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Chapter 109.1 - Ten miles of wedding festivities

Ruan Zhen couldn’t help but blink at her, feigning shock, “Ah, she doesn’t? This Lan Bai kept calling the eldest miss ‘master’, so this concubine thought she’d already sold herself to the Lou residence.”

Lou Qingwu looked at the fake act that Ruan Zhen was putting on, unsmiling.

She waited for her to nearly finish before slowly spitting, “She didn’t.”

That mocking tone made Ruan Zhen so angry that her heart started to hurt.

But Lou Qufeng stood behind her so all she could do was force herself to laugh, “Ah ha ha, so it turns out she didn’t. This … this was all just a misunderstanding. But, even if that’s true, she did bully the third miss and laoye only wanted to get justice for the third miss, so it’s all reasonable.”

“Yes,” Lou Qufeng piped in.

He didn’t know why Qingwu, that child, was so serious about a person who wasn’t even important.

“Oh, reasonable?”

Lou Qingwu looked at Ruan Zhen calmly, ‘Then, if sister Lian’er walked on the street and stepped on someone else’s foot, then that other person wanted to break sister Lian’er’s legs, that’s reasonable?”

“Lou Qingwu!”

Ruan Zhen viciously furrowed her brows, “Aren’t you going overboard? That serv … girl, is just an outsider. Your sister Lian’er is your relative.”

“Really now?” Lou Qingwu’s face was too calm.

But behind that calm, was the calm before a storm.

“To you, Lan Bai is an outsider. But to me, she isn’t. Or at least, she’s more important than sister Lian’er is to me.”

Lou Qingwu’s words fell and everyone’s expressions changed.

Lan Bai whipped her head up, she looked in disbelief at Lou Qingwu’s cold silhouette.

But she knew, underneath that calm facade, was a very strong heart.

Master was taking revenge for her.

Lan Bai felt her nose feel a bit sour.

From the moment that she’d woken up and nearly had her legs broken, she’d tried to forge on and stay strong.

But she finally fell apart at this moment.

Tears fell from her eyes as she messily wiped at them, her small face scrunched up.

But at least, now it had a few hints of the weakness that she should have at her young age.

Behind them, Xiahou Qing narrowed his eyes.

His eyes fell on Lou Qingwu as they grew deep.

Sunlight fell on him and his expression, no one knew what he was thinking.

Compared to how normal these two people were, Ruan Zhen and Lou Qufeng’s faces were instead, a lot darker.

Ruan Zhen was especially unhappy, “Eldest miss, what do you mean? Are you saying that your blood related little sister isn’t even as close as an outsider?”

“Blood related little sister?”

Lou Qingwu slowly walked closer to Ruan Zhen.

Her indifferent eyes made Ruan Zhen extremely uncomfortable.

“Of, of course.”

“But this blood related little sister drugged her own big sister, ruined her big sister’s reputation to the point of wanting to die. She personally framed her older sister to look like she was a thief. So this blood related connection? I … would rather not want it!”

Those five words weren’t light or heavy but they ruthlessly beat at Ruan Zhen’s heart.

She looked at Lou Qingwu’s bottomless deep black eyes, and in that moment, panicked.

Lou Qingwu bent down, looking deeply at the panic in Ruan Zhen’s eyes before curling her lips and smirking at her, “Of course, I don’t want this type of stepmother either. For the sake of making me lose face, sending a palace outfit fit for an imperial concubine that was smothered in hysterical powder, a soft silver lily gown. I was nearly wretchedly humiliated by the countess of Chaoxia. Second madam, say, with this type of little sister and this type of step mother, how can they even compare with an ordinary outsider?”

Ruan Zhen suddenly took a big step backwards, her face changing into horror and shock, she … how did she know there was hysterical powder in the dress?

She’d always thought that she might have accidentally sent the wrong dress to her that night.

Otherwise, how could Lou Qingwu escape with being scathed?

Afterwards, she thought and thought and thought, before deciding that Lou Qingwu must have discovered something and changed into another dress.

But even if she changed the dress, how could she know there was hysterical powder in there?


“You …”

“What, second madam, are you scared?”


TL note:

*kills Ruan Zhen*

“This was all just a misunderstanding.”

Leave a comment and because Lou Yun’er’s about to go digging her own grave xx

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