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Chapter 221: Disappointment

A surprised glint flashed from Mu Wanying’s eyes. She knew that this professor had a few precious ores he got from an ancient tomb many years ago. Those objects were regarded as his treasured collection.

Thus, she was very curious. Tang Xiu was very young, why would he want to buy those few precious ores?

“Alright, let’s have dinner!”

Professor Hu himself didn’t care whether Le Baiyi was willing to sell the ores or not. His purpose was simple- clarify Tang Xiu’s ident.i.ty, and meet his old friend while convenient.

After they sat, Le Baiyi asked with a seemingly inadvertent manner, “Anyways, your name is Tang Xiu, isn’t it? You too know that the values of the Wintertide Fluorite and the Star Fragment Stone are extremely high. Might you tell me for what purpose you’re buying them?”

“To forge some tools.” Tang Xiu said calmly.

For a moment, Le Baiyi stared blankly. Following that, he laughed involuntarily, “Hahaha, are you kidding me?” Then, he immediately continued, “For the Wintertide Fluorite I can believe that, since it’s structure is easy to melt and cut. But the Star Fragment Stone has a degree of hardness that can be compared to diamond! This joke's not funny at all.”

Tang Xiu didn’t explain. Others might be unable to forge tools from the Star Fragment Stone, but he can easily melt it. Would ordinary people even be able to understand his refining technique to begin with?

Professor Hu’s curiosity was sparked once again. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Tang Xiu, you said you want to forge tools. Can you tell me about the forging methods? Also, what kind of object are you going to forge from it?”

Tang Xiu said lightly, “It’s just some small objects and not worth mentioning, to be honest. However, as for the forging method, you won’t be able to understand it even if I say it.”

"... …"

Professor Hu and Le Baiyi looked at each other and paused before they secretly shook their heads.

Extremely arrogant!

Tang Xiu was way too arrogant in their minds. What he said incensed them. Even Mu Wanying also felt that Tang Xiu was arrogant and couldn’t help but have feel some contempt at him.

Looking at Mu Wanying, Professor Mu asked, “I heard that you just graduated from Beijing University and are preparing to take your Master’s Degree in Shanghai Uni.”

“I did. I was majoring in Law, but I don’t like it. I love travelling as well as archeology so I’m preparing to follow Teacher to the Shanghai University and take Archeology.”


Tang Xiu’s brows raised as a surprised expression glinted from his eyes.

He just finished his CET and filled his application form to enroll there. He also chose Archeology. The reason being, he mainly wanted to find precious ores, as it would be helpful for his cultivation.

Professor Hu sighed, “Archeology is indeed the gate to the greater knowledge. It’s necessary for us to explore the traces of five millenniums of culture and civilization left behind in China, excavating the historical data that has yet to be recorded in intellectual literature. It has a great influence and will be very helpful for the future generation. This Old Le is a Geology Professor as well as the Vice President of the Archeologist a.s.sociation, you really can learn a lot from him.”

Mu Wanying gently nodded and replied, “Teacher is indeed very knowledgeable. He has taught me a lot of things and I also benefited greatly even though I learned from him for just a few days.”

"Knock, knock..."

The box’s door was knocked as the waiter entered and smiled, “Lady and Sirs, our Lotus Blossom House is welcoming a VIP today. He has successfully pa.s.sed the test in painting skills and is using his right according to our old custom. He wishes to come to this box and have a toast here.”

“Ah, the Lotus Blossom House has been very lively in the last few days! In just 10 days, four to five people have succeeded in becoming VIPs through the painting test. Who’s the person who pa.s.sed today?” Professor Hu spoke with astonishment.

"Zhu Xiang!" The waiter said with a smile.

Professor Hu’s brows p.r.i.c.ked and said, “Ah, it turns out to be that arrogant p.r.i.c.k. A rampant youth and someone who thinks he’s unrivalled in the world. I was originally too lazy to see him. But since it’s the custom of your Lotus Blossom House, then let him come!”

Le Baiyi was surprised and asked, “Old Hu, you have such a bad evaluation of him? Who’s that kid and what’s his background?”

Professor Hu shook his head as he sighed, “Aii, he’s indeed a genius in painting and calligraphy. But his family spoils him too much, turning him into a young man without a hint of modesty; people would only be able to see his arrogance and rudeness. You heard about the Shanghai Golden Duck Exhibition two years ago, right? This kid reached the height in a single bound in that art exhibition and numerous people know him ever since.”

Le Baiyi suddenly said, “Oh, it turns out to be him! He’s indeed a proud little chap. But I know nothing much about calligraphy and painting, though. So it didn’t catch my attention.”

“I too have heard of him. He’s notorious and has ruined a lot of girls’ chast.i.ty.” Mu Wanying said.

“How come you know that?” Professor Hu was stunned.

“At first, I also liked his paintings, I even collected one of his works. But I accidently heard from a friend of mine that he’s notorious for ruining the chast.i.ty of a lot of girls in Shanghai as well as dumping them afterward. One of whom was even was pregnant and then committed suicide by jumping from a dozen-storied building, claiming two lives. Since his family has quite a few connections, the case was put down. However, since I wanted to find out whether the case was true or not, I asked my friend in Shanghai to investigate it, and it turns out that everything is true.”

"What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Le Baiyi’s face changed as he loudly cursed.

Tang Xiu had no interest in these matters. He silently ate his meal, thinking whether he should go back to Star City immediately after dinner or spend the night in Tianjin City and go back in the morning.

He still had something to do as fast as possible- set up the winery!

Even though he had taught the recipe and its process to Scarblade Qiang, but he couldn’t tell whether Scarblade Qiang would be able to produce the delicious fermented wine after the rebuilding of the winery.

And at the moment, along with the increasing need of resources, he would also need more money. If he didn’t think of a way to speed up the speed in making money, he would definitely be unable to support his and Gu Yin’s cultivation.

Furthermore, he also had to take a trip to Jingmen Island in the near future to see Yan’er’s condition. The longer he delayed, the more severe her injuries would be. He already asked everyone he knew of to help him find the Chrono Crystal as well as the Demonic Revival Gra.s.s. Although there was only a minute possibility of finding them on Earth, he didn’t want to give up even if the chances were very low.

“Excuse me. I’m Bai Yu, the General Manager of this Lotus Blossom House.”

The box’s door was knocked as a middle-aged woman in a blazer approached the box along with a proud and arrogant looking young man.

Professor Hu stood up. He didn’t like this youth, but he had no choice but to give face to Bai Yu. After all, the Bai Family had an aloof status in Tianjin City. Even though Bai Yu referred herself as the manager of the Lotus Blossom House, but regular patrons here knew that she was actually the owner of this place.

"Congratulations, Manager Bai. Your restaurant has added a VIP yet again.”

Bai Yu smiled, “Thank you, Professor Hu. I haven’t seen you for quite a while in our Lotus Blossom House. Could it be that our service here is too poor so it doesn’t meet your elderly satisfaction?”

Professor Hu waved his hand and said, “Nah, I was just very busy lately so I rarely had the chance to come by.”

Bai Yu nodded, “Professor Hu and everyone. I will introduce you a distinguished VIP of our Lotus Blossom House, Zhu Xian. Zhu Xian, this one is Professor Hu, he once served as a Professor in the Department of History at Tianjin University.”

Zhu Xian went into the box. His eyes swept over at everyone before his sight finally landed on Mu Wanying. All of his attention was fully focused on her as even his expression froze. He didn’t hear anything spoken by Bai Yu and Professor Hu.

As a son of an influential family in Tianjin City and also having studied in Shanghai University for four years, he had seen numerous beautiful women already, but he could hardly find one of them to be compared to Mu Wanying.

"Zhu Xiang..." Bai Yu knitted her brows and called out again.

This time, Zhu Xian finally was able to get back his composure. He looked at Bai Yu and immediately walked toward Mu Wanying. Trying to look as amicable and graceful as he could, he shoved a handshake and smiled, “h.e.l.lo, I’m Zhu Xiang. Might I ask this young lady’s surname?”

At this moment, Professor Hu’s face blackened as an awkward expression was written all over Bai Yu’s face as she angrily glared at Zhu Xiang.

Mu Wanying didn’t get up nor even looked at him. She sat still in her seat and quietly savored her dishes. Tang Xiu also didn’t get up. He had no interest at all toward this Zhu Xiang or the Lotus Blossom House. The purpose of his visit here was to buy the Wintertide Fluorite and Star Fragment Stone from Le Baiyi, even though it was a pity that it was a wasted trip. Therefore, he had decided that he would find a hotel to spend the night after the meal and return back to Star City tomorrow.

Zhu Xian frowned. Looking at Mu Wanying who was ignoring him, despite being angry inside, he still pretended to not care about it as he still held his amiable smile, “Miss, by virtue of my painting skill, I got the VIP membership of this Lotus Blossom House. Might I ask whether Miss knows about paintings? I also brought along my work with me, would you like to appreciate it?”

Mu Wanying finally looked up slowly. She coldly looked at him as she shook her head and said, “No. Unless it’s the work of a famous expert, I won’t see it. Furthermore, I offer you an advice, we—Chinese have a traditional virtue, that is, respect for the elderly and care for the young. The manager of dining hall just introduced you to Professor Hu, but you blatantly ignored him. I really want to know whether you were educated or not. If not, I know a place that might make you educated and cultured.”

At the opposite of her, Tang Xiu looked up and thought that Mu Wanying’s line was quite interesting. An smile outline revealed itself on the corner of his mouth as he asked, “Where is it?”

“Juvenile Correctional Center.” Mu Wanying glanced at Tang Xiu and lightly said.

Tang Xiu looked at her with an odd expression. Inside, he was at a loss whether to cry or laugh. The words she spoke were truly venomous. The correctional inst.i.tution was actually enough to express it, but she still added “juvenile”. This meant that in her eyes, Zhu Xian wasn’t a grown up!


Anger finally filled Zhu Xiang’s face. But he suppressed the flames of anger in an instant. He couldn’t get the subtle meaning behind Mu Wanying’s line. But facing Mu Wanying who was really too beautiful, he only put the hatred inside and decided to teach her well after he successfully hooked her up.

Zhu Xiang secretly heaved a breath. He turned around and looked at Professor Hu, saying, “Ah, I didn’t expect to see Professor Hu here. Have you been well? My grandfather previously said that you’re in a poor health, so you should take care of yourself better.”

Professor Hu’s face became darker. The meaning behind Zhu Xiang’s words was as if he deliberately made his health deteriorate. He snorted coldly as he silently sat back in his seat.

Le Baiyi looked at his old friend’s expression and secretly sighed inside. He turned toward Bai Yu and said, “Manager Bai, right? I’d have to trouble you to help us send the visitor off!”

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