend to him."

Cough! Cough… Tang Xiu coughed a few times after hearing his grandmother push the subject even further, and then replied with a helpless expression, "Grandma, please don't say that! You can still live to a ripe hundred years of life."

"Don't joke around, Brat!" Qin Changyue unhappily scolded. "Grandma is being serious with you."

"Okay, okay. I know that you are talking seriously," replied Tang Xiu with a helpless expression. "If so, then I'll do my best to find myself a few women and bring them to you so as to make you relieved. I'll be sure to strive hard in a few years to give you a bunch of grandchildren, which counting by my fingers should be eleven like the eleven members of a regular football team. But these ten fingers on both my hands are not enough; though this can be done!"


Qin Changyue was amused. When she was about to speak, she caught sight of her husband, Tang Guosheng, coming out of the bathroom and the words she was about to speak were suppressed in an instant, even the smile on her face suddenly froze. Though it was night, she could still see Tang Guosheng's appearance clearly under the shining lamps of the courtyard.

Tang Xiu followed the direction his grandmother's eyes were looking and immediately jumped from the swinging chair, releasing his hand from his grandmother's hand and sprinting toward Tang Guosheng. After circling around him a few times, he then sighed, "The effect is really remarkable. Grandpa, I suggest you not go out in the next few days, else there will be many people who can't recognize you at all."

Just after Tang Guosheng rinsed and cleaned his body, he was shocked when looking at himself in the mirror. His aged face was full of wrinkles before, and there were even a few aged spots. But the man in the mirror had a lot fewer wrinkles and the aged spots disappeared! Most importantly, it was like he had just become a dozen years younger all of a sudden.

Furthermore, there was also another thing that made him blush. His "little brother" he couldn't feel was "alive" for so many years now had signs of "blooming". After being conscious of his own condition, he choked and stood still awkwardly in front of the mirror for a very long time, and didn't even speak a word.

The look on Tang Guosheng's face was a bit excited, as he looked at Tang Xiu and said, "This Body Refining Liquid is simply a wondrous, G.o.d-like medicament. Although the itching was so hard to endure, the effect is great. I can feel that I'm getting stronger. Even if my punch is unable to kill a cow, but it shouldn't be a problem killing a little lamb. Hahaha…"

"Some time in the future, when my strength becomes more formidable and I can get more cultivation resources, I'll refine a medicinal pill for you," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "By then, even if the pill cannot make you younger, but prolonging your life for 8-10 years won't be an issue."

"A medicine that increases lifespan?" Tang Guosheng was flabbergasted, and his face changed greatly before immediately asking excitedly.

"That's right." Tang Xiu nodded. "It's indeed a medicinal pill to increase lifespan."

With an excited expression, Tang Guosheng rubbed his hands and said, "Xiu'er, you must not easily tell anyone that you can refine such medicine to increase lifespan. Also, I have some great uses for it after you produce it."

"You mean… you have a use for it just like the Body Refining Liquid?" Probed Tang Xiu.

"If we have the Body Refining Liquid coupled with pills that can increase lifespan, I'm absolutely certain that we will become the most prominent family in China within the next two decades. Xiu'er, maybe you have no idea yet, but the bigger the power one has, the more they fear death. Those figures standing at the top of the pyramid in our country, who among them are not in their late 60s or 70s? At that time… hum!"

"If so, then I'll leave it to you to manage it, Grandpa." Tang Xiu clapped and smilingly said. "You can be sure that there won't be any issues with the pills. I may only have a low probability to produce it, but I'll hand over a batch of them to you after the end of the year."

Tang Guosheng repeatedly nodded. The way he looked at Tang Xiu was like seeing the most precious treasure in the world.

Qin Changyue's eyes were extraordinarily bright. After asking the details, she hurriedly took the Body Refining Liquid into the bathroom and looked like she had changed into someone else when she came out. It was like she had become dozens years younger all of a sudden, even some of her white hair also turned black again.

This night for Tang Guosheng and Qin Changyu was just like a rebirth. The feelings they had for Tang Xiu also reached the limit due to the transformation of their physiques. At present, the most important person to them in the world was this grandson of theirs.

Early in the next morning, Tang Xiu, who just came back from his morning exercise, saw several housemaids gathered together and speaking to each other in whispers. With his sharp hearing, he could hear them talking about the changes in the appearance of his grandparents. This made him happy, and he also wanted to see how wonderful would it be to see the stunned expressions of the rest of the Tang Family members when they saw his grandparents.

As expected, most of the Tang Family members who received a call from Tang Guosheng came over. They were so shocked that they nearly dropped their jaws when they saw the transformation of the old lord and old lady. The Third Grandfather, Tang Guoshou, was even unable to hold his urge to get two drops of the Body Refining Liquid and hurriedly went to the bathroom to soak himself in the bathtub.

Noon had come and Tang Xiu went to the Kangde Club according to the address Chu Yi gave him. At the entrance to the club, however, eight men in security guard uniforms stopped him.

"I'm sorry, we cannot allow you to enter unless you can show us your membership card, Sir," said a robust and stocky middle-aged security member with a serious face.

"My name is Tang Xiu. I just called Chu Yi and had a talk with him. Didn't he tell you to let me in directly after I arrive?" Asked Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu?

The middle-aged man was taken aback, before his face suddenly changed greatly. The solemnity on his face disappeared in an instant and was replaced with a prudent one as he asked, "Are you Tang Xiu from the Tang Family?"

"Yes!" Tang Xiu nodded.

The middle-aged man's expression turned incomparably respectful and even looked a bit awed. Then, he respectfully said, "Young Master Tang, Young Master Chu indeed hasn't noticed us about you. But our Boss has personally instructed us to allow you to enter directly when you arrive. He is now waiting for you inside the Leisure Hall."

"Eh?" Tang Xiu was puzzled. "Who is your Boss?"

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