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Chapter 575: Foul Taste

Shanghai's Wanchuan Shopping Center was located at the most flourishing commercial street in Hongkou District. It was also known as the Fortune Plaza, and every store opened in it was an itinerary of high-end international brands. In addition to a large number of luxury goods, they also provided many major brands in the world.

Hu Qingsong drove here with Tang Xiu and headed straight to the clothing area on the fourth floor. When they approached a world-famous branded clothing store, Hu Qingsong did not even pause for half a second and straightly went toward a female underwear exclusive store at the back, before he then stopped and hesitated.

"Old Hu, don't tell me the place you said would satisfy me is here?"

Tang Xiu was dumbfounded as he looked at the dazzling line-up of lingeries inside. The sight was virtually dazzling to the eyes, especially those s.e.xy lingerie with various colors and styles, making Tang Xiu secretly blush and feel embarra.s.sed inside. Never once, neither in this life nor in his past life, had he ever been to this kind of place.

With an awkward expression, Hu Qingsong said, "Recently I approached a girl, and only yesterday did I finally win her heart. It just so happens that tomorrow is her birthday, so I want to give her a gift; an out of the ordinary one. Hence, Yue Kai told me to give her a s.e.xy lingerie."

Cough! Cough…

Tang Xiu was really knocked out by Hu Qingsong this time. That rotten apple Yue Kai went so far so as to provide such a rotten advice. Did he think that such an idea was really out of the box or something? If he knew earlier that Hu Qingsong would drag him to this kind of place, he wouldn't have come here even if he was bribed with a hundred meals!

At this time…

The lingerie brand called 'Carine Gilson' sold exclusively an European luxury underwear brand. The founder is an haute couture designer from Belgium who founded the lingerie brand of the same name in 1994. Because she was particular about the choice of materials, she only chose the finest fabrics from Lyons and Calais, France.

Most of the cla.s.sic products of Carine Gilson were often presented in feminine soft colors such as rust, scarlet, orange, cappuccino, and old rose. In addition, its price was also very expensive, starting at 240 USD, and with a set of nightgown priced over 360 USD.

After walking to the entrance of the store, Hu Qingsong hesitated.

Tang Xiu himself really wanted to turn around and leave, but after looking at Hu Qingsong's face, he steeled himself against the women's strange looks and said, "Old Hu, if you really want to buy a set of lingerie for your girlfriend, just go and buy it! You're a man, for G.o.d's sake. If anything, you have nothing else but a thick face, no? I won't go inside with you, but you have my full support, mentally and spiritually! Anyways, I'm kind of addicted to smoking, so I'm gonna find a spot to smoke and wait for you there."

Hu Qingsong was kind of dumbstruck, and he couldn't even sense the smell of 'deserting from battle' from Tang Xiu at all. He steeled his heart and blocked Tang Xiu's path and dragged him into the store.

"Welcome, sirs!"

A beautiful female sales clerk greeted them with a professional smile. She seemed accustomed to seeing men patronizing the lingerie store, as she enthusiastically spoke with a warm smile, "These two gentlemen, I'm the head sales clerk of the shop. What kind of underwear do you want to buy? Also, may I take the liberty to ask you whether you want to give it as a present…"

With an awkward expression, Hu Qingsong said, "My girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow. I think… ugh… I don't really understand what kind of underwear a girl would like, could you recommend me some?"

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