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Chapter 531: Palpitated Small Heart

Bluestar Villa Complex…

Several black Mercedes-Benz slowly stopped at the main gate post. After filling up the registration, the security guards allowed them to enter the complex.

On the balcony of the third floor of the villa #11, Yang Le sat there while holding a cup of red wine and a large cigar, with two young, beautiful blondes cuddling with him.

"Dear babes, if you serve this young master well tonight, I'll support the two of you with gold, silver and everything, so you'll have a good life," Yang Le blew out smoke from his mouth while coiling his hand around one of the blondes and kissing her white and delicate face.

"Darling, I'll definitely serve you *******." The blonde intentionally revealed a shy yet charming look, yet she spoke very boldly.

Yang Le was quite excited. As he was ready to satisfy his craving, suddenly, his ears p.r.i.c.ked and he looked toward the nearby road under the streetlights. He immediately furrowed his brows when he saw several black Mercedes-Benz slowly heading in this direction.

Some bigwigs are coming!

Looking at the convoy, Yang Le could tell what kind of people they were. Yet, he was also very curious, who would come so late at night with such a grand pageantry?


When the convoy drove past villa #11 and eventually stopped at the villa #9, Yang Le couldn't help rolling his eyes. Although he could tell that Tang Xiu's ident.i.ty was far from ordinary, he didn't expect that such a show of force would come looking for him.

Don't tell me that guy surnamed Tang is a blackheart chap? What kind of bigwig did he annoy that they come so overbearingly to pick on him? Yang Le's mind was immediately filled with dark thoughts.

The several Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of villa #9. A middle-aged man wearing a black suit and dark gla.s.ses then came out of the car, while several middle-aged men opened the doors of the three cars in the middle.


On the balcony of the third floor of villa #11, Yang Le's eyes stared wide when he saw the person who got off the car in the middle, as a shocked expression then appeared on his face.

Situ Chao?

It turns out to be the son of the Head of Situ Family, Situ Boyang, who has gradually taken over the Situ Family. He'll soon become the patriarch, no?

"He… how could he be here?" Yang Le gulped and sent the two pretty blondes to his bedroom. Then, he saw two other figures coming out from the other two Mercedes-Benz.

Heaven!!! I… am I dreaming? The Jinmen Family's Head, Jinmen Tian… and… the head of the Li Family, Li Yuan? How could these affluent old geezers from the Occult Sect come here in person? Could it be that they came to find Tang Xiu?

Despite possessing unusual ident.i.ty himself, Yang Le's eyes almost popped out and he felt his legs become somewhat weak after seeing the trio. It was because he was perfectly aware how terrible and terrifying was the power held by these three people added up together.

This isn't right! They wouldn't need to bring out such a large convoy if they came looking for Tang Xiu, right? But… don't tell me that my guess before was right, that they are here to find Tang Xiu and deal with him?

Thinking up to there, Yang Le immediately took out his mobile and dialed Tang Xiu's cell number. After his call got connected, he spoke rapidly, "Tang Xiu, where are you now?"

"Outside, is there something?" Tang Xiu's voice answered from the mobile phone.

"If you're outside, make sure you don't come back now. What the h.e.l.l did you do? How did you provoke those three, the Situ, Jinmen, and Li Families at the same time? These three families can shroud half the sky of the entire forces belonging to the Occult Sect. Just listen to me, get your a.s.s out of this place fast. You had better hide in a faraway place and never come back here."

On the third floor of the Everlasting Feast Hall, Tang Xiu's expression was strange, for he didn't expect that Yang Le would call and warn him.

He misunderstood the situation!

A smile appeared on Tang Xiu's face as he replied, "You want to acknowledge me as your Master, right? Then, I'll halve the price for you. Make money well, I'll be waiting for your 5 billion yuan and then I'll accept you as a disciple."

After saying that, he directly hung up the phone.

Yang Le was stunned. He never expected that Tang Xiu would not only ignore his advice, he even mentioned the matter of acknowledging him as his Master. This… what the h.e.l.l is going on? How could the script go this way? Could it be that he didn't realize that he did this out of good intention?

After thinking for a moment, Yang Le decided to go to the villa #9 personally. Even if Tang Xiu did provoke those three parties, he himself hailed from the Thief Branch of the Occult Sect, after all. They wouldn't make things difficult for him out of respect for his deceased Master. Perhaps he could also help Tang Xiu by saying good words about him.

A few minutes later, Yang Le had neatly dressed himself up and appeared outside the front gate of villa #9. There, he was stopped by four stalwart men, as one of them questioned him coldly, "Who are you?"

"I live in villa #11, the neighbor of the owner of this villa," answered Yang Le.

"What business do you have here? If it's alright with you, I ask you to leave," said the big man.

Yang Le raised his hand and quickly made several hand signals. He then waltzed in and walked straight into the living room amid the stalwart men's changed expressions. His complexion immediately turned blank and vacant as he saw that Tang Xiu's two housemaids were currently serving tea to Situ Chao, Jinmen Tian, and Li Yuan.

"Oh, goodness! The offspring of the thief branch unexpectedly showed up here! I'm not seeing things, am I?" Situ Chao smilingly said after he saw Yang Le.

Yang Le stepped forward and smilingly said, "You're cracking a joke, Uncle Chao. I just saw you, three seniors, came to my neighbor's house, so I came over to pay my respects to you. Anyhow, you seniors are here because…"

"You and Grandmaster Tang are neighbors?" Asked Situ Chao, surprised.

Grandmaster Tang?

Yang Le was unable to make heads or tails about this remark, as he then blankly asked, "Uncle Chao, this Grandmaster you're referring to is… Tang Xiu?"

"Yeah," said Situ Chao.

With lips twitching, Yang Le tried to digest the name and address before he eventually said, "I'm living in the villa #11 next door, so I'm indeed Tang… Grandmaster Tang's neighbor, and our relationship isn't bad."

At this moment, Yang Le's heart almost collapsed! He originally thought that Situ Chao's group came to make trouble for Tang Xiu, and he even called Tang Xiu to remind him out of good intention, yet he got ignored and was told to not bother about it. It turned out that he was the one who misunderstood it. Situ Chao didn't come to create trouble for Tang Xiu at all. It could be said that they came… to pay a visit.

That was really shameful!

Situ Chao slowly nodded, "Yang Le, we came to find Grandmaster Tang. He's having dinner with his friend outside and can't come back home now, so we're here waiting for him. Since you have seen us now, you go back first if you have nothing else to say!"

"Uncle Chao, Grandpa Jinmen, Grandpa Li, if you feel that it's alright with you, how about you all visit my place while Tang… Grandmaster Tang hasn't come back? I…"

His words suddenly came to an abrupt halt. He suddenly remembered about the two foreign blondes in his house! If they were seen by them, then he would be in for a great shame and disgrace!

"No need, we'll be waiting here for him. You can go attend to your things!" Situ Chao waved his hand and refused.

"Yes, yes. Then I'll no longer disturb you," said Yan Le quickly. "But if there is something you seniors need, then send someone to the villa next door to call me. I'll be here at once."

He then left the living room immediately after saying that.

With eyes following Yang Le's departing back, Jinmen Tian shook his head and smiled, "It's a happy occasion for the Thief Branch to have such an outstanding junior in the latest generation remaining. It's a pity that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, San Zhishou, didn't have a good fate. The remaining few of the Thief Branch are kind of disappointing. They didn't hesitate to lose all decorum with each other just to get their hands on the treasures left by San Zhishou, causing the entire sect to split apart. It's really a pity that the Thief Branch's Command was lost! If they were to give it to this Yang Le, maybe he can rebuild the Thief Branch back to their feet again."

"Uncle Jinmen, you forgot something!" Situ Chao chuckled. "The Command of the Thief Branch is actually in his hands, but he was disheartened at his fellow disciples in the Thief Branch. Not only did he break contact with them, he also fooled around abroad all they year round. I never expected that he had actually returned home and is even living here."

"Is he really willing to give up everything?" Jinmen Tian was surprised. "Will the Thief Branch's legacy and inheritance be cut off just like that?"

"No, as long as someone from the Thief Branch is still alive, their legacy and inheritance will never be cut off," Situ Chao shook his head. "Though I think it's better for the Thief Branch to not be rebuilt, given their morality and conduct. Otherwise, judging from the disposition of Yang Le's eldest senior brother, I'm afraid that Yang Le will be killed by him sooner or later."

"True that!" Jinmen Tian nodded.

Ten in the evening, Tang Xiu escorted Han Qingwu back to her place. He had to a.s.sure her over and over that he would take her to the South China Sea and to have a vacation together in the next few days. Then, he hurried back to Bluestar Villa Complex and was blocked by Yang Le outside the front gate of villa #11 before he arrived at his home.

"You really are M-Z-I-N-G, Grandmaster Tang!" Yang Le leaned on the gate of his villa as he looked at Tang Xiu, grinning and smiling.

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at him and snappily said, "If you want to fart then burst it out fast. Just spit it out! Don't use that disgusting accent and tone to incite me with no purpose, ****!"

"Those three big families of the Occult Sect, the Situ, Jinmen, and Li Families unexpectedly came here just to visit you," Yang Le grinned. "Anyhow, I'm curious. What means did you use to swindle and deceive them? Can you tell me why they were so respectful when they mentioned you?"

"Swindling and deceiving, eh?" Tang Xiu laughed. "That's not quite the appropriate words to use, to be honest. I think the correct words should be true skills and genuine knowledge. Otherwise, do you think those big shots from the Occult Sect are nothing but fools?"

Thinking for a moment, Yang Le then nodded and said, "True that, but you haven't answered me. Who the heck are you?"

"I told you before, didn't I?" Tang Xiu smiled. "I'm nothing but a student."

With an annoyed and exasperated expression, Yang Le said, "I'll investigate you myself if you don't tell me! You know that I'm very good at investigating!"

"Then do it!" Tang Xiu shot a teasing and playful smile at him, as he strode toward his villa.

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