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Chapter 336: Good and Evil

Be benevolent to others? And be evil to others?

This concept was crystal clear to Chi Nan, yet she didn’t care about it whatsoever.

In her world, every threat to the Everlasting Feast Hall and to herself were nothing but enemies. Hence, she would never be fainthearted and hesitant against any enemies. For those who were neither enemies nor her own people, their life and death had nothing to do with her.

She also learned some things about Tang Xiu. She felt that Tang Xiu spoke somewhat insincerely and didn’t match his own working style.

“Can I ask you a question, Boss?” After hesitating for a moment, Chi Nan couldn’t bear asking.


“Boss, you also know that good and evil have never coexisted since time immemorial. Can you tell me what is good and what is evil exactly?”

“The subtle distinction between good and evil is what’s inside one’s heart. When one’s heart is filled with benevolence and goodness, one would do good deeds. When one’s heart is filled with maleficence and wicked thoughts, one would do evil deeds. Humans as individuals are always contradictory living beings, for they have both good and evil inside them. But hearts, in particular, are always the source of one’s conduct and deeds, for which is the essence to distinguish between good and evil,” said Tang Xiu faintly.

“But I wanna know something. Are you good or evil, Boss?” asked Chi Nan once again.

Tang Xiu glanced at her and calmly said, “I’m an evil one when dealing with my enemies, and I’m a good one when treating my own people. Let me give you an a.n.a.logy. I had killed a lot of people when I was in Hong Kong, but those people were not the good kind. I wouldn’t have bothered about them were it not for their provocations. But they did provoke me, wanting put me down. Naturally, I had to fight back and even kill them. But to those ordinary people who treat me without evil intention and don’t harm me, I’ll always be benevolent to them. I will help those who are good within my power. For instance, my other ident.i.ty as a doctor in Shuangqing Province’s Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.”

Looking at Tang Xiu in a daze, Chi Nan had never imagined that Tang Xiu, who was just admitted to university, turned out to be a Chinese Medical Hospital’s doctor.

“I got it, Boss.”

Having deeply a.n.a.lyzing Tang Xiu’s disposition, Chi Nan finally concluded that her boss was a good man.

“It’s good that you understand,” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “We will be very powerful in the future; it’s inevitable. But even so, we must never regard ordinary people as ants. In actuality, even in the martial arts realm, the highly respected and n.o.ble figures of true martial arts experts do not only cultivate their martial skills, but also temper their self-conscience. There’s a good saying to express this, that is, Martial Virtue (Wu De).

“If you ask what Martial Virtue is; ‘Wu’ as in Martial is the boldness and strength to ward off the fight, to stop any hostilities and wars; and also the underlying idea to strengthen one’s body. While ‘De’ as in Virtue, is by means of benevolence, which is the core concept of righteousness. Taken together with the word ‘to stop’ mentioned before, one had to have a set of upright code of conduct and personal integrity for each word, action, and mien. To sum it up, Martial Virtue is the code of conduct for people who practice martial arts with the principle of benevolence and righteousness.

“The Chinese civilization has five thousand years of history as well as a long history of martial arts heritage. Martial artists must temper their temperament to have a stable mind. Only then will they have the confidence to attain a higher level, even attaining a guru level. They can even make steady and continuous progress to break through the limitation of ordinary people’s boundary.”

As Tang Xiu explained it, he turned his head to look through the car’s window and lamented, “Every living being is not equal, for they have different strengths and weaknesses. Using strength to overlook the weak will only bring about trouble for ourselves. Only by showing benevolence will one be able to maintain their conscience as well as will able to go further in their road. With this, it will reduce the troubles in one’s cultivation path.”

Chi Nan said approvingly, “What you said is very reasonable, Boss. In a word that’s easier to understand, having many friends is better than having a lot of enemies. I’ll firmly bear these words in mind. I won’t kill anyone as long as they don’t harm our Everlasting Feast Hall and the people I care about.”

“It’s good that you can understand it!” Tang Xiu nodded.

With a trace of a smile on her face, Chi Nan asked, “Anyway, Boss, you really don’t want tonight’s gambling stake money?”

“It’s your win, not mine,” Tang Xiu laughed and said,” If you have to give it to me, then I’ll give it back to you. Consider it as a welfare gift for an outstanding subordinate.”

“You’re generous, Boss. Working for you is really my luck,” said Chi Nan as she smiled tenderly.

“No bootlicking. Just focus on driving!” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing and said, “Also, contact Tian Li after you get back. If she has left Jingmen Island, tell her to come to Shanghai.”

“I’ll contact her later.”

Bluestar Villa Complex.

The security guards stood guard seriously at the entrance sentry post. Every vehicle that went out and came in must swipe their access card. For those without access cards, they must first register themselves. 


A black Lamborghini stopped at main entrance post.

"h.e.l.lo, if you do not have an access card, you need to register to enter." One of the security guards saluted and said respectfully. Anyone who became a security guard in this upscale villa complex naturally knew that only the filthy rich could live in this luxurious villa complex. Some of them often came in and out with multimillion sports cars.

“Give me an access card!” said Tang Xiu after he opened the door and got off.

The security guard stared blankly for a moment. He had seen Tang Xiu yesterday and he knew Tang Xiu was the owner of #9 villa. But he didn’t expect that Tang Xiu, who left by cab this morning, would come back in the evening with a strikingly beautiful woman who drove him back in a Lamborghini.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Tang. Would you like to register this car’s license plate for your access card?”

Tang Xiu was surprised for a moment. He shook his head and said, “This is my friend’s car. Mine are inside the villa, but I didn’t pay attention to their license plates, though.”

The strange look on the security guard’s face got weirder as he said, “Mr. Tang, we need to register the car’s license plate to give the access card.”

“Oh, it’s like that!” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “Can you go with me? There are a few cars in my garage. You help me handle more cards for them!”

"This ... alright!"

The security guard complied. After speaking with the other security guards behind him, he then turned back to Tang Xiu and said, “Mr. Tang, please ask the young lady to register first so you can go ahead! I’ll be catching up with you on the patrol car later.”

Tang Xiu hesitated. He then turned his head to Chi Nan and said, “You can go back now! I’ll go directly on the patrol car.”


Chi Nan replied as she turned the car over under Tang Xiu’s watch. After taking a U-turn, she then drove into the road nearby.

“Well, I have to trouble you then!” laughed Tang Xiu and said, “I’ll cooperate for any kind of information you need.”


The security guard didn’t imagine that Tang Xiu would be so easy-going, the smile on his face getting brighter. 

Upon their arrival at #9 villa, Tang Xiu then opened the door with his door card and brought the security guard to the garage. As the electric door slowly opened and the lights were brightly lit, four cars appeared in front of the security guard.


The security guard was a well-informed person. He often saw luxurious cars coming in and out of the villa complex. But despite that, he couldn’t help but breathe cold air upon seeing the four cars parked inside the villa’s garage.


Even in his wildest dreams, he never imagined that Tang Xiu would actually have so many luxurious cars. The garage itself only had four parking s.p.a.ces, but he simply didn’t dare to imagine that there would be a few more luxurious cars parked in this villa’s garage.

An Audi A8 series; a BMW 7 Series; a Ferrari Supercar; and a Bentley Bentayga.

These four cars, each one of them was worth millions!

The security guard turned to look at Tang Xiu. He forced a wry smile and said, “Mr. Tang, you have so many cars. But why did you take a cab when you came the first time and then left in the morning?”

“I’m a student at Shanghai University. It’s nearby, so driving these cars is kinda making myself too conspicuous,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

A student?

The security guard’s lips quivered. Shocked, he couldn’t speak any words in response.

A few minutes later, the security guard had been registered the four car’s license numbers and Tang Xiu’s ID card.

But even before he left, the shock on his face had yet to completely subside.

Tang Xiu pressed the b.u.t.ton to close the garage door. He then went straight to the second floor. After taking a bath and putting on his pajamas, he dialed Mu Qingping’s cell number.

"Tang Xiu!" Mu Qingping’s laughter came out of the phone.

“Have you packed up yet?” asked Tang Xiu. “When will you go Nine Dragons Island?”

“I have packed up everything I need,” said Mu Qingping with a smile, “I’ll be going early in the morning. I’ll fly to Hong Kong with Yinyin and then transit to Saipan from Hong Kong.”

“If it’s like this, I’ll send you a cell number. Contact the number before you take off. Tell him to see you and some people will fetch you up in Saipan, sending you directly to Nine Dragons Island. There’s a construction project in the Island currently; you have absolute rights to manage it.”

“Rest a.s.sured! I’ll do it,” said Mu Qingping seriously.

“Anyway, are my parents still in South Gate Town?” asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

“No,” said Mu Qingping, “They did eat dinner here, but they hurriedly left and didn’t finish their meal. It seems like there was an accident or something.”

An accident?

Tang Xiu’s expression changed, “If so, I’ll call them to ask about the situation.”

Having said that, Tang Xiu hung up the phone and directly dialed his mother’s cell number.

After half a minute, his call was connected as Su Lingyun’s voice came out of the phone, “Xiu’er, how come you’re not resting this late?”

“Mom, Big Sis Qingping said that there was an accident at home. What was it?” asked Tang Xiu.

Su Lingyun was silent for a few seconds before she replied with a forced smile, “I’ll let you speak with your Dad! He knows more than I do.”

“h.e.l.lo, Xiu’er!” Tang Yunde’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Dad, what happened?” asked Tang Xiu.

“A hostile family attacked our family’s business in the south. The impact is very serious; even your second grandpa’s manor business line has been cut off by them. Three people trained by our family also died in the conflict, while more than ten others were severely injured. By now, your big uncle should have rushed over there.” Tang Xiu said with a forced smile.

“Where are you and Mom now?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“We’ve just arrived in Beijing by plane. But we haven’t seen your grandpa yet!”

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