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Translated by: 狗不理

Edited by:Nagi

TLC by: 白酒鬼

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Walking out the Beginner's village, Lin Fan immediately dashed towards the coordinate points he was given. For Lin Fan, this quest was a race against time. Within all 50 or so Beginner Villages, this quest could only be completed once. Thus, he had to kill the Demon Wolf before the other players and give it to the portal operator to activate the transfer array.

Lin Fan rapidly dashed through the different areas and before long found himself before the Demon Wolf. However, the monster wasn't alone. Beside it were two Wild Wolves, with a single action, Lin Fan could end up inadvertently attracting all their aggro.

"Let's first deal with one Wild Wolf!" Lin Fan exhaled, as he fired a fireball. A "-8" then followed from its impact against the wolf. Seeing this damage value, Lin Fan could only grimace. Compared to the Wild Dogs, these Wild Wolves had over 200HP. In other words, Lin Fan's mana pool was only enough to deal with a single Wild Wolf before he needed to rest!

The fireball landed on the Wild Wolf's head, scattering sparks in all directions. At the same time, the monster dashed towards Lin Fan.

"Howl!" The Demon Wolf and the other Wild Wolves both reacted and they all charged towards Lin Fan at the same time. What the f.u.c.k! Though he attacked only one of them, Lin Fan seemed to have attracted the attention of the whole pack!

Quickly launching another fireball, Lin Fan turned around and hurriedly retreated. Because all the monsters in the village would not get aggroed unless attacked, Lin Fan didn't attract the ire of any of the surrounding monsters, giving him an opportunity to catch his breath.

Thus, through the method of shooting as he ran( also known as kiting in gaming terms), the damage from Lin Fan's fireb.a.l.l.s piled up and eventually he took down one of the Wild Wolves. However, this had also emptied his MP gauge.

""Tactical Retreat!" Promptly making his decision, Lin Fan decided to run. Despite the mana potions he had in his inventory, he judged that using them to kill off the last remaining Wild Wolf might result in him running out of mana when against the Demon Wolf.

The Demon Wolf and the Wild Wolves all had a set aggro range. So, as long as Lin Fan left that range, they would stop attacking him. It was in this manner that he got away.

Sitting down, Lin Fan's mana pool slowly restored. Soon after, he once again stepped into the territory of the Wild Wolves, killing off the final Wild Wolf before exiting their territory.  After resting once more, Lin Fan finally headed towards the isolated Demon Wolf, beginning his a.s.sault!

"Boom!" the sound of the fireball exploding resounded as a "-4" appeared from the Demon Wolf. Checking it's stats, Lin Fan discovered that this monster had more than 500HP. With 4 damage a fireball, he would need to cast the spell more than a hundred times to take down the monster! Moreover, the Demon Wolf's attack was extremely high. With his mage physique, even a single hit would send him back towards the Beginner Village.

[He'd die]

Upon Receiving Lin Fan's attack, the Demon Wolf turned berserk, it's fur standing straight. Charging towards Lin Fan, it opened his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, attempting to bite him.

Taking a step back, Lin Fan dodged the Demon Wolf's a.s.sault. Not missing his opportunity, he casted another fireball directly at the wolf's open mouth.

"Boom!" on impact with the interior of the Demon Wolf's mouth, an unbelievable "-15" drifted from the monster!

"Although the Demon Wolf's exterior had extremely high defense, it's interior must be especially weak!" Lin Fan's eyes lit up. Once again, while dodging the claws of the monster, he threw another fireball. Yet this time, because it hit the wolf's exterior, the damage value wasn't high. Another "-4" drifted out.

"Howl!" Angered by not being able to hit Lin Fan, the Demon Wolf launched into a violent fit, once again snapping his mouth open.

"Just like this!" Seizing this opportunity, yet another fireball found it's target in the Demon Wolf's mouth.

This time, an extremely high value of "-25" was displayed. Seeing as things were like this, everything would be fine as long as Lin Fan continued to target the Demon Wolf's mouth.

"Hu!" In actuality, the Demon Wolf wasn't stupid. Once it knew that Lin Fan was aiming for it's mouth, it stopped trying to bite him, reducing the amount of time it's mouth was open. And so, the Demon Wolf could only resort to clawing at Lin Fan. Yet no matter how much it tried, Lin Fan's movement techniques were too advanced and the Demon Wolf found himself unable to touch him.

"Boom!" Lin Fan simultaneously dodged and launched fireb.a.l.l.s at the Demon Wolf. Suddenly,  the Demon Wolf used it's forelegs to stomp on the ground. Immediately after, a series of tremors pulsed out.

"-50" appeared from Lin Fan, causing his expression to change. After losing 50 HP, he only had 65 HP left!

Hastily retreating a few steps, Lin Fan once again observed the Demon Wolf, his eyes turned grave. This Demon Wolf actually knew an AOE spell! This discovery caused Lin Fan to grow cautious.。

After successfully creating some distance between the two, he resumed his a.s.sault. Now that he knew that this monster had an AOE spell, Lin Fan started to pay more attention to the distance between them.

Taking out a mana potion, Lin Fan drank it all, then continued launching another fireball, hitting the Demon Wolf's body.

"Howl!" The Demon Wolf glared at the distant Lin Fan. This guy was too hard to deal with. The distance between the two was perfect, just outside the range of the Demon Wolf. So, the monster was unable to touch Lin Fan

Both the Man and Wolf faced off against each other for the greater part of an hour. However, in  Lin Fan's hand were countless mana potions. Before long, the Demon Wolf started faltering, with only a sliver of HP remaining.

"Just to be safe, let’s consume a Health Potion first!" When Lin Fan checked his health, he discovered that his HP was also close to 0. He hastily drunk the potion, He didn’t  dare to get careless against this BOSS monster.

"Howl!" the Demon Wolf once again rapidly charged forward, ruthlessly stomping on the ground.

As the tremors pa.s.sed through the ground, another "-50" drifted from Lin Fan, causing him to retreat once again. Maintaining the distance, he casted another spell as another fireball found it's home on the Demon Wolf.

"Boom!" with a final fireball, the Demon Wolf dropped dead, its carca.s.s disappearing into the ground. In return, a large pile of items had appeared!

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