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Chapter 379: a.s.sault in the Middle of the Street

At the building’s entrance. Tang Xiu and Kang Xia had just come out and realized that something was amiss. Some eyes harboring evil intentions were constantly vying for him. With just a few glances, he could tell that there were at least twenty youths in outlandish attires slowly approaching him.

“Follow me closely. You must not get scared no matter what happens.” Tang Xiu pinched Kang Xia’s hand and said with a serene expression.

“What happened?” Kang Xia asked, confused.

“Some people have narrow minds and want to find trouble with me.” Tang Xiu pursed his lips and lightly said, “I’m afraid this matter is related with that punk named Li.”

"Li Zhen?"

Turning to the direction Tang Xiu was looking, Kang Xia immediately discovered that four or five youths dressed in outlandish attires were staring at them. There was also the same number of youths in several other directions closing up on them.

“Boss, this block is very crowded. They shouldn’t be that bold, right?” Kang Xia was somewhat afraid.

“They are not the main instigator.” Tang Xiu said lightly, “Someone must have pulled the strings from behind. So it’s quite likely they dare to act in this environment because of backing. Hence, you must follow at my side. These local thugs are not worth of me paying attention to.”

At this moment, Tang Xiu released his spiritual sense. Within a radius of 200-300 meters, he could clearly observe every person’s actions and movements.

“Oh?” Tang Xiu’s brows furrowed, because he found an acquaintance he once met at Shanghai University’s entrance. It was a youth who was with Li Zhen at that time, who made impertinent remarks and was. .h.i.t by him.

Moreover, through the observation of his spiritual sense, there were also four big men behind him who were also quickly coming toward them.


Once again, Tang Xiu found other acquaintances. They were Li Zhen and a youth who looked happy seeing others’ misfortune. They had just b.u.mped into him and Kang Xia before. This duo was hiding on the third floor of the opposite building instead of being together with the fellow he had hit before.

What a poor and pitiable guy. He is the cannon fodder, eh.

The thought appeared inside Tang Xiu’s mind. He then took out his mobile phone and said, “Chi Nan, investigate Shanghai’s Li Family. The more detailed the investigation, the better. Tonight will be a good time to visit the Li Family. Besides, Kang Xia is a good sister of Li Dan, the Li Family’s Miss.”

At the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Shanghai Branch, Chi Nan was watching two Arowanas in the aquarium out of boredom. When she received Tang Xiu’s call and heard his chilling voice, her eyes suddenly lit up and replied loudly, “Boss, wait for my news. I’ll have the details of the Li Family clearly investigated at about … half an hour at the latest. Anyhow, are you coming here or am I look for you?”

“I’ll find you!” Tang Xiu said.

“All right!”

Chi Nan hung up the phone enthusiastically. Shortly after, she called everyone in the Everlasting Feast Hall’s intelligence network and began the operation. All core members of the Everlasting Feast Hall began to gather intelligence about Shanghai’s Li Family through various channels and networks.

On the bustling street.

Tang Xiu looked around at the youths who were approaching from the four directions. His eyes finally fixated on Cheng Ye and the three big men beside him. His eyes particularly locked on Cheng Ye and the man next to him. What they carried at their waists were not knives, but guns.

“Before you start, can you tell me the name of the guy at the corner of the street?” Tang Xiu looked at Cheng Ye and lightly asked.

Cheng Ye was dazed for a moment. Following that, he raised his brows and jeered, “Wow kiddo, you’re quite awesome, aren’t you? You even know that Young Master Yu wants to fix you up, eh! Since you already know, I presume you also know that he’s the eldest young master of Shanghai’s Meidu Group, yes? Since you’re that tactful, how about you come with us?”

“I thought you wanted to act! It’s not a problem with me!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I’ll go with you, and the place had better be quiet.”

The smile on Cheng Ye’s face vanished, replaced by a dignified expression. As he looked at Tang Xiu’s serene expression, a bit of fear budded inside his heart.

“Kiddo, are you someone from our world as well?”

“Well, it seems that you’re not stupid since you know to ask about me first.” Tang Xiu let out a slight smile and said, “But that Yu Zhi doesn’t even dare to come. That shows he’s afraid of me, yet you aren’t? Alas, you don’t seem to know about me.”

Cheng Ye frowned. He subconsciously looked at the place where Yu Zhi was hiding. After a moment of silence, he sneered, “Kiddo, don’t try to act. You’ve provoked Young Master Yu, so you’ll end up with a bad life. Additionally, we won’t do anything to the woman beside you. But tell her to be careful and don’t anything she mustn’t, such as calling the police…”

Tang Xiu looked at Kang Xia as he smiled and asked, “Do you believe me?”

Kang Xia herself was a bit worried. But after seeing that the other party were not in a hurry and apparently had a trace of fear, she immediately revealed a smile. She shook her head and said, “Of course I’m not afraid. Besides, I’ve witnessed the scene when you took your men to visit the Rising Dragon Martial School before. Relying on these chaps, I’m afraid they won’t end up as good as those people from the Rising Dragon Martial School.”

Boss? Rising Dragon Martial School?

Cheng Ye’s brows furrowed yet again. At this moment, his fear toward Tang Xiu increased a bit more. Being able to take root in a metropolis such as Shanghai meant that he was no a fool. He knew whom he could provoke and those that were untouchable. Otherwise, he would have faced a great calamity already.

"Let's go! Let's talk elsewhere!" After weighing the matter for a moment, Cheng Ye thought that he got scared over nothing and immediately felt somewhat ashamed and angry.

"Take the lead!" Tang Xiu calmly said.

In a nearby street corner, Yu Zhi frowned and looked livid. What he wanted was Cheng Ye to hit Tang Xiu immediately the moment he saw him, discarding Tang Xiu and immediately leaving. However, he actually chatted with Tang Xiu and didn’t act at all.

A few minutes later, the crowd came to a very quiet block compared to the street a moment ago. Yu Zhi tagged along carefully from behind. However, unbeknownst to him, two figures stealthily followed them, staring at him, Cheng Ye, Tang Xiu and the others.

“Kiddo, tell me! What sacred being are you?”

As Cheng Ye and the others led Tang Xiu and Kang Xia here, he still didn’t hurry to act. As discrete and cautious he was, he asked.

“Even if I tell you my ident.i.ty, you still won’t know me.” Tang Xiu said faintly, “If you’re afraid, you had better get the h.e.l.l out immediately. But you can try me, if you want to. Regardless, that Yu Zhi kid has been secretly following behind us. Make him come here if you don’t dare to act.”

Cheng Ye frowned yet again. He took a fast glance behind, but he didn’t find Yu Zhi’s figure. After thinking for a moment, he nodded to a big man next to him. The later dashed toward the back and quickly found Yu Zhi in the street corner. He then strode toward him and respectfully said, “Young Master Yu, the Boss is asking for you.”

“What happened?” Yu Zhi’s face changed and sonorously asked.

“That Tang kiddo seems to have an uncommon ident.i.ty.” The big man said, “The Boss is kinda afraid of him. Furthermore, that Tang kiddo also found out that you were following us from behind and he wants you there.”

With a change in expression, Yu Zhi took a deep breath before striding over.

“Cheng Ye, is this how you do things? I wanted you to f.u.c.k him up! Why are you still chirping and yapping about?”

Cheng Ye glanced at Tang Xiu, yet didn’t say anything.

“You’re called Yu Zhi? The eldest young master of the Meidu Group?” Tang Xiu smiled lightly.

“How the h.e.l.l do you know me?” Yu Zhi’s face changed as he snorted coldly.

“They told me!” Tang Xiu smiled lightly.

Yu Zhi glared angrily at Cheng Ye.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Yu Zhi, let’s have a talk about our issues. In the first place, you’re just like a lapdog, always following behind Li Zhen. Getting hit by me hurt, didn’t it? Yet you even dare to provoke me now?”

“You’re f.u.c.king court your death!” Yu Zhi scowled.

Tang Xiu fiercely kicked him, sending him to fly five meters away. Yu Zhi then sat on the ground for a while and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

At the side, Cheng Ye's and his 20 underlings' expressions drastically changed. Cheng Ye didn’t think that this matter would actually involve Li Zhen. One must know that Li Zhen’s background was even more powerful than Yu Zhi’s. Yet this fellow seemed to not be afraid of Li Zhen at all.

What is his origin, exactly? To think that he even dares to beat Yu Zhi? And he even dares to fight against Young Master Li?

Tang Xiu came before Yu Zhi and gently kicked him. He lightly smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry. This kick of mine won’t kill you. But I wanna know about tonight’s matter. Did you send people at me? Or it was Li Zhen who sent you?”

While suppressing the uncomfortable feeling from his internal organs, Yu Zhi lividly shouted, “This father has broken ties with Li Zhen. He is himself, and I’m me.”

Tang Xiu suddenly realized something. He then said with a smile, “Then how did you know that I was in the mall before? It’s impossible for you to follow me since I would have long discovered you. It seems someone called you, right? Even if it was not Li Zhen, it should be someone around him.”

Yu Zhi’s complexion changed as he angrily shouted, “How the h.e.l.l did you know that?”

“It’s pretty much obvious!” Tang Xiu casually said, “I b.u.mped into him and another youth today. If it was not them, then I’ll have to admire your superb ability.”

Frowning deeply, Yu Zhi then thought for a moment. Recalling something, he got up from the ground and wiped the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. He took a fast glance around and yelled, “Li Zhen, I, Yu Zhi, has broken off all relations with you, yet you motherf.u.c.ker has done such a shady thing. This matter hasn’t finished, I’ll settle the score with you later.”

Tang Xiu released his spiritual sense and clearly saw that Li Zhen and that youth were secretly hiding in a place about 100-200 meters away from them. However, he didn’t have the intention to deal with Li Zhen now. He would personally visit the Li Family. If the Li Family’s people didn’t control him, he would teach him in front of his parents when the time came.

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