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Chapter 522: Shaken to the Core

Hu Qingsong had never seen Ouyang Lulu. He heard Yue Kai saying that he had seen a woman whose beauty was flawless in Tang Xiu's home. He thought that Yue Kai was lying, and it was all a bull he made up. But at this time, Hu Qingsong finally believed it. The looks and figure of this girl were definitely not under the first campus flower of Shanghai University, Mu Wanying, as well as similarly on par with the super celebrity, Zhang Xinya.

He would definitely choose this girl over Mu Wanying and Zhang Xinya if he ever had the chance to pick one among the three. It was because this girl gave off a very cool vibe and fiery personality, which were the types he liked the most.

"B-Big… Big Bro Tang, is she also your woman?" Asked Hu Qingsong. His eyes looked dull.

Tang Xiu had yet to reply when Ouyang Lulu reacted. She knitted her brows and asked, "What did you just say? Also?!! Who else is Tang Xiu's woman beside me?"

"Ah…" Hu Qingsong was taken aback. Little did he expect that his slip of tongue would push Tang Xiu into the pit of h.e.l.l.

Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled. He grabbed Lulu's wrist and strided out of the villa, and then spoke to her, "Lulu, don't listen to Hu Qingsong's gibberish. I'm always clean, far from that thing called love before I graduate from university. There has never been other women at all."

After hearing this, Hu Qingsong immediately felt relieved. He caught up and repeatedly nodded as he said, "Yeah, that's right. Big Bro Tang definitely has no other women. Though there are indeed other women chasing him, who is Eldest Bro Tang? Of course, there may be myriad flowers, but only the leaf will never leave its body! Ugh, isn't that right, Big Bro Tang?"

"What the f*ck!" Ouyang Lulu snapped. "So, I'm the leaf, huh?"

Hu Qingsong was stumped.

Tang Xiu was similarly speechless. He shook his head and said, "You two wait for me here. I need to go upstairs to change clothes, and then we'll go out for lunch."

Twenty minutes later, the trio left the villa complex and headed to the Everlasting Feast Hall by car. When the trio entered the restaurant, Tang Xiu saw Han Qingwu merrily chatting with Chi Nan at the front counter.

"Tang Xiu, it's your cla.s.s' teacher-in-charge," whispered Lulu while touching Tang Xiu's arm.

Tang Xiu nodded silently. He immediately knitted his brows after seeing Han Qingwu and Chi Nan looking in his direction and walking toward him. However, he bitterly smiled inwardly when he recalled Han Qingwu's status in Shanghai University. He had thought through about this issue before. He would have to behave well if he wanted to stay in Shanghai University. If he continued treating Han Qingwu with a detached att.i.tude and repel her, it would probably court a lot more troubles for him, even becoming a problem for him if he asked for a leave later.

"Teacher Han, what a coincidence!" Hu Qingsong was the first to open his mouth and smilingly spoke.

Han Qingwu nodded at him with a smile. Her eyes then fell on Tang Xiu before glancing at Ouyang Lulu and asking, "Tang Xiu, why didn't you come to report to the campus this morning?"

"I got delayed with some matters and just arrived from Beijing," answered Tang Xiu.

Han Qingwu's eyes swept across him, as she turned to Chi Nan and said, "Manager Chi, I still have some matters to handle, so I'll take my leave first. Remember to tell your Big Boss to never skip cla.s.ses again later."

"All right!" Replied Chi Nan with a nod while restraining her smile.

Following that, Tang Xiu's gaze followed Han Qingwu as she turned around to leave. He then shook his head and shifted his eyes to Chi Nan, asking, "Why is she here?"

"She came to dine, Boss. Besides, we are a restaurant open for business. Are you saying we must keep her out?" Asked Chi Nan with a smile.

"Ugh…" Tang Xiu was dumbfounded and was left without argument.

"Manager Chi, you might as well keep off those women who are scheming to pursue your Boss," said Ouyang Lulu.

"Do I have to keep Miss Ouyang out as well?" Asked Chi Nan with a grin.

"AH…" Ouyang Lulu stared blankly and fell into a daze. She then immediately waved her hand and said, "That's different. I'm aboveboard and straightforward in my pursuit, while Han Qingwu is conspiring in secret. In the future, I'll become the Lady Boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall; she can't be compared with me."

Chi Nan couldn't help but laugh. But after she glanced at Tang Xiu, she quickly restrained herself and hastily asked, "Are you gonna dine, Boss? I'll immediately arrange it."

Tang Xiu could only sigh helplessly. He was really at wits end upon facing Lulu's open, brazen, thick-skinned, and unconstrained pursuit. He had already warned her many times and nothing worked, hence he was too lazy to waste his saliva anymore.

At the side, Hu Qingsong watched Tang Xiu and Chi Nan in a dumbfounded and tongue-tied manner. His mouth gaped so wide that even a big goose egg could enter it. The disbelieving expression on his face was the expression of shock inside his heart.

"What are you dazing and gaping for? Let's go inside!"

Tang Xiu had just walked for a few steps before he turned to look at Hu Qingsong, who was nailed in his spot motionlessly, and called out to him.

Finally, Hu Qingsong closed his mouth. But after he caught up, he asked in a rough voice, "B-Big… Big Bro Tang, Manager Chi just said… what did she say? Boss? Are you the owner of this Everlasting Feast Hall?"

It is true that paper cannot contain fire! Now that this fact was known by Hu Qingsong, he didn't feel like hiding it anymore, thus he nodded and replied, "Yeah, I'm the owner of this Everlasting Feast Hall. I didn't tell you before because I didn't want you to think about it. Since you know about this now, don't sell me out to anyone, got it?"

Hu Qingsong swallowed the water in his mouth and nodded with a wooden expression.

At this moment, no words were able to describe what he felt inside. Because even in his wildest dream, he never expected that his fellow student who shared a dormitory with him was actually the owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall. He knew that the Everlasting Feast Hall was one of the top restaurants in the entire Shanghai, and even its annual net income exceeded nine digits.

What did nine digits meant? It was in the billion range!

With billions of yuan of annual income, didn't it explain that Tang Xiu was also a super mega rich person?

At the corner of the first floor, Tang Xiu casually picked a place for them to sit down. There was no need for him to pick the deluxe box upstairs since he was only dining here with Ouyang Lulu and Hu Qingsong. He could only sigh inwardly upon seeing Lulu naturally taking the seat next to him, with a matter-of-fact att.i.tude, as he pointed the seat across to him and spoke to Hu Qingsong, "Don't gawk and daze again, will you? Get a move on and take a seat!"

After sitting, Hu Qingsong cautiously asked, "Big Bro Tang, can you tell me how much money do you have, exactly?"

"I haven't really counted how much money I have, to be honest," said Tang Xiu with a smile. "If you ask me, money is nothing but only a series of numbers. Hence, I don't feel like putting much thought into something that has no significant meaning."

While looking like a silly fool at Tang Xiu, Hu Qingsong's outlook toward the world was collapsing as his heart was struck with a thunderous idea.

It was out of the norm!

A strong and concentrated pressuring aura as though a tide, Tang Xiu at this moment was seemingly enveloped by a golden light. Hu Qingsong's eyes were as though a donkey's, yet they were still stabbed and pained. It was the kind of envy and jealousy of ordinary people, yet it was still unable to express even a shred of a millionth of his mood.

Being unable to count the number on his bank card with his fingers was one of Hu Qingsong's dreams. As he was now, he was just a poor peasant who went out with nothing but dry food in his pocket. While he must thicken his face to ask his parents to support him, Tang Xiu was unexpectedly telling him that money was just a series of numbers in his eyes, even to the extent that it had no significant point whatsoever… That made his strong heart nearly collapse.

What kind of people say that money was nothing but a series of numbers?

Wasn't this remark only the likes of those super-rich people with a colossal amount of wealth could speak? Could it be that Tang Xiu was on the level of those super-rich people now?


An employee of the Everlasting Feast Hall delivered and served the fragrant dishes. As of now, Tang Xiu's ident.i.ty was known to nearly all Everlasting Feast Hall's employees, so they were displaying an unusually good performance in front of him.

The dishes consisted of four spicy non-vegetarian dishes, two veggie soups, and one medication diet. The smell, looks, and taste was just great.

After Tang Xiu began eating, Hu Qingsong was as though just awakening from a dream, and broke free from his complex emotions. He didn't hurry to eat, however, and just looked at Tang Xiu as he asked, "Eldest Brother Tang, are you willing to support me in the future? I'll work hard in any work you a.s.sign me."

"Would you like to be a Chef apprentice at this Everlasting Feast Hall?" Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

"I'm sure you must have more than this Everlasting Feast Hall," said Hu Qingsong.

"What makes you think so?" Tang Xiu raised his brows and smilingly asked.

"Because you will never say that money is nothing but a series of numbers if you only have this Everlasting Feast Hall. Even if this restaurant does make money, the amount it can make is limited," said Hu Qingsong seriously.

"Well, the HQ of the Everlasting Feast Hall is in Jingmen Island, while it also has franchising branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Do you think I still have other businesses now?" Explained Tang Xiu.

Hu Qingsong dazed for a moment. After contemplating for a moment, he still shook his head and said, "That's still not enough."

"Anyways, the normal you usually have a rough personality, careless and casual; the stereotype of Northeasterner. Yet, you are somewhat refined in your rough way, and outstandingly astute as well. But then, doesn't your family have businesses to manage, too?  Aren't you going back home to manage your family's business after you graduate from university?"

"My family can only be regarded as an upstart. My father is still healthy and is stronger than I am, whereas each of my family members at home are just like ferocious tigers and wolves, with their eyes staring at the family businesses. Going back home and fighting it over with them doesn't interest me at all," said Hu Qingsong with a forced, bitter smile.

"I can help you set up a business," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

"Can I earn more than you if you invest in my business?" Asked Hu Qingsong back.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. The smile on his face was replaced with seriousness, as his fingers tapped on the table and said, "Don't you think it's a bit early to say that now?"

"Do you really think that it's too early?" Asked Hu Qingsong once again.

Giving him a defeated look, Tang Xiu helplessly said, "Since you have said it yourself, then you can work for me later. We'll talk about the details later. Furthermore, Xue Chao is honest and good-natured, so I'm also going to let him help me."

"You haven't told me, what other businesses do you have besides this Everlasting Feast Hall?" Asked Hu Qingsong hurriedly.

Chapter 523: The Blind Elderly

The idea to form a group of trusted confidants did cross Tang Xiu's mind since he wanted to make his business bigger later. He thought that telling Hu Qingsong about it felt too early. Nevertheless, as the conversation came to this point, hiding it any longer wouldn't make sense. After a moment of contemplation, he finally made up his mind and said, "The Magnificent Tang Corporation."

Hu Qingsong knitted his brows, trying to recall the name. He suddenly got up from his chair with a drastically changed expression.  Placing his hands on the table, he leaned forward and stared fixedly at Tang Xiu, "You said that you are the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation? The same Magnificent Tang Corporation that produces G.o.ds Nectar?"

"Yeah," said Tang Xiu with a nod.

The shock news that struck Hu Qingsong today were extreme to the point that he became numb. Therefore, he quickly snapped back to his senses ang gave him a thumbs up, praising, "This little brother of yours is willing to do his best for you, Big Bro Tang! I'll always follow you around like the saddle follows the horse. You're simply a deity in my eyes!"

"Hahaha, don't overstate it so ridiculously like you're gonna die, will you?" Tang Xiu couldn't help laughing. "Anyways, cut the c.r.a.p and grab your meal, we still have afternoon cla.s.ses."

Hu Qingsong hastily nodded, "Okay, let's eat. Teacher Han has just given you a warning before, so we must not be late this afternoon. Anyhow, you're really wonderful, Big Bro Tang. A marvel. You are literally a super moneybag that millions of students are nearly impossible to catch up to in their lifetime, whereas I am just like a baby boy who must attend school and learn to read. This Old Hu really admires you."

Tang Xiu, who was worried that their relationship would be affected if he told him the truth, thus he finally felt that his worry was unnecessary upon seeing Hu Qingsong now. With a good mood, he smiled and said, "Learning many things while young will result in good things, after all."

"I got that," said Hu Qingsong with a nod.

At this moment, Ouyang Lulu carefully observed Hu Qingsong. She then suddenly took out the Paradise Manor's VIP card and put it in front of Hu Qingsong, saying, "This is for you. I welcome you to dine at my Paradise Manor later."

"Paradise Manor?" Hu Qingsong curiously asked. "What is this?"

"It's a comprehensive culinary and entertainment hill resort. With the ID number on this membership card you're exempted from all the expenses there as long as you continue studying at Shanghai University," said Lulu faintly.

"Then, you are the owner of this Paradise Manor?" Asked Hu Qingsong with a strange expression.

"Yeah!" Answered Lulu with a nod.

In a flash, it was like something siphoned away the strength from Hu Qingsong's body. His eyes gazed at Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu, as he said in a downcast manner, "I suddenly realize that my two decades of life have been a failure. We are of the same age, yet you two have actually made enterprises and started out your career, while the ignorant me has accomplished virtually nothing."

With a tender smile, Lulu replied, "I'll turn 24 soon, so I'm a few years older than you. So, don't worry about that and study hard. You'll enter society in a few years, and if you work hard, you'll have good achievements as well in time to come."

Hu Qingsong clenched his fists and said with all seriousness, "I'll reflect on it well. Today truly gave me a huge shock. I realize that even if I were to follow Big Brother Tang in the future, things still won't go well without me having social experience. So, I decided to go out and have a job during my time in university to gain some social experience first."

"That would be great!" Ouyang Lulu raised her thumbs up and smilingly cheered.

The trio then continued their meal. Although Lulu couldn't get to stay alone with Tang Xiu, Hu Qingsong's stunned and shocked expression amused her. Additionally, his forthright personality was also to her liking.

However, at the moment when the trio was about to finish their lunch, a series of beating and scolding sounds were heard from the outside of the Everlasting Feast Hall. The noise made the guests in the outermost tables get up and avoid it.

"Continue with your meal, I'll take a look!" Tang Xiu creased his brows as he put his chopsticks down and walked outside.

In front of the counter, the four security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall had already contained several men and women who were causing trouble. There was also a disheveled blind old woman with a walking stick who was sighing unceasingly. It was evident from her forehead that she had been hit by a blunt object, creating an opening wound with blood flowing down to her eyebrows.

"What happened here?" Tang Xiu walked over as he asked Chi Nan.

While pointing to the blind old woman, Chi Nan forced a smile and replied, "This elderly's mouth was too…  put shortly, what she spoke was quite unpleasant to hear. Everyone thought that she was going to dine here when she arrived. But she then straightly went upstairs and circled every private box. After these guests came down, she cursed at several of them, saying that today is their time of death and that they must immediately contact their family members to tell them what to do after their deaths."

An obese middle-aged man looked furious as he was restrained by the security. He struggled all he could as he raised his head and yelled, "That's right! This wretched old b.a.s.t.a.r.d said that! If it was once or twice, it's still bearable, yet she kept repeating the same thing, ceaselessly cursing us to death. We had asked her to leave but she adamantly refused to go, and even spit on the dishes we ordered…"

Tang Xiu forced a smile inwardly. He casually grabbed the box of napkin from a nearby table and squatted in front of the blind old woman, saying, "Old Lady, it's very wrong of you to curse at people and spit on their meals! Stay still now. Your forehead is bleeding, so I'll wipe it off for you first. I'll take you to the nearby clinic to bandage it later."

The distressed and grimacing expression on the blind old woman's face changed in an instant. She grabbed Tang Xiu's wrist and pinched it several times. After releasing it, she suddenly clapped and smilingly said, "They can go on living! Their whole family can go on living at last!"

The obese middle-aged man angrily shouted, "Hey, you wretched old woman, you're still saying…"

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him. He frowned and asked, "Old Lady, I don't' understand what you're saying. Would you mind explaining it to us?"

The blind old woman pointed to Tang Xiu and said, "You know more about the Heavenly Secrets than I do. Although you can't see it now, you definitely understand it. I, this blind old woman, still want to live for a few years more. I'm still reluctant to leave this mortal and mundane world, so the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed. The lives of their whole families are set, and they must never leave the entrance of this restaurant for even half a step. The red candles, dog's blood, and sounds of thousands of cannons will spread out to greet them when their family leave the entrance of this restaurant tomorrow."

Heavenly Secrets?

Tang Xiu's complexion changed, as he quickly grasped the blind old woman's wrist. In just several seconds, the color on his face receded and changed as he could clearly feel an intense special wave of energy that was fluctuating inside the blind old woman's body. The strong energy was circulating through the entirety of her body as though there was a stream of water flowing inside.

"You are…" Asked Tang Xiu in a whisper.

The blind old woman smiled, "I'm too old and I have forgotten my own name. You can call me… just call me a blind old woman. In this lifetime I comprehended what life and fate are; of what life divination, stealing fate, robbing fate, and losing lives are. Little did I expect that I would find a very interesting fate in the last few years of my life. Little guy, your fate is very interesting!"

Tang Xiu raised his head to Chi Nan and said, "Bring this whole family to the back. Serve them delicious dishes and drinks, and provide them everything they need as far as possible. Do remember, you must never let them leave even a half step before tomorrow morning."

"Copy that!" Chi Nan immediately nodded.

The plump middle-aged man shouted, "What the h.e.l.l are you doing? It's the 21st century now, and society is governed by law! If you dare to illegally detain us, I will surely file a lawsuit against you!"

"That's right! You're detaining us illegally. What you're doing is just superst.i.tious stuff. We are guests here, not your prisoners!" Another middle-aged woman loudly yelled.

At this time, there was also a young man among the onlookers who also back them up, "This place is a restaurant, and these people are guests. This act of restricting their freedom, you mustn't do that, right? Besides, this blind old woman is just a liar; a swindler. What she said is simply a ploy! Or, are you, the Everlasting Feast Hall's people, in cahoots with her?"

Chi Nan simply ignored them and instructed four security guards to take the family away. Whereas Tang Xiu propped up the blind old woman and brought her to his table. He then asked with a smile, "Old Lady, you really are very amazing, a master in the divinatory arts. You said you cannot leak out the Heavenly Secrets, yet you're actually doing it. Moreover, you did that despite the predicament of it siphoning your lifespan just to give a chance for that family to go on living."

The blind old woman grinned, "This blind old woman indeed leaked the Heavenly Secrets. But then, I'm one who achieves the Dao and yet must be punished by the Heavenly Dao. That's what makes it interesting and fun. Do you know why I dared to do so?"

"Yeah, why?" Asked Tang Xiu, puzzled.

"It was because of you!" Answered the blind old woman.

"Because of me?" Tang Xiu was confused.

The old blind lady heavily nodded, "Yes, because of you. I found quite an interesting thing, that as long as I involve you in the causality of this incident, the penalty of the Heavenly Dao seems to be unable to target me even in the slightest."

"Can you gain insights into my fate with your divination art?" Asked Tang Xiu.

The blind old woman hastily waved her hand, "No, no, don't! Don't bring a calamity for me. I may not be afraid to see through the lives and fates of all people in the world, but yours is not one I dare to see! Otherwise, I'm afraid that I'll lose my life at once."

"But why?" Asked Tang Xiu again.

"I don't know, either. Your fate is just too strange. I just can't figure it out even though I've been immersing myself into the Heavenly Dao for over a century. Anyhow, let's forget about that, shall we? How about talking about other things?"

"What?" Asked Tang Xiu.

"I've been kind of bored staying in the country, how about you send me overseas? I always liked the ocean, and this old woman would feel great if you send me somewhere amid the ocean. It's just that I can't see where it is. That place is like another world, another s.p.a.ce or realm, or something like that. So I can't go there on my own."

Tang Xiu was startled. It was evident to him that this blind old woman had already divined the situation in the Nine Dragons Island. And what she said was not mistaken at all. Although the Nine Dragons Island was indeed in this planet, once the reconstruction was completed and he laid out a huge-sized array there, that place would definitely be akin to a new s.p.a.ce, a new world.

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