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Chapter 46 – The Game Company’s Distress
Translated by: 白酒鬼

Lin Fan drank a bottle of Mystic Fountain Water and sighed as his health slowly filled back up. Then, he bitterly cursed the developers. Those a.s.shats are ridiculous! The f.u.c.k were they thinking when they made this thing!? At the same time, he had also learned an important lesson: any BOSS he ran into could be an evolvable one.

Among the BOSSes that Lin Fan fought so far, the was Romundt that could evolve. Now, the evil locust overlord had joined the group. This was enough to prove that at least one of the devs really like pulling cheap s.h.i.t like this. Which, in turn, showed that the group liked f.u.c.king players over.

"The biggest BOSS in this game isn't some level hundred BOSS. It's those d.a.m.n devs!" Lin Fan cursed them. Then, he took a glance at his stats. His eyes bulged when he saw them. He had gone, from the beginning of level 22, to 32%. If I kill two more, I'll level up!

"Haha! Killing stuff above your level is really rewarding!" Lin Fan guffawed. The level gap between him and the evil locust overlord was more than 10. This huge gap, was what allowed him to gain so much EXP.

After laughing his head off, Lin Fan remembered that he hadn't checked the drops. Lin Fan hurriedly stood up and rushed over to the corpse. He picked up the items and scrutinised them.

"It really is a level 35 BOSS! It actually dropped three equipment! Hm? What's this?" While putting things in his inventory, Lin Fan spotted something that looked like an egg.

[Mysterious Egg: Unappraised.]

When Lin Fan saw the description, he grew even more curious. This clearly isn't gear, so why would it need appraisal?

Unbeknownst to Lin Fan, his actions had caused a huge stir in the game company.

"What the- Is this guy really human!? He just soloed a level 35 BOSS!" a loud yell resounded throughout the tech department. The rest of the department was silent. The developers merely silently stared at the big screen TV. On it, was Lin Fan checking his loot.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h… This guy's clearly picking a fight with us! H-he's saying this game's too easy isn't he? He's trying to f.u.c.k with us!" Gla.s.ses roared like one of the BOSSes. Then, he shakingly pointed and Lin Fan and said," Dammit, Lei Zi, I finally know how you felt. This isn't a person! It's a monster!"

"No use crying over spilt milk. Right now, we need to think of what to do with that thing in his hands…" Lei Zi was incomparably gloomy as he spoke, "We haven't even added that in yet. There's no way to even appraise it. If we don't put it in now, and he's unable to have it appraised, we'll be in deep s.h.i.t!"

"Dammit, it's just been a month, and this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's already made us shut down servers three times! If this keeps up, our reputation will go straight to h.e.l.l!" Gla.s.ses swore as he gloomily spoke, "Tsk, and here I thought we'd have at least a month before putting this thing in. Who’d’ve thought that this guy would get it so soon!"

"So what should we do?" Lei Zi said, "If we don't add it in, we'd be screwed!"

"I'll contact Boss!" Gla.s.ses helplessly made a call.

"Ye Mu, what is it?" from the other end of the line, a dignified voice sounded out.

"Boss, something happened!" Gla.s.ses hurriedly told his boss everything. Then, he bitterly said, "Everything's going to h.e.l.l!"

The "Boss" was silent for a long while. Then, he spoke once more, "Leave it to me to handle. Don't worry about it. There's no need to bring in that part yet. Right now, the only other place with an instance unlocked is America. You'd be pushing things forward too fast if you threw in that level thirty update. I'll talk to that player!"

"Understood!" Hearing those words, everyone sighed in relief and expressed their agreement. The game was an international one, and they were merely part of the China branch. In the end, they were only a small part of the whole development team.  

After looking at the egg for awhile, Lin Fan threw it in his inventory without a second thought. Then, he started viewing the other items.

[Wing Sickle of Frost: Unappraised]

Lin Fan was stunned when he saw it. He was extremely familiar with it. This was one of those scythes the evil locust overlord tried to kill him with. Even though it had shrunk, it was still half his height. This clearly isn't something ordinary.

[Divine Water Source: Unappraised]

The second item, was a small bead that was around the size of Lin Fan's thumb. However, Lin Fan instinctively felt that it was something extraordinary.

[Green Soul Wings: Unappraised]

Finally, was a strange pair of wings. And like the Divine Water Source, Lin Fan had no idea where to equip them. This further showed that the wings were something extraordinary.

After inspecting the equipment, Lin Fan checked his inventory. He was running out of potions. All that was left, were a few bottles of Mystic Spring Water and a pack of mana potions.

"It's time to head back," Lin Fan softly sighed. The surroundings were almost empty after his ma.s.sacre, and he was almost out of potions. There was no way for Lin Fan to continue hunting.

Lin Fan took a return scroll and tore it. But to his surprise, he didn't end up back in the city. Instead, he ended up in an empty white s.p.a.ce.

"h.e.l.lo! Mr. Devil May Cry! It's a pleasure to have you here!" While Lin Fan was caught up in his astonishment, someone appeared and spoke to him.

Help everyone figure out how the game works over here:

Check for plot holes with skills and potions here:

I swear, every chapter I feel my brain cells dying. And this is one of the easier novels to TL…………………….. Anyway, I’ll have today’s chap out in a couple hours, then I think I’ll focus on Forest of Funerals for a bit.

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