Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 1430 - Earth Realm (6): Tang Sect Enforcers Wipe Out the Dissidents, World Core’s Divine Power

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Chapter 1430: Earth Realm (6): Tang Sect Enforcers Wipe Out the Dissidents, World Core’s Divine Power

Around the same time when Tang Xiu killed Duanmu Lin, Ji Mu also wreaked havoc in the Changxi Special Abilities Bureau.

After his so-called resignation from the Special Abilities Bureau, Duanmu Lin had transferred a majority of his aides from Beijing to Changxi City, so it had become the 2nd command center for special ability users other than the main branch in Beijing.

Over the past few decades, Duanmu Lin had gained complete control of the Special Abilities Bureau while remaining behind the scenes and had the members of the bureau do all the disreputable things that were inconvenient for him to handle personally. This included tracking, capturing, and interrogating Ji Mu, so the Changxi Special Abilities Bureau didn’t have any innocent members.

After eliminating the members of the Changxi Special Abilities Bureau, Ji Mu combed through all the records stored in the bureau, and after a day of research, he found a comprehensive list of all of Duanmu Lin’s aides and also learned of the voracious desires of the Special Abilities Bureau after a.n.a.lyzing the numerous records.

Initially, Ji Mu planned to kill his way into Beijing after wrecking the Changxi Special Abilities Bureau to make the members of the main branch crumble in despair. However, after learning about the grand plan of the Special Abilities Bureau, he directly entered the pocket world and handed over all the information he had gathered from the bureau’s Changxi branch to Tang Xiu.

“Duanmu Lin is really too bold!” A frosty expression appeared on Tang Xiu’s face once he went through the information gathered by Ji Mu. “His loyalty to the country that he kept spouting about was probably all fake. The only one he is truly loyal to is himself.”

“Sigh. Even I’m left speechless by Duanmu Lin, this sly old fox.” Other than Ji Mu, Long Zhengyu was the person who had been deceived most tragically by Duanmu Lin. Even he couldn’t help but sigh after he finished reading Duanmu Lin’s plan.

“Zhengyu, Ji Mu, summon all the Tang Sect’s disciples and get rid of the people on this list. I’ll make a trip to Beijing to meet a few elders.” Tang Xiu decided after pondering on it for a while.

Long Zhengyu and Ji Mu revealed excited expressions after hearing this. Before he had ascended, Tang Xiu had repeatedly warned them not to get into a conflict with the country and told them to avoid any confrontations as much as possible. This really tied their hands whenever they dealt with the government and even the members of the Special Abilities Bureau looked down on them.

However, Tang Xiu had now given them free rein to handle the members of the Special Abilities Bureau, so they were obviously delighted by the turn of events.

Tang Xiu then met with the disciples of the Tang Sect and teleported to Beijing after giving them some words of encouragement.

“We must act with haste. Although the Sect Master doesn’t venerate the country, he’s pretty sentimental towards it, or else, he wouldn’t have repeatedly warned us to avoid any confrontations with the country. I suspect that the reason he allowed us to get rid of the Special Abilities Bureau this time is that Duanmu Lin infuriated him, so the time given to us by him is quite limited. He definitely won’t allow us to continue with the slaughter as that would lead to unrest in the country and harm the bigger picture.”

“Indeed. Master places a lot of importance on the bigger picture and also loves the country a lot, or else, he wouldn’t have gone to visit the elders in Beijing and would have accompanied us instead.”

Long Zhengyu and Ji Mu acted swiftly after Tang Xiu left.

At the same time, the disciples of the Tang Sect that were spread across the country felt their blood boil in excitement when they received the summoning orders.

In less than a day, the disciples of the Tang Sect had a.s.sembled into teams at the 40 or so provincial capitals of the country.

And the Special Abilities Bureau got completely wiped out before they could even realize anything.

It was close to a perfect ambush where the Tang Sect’s disciples practically steamrolled their opponents. The haughty members of the Special Abilities Bureau didn’t even have a chance before the strength of the Tang Sect’s disciples.

By the time Long Zhengyu and Ji Mu made blood rain in all parts of the country, Tang Xiu had already arrived in a courtyard located halfway up a mountainside in the middle of Beijing.

The elders were having tea and discussing some of the internal affairs of the country when Tang Xiu descended into the courtyard suddenly, spooking the daylights out of them.

The elders obviously knew Tang Xiu since he was the core member of the Tang family, the once number one family in China, and had a deep impression of him.

While the others weren’t aware of why the Tang family had withdrawn their core power and disappeared, these old men were in the know about it.

Hence, these elders felt respect and grat.i.tude for Tang Xiu, the core of the Tang family, because they knew that if the Tang family hadn’t chosen to withdraw their core power, the country’s authority would have long fallen into the Tang family’s hands and they would have never got the chance to take the reins. Moreover, if the Tang family hadn’t handed over the technology from the three-star vestiges to the country, China wouldn’t have become the leading figure of the world in terms of science and technology, and if the Tang family hadn’t restricted the Tang Sect’s disciples, the country wouldn’t have achieved its current prosperity and stability.

The Tang family had invested a lot into the country, yet they never asked anything in return for it.

“Elders, the reason I came over this time is to give each of you an immortal pill that can extend your lifespan by 50 years and also make you dissolve the Special Abilities Bureau and allow the Tang Sect’s disciples to act as the enforcers of the country on Earth. The disciples will listen to all your orders. How about it?” Once the elders had gone through all the information collected by Ji Mu, he revealed the purpose behind his visit straightforwardly.

“This Duanmu Lin ought to be put to death for conspiring against the country!”

“The Special Abilities Bureau is no longer the same as when it was established and has instead become an ailment plaguing the country, so it’s time to get rid of this ailment now.”

“We have already received a lot of reports this past year and were aware of the rampant and nefarious conduct of the Special Abilities Bureau. However, we didn’t take any measures lest it leads to unrest, but now that Sect Master Tang has made a proposition, we shall act accordingly and dissolve the Special Abilities Bureau.”

Tang Xiu’s words received the approval of all the elders, but they kept silent about allowing the disciples of the Tang Sect to become the official enforcers of the country.

Tang Xiu knew these elders had a few misgivings in their hearts, but he didn’t point it out and instead sat down to have tea with them and also narrated some anecdotes from the Immortal World to them. This made their hearts itch and made them subconsciously feel a lot more apathetic about the secular world’s authority.

Tang Xiu then showcased a set of therapeutic boxing maneuvers for them and helped them strengthen their bodies a bit.

Before they knew it, an entire day had pa.s.sed.

Just when Tang Xiu was planning to get up and bid them farewell, a figure rushed out from the interior of the courtyard suddenly and whispered into one of the elders’ ears.

The elder was alarmed after listening to it and directed a gaze full of uncertainty at Tang Xiu before letting out a long sigh in the end.

“Sect Master Tang, please wait a moment. We agree with allowing the Tang Sect’s disciples to become the official enforcers of the country that you mentioned before.” With this promise, Tang Xiu had succeeded in his purpose behind his visit to Beijing on this occasion.

“Elders, please rest at ease. Although the disciples of the Tang Sect are quite powerful, they are devoted to cultivation and have no ambitions of becoming the rulers of the country. So, unlike the Special Abilities Bureau that dipped their fingers in the power struggle, they will only appear when necessary to protect the country. I request the elders to avoid calling upon the disciples of the Tang Sect as much as possible unless the country is facing danger. After all, it’s best to allow the corresponding departments of the country to deal with some of the minor affairs.” Tang Xiu smiled and then disappeared into the skies.

The elders smiled at each other when they saw Tang Xiu leave with ease.

By the time Tang Xiu returned to the pocket world in Longquan Mountain, Long Zhengyu, Ji Mu, and the others were already waiting for him there. To his surprise, even Dai Xinyue was present.

Tang Xiu held complex emotions for Dai Xinyue.

While he was in the Chinese Medical Hospital of Star City, Tang Xiu had come to appreciate her kind-hearted, hardworking and introspective nature and hence took her in as his disciple.

However, Dai Xinyue was too devoted to medicine and had an average cultivation apt.i.tude too. Her cultivation was also delayed often by all kinds of major operations, so she was only an early-stage Golden Core cultivator till now and this was also because Long Zhengyu had always shown favor to her by giving her more cultivation resources.

Contrarily, her achievements in the medical field were indeed extraordinary. In just a few decades, Dai Xinyue had become the top medical expert in the medical circle of the country and had even gained the moniker of “Miracle Healer Guanyin” and even received a n.o.bel Prize in the medical field while representing the country.

Actually, Tang Xiu had used his divine sense to locate Dai Xinyue when he had arrived on Earth. She was in the middle of a major operation along with a team at that moment, so he didn’t disturb her.

“Master, this disciple has failed you.” Dai Xinyue kowtowed towards Tang Xiu when she saw him with an ashamed look on her face.

“Xinyue, you have done well. Everyone has their own path in life—saving the dying and the injured is your calling. If you can keep pressing on ahead, your future achievements definitely won’t be inferior to your fellow apprentice-brothers.” After comprehending the heavenly laws of Earth, Tang Xiu had a deeper understanding of the truth of the world, so he didn’t believe that Dai Xinyue was taking the wrong path.

Dai Xinyue felt ecstatic after hearing her master acknowledge her choice instead of reprimanding her and the smile on her face also became deeper.

After having some small talk with Long Zhengyu, Ji Mu, Dai Xinyue, and the others, Tang Xiu entered the depths of the pocket world impatiently and took out the World Core he had seized from Duanmu Lin.

Whether it was when he was having tea with the elders in Beijing who stood at the summit of the country or when he was talking to Dai Xinyue and the others, Tang Xiu’s full attention was on the World Core the entire time because he had heard a lot of rumors about this item that had become a myth of the Immortal World.

“Would refining the World Core really allow me to control the Immortal World? Wouldn’t that mean I will be able to travel between the three realms freely?” Tang Xiu poured a smidgen of divine force into the World Core while harboring such thoughts in his mind.

In the next moment, Tang Xiu’s body disappeared from the pocket world and appeared in an entirely unfamiliar world.

However, when Tang Xiu saw the scenery before him, a stupefied look appeared on his face.

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