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Chapter 633: Blood Paints the Forested Mountain

The night was pitch black. Other than the roars of wild animals in the surrounding of the forested mountain, the atmosphere was particularly bleak and gloomy. The bull-sized leopard constantly observed the surroundings with its green eyes, while its robust thighs moved, looking for prey to fill its stomach to the full.

“All of you wait here. I'm going to kill it!”

A cold glint flashed in Tang Xiu's eyes as he spoke in a low tone atop a tree branch dozens of meters away.

Su Ben blocked Tang Xiu and said with an eager expression, “Tang Xiu, the three of us had our strength and speed increased several times time, and I'm sure it's impossible for that leopard to beat all of us even if it's very strong. Just let the three of us try it!”

“This is not your ordinary leopard, brother.” Tang Xiu hesitated. “It's a fierce beast that has gained intelligence. Wild animals don't hold much of a threat to cultivators, but savage beasts are a different story altogether. This thing is not your common savage beast according to my observation; at least it's not a low-ranked fierce beast. You all have yet to experience combat, thus even if the three join hands to fight it, you're probably not its match. You could be killed if you can't fight well.”

“Don't we still have you?” Asked Su Ben in a low voice. “If the three of us are really in danger, do you have the confidence to save us?”

With an hesitant expression, Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I have some a.s.surance, yes.”

“Since you have the confidence, then we have nothing to fear,” said Su Ben seriously. “We will take the same path as yours in the future, so we need this fight—we need actual combat. You told us how brutal and dangerous the cultivation world is in these two days. You don't want your effort to train the three of us to go to waste, right?”

Tang Xiu shifted his eyes to Su Quan and Su Xiangfei. They nodded at him without a shred of hesitation, and their expression was especially serious. He sighed inwardly before he nodded and said, “Since you all have made up your mind, then fight! But do bear in mind that you must never lose your focus and be careless in the slightest.”

“Got it!” The trio brandished their weapons and nodded.

While quietly watching their backs as they stealthily sneaked behind the leopard fierce beast, Tang Xiu was silent for several seconds before his figure vanished. His body was like a fallen leaf drifting in the air as he appeared atop a tree close to the leopard savage beast.


When the trio was ten meters away from the leopard, the best was already keenly aware that some humans were approaching it. Furthermore, these three humans were approaching from three directions. Suddenly, a murderous glint bust from its eyes as its body tightened up and bolted toward Su Ben in an instant.


Su Ben firmly grabbed the harpoon in his hand and smashed it toward the leopard savage beast, bringing along it with a whooshing sound. The leopard's speed, however, was way too fast as it was able to avoid the sudden smash of the harpoon in the blink of an eye and jumped high towards Su Ben to smash his head.

Comparing Su Ben to Su Quan and Su Xiangfei in regards to combat experience, Su Ben's combat force was definitely the strongest among the trio as he was someone who could fight. Especially after he joined the Magnificent Tang Corporation, he was subjected to very strict training. He had studied hand to hand close combat as well as how to fight with weapons for a few months. Therefore, he did not panic upon facing this crisis. He dashed to the side all of sudden and used his harpoon to counter attack and finally avoided the danger from the leopard's sharp claws.

“What a fast speed!”

After he stood up again, the leopard savage beast had already flashed toward him. Despite thinking that he had become very strong now, he was still scared by its violent and swift attack. He did not attempt to counter its attack and rolled about on the ground yet again instead, with which he borrowed the inertia to dash toward Su Quan's direction.


Su Quan's heart jumped out of fear upon seeing the leopard savage beast chasing behind Su Ben. The feeling burst out from his heart to his throat as he called out loudly while waving his iron shovel.


Su Ben's heart jumped wildly and he instantly dodged to the side, yet his left arm was still scratched and ripped by the leopard as it bled. At the same time as Su Quan arrived, he slammed his iron shovel in the middle of the leopard beast and forced it back.

“Brother Ben, are you okay?” Blocking in front of Su Ben, Su Quan called with anxiousness painted in his face.

Su Ben jumped up from the ground and quickly faced the leopard savage beast shoulder to shoulder with Su Quan. His expression was calm when he replied, “I'm fine, but got injured. You two be very careful. This guy is too fast, even I can barely escape once or twice, but no more. The speed of both you are not as fast as mine, so be very careful.”

“Okay! (Got it!)”

Su Quan and Su Xiangfei, who had just arrived, replied at the same time.


The expression of the leopard fierce beast seemed to be ridiculing them. With a roar, it flashed towards the trio who were armed with weapons without any fear at all. This time, its speed was even faster, simply like a sharp arrow released from the bow.

Peng Peng Peng…

The harpoon, iron shovel, and javelin in Su Ben, Su Quan, and Su Xiangfei's hands slammed and struck the leopard's body at the same time, but did nothing to it at all. Yet, its sharp claws that swept Su Xiangfei and Su Quan's arms left a few deep wounds on them.


What was out of the trio's imaginations was that after the leopard scratched Su Xiangfei and Su Quan's arms, it unexpectedly turned around in the air and slapped its two sharp claws on Su Ben's back. Blood poured out from several wounds the moment it smashed Su Ben's body straightly, sending him backward for seven-plus meters as he fell heavily to the ground.


Su Quan and Su Xiangfei's faces drastically changed. They went all out to hack the leopard with their iron shovel and javelin and forced it to retreat to the side as they then rushed toward Su Ben.

Tang Xiu stood atop the tree branch several meters away with a tranquil expression as a glint flashed in his eyes. The fight just now was within his expectations. The leopard savage beast would indeed be able to injure the trio, but it would be very difficult for it to kill them, therefore he refrained from involving himself in the fight.

He could, however, estimate that the trio wouldn't be able to kill the leopard beast, either. The beast possessed a formidable and nearly invulnerable body, and he was unsure whether the harpoon or javelin would be able to pierce it. After a moment's contemplation he saw the leopard savage beast rushing over towards the trio, as his figure instantly flashed over there.


His figure left afterimages as it dove down from the air. The Bloodguzzler dagger in his hand burst out a scarlet light as it hacked the back of the leopard.

Hou, Hou…

The severe pain caused the leopard to turn frantic and stopped its movements. In its crazed state, it frantically turned around and landed its eyes on Tang Xiu. It could sense that the human in front gave off a huge threatening feeling to it, thus it decided to get rid of this human first before killing the other three.

Like a blazing meteor, the leopard savage beast had already stormed over before Tang Xiu and its sharp claws hacked toward Tang Xiu's head.


A cold glint flashed in Tang Xiu's eyes. The Bloodguzzler dagger instantly crossed over in front and easily slashed off the leopard fierce beast's claws. At the same time, Tang Xiu sent a heavy kick to its stomach. The moment when its huge body flew upside down, Tang Xiu's figure stalked towards it like a shadow as the Bloodguzzler dagger pierced its lower neck and ripped open a long wound.

Blood gushed out.

Only then did the leopard fierce beast feel fear. Never once had it encountered a human being so fast, and never once had it suffered such a severe wound. Nearly in the instance it landed on the ground, it ran towards the forested mountain while enduring the severe pain of losing its two front paws.


The Bloodguzzler dagger in Tang Xiu's hands shot out and turned into a streak of light that pierced through the leopard fierce beast's abdomen from the side. The penetrating strike made its body tremble and it fell heavily under a big tree seven-plus meters away. Its abdomen was pierced through and its neck was torn open—two fatal wounds that made the leopard fierce beast full of despair and desperation. It tried to crawl up from the ground, yet the blood flowing out from its body was like a fountain, making it weaker and weaker. In particular, its two front paws were slashed off, and it could only get up halfway before heavily falling to the ground again.

Bang bang bang…

Tang Xiu bolted towards the leopard fierce beast and slammed a barrage of punches on it. A smile then appeared on his face while he watched the leopard fierce beast draw its last breath.

He then turned around to look at the trio who had come over and said with a smile, “Are you okay, Brother Ben?”

Lifting a hand to wipe the blood on the corner of his mouth, Su Ben shook his head and smilingly said, “I'm fine. My back in kind of burning, though. You're really amazing, Tang Xiu! We are nothing to speak of facing this guy, but you got rid of this guy without the effort.”

“You all can achieve that easily later too if you cultivate well.” Tang Xiu smiled. “Alright, since we've killed this thing, you can take its carca.s.s! Let all the villagers have a look at it, then everyone will be completely relieved.”

Su Ben nodded in response and went to lift the leopard.

Tang Xiu stopped him and took out the silver needle he always carried and stopped the bleeding wounds of the trio with the acupoints pressing technique and then bandaged their wounds. After he was nearly done with the treatment, he smiled and said, “Though you three are injured, it was a great training opportunity, right? Anyways, in order to exercise your physical fitness and ability, you three will carry the carca.s.s of this leopard back. I know that the distance from here to the Su Family Village is very far, but I want you all to get there in two hours! Can you do it?”

The trio exchanged dismayed looks and wry smiles painted their faces.

Two hours?

When they came here, though they searched everywhere and their speed was very slow, still, it took four or five hours to get here, and it must be noted that it was during the day. But walking down the mountain pathway at night was a different story. It was arduously difficult! Wanting them to get back within two hours, could it be that it was achievable?

While watching their expressions, Tang Xiu added, “If you all can't carry this leopard's body out of this forested mountain within two hours, I promise that I'll train you with more brutal and cruel methods later. You will feel that you might as well better die than to live first, before enjoying the taste and thrill of having power.”

The taste the feeling of like dying while alive?

Soaking themselves inside the Spirit Spring had already given them that taste, despite the Spirit Spring indeed giving them such a huge advantage. And yet, they did not want to taste such a feeling a second time. Therefore, the trio looked at each other and then quickly lifted the leopard beast, galloped at full speed toward the outside of the mountain.

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